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A ship is commonly defined as having a bow (front) and stern (back), and is built for ocean travel for the purpose of commercial or military transport. Ocean liners, container ships, and destroyers are classified as ships.


Not enough for the amount of work to be honest. Depending on whatline it can be reasonable.
A 19th century wooden warship having iron or steel armour plating
There is no clear record of a ship by the name Betsy Blue, but this is no indication that there never has been. Being sort of sing-song, it is very likely that someone, somewhere has used the name, likely for a private yacht.
The special dining room that was decorated all fancy was used bythe 1st class passengers, mainly for dinner and supper
no, it's only a set that they built.
Yes, but not always it is necessary.
the regulations is that it has to be 1/20th behide the bow of the ship and it has to be water tight
I do not believe any cruise line offers that itinerary
The ship should properly be referred to as Queen Elizabeth 2 as she is named after the first ship, not the reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) is 963 feet long.
The wheel of titanic is a mystery some say it came of on the way down others think that it corroted away
Fresh water. Salt water is denser and therefore makes things more boyant. Ships have marks painted on the side of their hull, usually welded lines and then painted over, that show their load limits in salt and fresh water. These lines are known as Plimsol lines or International Load Lines.
Archimedes' principle, principle that states that a body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid. The principle applies to both floating and submerged bodies and to all fluids, i.e., liquids and gases. It explains not only the buoyancy of ships and...
they thought they were unsinkable. the ship ended up hitting an iceberg
Captain Edward J. Smith
Top 10 Largest Cruises Ship are given below:- 1) Harmony of the Seas 2) Allure of the Seas 3) Oasis of the Seas 4) Ovation of the Seas 5) Norwegian Joy 6) Norwegian Escape 7) Quantum of the Seas 8) Anthem of the Seas 9) NCL Norwegian Epic 10) Freedom of the Seas
A ship that weighs 1,000 pounds displaces 1,000 pounds of water. Basically you are making a hole in the water that would take 1,000 pounds of water to fill, if it was Jell-o you could see the hole when you took the ship out. If you add 100 pounds of weight to the ship, be it feathers, foam, or lead,...
No. The world's fastest cruise ship, Royal Olympic Cruises' Olympic Voyager, averages only 27 knots (about 30 MPH). The water speed record is only 317.596 miles per hour.
A fast sailing ship of the 19th Century carrying bulk cargo. They carried three or more masts and were square rigged. They emerged to fulfill a need to carry cargo at speed around the world, such as tea from China. Clippers were amongst the fastest sailing ships ever made
radios wheels inclined planes levers
A fleet or Convoy. A Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) nightmare ;).
1944-1945 crew list for hms victorious air craft carrier
You can import/export massive amounts of goods from continent to continent.
it could have taken an hour and a few minutes to sink
Container ships truly average 23 kt made good (actual speed). Break bulk/general cargo vessels - 10-12 kt. Reefer boats (fruit boats) 20-28kt. (credit to for written definition goes to others.)
People, read your owner's manual. If it is a 350 V8 then more than likely 5 quarts with a filter change.
It means to keep control of where you are going
3 U.S. Navy vessels have been christened for their namesake, the City of Topeka, Kansas: PG-35 - Gun Boat, 1900 to 1930 CL-67 - Light Cruiser, 1944 to 1949 CLG-8 - Light Missile Cruiser, 1960 to 1969 SSN-754 - L.A. Class Fast-Attack Submarine, 1989 to present The Light Cruiser Topeka...
Answer . \nWait until after the job offer is made, unless the amount of time you will be gone is much larger than a "normal" vacation length. If the employer wants you as an employee, having you gone for a time shouldn't break the deal. If need be, you can work this previously planned trip into...
No the last attempt to organize a replica construction was cancelled.
Legally speaking, the owners representative on board is the Captain of the ship, properly referred to as the Master.
On the sea, there's no shops to stop at on the ocean der.
While Molly Brown was born in Hannibal Misouri, she went to Colorado at the age of 18. Her life, just like that of Mark Twain, was remarkable in it's complexity. Check the link for her life story.
Puffing tugs were how people refered to tugboats from the early days. In the late 1800's and early 1900's tugs were steam operated. The engines did not run as smooth as todays engines and they made a thumping sound and puffed steam. Think of the way that an old steam locomotive sounded. Puff, puff,...
The superstructure? Pilot house? Foc'sle? Bos'n hold? Rigging shack? You really need more info for this one.
It took around 18 minutes to sink completely.
Depending on the location and vessel technology, it could be marked by GPS, Latitude & longitude on a paper chart or possibly a large float. The anchor would most likely be recovered by a large grapnel hook dragged along the bottom.
Baldt Stockless Anchor, Danforth, Northill, Eells,Bruce, Mooring, Mushroom & Grapnel.
I assume you mean the ship from Ghost Ship? No, it isn't real... However it IS based on a real life ship called the Andrea Doria which sank in 1956 after a collision with the Stockholm. It also has a little bit of the Doria's sister ship "Cristoforo Columbo" as well and some of her replacement ...
