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Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is one of the leading social networking websites on the Internet today.


nope. 100% free. Edit: Although it is free, Facebook does suggest for you to promoteyour posts you make on a fan page with money so that it can reachmore people though this is optional.
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All you have to do is click on someone you aren't friends with on facebook and scroll down on their profile page and see if you share any mutual friends.
The cafeteria would work, especially if you sit close enough thatothers can't hear what you're saying. You could try the librarytoo, but you'd have to speak in whispers. Maybe homeroom? On the other hand, if you're talking about INTERNET chat rooms,maybe you should just get your own internet...
you hold shift and press: this key then this key )and that's how u make a smile face
1:you must have google chrome. 2:Go to m lounge. 3:go to the back to the VIP lounge (by the gate) 4:on the top right hand corner of ur com you'll see a wrench click it and youll see zoom, click the + till it goes to 207%. 5.click the casino on hangouts while its loading keep clicking in fron...
It is emoji's you can use on a phone or use on a laptop or pc byusing a website search Emoji on PC
 Copy that, paste in status
There is a new version of sorority life on Facebook and I wouldlike to know how to access your swag items and see what theydo...there is no more tab for it now and I am not sure hop to seewhat they do...thanks!
it is found in the Soldier job tier.
Yes, you can but an app for the samsung impression. And it is free. Just go to your Media Net and search for "free" and it should show up.
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of course not! they dont have the technology to do that. i have tried it on a penguin before and tells you that penguin has been banned but nothing happens to your penguin, unless you try to get into a famous penguins account. but if you do try to get into there account they have trackers and they...
yes you can, but you will have to use a UK proxy.
I only just made out what you meant if you meant 'can you sign somebody else up for Facebook on your computer if they don't know how' then the answer is yes you can create an account for them on a computer that they won't use as long as you know their preferred email
How do u delet your carater on imagen town
I think it he said it in an interview
It should give you an notification if someone sent you a friendrequest. It would say blank wants to be your friend or somethinglike that and then you can press accept or decline.
To create a fan page, just log-in to your personal facebook account and visit any fan page you like and at the bottom part of that fan page you can see link there "Create a fan page" just click that and you can create your own page. Fill up all the necessary information and you can customize a...
Well, it is always better that you use your own name as a user-name in Facebook. Because it not only does help other people but also for others to find you.
You should be able to delete your current Facebook profile pictureand then you should be able to get the default picture back as ifyou have just opened a new Facebook account.
A facebook status is a post you make to your facebook wall and to other freinds news feeds. you can find this by using our command line. go to start->run->type in cmd-> then type tracert www.myspace.com the IP will show. you can do this for any site. info from: http://www.she-geeks.com/ I would use that to find an IP address, since myspace owns alot of them use whois...
Judi Dench's daughter, Finty Williams, and Geoffrey Palmer's sonCharles posed for the photos purporting to be the stars whenyounger.
Dragon city and many more
You can either get off your lazy butt and earn it r buy it like averyone else has to or you can become a Miniplanet Moderstator for more information got to www.mpmods.com Hope this helps byeee
I think for this we have to attach our camera with the computer. Sothat we can access all the pictures
Try serving the customers as fast as possible.
The main data center is located in Pineville Oregon. Of course they have servers all over the place. Source: http://www.facebook.com/blog.php?post=262655797130
You cannot guarantee something to be made as per the needs of a few when the developer's focus is to make something usable for everyone.
When someone adds you as a friend on Facebook, you have the optionof accepting their friend request. When you send out a friendrequest, you are notified by Facebook if that request has beenaccepted.
I like to go on www.neopets.com but it is not just social networking. It has games to. Also, this site gets kids to be a little more responsible. Also, for all ages is www.stardoll.com.
You can receive money from showing the laser 2 your pets. Some other ways r petting your pets and feeding them. Another great way is 2 click on the piggy bank. It gives you free money every day! Cleaning the litter box gets you cash and gives u XP. A sad way 2 get cash is selling your pets.
There are currently 1.393 billion users as of 28/1/15
Unfortunately, that usually requires real money for purchasing,although with some games you can watch a video to earn one or two.Most of the other ways to earn (like answering questions) are justscams to get you to buy something though, so if you want to playthe game without spending money, stick to...
Facebook, is included in a huge list of social network websites. 16and above is recommended, but keeping the account private is evenmore recommended. You should keep your account private if you'reyounger than 14 and only "friend" people you personally know.
You can get a purple, blue, hot pink, and golden squid. You can get the golden and hot pink aquid by mating the blue and purple squid.
search their name with a different facebook account.
There is an achievement that gives you a relic and 1 karma. Do this after you click on the Daimyo (gold buddha) Press the corresponding keys on your keyboard: Up+Up+Down+Down+Left+Right+Left+Right+B+A+Enter
Unless you have access to the perons facebook to whom it was sentthen you can not delete it
Click the Inventory Tab, then the Loot Tab, then scroll down to your item with the Chariot in it [Note: you should own one in order for you to place it on your wishlist]. Once you found the Chariot or the item you want to be on your wishlist, click Add To Wishlist. the Chariot will now appear in...
ask the Q on Facebook and Lila Dot will answer you (expert)
Just say your friends have it and they keep talking to each other about it and you feel left out. Tell them you won't be on it all the time and that you won't add anyone as a friend that you don't know. You can say that you really want to go on it and that you will be extra helpful around the house....
