South America

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The southern continent of the Americas, South America is bordered on the east and north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the northwest by the Caribbean Sea and North America.


It started in Colombia 25 million years ago. it was active about 25million years - 18 million years ago.
Colombia is the 3rd most biodiverse country in the world, afterBrazil and Peru.
There are many, many many types of vegetation in the Amazon basin, from orchids and bromeliads to a native tropical fruit tree called the abiu. Much of the vegetation in this region is unknown and yet to be discovered, so it's really hard to make a list of all the plant life of the Amazon Basin.
Answer . \nActually they are referred to as "horizons" and there are four. Begining at the top level "O" and decending to the bottom level of bedrock "C". Now we have both learned a very interesting fact about our planet.
The main industries in Guyana are Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Mining.
Because the conditions were so brutal and European diseases sovirulent that native American populations were decimated. TheSpanish and Portuguese turned to Africans who were much moreresistant to these viruses and conditions.
The grassland of South America.
The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls located in Venezuela.
Be aware that Latin America includes Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. This means the whole region spans two hemispheres. With that being said, the hemispheres don't affect the climate at all. It however, reverses the seasons for those countries located on the southern...
South America is almost half and half (not by mass, but by country). By mass it is mostly south of the equator. Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia are the countries considered below the equator.
The Sechura is a desert located in western Peru above the Atacama Desert. It is a cool coastal desert. It is also known as the Nazca Desert.
It is the fifth (5th), behind Canada, the United States, Brazil and Argentina. It is also the 15th largest in the world.
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because they use the milk from the trees to eat and because they have no food or money to buy food and it doesnt harm the trees
No country in South America speaks welsh, however there may be a few welsh speakers living or visiting South America. Welsh is spoken in Britain.
it is 4 hour behind the gmt
Guyana has enormous deposits of gold - the Canadian Multinational Cambior has built a highly successful mine. The fact that Guyana is a third world country and has some poverty has nothing to do with the answer to this question!
Because of this Italic Tribe, Latini (the Latins), who spoke Latin.
Guyana, as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations has allied throughout the world. The Caricom countries and neighboring countries in South America are also among Guyana's allies.
Argentina is usually viewed as the country with the largest Welsh contingent - particularly in the Patagonia region.
No never they only eat fish and things like that! Never in the hole history has a pink dolphin eaten a human. I hope this helps you!
the Amazon and the Orinoco River basin
The itaipu dam was important because people had to discover the nature of land.
He didn't help Venezuela though he was a venezualean collonel. Hefreed Bolivia, and Bolivia is named after him. He helped Equador,partrly Peru and Nicaragua.
Formed by three Andean ranges and two peripheral elements, the complex mountainous system of Colombia harbours a diverse avifauna (>1,500 spp.) characterized by high large-scale beta diversity and endemism. In these mountains there are 25 protected areas covering c . 3.5 million hectares but not...
As the official language of Guyana is English, you would just say "Welcome". However, there are some regional differences. Informally, Guyanese people speak a dialect called Guyanese Creole, similar to the patois of the Caribbean islands, so you may be greeted with an informal "Wh'appen?" -...
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Divergent boundaries (separation apart of tectonic plates)
South America
Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. It's not in Brazil. It's a country on the northern coast of South America.
yes, because it is second longest and the deepest river in the world.
Guatemala with 14,027,000 people
Napoleon's invasion of Spain
Tabacco, rice, and indigo. Surplus meansto much of one thing... And indigo is a plant used to die clothing blue.
Answer . 30 cm. Answer . 30 cm
Previously called British Guiana Capital the official name is: Co-operative Republic of Guyana.
No, Galapagos gerdy is NOT real
The longest mountain range in the world is found in South America.The mountain range is the Andes Mountains that stretches for morethan 5000 miles.
South America has several deserts, the best known are: Patagonian Desert Atacama Desert Sechura Desert Monte Desert
Quito is the capital city in Ecuador.
The length of the Amazon River in feet is 4,086,000.
Yes bcause it is closer to the equator.
The highest mountain in the Andes Mountains is Mount Aconcagua inthe Mendoza province. The mountain has an elevation of 6,962 m.
Curacao is located off the coast of Venezuela.
I'm not really sure if this is what you meant but, it's something...^-^ +Tierra Caliente: 0-3,000ft +Tierra Templada: 3,000-6.000ft +Tierra Fria: 6,000-12,000ft +Tierra Helada: 12,000-15,000ft (in order from bottom of mountain to top of mountain XP)
Language, culture, Human Development Index.
The countries near the equator are hotter the the countries fartherfrom the equator
the population of mestizoes is not much different in these countries. although, if we go for the national census ( which is obviously faulty, in most countries), Venezuela has the greatest no. of mestizoes, followed by Chile and Argentina. Then again, we cant depend on the census ... for example,...
The largest Island in South America is the Falkland Islands.
North America (24,709,000 km 2 ) has more land than South America (17,840,000 km 2 ).
colombia doesnt have two capitals
Antarctica, australlia, & Europe Antarctica, australlia, & Europe
tropical along coast, becoming cooler inland at higher elevations; tropical in amazonian jungle lowlands.
The ocean that is west of South America is the Pacific Ocean. ThePacific Ocean is also west of the United States.
No, the driest places on earth are the Atacama Desert in SouthAmerica and Antarctica.
Yes, the Andes Mountain was formed by folding.
Amazon River is the longest river in the world. Its basin is 4,195miles in length or 7,383,200 long in yards.
South America. It is located in the southern tips of Chile and Argentina.
90° N 0° W. NOTE: Remember that the longitude is meaningless because the North Pole (and the South Pole) have all the longitudes at the same time, however, if a longitude is desired, it is named as 0° W.. For more information on this location, go to:.
The smallest Spanish speaking country in South America is Uruguay.Spanish is also the country's national language. Its capital isMontevideo.
Your eyes basically sense light bouncing off stuff, so if there's no light, there's nothing for them to sense - we call that "dark".
Guyana is hot!
There are probably many different reasons why South America is poorer and North America is richer. The way both regions were settled, for instance, were very different. The fact that the USA were colonized by England, which was the first industrialized country, can be a good reason too. Well, there...
The countries adjoining North and South America are Mexico, El Santiago, Panama, Costa Rico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.