The Captain. Or the pilot. Captains does not "drive" ships, only in movies. The officer on duty on the bridge is in command and navigating the vessel but the actual steering is normally done by an auto pilot. If in confined waters a crew member called a quartermaster is doing the manual steering. A...
on a Tudor ship there would be small rooms althought it is a big ship
At 1,123 feet long the USS Enterprise is in fact longer than the RMS Titanic, which was 882 feet 9 inches long.
It was so popular back then because people needed to go on buisness trips or to explore the new adventure on this new ships said the be the biggest and the "unsinakble" .
1 cubic meter is 1 meter long. It is 1 meter long by 1 meter wide by 1 meter high. A cubic meter is the shape of a cube or a square.
Basically much as any ship, the difference being the passenger accommodation and services necessary. It's still essentially a huge steel fabrication, with a lot of other materials and fittings pertinent to purpose.
The Mary Celeste never sank. It was discovered drifting the sea without a crew. Actually it did eventually sink after about ten years of floating around in the ocean by itself...ships eventually deteriorate esspecially without's extremely amazing it just floated around like that...
it had three rows of people each consisting of 50 people in each row.
I believe the complete term is "keel over". This sometimes referred to as a knockdown. If the keel turns straight up out of the water, your boat has "turned turtle". If a large wave turns your boat over end-to-end, you have been "pitch-poled". These conditions are usually cause by rogue winds, rogue...
Length wise? Weight Wise? 1.Oasis Of The Seas 1. Oasis of The seas 2.Queen Mary 2 2. Freedom of The seas 3.Freedom of the seas 3. Queen Mary 2 Technically Queen Mary 2 is not a cruise ship but an ocean liner. Completely different.
Why not? Ships are typically able to dock on either side depending on the port facilities available. Some cruise ships may be better designed to handle their passengers and cargo from one side or the other, but that is dependent on the design.
While any ship's Master is free to use any signal he may consider appropriate, this signal you refer to is very commonly used to convey the most urgent of messages: "Abandon ship!". Upon hearing this, you would proceed to your assigned station (normally by a lifeboat). This signal is made mainly...
The Titanic had two four-cylinder, triple-expansion, inverted reciprocating steam engines and one low pressure Parsons turbine. Steam came from 29 boilers which used 159 coal burning furnaces. They were big. I'm not sure of the weight of the engines. Engine was 30 feet in height and weighed ...
Cruise Ships are like any other vacation spot. Instead of doing iton land, people do it on the ships.
The Grand Canal in China which connects Beijing to Hangzhou. It is 1,114 miles long.
That is a question that cannot be answered exactly. Different cruise ships of different sizes use different amounts of fuel. I can tell you that there are some cruise ships that use no fuel. There are several large cruise ships that are powered by sails.
There are three classes of cabins and dining aboard these ships. The Britannia is the regular class, the princess is the middle class and the Queen is the superior of deluxe class. The main dining room is the largest because there are more people that travel in the Britannia class then others. æ...
No she does not, I do know that at the time of answering this question she is about to be sold and hopefully restired. one engine i believe is in the british museum.
1. Caused US entry into WW2.. 2. Caused US military to utilize the aircraft carrier instead of the battleship for naval battles. Had US forces used battleships to take on Imperial Navy Aircraft Carriers, WW2 in the Pacific would have been disasterious.
First Class Passengers Allen, Miss Elizabeth Walton Allison, Mr. H. J. Allison, Mrs. H. J. + servant Allison, Miss L Allison, Master T. and Nurse Anderson, Mr. Harry Andrews, Miss Cornelia I. Andrews, Mr. Thomas Appleton, Mrs. E. D. Artagaveytia, Mr. Ramon Astor, Colonel J. J. and...
This may not be the legal answer you may be looking for but With 20 years experience on the water I will tell you what should be done. Pilot boats are designed to come alongside the ship as it is entering port or after it has departed the port so it can drop off or pick up the pilot. They are rugged...
The best way to find out where QM2 is, is to look at her live webcam. Just click on the link below.
Rules of the Road. RULE 2, RESPONSIBILITY, (a) Nothing in these Rules shall exonerate any vessel, or the owner, master, or crew thereof, from the consequences of any neglect to comply with these Rules or of the neglect of any precaution which may be required by the ordinary practice of seamen, or by...
This is largely dependant on the specific group of vessels you are asking about. A fleet of fishing vessels could be 6-60. A fleet of Navy ships could be 7-10. A fleet of Mothballed ships could be 250. A specific number would be based on more certian criteria.
The typical cruise ship costs about 500 million dollars to build.
The HMHS Britannic sank in the Mediterranian Sea, and it was either hit by a missile or mined by a U-boat and fell onto it's side and sank on it's side. Only 33 people died. The 33 people died when they were chopped up from the propellers because, like the titanic, the Britannic stuck it's stern in...
Nothing to do with where the bathroom is located. Poop comes from the Latin puppis , meaning "stern." Ships often had a cabin space in the very back of the ship called a poop cabin. The poop cabin extends a few feet above the main deck, and has a flat roof. The flat roof of a poop cabin is an...