You Have to wait for Halloween, if you go on facebook and see myaccount, you will see a bone fish.
Facebook: "Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you"
Currently (Feb. 2010) there is no way to change the color of a profile page on Facebook. -- actually, there is a site called pagerage.com. Download it. Don't worry; it is not a virus. Then, you have a selection of colors and designs to choose from! It's easy.
If it is when you are plowing, it is a 100 coin bonus that occurs randomly.
If you have fuel in your tank, click on the picture of the seeder just above the arrow and the harvestor, it will then take you to select what to plant and off you go.
Shree Balaji Education (Established in 2004)is a premier Coaching center in Chandigarh and Mohali. We offerstrategic, guided and organized Coaching to students and workingprofessionals to crack national level examination like CSIR-UGC(NET) and M.Sc. Biochemistry, Biotechnology Entrance examinations...
by harvesting your trees. They can also be found in White Mystery Eggs.
" Me voy al Facebook " is a Spanish equivalent of "I'm going on Facebook." Specifically, the reflexive pronoun " me " means "myself." The verb " voy " means "(I) am going, do go, go." The word " al " combines the preposition " a " and the masculine singular definite article " el " to mean "to the."...
You cant i don't know why they took it off i asked the server but i don't have a answer from them... I am Mahijake on my Lego network no rank 0's are allowed to be my friend srry rank 0's.
mate your fish for coins or pearls
Unsubscribe to Farmville. Go to application settings and look for the farmville icon and click the 'X' button to cancel the application. Then search Farmville again in the search window and allow Farmville again and you'll have a fresh start.
No its work Perfectly all right.
If you are talking about cropping a photo, or cutting out a certain portion of the photo, download Photoscape. www. photoscape .org/ It's a free photo editing software and it's awesome
It depends on the individual and the course of action they decide upon. I know of a current NFL star who has filed identity theft suits through his legal team. My company has developed an authentication technique for public figures in these forums that we'll be launching this summer. The important...
You can't. Full stop. It is agains facebook's rules to allow this so anybody claiming they can can't- so don't bother clicking. You'll just end up with a virus.
No. Facebook privacy policy dictates that there isn't and shouldn't be a way to see who visits your wall.
so that they know it is them you are talking about and they will be notified.
You can't join Facebook if you are age 13 or younger. Junior highschoolers have to fake their age if they are desperate to join Facebook.
no. you just simply ask in a letter "did you like my gift? because i have not heard from you about it."
I am not sure but think that they are in business area of Bangkok and you get them every three hours. You have to pick one of the two factions and get them to a certain level and then you can buy the business to start getting them
if your property is damaged, an icon will appear on the page that says repair cost. if you have enough money and click repair, the life of the property will be back to full.
FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!! its the most popularest and myspace is shut down now i htink coz of the populationg going donw there 5x more people on facebook than myspace my space is rubbish facebooks newer and you can do better things , lots of people know about i tmore than myspadce its as popular as msn i...
you can level up to get pearls or buy them
You can go to your friends profile and under it will say UN-FRIEND.
when you are attack by another player and your health reached 0.
JUSTIN Beiber has one Selina Gomez and miley cireys
In order to get more farm bucks in farm town is you have to pay toget more farm bucks.
it is impossible to delete sadly. i tried to but it doesn't work and i asked Shefly(the helpful guidance) she said you cant delete a account. BUT you can me a new account and give all the stuff to your new character your old things. That's what i did sorry if this doesn't help.
well you can buy them with face-book credits, let some one send you it, or someone just puts one up for adoption, there's many ways though.
The little square one sees when talking on Facebook is en emoticonor smiley that can't be displayed. This is usually the cause when aperson uses to text from a cell phone on Facebook.
To Transfer Mails for external media , some steps are followed, 1.Click "File," "Open & Export," then "Import/Export." 2.Export to File" in the Import and Export Wizard and then click"Next." 3.Outlook Data File (.pst)" and then click "Next." Choose "Inbox"as the folder to export, or expand "Inbox"...
As it is an open company it is owned by a lot of people so here isa list Mark Zuckerburg (inventor) Accel partners (investment company) Dustin Moskovitz (Former employee) Digital Sky Technologies (Investment company) Eduardo Saverin (Former Employee) Sean Parker (Former Employee) There are a lot...
mobster iced is enemies you attacked and their health reached below 20 but not 0. whacked is the same as killed or snuffed. you whack a mobster when you attacked the player and their hp dropped to 0.
I'm no Facebook expert, but you can't.
Search for Farmville on the Search box of your Facebook homepage and then allow the Farmville application and that's it.
if you got the 5 winning numbers, you will win 500 godfather points.
its very easy step you can copy url and pastte where you want toupload,if you are looking for antivirus technical support servicesthen antivirus assist is the good
paano maglagay ng lrawan sa facebook