Mycology or Fungi

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Mycology is the branch of biology in which we study the anatomy, physiology and ecology of fungal species including their biochemical, genetic character and their taxonomy.


It depends on several factors; the main ones are humidity in theenvironment and warmth.
Do you mean Fantasia? If so, the dancing mushrooms were dancing to Tchaikovsky'swonderful Nutcracker Suite. The mushrooms look like something from the amanita family. I don't recall them wearing anything that looks like a lace skirt.It might have been an annulus or veil which is the skirt or...
Any green plant: bush, tree, vine, vegetable, cactus or other, is not a decomposer. It is a producer .
Fungi is asexual.
Monera - the taxonomic kingdom that comprises theunicellular prokaryotes (bacteria and cyanobacteria). Prokaryotesare single-celled organisms that lack a membrane-bound nucleus andusually lack membrane-bound organelles.
archae is the common name of the domain bacteria
It depends on the nutrient agar used. Most are used for bacterialgrowth, and some are used for fungi; such as: Sabouraud agar andPotato dextrose agar (PDA).
Yes depending on how long they have stayed in the grocery store or not. since mushrooms are propagated by mainly by their spores, there is a possibility of extracting the spores from the fruiting body (the mushroom) but this usually requires some technical expertise. However in relating to your...
Yes, under many conditions. Once bread has been exposed to moldspores in the air, moisture plays a key role in fungal growth. Drybread will almost always take longer to go moldy.
A mushroom is a type of fungus.
The mushrooms that you buy in the supermarket or market are edible fungi.
Most fungi are made up of threadlike structures called hyphae.
about 1 to 2 weeks
Toxic mold can lead to a number of issues such as respiratory illness, headache, vomiting, skin issues, etc which can certainly be quite painful. So, yes.
On fungus or mushrooms. Not many people know that you need moisture AND heat to make mold
Decomposition , Recycling , used as food ,cause disease , form lichens , form mycorrhizae .etc.
While they are both dark purple in appearance one of the majordifferences are microscopic size. Yeast is the larger. Grampositive coccus can create skin infections and toxic shocksyndrome. The yeast cells are rapid mutation in comparison.
During the decomposition process, organic material is breakdown by enzymatic action into simpler organic compounds and inorganic nutrients. These are either released to the environment or absorbed by the fungus.
if you are talking about mouth rot like on a bearded dragon or any type, you should get a bigger tank for them especially if you have a small tank and its a big dragon. Mouth rot is produced by the dragons nose rubbing up and down on the glass, there for you should take this seriously by either...
Depending on how long you keep it outside, the more you do the moldier it may get. I recommend eating fresh breads.
One cup of chopped or sliced raw white mushrooms contains 15calories, 0 grams of fat, 2.2 grams of protein, 2.3 grams ofcarbohydrates (including 0.7 grams of fiber and 1.4 grams ofsugar). . Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins such as riboflavin, folate,thiamine, pantothenic acid, and niacin. They are...
No, fungi doe not have any fur because it is part of most plants. But it does have a furry soft texture that can grow on it.
Mushrooms are classified as fungi rather than plants because first of all, they do not contain chlorophyll to make their own food, so as a result they are not green and do not need sunlight to grow. Second, there are no actual roots, leaves, or stems. (the tightly packed hyphae make the stem/stalk...
sugar , air , warmth , water.
There is no fungi on the continent: it's too cold.
no mildew can not be removed from photographs.
it can move like a slug.
The main part of a mushroom is underground. It is called themycelium.
yes, mold grows on sunken ships and other things.
It means that it has two growths of fungus.
fungi are decomposers which means they live off of all other living things by breaking down the nutrients
They possess pigments that reflect and transmit red light
Fungi breaks down dead plants. If we didn't have fingi we would have an over abundance of dead plants. Even though worms and other bugs help break up plant life as well, fungi probably would have a easeir time with breaking up a fallen down tree.
Common food mushrooms do contain small amounts of protein, as well as carbohydrates and fats. A one-cup (156 g) serving of prepared canned mushrooms contains 2.9 grams of protein, which provides 7.6 calories, about 20% of the total 39 calories for the serving.
