North America

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North America is the third largest continent by area. It is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean to the east, by the North Pacific Ocean to the west and by the Arctic Ocean to the north.
Holstein-Friesian are the most popular breed ofcattle found. Many farms keep these milk cows.
Once the discovery of America reached Europe, all the major superpowers rushed to send colonists over to settle the land. GreatBritain is known for settling Jamestown, VA, and the Dutch settledaround New York. However, I believe that the Spanish were first,settling Saint Augustine, Florida.
It has changed america in many ways. it has brought families andfriends together. that is how baseball has changed america
No. Not in North America. There are mountain ranges in NorthAmerica with other names - like the Rocky Mountains. The Pyrenees Mountain Range is in Europe.
It is the fifth (5th), behind Canada, the United States, Brazil and Argentina. It is also the 15th largest in the world.
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I have a french press, actually. It's a handheld cylinder that you place coffee grounds in, add boiling water, insert the 'press' and push gently down until the ready-to-drink coffee has pushed through the 'press' into the upper part of the cylinder. Remove the cap/press, and pour yourself a yummy...
Vinland A.K.A 'wine land' because what the vikings thought were huckle-barries were actully red grapes.
Colombia is the only country to touch North America. It is a South American nation.
Canadian Field Marshal Harold Alexander who was also the Governor General of Canada. He led and fought in these battles . Battle of Dunkirk . North African Campaign . Battle of Tunisia . Allied invasion of Italy .
North American area code +1 601 serves the Jackson, Mississippi, area, including Hattiesburg. Area code +1 769 is an overlay on +1 601. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting...
Because of this Italic Tribe, Latini (the Latins), who spoke Latin.
North America was discovered by Captain Lei f Ericson of Norse. He was a North American and not a French.
93.7° W longitude is a line running from around Port Arthur, TX (about 30°N), extending to near western Ellesmere Island in Canada (about 83° N). This line may include areas of the US near : . Shreveport, LA . Fayetteville, AR . Kansas City, MO . Des Moines, IA . St Cloud, MN
Woodchucks normally burrow into the ground.
No! but long ago it's said they were
Newfoundland is a Canadian province (Province is a state in Canada). Peninsula is supposedly an island.
Corn (maize), soybeans, wheat, hay, and sorghum.
You do not have malaria in US. Only immigrants can get malaria, which can come out of the liver.
Lake Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park at 7,733 feet in altitude and with approximately 140 miles of shoreline.
Ladies and Gentleman, the award for Idiot of the Year goes to... drum roll please... to YOU!!! Next time, finish your question, add a lot more detail, and be SPECIFIC!!! --> Farms in north America have seen what? Idiots? Snow? less help? less water? YOU????
yes, Canada is one of North Americas 24 contries
Slavery, the broken promises and harsh treatment of the AmericanIndians including the Trail of Tears, and the unjustified MexicanAmerican War are America's biggest mistakes.
As any map will clearly show, the Rockies are in the Western portion of the United States.
Area code +1 503 is the area around Portland, Oregon , including Salem andAstoria. Area code +1 971 is an overlay on the entire 503 area. Originally, area code 971 was an overlay only on the inland part of503, including Portland and Salem, but not including the coastalareas from Astoria to...
The bobcats' North American range covers all of the US, parts of Canada, and parts of Mexico. There are thirteen Subspecies of bobcat. Please see the related link listed below for a range map and more information:
Area code 863 is in central Florida, including Lakeland and Okeechobee.
Chevrolet Aveo , $9,995 . Hyundai Accent , $10,995 . Kia Rio , $11,350 . Toyota Yaris , $11,770 . Saturn Ion , $12,890 . Nissan Versa , $13,165 . Kia Spectra , $13,495 . Chevrolet Cobalt , $13,740 . Hyundai Elantra , $13,995 . Suzuki Reno , $14,079
they walked through bridges .also on boats and followed the animals tracks.
Yes, Chile is considered to be part of Latin America. It is located in western South America, facing the southern Pacific Ocean.
I am really, really SURE that the oldest mountain in North America is "ROCKY MOUNTAINS." Thank you for questioning it and i am happy to answer it. Vote this answer please? :)
there are 10 largest lakes in North America. But the largest 1 is the ........... \n"Lake Superior, Canada/United States" - that has 82 410 km2 or 31 820 sq miles... k?
