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"The only certain things in life are death and taxes". This category deals with the secrets to a long and healthy life, and the consequences of old-age.


skin, like any other organism is a living thing. so of course it gets old over time. over time your skin will start to lose elasticity (the tightness in skin) and then beome loose. Skin also gets worn in some places like on the corner of eyes and smiling lines therfore causing wrinkles. the harder...
Tiny muscle fibers in the iris expand or contract the pupil.
How to continue living independently, without going to a nursinghome.Some people may fear death, but most do not.
If each lap is 25 yards you must swim 70.4 laps to reach one mile.
life is a popularity contest,sweetie-not just 5th grade!You are pretty to the right person,so forget that guy and find another.Remember,Life is for Living so go for it
If a child matures too quickly because it lives, talks and hangsaround nothing but adults it indeed could be bad for his or hermind. Such a child would be devoid of what is considered to be anormal childhood by not interacting or socializing with children oftheir own age. As a consequence of that,...
According to Maslow's hierarchy, people have categories of needs. The most fundamental is the need for physical safety and security. It so happens that money (which economies are based largely on) can, in most countries, buy a person a certain amount of physical security and safety in the form of...
This could be possible. I suggest starting to keep a record of yourperiods and visit a doctor if you are worried about it.
I suggest you make an appointment with your General Practitioner to rule out any devastating internal bodily changes such as thyroid disease. Ruled out then he/she should suggest a dermatologist to determine why you are losing hair. Best wishes.
Yes humans inhale oxygen but exhale carbon dioxide.
You would call a regular daily walk a form of exercise. A dailywalk is good for the heart, the mind and the body in general.
we need to eat proper food (like vegtable and frute)and trick the mine so it thinks as if we were small kids and maybe that will give us an extebtion of life.
Aubrey de Grey is 48 years old (birthdate: April 20, 1963).
1. You have a higher chance of getting lung diseases and breathing problems. 2. You can get many types of cancer from smoking. 3. Your breath will smell bad. 4. You will spend lots of money on cigarettes. 5. Your social life will diminish (unless you're with other smokers).
I would say it is a good 6-5'11 1/2. I went to a FFA convention inSpringfield and I am 16 and 6'1 myself and my height seemed to bethe average for both men and women
Exposure to sun is one way for humans to get their Vitamin D. However, humans should use sunscreen to protect themselves from harmful ultraviolet rays, and should avoid exposure to sun altogether during peak hours (usually 3-4 hours around noon hour).
The effects are when your body and your looks change... Differently than before... Ex: growth, your body growing and changing your own looks and making it different than before.
Maoris people lived in NZ in 1300s
Yes, your eyes could become lighter as you age, but generally just a slight difference. I to have dark brown eyes, but have gold flecks in them as I've ages, but then ended up with cataracts and once I had the surgery my eyes are back to a bit of lighter shade of dark brown and I still have those...
When a menstrual period has been skipped, it could be a clearindication that there is a pregnancy. It could also be anindication that a woman may be in their pre-menopausal state.
well a penis is the male reproductive organ.... (how could u not no that???)
Pain under the left side of the chest with stomach pain andvomiting could be the sign of a gallbladder attack. Abdominal paincan be the earlier indicator for many different problems so ifconcern please seek professional medical attention.
The average American? Well i take like a 15 minute shower... But i have a friend who takes half and hour to forty five minute showers!
Phobias are irrational fears that have no basis in reality. Theytrigger feelings of panic and intense anxiety in the sufferer.People who have a phobia regarding demonic possession, ordaemonophobia, experience very intensely frightening feelings anddread surrounding the topic of demons and possession...
Daily use of Skin care product not only reduces aging and acnemarks, but also prevents the problems from resurfacing. So, whatare you waiting for? Get Melblok skin care products, developed after extensive research,is especially formulated to address an array of skin issues at theroot. For more visit...
Human growth hormones are hotly debated. There are studies on thisthat argue both sides. It is best to consult with a doctor beforeuse.
by drinking orange juise every morning
Hair follicles may die due to baldness or skin trauma. Most hairfollicles die temporarily, but will later regenerate and go througha continuous transition phase.
There are only a few reliable methods that are statistcal pluses: Diet and Exercise, a healthy lifestyle meaning safe sex, no smoking and alcohol only in moderation, maintain an active mental state, avoid stress and be happy. Get immunizations, regular routine health care including an annual Dental...
Gives you a head buzz that is similar to being lightheaded for people who don't smoke often. In regular smokers, it relieves anxiety and stress.
75 degrees F OK that's fine for temperature but what is the ideal room humidity percentage? Actually, most building codes only require you at keep the temperature at 68 degrees, which is ideal. The ideal room humidity percentage is usually around 50% ASHRAE Standards: 68-74F @40-60%...
One states that actual insults, such as the presence of toxic substances in the blood, are important.
Sunscreens are products combining several ingredients that helpprevent the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching theskin. Two types of ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB, damage theskin, age it prematurely, and increase your risk of skin cancer.
Sadly, its because they do less dumb things. A man is far more likely to get in a motorcycle accident and die because he is far more likely to actually own a motorcycle.
Anything you want. Depends on what you like. You could get it angled, layered, curly, straitened, an updo, a perm, etc. afrro style!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you get older, your skin wrinkles because it becomes thinner and less elastic. It gets drier too as it makes less oil and sweat. Your bones become more visible as you store less fat beneath your skin. Inside the body your bones and muscle become weaker. Your memory gets worse, and your immune...
