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Personal Safety and Security is the category to ask questions for which answers will keep you safe and secure, especially in and around your home and property. Samples of topics you might want to ask about are security systems, smoke alarms, the best tile to use to prevent falls, the safest equipment to use around the house, how to prevent intruders, and anything that has to do with your personal safety and security.
\nnormally red, but different fires require different extinguishers which will vary in color.
Milton's involvement in the politics of the 1600s did much topromote radical reform against the:
A .357 is quite effective if you know how to use it properly.
Try putting it into valet mode if not interested in using thesystem. Put the key in the ignition, and turn forward all the way justbefore cranking. Then within 5 seconds, locate, press and hold inthe valet/overide button, found under the dash area, (push button,spring loaded) until the installed...
The Information and Intelligence Function of ICS refers to the collection, analysis and sharing of status of the situation, resources and anticipated changes. For example, the forecast weather impacts on obtaining supplies to a remote site in time to be useful. Some incidents also require...
Basically an EMT. Their job is the same as a paramedic just on a less advanced level. ' Hence the part of the phrase "assistant". Most ECA's receive extra training to become paramedics after about 3 - 5 years experience
One needs to call a locksmith, to remove a lock core requires a core key. Actually, a locksmith would only be required if the control key for the core is missing... Interchangeable and removable cores are always combinated or "keyed" outside of the lockable hardware. The control key is...
i would remove it trace the black wires from it to the different places around the car that it is teed into remove the black wires and rejoin the original ones
darkness ahead is a marvellous story about blind person it is one of the most interesting story i have ever seen
Take it to a place to be repaired...if a specialist-waittill then
Yes, you can. License requirements vary a GREAT deal from state to state, and country to country. You did not say where you live, so cannot comment on what license you need, if any.
Pad location does not change for a woman that is pregnant; upper right and on the ribs left side (on the patient).
Normally, putting the key in the drivers side door lock, turning to the left, then to the right all the way will unlock and disarm/reset the "OEM factory" alarm system.
There are over 360 NFPA codes and standards, which provide the basis for inspection under various circumstances. NFPA 1031 addresses the professional qualifications of those who carry out fire inspections and plans reviews. Locally enacted statutes and ordinances often adopt the Life Safety Code...
The lock mechanism is broken. Can you keep it lock from inside thecar?
In many countries, falls are the number one killer in the home. Forexample, in the United States, after automobile accidents, fallsare the leading cause of facial fractures and result in about 14million injuries and 15,000 deaths a year. Who are most susceptibleto injury or death by falls? The young...
"Place the key in the ignition and start the vehicle. Like othervehicles, the Saab has an alarm box under the driver-side dashboard. Press and hold in the override button until the alarm chirpsone time. . Lift and secure the hood of the vehicle so it doesn't fall on you,then look for the fuse box....
Grand Master, Don Parker originally from Oakland California was a student of Master Instructor Young Won Ahn also Master Tommy Young of Superior Martial Arts both located in Oakland, California. Grand Master Don Parker is highly sought after for his superb kicking/free sparring/hand to hand...
You need defense weapon on island, because the local habitats maybecome hostile any moment. They might not like the presence ofstrangers in their domain. These defense weapons are necessary forself-defense and not counter attack the habitats with arrows.
You will have to contact Cabela's and find out who made the safe for them
equipment wise there are: helmets (football, baseball/softball ,hockey, lacrosse) men usually wear cups soccer and field hockey there are shin guards baseball players wear guards when hitting to protect the side facing th pitcher football, hockey, and lacrosse players wear all types of padding...
You will have to contact Cabela's and find out who made the safe for them.
Usually most safes/gun safes have a reset button on the inside ofthe safe.
all states do, but the type of gun can make a difference weatheryou are charged with unlawful possession of a firearm or not
open primaries allow any voters to participate, while closedprimaries are restricted to party members
A house hundreds of miles from your nearest volcano, and careful selection of holiday destinations.
First Aid is responding to an emergency situation - heart attacks, bleeding, drowning, choking, poisoning, electrocution, spinal injuries, eye injuries and scalds and burns are typical situations where having a basic knowledge of what to do- knowing proper first aid procedures- you can be the hero. ...
It is surprising that the 19 year old was able to find an attorney who would take a case against a 17 year old. When you sue someone, you sue for something, and most 17 year olds don't own enough to make it worthwhile. So unless the 19 year old is merely threatening to sue, then the 19 year old is...
The best adaptation for escaping predators by self defense is thespray of a skunk. I don't know any predators that don't give upwhen sprayed, with the possible exception of a great horned owl.There is evidence that skunks can't spray when picked up and thisis what owls do.
You can get water in a desert when the rain is falling. Sometimesthere is also ground water you can dig for.
remember the acronym PASS P-pull A-aim S-Squeeze S-Sweep which means you pull out the pin, aim at the fire, squeeze the handle, and spray in a sweeping motion
Seek shelter in a sturdy house or other building. Stay away fromwindows.
No, because Self- Defense is about defending your self againstsomeone that could harm you or hurt you.
Need clarification please. The "it" you are referring to seeing, does that represent; A) the flashlight, B) the light from the flashlight, or C) "the speed of light"? Did you mean to imply that the flashlight was switched on? Is it an "old fashioned" bulb, an LED bulb, a laser light, or some other...
There is a site (Cobra-es) that has the remote alarm system listed- It might be worth looking there in the first instance, failingthat it could be sa manufacturer call to ask for a reset code.
Assuming both you and civilization in general survive, get to a hospital for radiation treatment if you can. Otherwise, get as far away from the source of the explosion as fast as you're able. If you have a Geiger counter, you can use it to judge the safety of food and water sources. (Obviously,...
