The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area, is called technology. Advances in technology affect every area of our lives. This category is for questions about technology and includes everything from how to remove a scratch from a CD to applications of electronics to what polyester is made from and more.
I would suggest using an audio slitter cable if it's an old setof external speakers . or almost any DVD/BlueRay will have multiple audio in on theback of it (like audio in for TV or audio for Aux or Tuner). Thenjust set the single audio out to your speakers. Also theDVD/BlueRay Player will be best...
The touch screen feature requires either a screen or aplate(digitizer) you put in front of the screen. Then the touchinputs can be received by the computer via USB(Serial in the olddays).Some of the systems can use a camera or IR led's(early HPtouch smart PCs) to see your finger location as well.
probably the cpu, or central processing unit
Depends on what contract you have, More minutes, Text and data willcost more. I don't know from experience but i would say around £10at the most (£10 converts to about $17), probably less though.
MySpace headquarters are located in Beverly Hills, California.
The Sims2 Cheats . Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to access the cheat window. motherlode gives you 50,000 simoleans and kaching gives you 1,000 simoleans.. ~other cheats~. maxMotives - maxes out mood. unlockCareerRewards - unlocks the selected sim's career rewards. forceTwins - makes the selected sim...
You can still drag in Windows Movie Maker.
do u mean like MAGIC tricks? what do u mean by tricks just messageme plz
The newest computer processor up to date 2014 is i7.
He had to consistently come up with new inventions all the time.
The length of a parallel cable varies greatly, as much as 6ft to25ft depending on exact standard, manufacturer and desiredspecification.
It's an ATX Full tower Chassis and all ATX form factor powersupplies should work with it.
The people accepted it because of how good and sweet it was. Itwasn't like any other kind of candy!
The best way to charge a battery from an AC source is to use a high-quality commercial battery charger that is of the correct voltage and charging profile for your battery. By "charging profile," I mean a charger that is matched to the battery's chemistry and amp-hour capacity. WARNING: Not every...
Optical fiber cables transmit light from one end to the other. The data is encoded into this light beam and travels down the fiber in this light. Obviously you need optical sensors at each end to get the information in and out.
To keep the hardware from overheating, keep fast processing speedand shutting down the system or breaking the hardware.
I think you need to research about DNS. Each Domain name services provider will operate and maintain their own DNS systems. We also have INTERNIC (Internet Network Information Center), and they will have responsibility for manage all domain names and DNS servers. Each DNS have capacities to query...
It is so small. And it is attractive for others (they steal). its mosly our own falt, never let nobody see ur ipod.
He called it Greenland. It was the name his father came up with.
it's about the quality of ur camera ,when ur quality is hight thefilm will take a big place ,when your quality is low u will recordmore time than the hight quality
u throw it out in the e-waste bin
Directories are topical lists of Internet resources arranged in ahierarchical way. Although they are meant to be browsed by subject,directories can also be searched by keyword. They differ fromsearch engines in one major way-the human element involved incollecting and maintaining the information....
Macs tend to hold their value and will usually sell quickly. The actual price you charge will depend on the specific model and any wear and tear that the computer may have sustained. Assuming it is "new" and undamaged you could pitch your price at a little under what Apple charge for an identical... is a great website to copy youtube URL's. Copyany song from youtube, then paste into bar on website. Clickconvert, then start ripping. Afterwards it will recognize the songand then click download. Save song as .mp3 or it will not be ableto play.
How many bits (the the most basic unit of data) each second that'ssent to your ears (basically how good your song sounds).
Windows key, E, press windows key and hold then E, to open my computer.
Hang a blanket over the door and get a small electric heater with a fan. New they should be about $20. Used can be $5. Do anything you can to seal the room from heat loss. Unless the window is insulated, covering it with blankets will help also.
connect your iPhone to the PC by a cable then open iTools, find urmultumedia send them t the PC then put them on ur cellphone bybluetooth or by ur SD Card
lets see if someone else can answer that
go down the the little arrow in the bottom right corner, click onit. There should be a blue symbol with a weird white symbol on it.make sure the device you are trying to connect to is visible. clicksomthing like: find bluetooth devices. when you find the device youare trying to connect to, click on...
Recordable and rewritable format (like CD-RW) promoted by Pioneer,Sharp, and Sony. Discs are playable in most DVD players, providedit is recorded in the straight Video Mode and finalized. Inaddition, the DVD-RW format also has the ability to perform ChasePlay, which is similar to Time Slip used in...
// set up reader BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; // number of line to read int numberOfLines = 3; // initialize the counter for number of characters int numberOfChars = 0; // prompt user to enter the lines of text System.out.format("Enter %d lines of...
The data type for 0.38 is double.
you can watch America gangster in bet about guy fisher, a picture of shermicka was shown on the episode. According to the interview (on the documentary "Mr. Untouchable") given by Barnes' ex-wife (Thelma Grant)...yes, Shamecca was the reason Thelma starting runnin' with one of Barnes' associates. I...
Answer . Electronic is a generalization that labels anything that uses electricity to perform its function. Telecomunication is a wide feild involving the use of satelites to run a network of phone comunications. Telecomunications is the use of phone, internet, and now even cellular devices to...
to me i believe that three of my more trusted laptop supplier areacer, apple and hp
I am pretty sure most Samsung phones running the most recent updatehave the same settings menu. You should be able to drag thenotification menu down from any screen, then hit the gear near thetop. If you scroll down in the settings, "Lock Screen" isimmediately below "Location." Hit it and you can...