That would depend largely on the yeast used in its creation,( The timing anyway ) Eventually will start to grow fur.
Doctor Sofen, a dermatologist in Los Angeles wrote this: Other Treatment Tea tree oil, found in health food stores, can be applied to the feet to treat athlete's foot. Tea tree oil is an antifungal and antibacterial agent derived from the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Compresses or foot...
they reproduce by spores. Spores are found in spore bags and 1 spore bag can reproduce into millions of fungi
in small cans at the store
because when you leave bread outside of its package there are thousands of spores in the air that land on it so when you put water on it then the water kind of reproduces with the spores and then starts to grow the mold
No, mushrooms are non starchy vegetables.
The body of a fungus is commonly called the mycelium. It growsunderground and most cells within a fungus are called haploids.
There are no specific types of fungi that break down chemicals in dead organisms. Different fungi breakdown different chemicals; whus, all kinds are invovled in the breakdown of dead organisms. If you meant "what are the fungi that break down chemicals in dead organisms called", then they are...
In an ascomycete the spore-bearing structures are called asci (singular, ascus).
Since of type of fungus is the mushroom, and I had them on the pizza last night, yes, you can eat (some) fungi.
simply as a fungal disease or infection
Mushrooms are a kind of fungus that people like to eat.
Mushrooms and basidia are both club shaped.
because in these fungi no sexual reproduction have been observe
It varies on multiple factors. To begin, discussing the visible look of the mould. There is commonly 3 visible colours of mold that rests on ourbread. sometimesnit can be just 1 colour. sometimes it can be 2 or3. some have complained of multiple colours. the three common colours consumers are...
Fungi isn't a virus but some can make you very ill. While some bacteria can carry viruses.
Mildew belongs to a special group of single celled organisms
It depends on the environment that the fruit are stored. If stored in wet environment both will mold at the same time. but if stored in a dry environment strawberry will mold faster.
No, its not healthy . Most fungi are dangerous for health .
These are modified leaves in a fungi that help trap sunlight and food substances
Since washing mushrooms can make them tough, I wipe them off with a paper towel.
Mold in basements is a very big problem. You should never ignore mold growing in the basement. Below are necessary steps to remove basement mold . . 1. Clean Basement Wall . Begin this step by\ncombining warm water with a mild brand of soap. Now pour the newly\nformed cleaning solution into an...
They are different because they need to find or get there food some other way
Answer . They're a fungus, really expensive, and taste amazing.
Mold spores are tiny multi-cellular organisms
Mycologist can distinguish safe mushrooms from poisonous ones, yet, a Mycologist isn't a well payed job most of the times, that is... If you can even get a job, it's a hard world out there...
a plant because it has chloropyll
The only type of fungus that reproduces by budding is yeast. Mostother fungus reproduce either sexually or asexually using spores.
Cause diseases and infections such as athlete's foot, ringworm, lung infections ... as well as irritating those with allergies
The following two characteristics are not shared by the other kingdoms: . Fungi have cell walls composed of chitin. . Fungi are all myco-heterotrophs.
Yes. Mushrooms aren't organisms, however. They are simply the fruiting bodies, or 'sporocarps' ( sporo - spore, carp - body) of fungi within the Phylum, Basidiomycota. Ascomycota , along with Basidiomycota form the Subkingdom, Dikarya , in the Kingdom of Fungi . A mushroom is like an...
Yes, but only black mould and only if you breathe near it
Slime mold gets its nutrition by feeding on micronutrients in decaying organic matter.
Mold comes from a spore that develops in moist air.
Fungi is in the kingdom FUNGI. Bacteria is in the kingdom PROKARYOTAE (also known as monerans or prokaryotes), primitive bacteria is known as Archaebacteria and advanced bacteria is known as Eubacteria.
take a bread , sprinkle some water and keep it in a warm place . after a few days bread will become green
they reproduce sexually
eubacteria likes it in the butt. i said what what in the butt.