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History of South America

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Home to some of the most ancient human civilizations, South America was a battle ground for the expansion of European countries. Today it is a growing and vibrant continent emerging as a key player in world history.
He sentence Atahualpa to death.
Aztec nobles were believed to be the only method of communicationto the gods of Aztec Mythology. Sort of like priests. The populacewanted to please the gods so the people who could speak to themwere very important
It became a horror for Peron and the Argentenians. They failed torecapture it from the British
Peru gained independence from Spain on July 28th 1821.
Brazil and Uruguay were colonized by Portugal.
Atahualpa is one of the most familiar Incan leaders in my studies. This ruler was significant in that he was one who was taken in by the Spanish explorers putting trust in them therefore putting his people and the empire at risk.
India's Indians or Native America's Indians?
Many of the natives died of small pox. This helped the Spanish takeover the Inca empire.
No, Akon is not an Indian.
The poor living in the favelas
There is officially 216 Documented Victims of CHÉ GUEVARA in Cuba Between 1957 TO 1959, directly by his hand or by his order to execute. Although his ultimate death toll is in the thousands for those killed during military operations that he lead. He was ultimately killed in Bolivia for attempting...
Africa    Honestly, that answer in NO WAY answers the question. Re-read the question.   The basic transition from pre civilization to civilization is the development of culture, tools and agriculture. Culture because it taught us to work together, tools because they made everything easier...
Both atecs and Incas reched their peakes in the early 16 century
The Inca were having a civil war. They had two brothers fightingover who should rule. And many Inca were dying of smallpox. SoPizarro took advantage of this as well has having horses andsuperior weapons.
I don't believe that there were many native Americans living in Memphis during the epidemic of 1878. There may have been a few native Americans in the city at the time, but not many. Memphis was a very urban town with a rather large immigrant population before the 1878 epidemic. In fact, the...
We don't know the number of people killed in Pompeii and we will never know. This is because we don't know how many people lived there in the first place, so we have no way to estimate the casualties.
  God   Peru ,South America
yes yes they did!! your well come
they are grouped in 3 catagories and that is the royal family, panakas last the common citizens
did henry t sampson have any kids 
The President of the United States.
there is still some Indians but not in the usa only in south America
Brazil is located on the continent of South America .
mr bean? or legumes?
probably Inti, because Inti is the name of the Inca sun-god
Republiek Suriname is the official name in Dutch for the Republic of Suriname. There also is a local language equivalent. It's 'Ripoliku Sranan' , in Sranan Tongo.
The Spanish influenced the Aztecs', cause the Aztecs thought they were gods and they praised them with gifts. The Aztecs' figured out they were not gods and the Spanish turned and conquered them! Thy gave them the small pox and diseases. Which this killed many Aztecs, not the spandereds cause the...
The Indian Gaur is a Vulnerable Species whereas the Indian Tiger is a Critically Endangered Species.
Terrace farming was used to keep the rain water from rolling down the hills it keeps the good soil from running down the mountain also it helps carry nutrients and water to the other platforms
Native american indian tribe
No. All of the people in Avatar are supposed to be of some Asian descent. In the universe itself, he is classified as Water Tribe.
  name two reasons people wanted to build canals
        Because they didn't have any other method to grow crops.
Construction became the fastest growing industry in the United  States during the 1950's. The construction industry brings in about  $850 million annually in revenue.
Well, Portuguese is a well-known language. However, it is not as spoken and popular as Spanish is. But people, are aware that Portuguese is a language and that it bears a lot of similarity to Spanish. So, in terms of how many people are aware of it, yes Portuguese is somewhat as common as Spanish....
Not to be raciest but there MEXICANS. I love you Gabriel Iglesias. I'm not gay he is just awesome. don't listen to that ignorant closed minded comment ^ , there are 21 latino countries and only one of them are mexican
Between Matchu Pitchu and Lake Titcaca.
Pancho villa lived at the Rancho de la Coyotada on the Hacienda del Rio Grande, one of the largest Haciendas in the state of Durango.