Usually, in this case, scenario, the car usually does that becausesomeone in the family does not have a seatbelt on, which is bad.
Sunrise in South Carolina is 7:23 a.m.
frog? It's not like a poison dart frog will hop into your shoesbut, if you accidentally touch one in the wild, seek medical helpright away. Your skin could very irritated if in contact from thepoison frogs. Unless you want to hunt like the natives in theAmazon Rain Forest don't go looking for these...
Well nothing, if the pulse is present the AED will not shock the casualty unless the signal changes (or the pulse stops). Treat for shock and await EMS
There are many insects that could have a red body with black wings.These insects include dragonflies as well as butterflies.
Anything near to hand that will float and support him. Ideally, a Coast Guard approved Type IV floatation device.
It will be better if you have defined whom you are referring whenyou are saying "they". But taking it on a broader view below pointscan be of help: . Laser beams can be used to detect plate movement. . A seismometer is used to pick up the vibrations in the Earth'scrust. An increase in vibrations...
Answer . There should be a little handle mounted to the top inside of the trunk. It will be yellow/green or a highly visible color. You can pull this lever toward the rear of the car, which should pop open the folding seat. I am not sure if all models are equipped with this feature. Another...
Yes, it will do that. It is also unsanitary. You should have your floors professionally cleaned.
stop. drop. and roll!
very simple, most modem company's provide cli program with their modem cd. Just install it and display caller no. on your computer monitor.
Wet wood, vegetation, and plastics will make a thick, dark smoke that should not be breathed in. Dry wood and dead leaves make a thinner, grayish smoke.
Answer . \nYou need a new ignition cylinder with a new key with the right resistor.
automated electro use give a electerical ,then start blood to brain to heart.
energy cannot be created. Instead it changes forms of energy. the energy of a battery is chemical energy. the chemical energy from the battery changes to to electric energy when you turn it on. Then it changes again into heat and light energy. That energy will go on and change into some other kind...
It's most likely some kind of contact spray meaning there is no residual chemical. All you have remaining is by product which any cleaner with a mild detergent should take off without any problem.
Removing the battery has immobilized the car and this security feature can be turned off with your key fob alarm controller.
The chemical energy stored in batteries gets transformed sets intoelectrical energy through the wires. This then gets transformedinto light energy that you see.
1: Am I alive? . 2: What is my injury? . 3: How will I get to the hospital if I am severely injured? . 4: Can I still breath? . 5: (most important) What will my family say?! . (I know these are stupid but I hope that they help)
Answer . \nI had to do this on my 97 Ford Explorer a month ago or so. \n. \nIt's easy.\n. \nYou should be able to go through the grill from the outside and unscrew the four bolts or so on the hood release mechanism (reassuring huh?)\n. \nFrom there, lift the hood and the latch mechanism should...
no pro wrestling moves are fake and will get you killed on the streets
ANSWER: . Make sure the door is unlocked and pull the handle, either inside or outside, and it should open the lock. If not, use a screwdriver to pry it back open with the handle pulled all the way out or up depending on the handle.
You can move the latch back to the open position by nudging it.This may still prevent it from locking on the component piece whenyou attempt to close the door, so you will need to take it to amechanic.
You will need to use 2 auto injectors for self aid in a nerve agent emergency; they should be labelled 1 & 2. If you are administering buddy care, use up to 3 sets of auto injectors in addition to the CANA auto injector.
To drill open a mortise lock means creating a substitute "shear line". For those who are not locksmiths, a shear line is created when the proper key is inserted into the lock and the top and bottom pin tumblers line up flush to turn the plug. Using a 1/4 inch carbide tip drill bit, drill about an...
Answer 1. That is nasty. If i saw someone do that i would simply walk away. I wouldn't even look at that person. I might say something but i dont want to get in a fuss over poop. This is a sick question. Answer 2. Quickly walking away and calling the police. Answer 3.Yell "HI" really loud and...
Find something to keep you occupied with your spare time.
disconnect + on battery; when reconnected, you must reset alarm via trip switch (refer to your owner's manual regarding exactly how to reset -- for example, hold in button for xx seconds until alarm stops then release)
all i know is that I've got a friend with the same problem and he's is at breaking point with this.he has his driver side fender off, front bumper off, you name it. i almost think you can route it through the fire wall behind your steering wheel,run it along with washer hoses, somewhere under the...
It will depend on the type and location of the emergency. But, there are basic items that are included in a first aid kit such as gloves, breathing barrier, bandages, gauze, and tape. See the related link for more information.
you can live long life by following the safety rules
Usually if it can lock, that means the linkage is ok. If you have serrate buttons,then the open button is bad. If one button does both it could be the receiver. Have a mechanic shop or the dealer take a look at it.
No they give out C02 which is carbon dioxide
He lives in Kenwood which is a neighborhood in Chicago.
self defence is something to keep people safe, if it will benefityour safety then you should be able to teach a class on it, if youknow how.
The National Fire Protection Association was started by a fewinsurance agencies, so they could set certain standards in theindustry. They still set standards for some things today.
If you did something to cause it, left a window open or something like that, you could be held responsible for it. For the most part, the pipes are part of the structure and the landlords responsibility .
A tiny light bulb with a reflector is lit up with a battery. The switch connects the electric circuit; the power flows through the wire and the bulb lights up. . Current through resistive filament of globe produces heat and light. . Well first there's these two batteries inside it, then there's a...
You need a conductor, power source and a resistor.. You need a conductor, power source and a resistor.. You need a conductor, power source and a resistor.