Red Rock is the Sunshine Capital of Ontario. Thunder Bay is rated as the second sunniest place in Canada, but Red Rock is sunny all the time. In the winter when it is snowing or overcast in Thunder Bay, Red Rock has clear blue skies. Now it's just a small place that is virtually off the radar for...
In Canada they use the Canadian dollar. US Dollars
They didn't - the Pilgrims came from the non-Roman Catholics andnon-Anglicans from Britain who went of their own accord to escapereligious discrimination.
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Kansas City, Kansas and nearby communities, including: Atchinson,Bonner Springs, Gardner, Lansing, Leavenworth, Leawood, Lenexa,Mission, Olathe , Overland Park , Prairie Village,Shawnee The Missouri side of the Kansas City metropolitan area uses areacode 816.
The United States is a democracy. Which means that America "Votes" for who they want as the president. For America the leader is called the president. The current president in 2009 is Barack Obama.
the pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean.
Yes bcause it is closer to the equator.
Language, culture, Human Development Index.
Tanzania is home of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in africa.
Places Central America isn't a continent, it is a part of North America
North America (24,709,000 km 2 ) has more land than South America (17,840,000 km 2 ).
The Atchafalaya Swamp, although it's only 15 miles wide it extends over 100 miles into Louisiana and is over 800,000 acres in size.
If you have to divide the Americas into North and South America, yes, it is in North America.
The ocean that is west of South America is the Pacific Ocean. ThePacific Ocean is also west of the United States.
Western Pennsylvania, where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers join to form the Ohio River.
90° N 0° W. NOTE: Remember that the longitude is meaningless because the North Pole (and the South Pole) have all the longitudes at the same time, however, if a longitude is desired, it is named as 0° W.. For more information on this location, go to:.
What happened was that samuel de champlain was born i think and he discovered the inner parts of the st. lawrence river
George Washington originally thought that an attack on the enemy was best at New York, but was convinced otherwise by Admiral de Grasse. Grasse had written a letter asking Washington to come south where they could launch a joint operation. Washington agreed and began to march his troops down to...
There are probably many different reasons why South America is poorer and North America is richer. The way both regions were settled, for instance, were very different. The fact that the USA were colonized by England, which was the first industrialized country, can be a good reason too. Well, there...
The largest country in North America is Canada. The next largestcountry is the United States, followed by the country of Mexico.
The countries adjoining North and South America are Mexico, El Santiago, Panama, Costa Rico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
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Canada . United States . Brazil . Argentina . Greenland (part of Denmark) . Mexico . Peru . Columbia . Bolivia . Venezuela.
Chicago is a city inside the state of Illinois so there are no states in Chicago.
You can define largest in several ways: largest vertical drop, uphill lift capacity, highest elevation or most skiable acres (on 1 lift pass). I will rank the top 7 (because 2 on the list are on a combined lift pass) using the last method as it seems to be the best way to relay the largness of a...
They were people who lived on spirits and stories. They took care of animals as if they were people. They were very into nature!
Spanish America has become a lot of different countries. Portuguese America has become only one country: Brazil.
No. The actual country of Denmark is in Europe. Physically, the island of Greenland, which is part of the Danish kingdom, is part of North America, but politically part of Europe.
They didn't vanish. You can find horses in: . Renaissance Festival . Horse Ranch . Farm
there are about 50 volcano's in the unighted states
The distinctive look of the original Appaloosa was the product ofbreeding by the Native Americans in the North West. The breeditself was created there. The genetics for the various spottingpatterns may have been part of the gene pool of the originalSpanish horses that were released/escaped to become...
The "largest city" by population would be either Mexico City or New York City. Mexico City has the largest population within the city proper, more than 8.8 million, and 21 million in the surrounding metropolitan area. New York is part of a larger complex of large cities. The largest North...
Can be divided into at least two cultural regions, Anglo America and Latin America
Many Americans came to live there more than British.
No, the Bering Strait separates North America (Alaska) and Asia (Russia). On the north side of the strait is the Chukchi Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean. On the south side of the strait is the Bering Sea, which is part of the Pacific Ocean. An argument can be made that the Arctic Ocean...
It is called the Canadian Shield, also known as the LaurentianPlateau, a large region occupying nearly half of Canada aroundHudson Bay. It is located north of the Great Lakes and stretchesfrom the Northwest Territories to Labrador.
West Virginia was the 35th state