There is a possibility of a surge of energy as one gets closer todeath. This may occur due to the person desire to tell loved onesinformation or parting words. These are usually short and theperson will continue on the death process.
The oldest man on earth is Carmelo Flores Laura. He is 124 yearsold and is a native Aymara in Bolivia.
Orthopedic surgery often uses metal pins. The materials used inthese pins (and other hardware) include stainless steel andtitanium alloys.
If someone say myself slept with a woman who was going through chemo treatments for breast cancer. Would I be harmed by the radiation she went through? First, chemo is not radiation- it is chemical. It can be COMBINED with radiation. Radiation TREATMENT can take a couple of forms- radiation...
\nyes they certainly do.. they get very angry by the smallest things & start questioning there existence in life and they have and havnt done\nits unbelievable
\n. \nIt's japan as of 2006 according to the statistic report by world bank group
If you must tell a client that they stink, it should be done in avery delicate way. Perhaps suggest t hey try a different brand ofdeodorant because it isn't working well.
Treatments for calcium build up on the foot could be througharthroscopic surgery or steroid medicine. Shock wave therapy is mayalso be a cure.
I can't up with an ideal for denture. I want to know where to go with the Ideal I have? Clips for holding in your denture.
Pollution is the major factor that threatens the quality of air.Pollution can be in the form of smog from factories or cigarettesmoking, both of which are harmful to the lungs.
\n. His enemies. He got shot in his SUV along with his friends 118 times. For singing the song called, A Mis Enemigos.
when you fell that you are in shape. not what anyone else says. and don't compare yourself to other people because everyone is unique Only you can say for sure what is "in shape" for your own body. If you eat healthy and exercise, you are probably in shape.
No, she hasn't had a stroke. She has just had a lot of botox to her lips though.
how to set a time inthis watch
These are the factors of aging: 1. sun 2. smoking 3. stress 4. hereditary For the proper skin care use Lifecell cream.
What's your age? and you're a guy or girl? If you're 11-15 you can increase much still. if >15 then if girl, not much, may be like 2-3 cm, if boy you can increase like around 10 cm or a bit more. Depends on your genetics and health..and sport too
The current average life expectancy of an American male is about 72years old. Women may live up to the age of about 81 years old.
A number of treatment options are out there to help you reduce youraging signs, and amongst all 1. Omega-3 Capsules 2. Chromium 3. Bilberry or Grape Seed Extract 4. Garlic and 5. Alpha-Lipoic Acid are top 5 anti-aging supplements formetabolic syndrome.
Improper garbage disposal can be hazardous to the environment andpeoples health. Local garbage carriers or landfills have certaindays a year when they accept other forms of trash as in oil orbatteries.
Genetics is the usual culprit for a 17 year old to start balding. My father-in-law did at that age too. Sometimes it is the result of a problem with the hair follicle's. See your doctor if it is a real problem. If you are on medications that can cause alopecia too.
It depends on what modern activites you partake in. Overdoing anything is bad.
No, that's a myth. However tall people have more back problems than shorter people because their spines are longer. Answer There is much research done on this subject and many say that taller people not only live longer, but are more intelligent than short people! This doesn't make it so, and...
Yes, Smoking causes premature aging. It is one the worse bad habits. If anyone is addicted, it is very difficult for him to get rid of this. Those who smoke knows that it is injurious to health. But the main disease caused by smoking is the premature aging. It can cause wrinkles, heart related...
To slow down the aging process, food plays an important role. There are several types of food material available in the nature which can slow down aging process. These food materials are: Tuna, Mushrooms, milk, Oranges, Carrot, Walnut, Mineral water, Strawberry, ...
They have but have never been successfully unfrozen again
In what sense ? Per day ? Until what age ?
why would u put poop on your face?!?! btw that is gross
Prosthetic eyes are made out of acrylic. They are made to match theother eye of the patient perfectly, even the natural eye color.
diver holds his breath upon ascent
High cheekbones blonde hair sometimes shorter then average.
It depends on the person. Some people live for nearly 100 years. Some, unfortunately, die young. The average person lives to about 75 or 80 years old.
Raspy voices can be caused by smoking, loss of voice, tonsilitis, acough, or just the way you were born.
Sports have many benefits such as the physical activity is good for their body it also gives them more reason to care for their bodies. Sports also teach team work and other social skills which are almost impossible successful without in today's world. It keeps them entertained and thus are less...
move by their hand and feet. move by their hand and feet
It depends how long you've been waiting, if you are fit for transplant at the time, if you've got a ventricular assist device, if you are in hospital, if you are on inotropes or other IV medication. Lots of factors.
Extremely good - laugh for 17 minutes a day and your lifespan is a day longer. It lowers blood pressure and helps the immune system. It lowers stress hormones and your muscles relax and tighten-which means it gets stronger. Hope this helped. I know a bit cauz ma class Rutherford 3 R.I.S is doin a...
the same as a white or whatever colour man lives
This is directly from the Medicare and You 2009 book concerning Hospice Care:. For people with a terminal illness who are expected to live 6 months or less (as certified by a doctor). Coverage may include drugs (for pain relief and symptom management), medical, nursing, social services, and other...
progeria is recessive, that's an easy question, dont be dumb . actually progeria is dominant, according to the Progeria Research Foundation
An adult body contain about 6 litres of blood...
I think when you are sixty you are old