  1. Bandages and leather grips may be used by contestents   2. Unsporting behavior incurses a judges penalty   3. A exercise may not be repeated unless the gymnast has been inturupted through no fault of their own.   4.Permission must be obtained before a gymnast can leave the arena
== Is Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. Funded by Christopher Columbus in 1492, it is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas, and was the first seat of Spanish colonial rule in the New World. Santo Domingo came to be known as the "Gateway to the Caribbean". In...
Oh of course they did dance they danced a lot . They even danced for fun when their bored
For the Latin American countries to have independence from Spain.
  The Lone Star State.
- Using deception, turning indigenous people against indigenous  people ( Aztec vs. Aztec , Inca vs. Inca), paralyze the will of the  population by a frightful deed.   - controling lands, looking for gold, silver and slaves.
If you are including the Caribbean nations, Jamaica.
The Mayans are the oldest mesoamerican civilization
yes, papers like Indian country help promote the culture as do groups papers like the bqr zine and powwowwow because they target the younger generation.
  To demonstrate their disgust of the leadersip of the nation the flag represents. and also of the people whom elected those leaders.
Because they hate each other.Why do they hate each other? Because they do; most hate is not, in any way, rational. It may be tied to conflict in their early history; it may be from mere proximity.It appears the ongoing cause for hatred would be that South India has a stronger economy while being a...
It was important to the Indians because they use it for many important celebrations and festivals for the queens and kings.
Aztecs and Mayans developed their respective civilizations on central and southern Mexico, in an area known as Mesoamerica. Inca people were located on present-day Peru, in South America.
as grown ups say it maize
the inca significance was that they created the first clock by using the suns shadow also the incas were known for conquering alot of central america before being conquered by the europeans in the 16th century.
Disease killed over 90% of the natives, they had horses and gunpowder, and finally the atomic bomb killed everyone else.
In a time of racial inequality and gender and sex issues, there have been many conflicts between northern India brahmins and south Russian prostitutes
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Mid 11th century.
The Inca empire was centred in Cuzco in what is now Peru. Their empire is believed to have extended into parts of modern-day Colombia and Chile.
Nowadays, Sao Paulo governor's is Alberto Goldman. He succed Jose Serra, as Serra left the governor last April to apply as presidential candidate. On January 1st 2011, Goldman will deliver his office to Geraldo Alckmin, the one who was elected last elections (on October 3rd).
Atahuallpa was not Spanish he was an Inca, so south american.
  Natural gas and agricultural products.Bolivia exports lots of Mineral, Oil, Fruits, wheat, Coffe, wool, wood, seeds, etc,  and also The biggest will be Lithium Batteries and LIthium itself.Bolivia primarily depends on mineral exports which are zinc and natural gas.tin, silver, and zinc  ...
Emily Sarah kimberly
There are various theories about the origin of the word Chile. According to a theory by 17th century Spanish chronicler Diego de Rosales, the Incas of Peru called the valley of the Aconcagua "Chili" by corruption of the name of a Picunche tribal chief ("cacique") called Tili, who ruled the area at...
Kulkulkan . Gukumatz . Quetzalcoatl . Tezcatlipoca . Homchuk . Tlaloc
Em Busca de Um Assassino is a Portuguese equivalent in Brazil to the title of the movie 'Red Riding: 1974'. The preposition 'em' means 'in'. The feminine noun 'busca' means 'search, lookout'. The preposition 'de' means 'of'. The masculine indefinite article 'um' means 'a, one'. The...
Yes! They didn't have a form of money.
i don`t know anything about soa paulo all i know is that i don`t  know anythin about sao paulo...
Initially the North Carolinian Unionists supported the Union and  argued against secession. However, their arguments depended on  Lincoln not attacking the Confederate states. After the battle of  Fort Sumter, North Carolina Unionists felt Lincoln had betrayed  them by the attack.
Yes the Indians did have salt.
  == Trilobites ==   I thought that they ate brine shrimp, a smaller organism usually found in their ecosystems...
United States, Peru, India, China, South Africa and Sweden
People of Bolivia led a triumphant struggle against the privatisation of water in the year 2000.