Spamming: Spamming refers to sending unwanted e-mails in bulk, which provide no purpose and needlessly obstruct the entire system. Such illegal activities can be very frustrating for you, and so instead of just ignoring it, you should make an effort to try and stop these activities so that using...
You may not know but Windows messenger (MSN) is going down thismonth. So microsoft will not let you download it. If you downloadit from external websites then it will not work because it's severis down.
To close the Dell Dock, right click on it and select "Close thedock". Click on "Yes" (Close the dock). (Click on "No" (Keep thedock running) or the button to cancel.) If you don't want to beasked this question again in the future, check the box next to"Don't ask me this question again".
You must have the password, there's no legal way around it.
It is called footer. Go to insert and add footer.
I hope you don't have the card in it, The computer does not see the holder, only the card. I don't know if your PC has a sd card slot, or your using a reader. But if you have the micro card in the card holder and you put it in the PC or a reader and it does not see the micro card, the reader...
the name for window and drop box for convience store is icloud
It should automatically save in the downloads folder.
Put router at higher position up on a shelf and away from otherdevices. Disconnect the modem and router from power and wait atleast 30 seconds before restoring power to both.
Well... You go to the search engine for google and search: Mods for StarWars Battlefront 2 For ps2 and then a thing will pop up and thenyou will have XXX with your mom
1:you must have google chrome. 2:Go to m lounge. 3:go to the back to the VIP lounge (by the gate) 4:on the top right hand corner of ur com you'll see a wrench click it and youll see zoom, click the + till it goes to 207%. the casino on hangouts while its loading keep clicking in fron...
You would use a simple distillation in the process of making cognac for example.
The television did so well because of the advancement in technologyand also how fascinating it was to people in the 1928 to able tosee the location in witch there will filming. It also was a bigstep into the future for the advancement of technology.
Entrise Resource Planning -ERP
You have to be a member or have 1.5 million total exp
yes just have to make sure that the requirements for teh game arecompatible to your computer
Just connect to Internet and type his name or song in and I shouldpop up
Yes. It is safe, but it has a problem where if you try to downloada song, sometimes it doesn't work properly and only downloads halfof the song. I would recommend using another website or program. My personal favorite is It is a little tricky to get the song into iTunes if you have...
Track blocked/damaged. Faulty stress sensor. Needsrecalibration/reprogramming. travel-cam stop sensor/nodebroken/moved. Could be any of these.
12 by 8 by 12 is a common size for a medium sized bookshelf speaker. I was looking yesterday at Best Buy here in Tampa, they had about 8 different sized ones. Good performance can easily be achieved with small speakers, using a hidden sub woofer to reproduce bass frequencies. Most modern 7.1 home...
Removing the SC Info folder and rebooting solved my " unknown erroroccurred -50"
you use the place to teleport to the places on the map that you cannot teleport to etc: the boiler room
You can use iPhoto to do the jon. Here is how: 1. Connect iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable. At his time, ifiPhoto is installed in your computer, it should drive automaticallyand the images and video from iPhone will be listed on theinterface. 2. If you want to import all the pictures, just click...
as far as I am aware you do not have to pay for windows livemessenger on your phone but you will have to pay for data if you goover your allowance.
that acoustic signals could be transmitted in the form ofelectricity through wires.
It Should be F5, CTL+F5 for Safe mode with no compression and F6for safe mode in networking.
lookin in recording settings.
Check the wireless network properties, one of settings is security for wireless networks. If you want a definite answer you need to show your router's model.
slide it off the corners and voilla
If this is for a UK phone number totalling eleven digits long, thenit's probably a London phone number, as the area code 020 is for London. (The '31' would be the firsttwo digits of the eight-figure local number.) There are also other countries that have domestic telephone areacodes like 02031 or...
you have to know the specific code for the dvd player you areusing... it should come in the instructions that came withe thecontroller, or search online the code for it if you don't have theinstructions! Hope it helped!
Club Penguin...Club penguin...Club Penguin... and I think that's it. Don't be down I'm 14 dude and kinda wish there were more that were not as gay...
A 32-bit system has a maximum 2^32 unique memory addresses, whichis 4,294,967,296 addresses in total. Each address refers to a byte(the smallest unit of storage), thus this allows a maximum addressspace of 4 gigabytes. Each additional bit doubles the number ofavailable addresses, thus a 64-bit...
because you can take it any where and it takes loads of infomaition
It is emoji's you can use on a phone or use on a laptop or pc byusing a website search Emoji on PC
just double click on the title bar OR you can click on the maximizebutton.
Yes, There is one known photograph taken of Lincoln after the assassination, it was taken ten days after the assassination while Lincoln's body was lying in state in New York City Hall, during his funeral train procession.
I assume you are trying to come up with the movie Pirates of theCaribbean!#
It's better to start from the router. But over it does not matter. When you hook up the adapter first, it might take just a little bit longer to connect to the network.
The Palk Straight between India and Sri Lanka
The beginning of modern photojournalism took place in 1925, inGermany. The event was the invention of the first 35 mm camera, theLeica. It was designed as a way to use surplus movie film, thenshot in the 35 mm format. Before this, a photo of professionalquality required bulky equipment; after this...
you can not! it is not permited by apple
Use a pop up blocker by clicking the green part on the pop up button on the bar.