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Isn't it amazing you can hop on a plane and fly around the world? Airlines are the companies that let us do just that. Ask questions here about airline companies, ticketing and pricing here.
Tickets are stamped non-refundable, so if you are sick you will no get your money back. You have a choice to get Travel Insurance that protects if you anything happens you get your money back.
The top 10 aircraft in terms of handling, and reliability (notincluding terrorist threat) are; Boeing 737 with CFMI engines, at one crash per 4.8 million flyinghours. The other nine aircraft are: Boeing 757; Airbus A320; Boeing 767;Boeing 737NG; Boeing 747; Airbus A330; Airbus A340; and Boeing 777
im guessing alot, because you cant have "luggage" over 50lbs
Mostly American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, and Jet Blue.
Cathay pacific. Thai international Qatar airways. Ethihad
Jazeera Airways seems to have stopped their flights to Mumbai from3rd January 2010. Reports indicate that the decision to stopflights to Mumbai may be a 'longterm' one. Jazeera had previously withdrawn flights to Delhi and Cochin. Thecancellation of Mumbai route effectively means that Jazeera...
The price varies according to time of year and airline.
Yes, you can undo the jailbreak. You have to restore your
Into USA > Los Angeles,NewMexico,Texas,Georgia,Illinois,Colorado,Arizona and Miami Outside USA : Caribbean and Central America
Delta finished the merger of the Northwest Worldperks FFP into itsexisting Skymiles FFP on October 1, 2009. At that time, one ofthree things happened. Users with a Worldperks account but noSkymiles account had only a Skymiles account going forward. Usershaving both who had previously responed to the...
I'm sure cause the delta"s the airline that always runs on time and they will fly alot of routes out of macarthur airport they will probably fly to Atlanta San Juan Boston Minneapolis/St Paul Chicago o hare Detriot(DTW) Los Angeles (LAX) Dallas/Fort Worth Orlando Fort Myers Fort Lauderdale Miami...
Depending on the airport in France, there are a variety of airlinesthat fly into France. For example, Delta, Air France, US Airways,Brussels Airlines, EVA Airlines, and Swiss all fly into Paris,France.
yes many of the british airways stuardesses are oaps.
iwant job in air port
QANTAS, short for Queensland and Northern Territory AerialServices, was officialy formed on November 16, 1920. The firstchairman was Fergus McMaster.
6 weeks before the flight on a Tuesday at 3:00pm, they are thecheapest
A airline is a term used to refer for a business commercial orpersonal air company in the world. An example of it is Amercian Airlines, Delta Airlines, SouthwestAirlines,etc.
US Airways, (American)
You could say: I wish to join Qatar Airways because I am a hardworking person that believes in quality service and attention todetails. I would do my best to make the customers feel welcome.
Delta, Etihad Airways, China Eastern, Cathay Pacific, QatarAirways, Qantas, ANA, KLM, Korean Air, Air China, Kuwait Airways,Emirates, China Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines
British Airways, Finnair, Scandinavian Airlines,
No Delta Airlines will not be broadcasting the Super Bowl during flights.
Yes, every airline is required to.
The least expensive is probably during the Canadian summer months (May through August) because that is when Philippines weather is at its worst (constant rain and humidity). The best time when the combination of fares and Philippines weather is probably during the spring months march/ April -...
British Airways and Spanair
In 2008, Manchester airport (MAN) handled 204,610 aircraft movements. Assuming an equal number of flights every day, that equates to 560 movements a day, 31 per hour or one plane landing or taking off every 2 minutes.
no, because they know who the ticket belongs to, and know the owner's name, so when they ask for ID, you must show them picture and name in passport of the oiginal buyer of the ticket.
It depends on the airline which you are flying. Also the other factors that determine the weight and the number of pieces (hand baggage and check-in) will depend on whether you are traveling in a domestic route or an international route. Long distance international travelers are permitted to carry...
In the search for the speed of the fastest airplane in air speed, the first problem was to find the difference between regular speed and air speed. Air speed is defined as the speed of an airplane with relation to the air, as compared to regular speed, which is the speed relative to the earth. In...
As per my opinion, It's Depends on air hostess experience,
On average about 3 bags, I had a foreign exchange student live with my family and when she went back to Finland she was only allow 3 bags up to 60 pounds each, then again if it is a smaller plane or flight probably about 2 backs and 30 pounds each.
FARs Federal Aviation Regulations it's an entire book.
A man named Martin Broughton
American Airlines, or United Airlines
i think its only 1 because when i went to California they only allowed one hand luggage anyway.
American Airlines flight 191. Crashed on takeoff killing all 271people on board and 2 on the ground.
No Ryanair is an Irish owned airline.
Southwest Airlines flies to Birmingham, Alabama
All easyjet flights from Manchester operate at terminal 3.
BA, BOAC at the time, flew a 707 from London to Japan on Monday,Wednesday and Friday as flight 850. Departed London (LHR) at 1:35PMin the afternoon and arrived in Anchorage (ANC) at 12:45PM the sameday. The Tokyo arrival was at 1:15PM one day later. The return tripwas flight 851. This information...
Depends what flight number you have. All flight numbers between 8000 - 8999 operate from the North terminal and all other flight numbers operate from the South Terminal.
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Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou
Usually 25000 round trip but more at peak times and on short notice
It is very difficult to say, as the figure frequently changes.
The strengths of the Malaysia airline (MAS) is its competenciesthat differentiate it from other airlines, which includes its price, value, personnel and management.
Mass airline have some weaknesses. They often have a high amount ofdebts and obligations and they are too dependent on the currentmarket for profits. - 10k
Yes, of course. You can use laptops on any airline. But only during the flight, after the plane has reached cruising altitude, and the flight attendants have announced that it's "OK to begin using approved electronic devices" (laptops, video games, MP3 players, etc.). You cannot use any electronic...
The signed check would be valued in price close to $700. The amountwill vary depending upon when it was signed and its condition.
TAP (Transportes Aéreos Portugueses)
It is generally considered safe to travel on a train or airplanewith an infant. Of course, the infant does not understand thatother people are around and may be inconvenienced by it acting likea normal child.
American Airlines Flight 11 took off from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts at 8:04 A.M.
Depends on season, where you are flying from, and how far in advance you book the flight.
The two busiest airports in the US are #1 Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Malaysian airlines weakness lies in allowing a low cost airline like Asia air to compete both in domestic and part of their international airlines. Bring your fair down or make it mandatory to sell their tickets at 50% of your fares or make them fly to the routes of your competitors. Dont take...
There are 272 seats on an a300 airplane. First class has 3 row of 2sets of seats. Coach has a set of 2 seats then a set of 4 seats andone more set of 2 seats.
Numerous people.