Passport Requirements

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A passport is a key to a world of adventure. However, getting one can be an adventure in itself. Ask questions here about how to obtain a passport for traveling between countries.
Yes, you do need a Visa when traveling from America to Thailand.
Yes, Haiti is an independent country.
No. If a person is 15 or younger when the passport is issued, it isvalued for 5 years. If a person is 16 or older when the passport isissued, it is valued for 10.
Yes, unless your planning on staying there for longer than two months.
No worries . Of course you can. It will be difficult to leave at first but you will both be able to adjust. A great, creative way to keep the love hot is to become pen pals! Send cute poems or letters, envelopes filled with heart-shaped confetti, a sheet of paper with tons of lipstick kisses on...
Except of Than 10 countries, including Colombia, Somalia, America,Britain, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistanas well as tourists from other countries will need a visa or a visaat the airport for them to be exported.
Depends on your nationality and where you are located when you attempt the trip. Your question has insufficient details for a more definitive answer. do children need a passport or photo i.d to go to jersey from UK british citizen leaving from Southampton, England
If you travel to a Mexican port, then yes. Otherwise I don't thinkso.
You will get a denial entry everytime you try to cross the border without a passport.
Typically an 8-year-old will only need a birth certificate to beable to fly within the borders of the United States. If the childis to fly alone, additional information or identification may berequired, such as a social security number.
Northern Ireland is part of the UK and South Africans need a visa to enter the UK. South African passport holders do not need a visa to travel Ireland though.
INS form 2HomeUGO, available at any INS office. They are free.
Taxes and Passports . You cannot be denied a passport for owing back taxes unless you fall under 22 CFR 51.70. You fall under the Denial of Passports regulation (22 CFR 51.70), if the any of the following apply: the IRS has started court or grand jury proceedings against you and you are subject to...
At this point in time children need no passport to travel within the United States, nor do adults need a passport. If one is an adult, or a 16 year old driver, then one needs a driver's license. For bus, train or plane, one needs some form of government ID, usually a driver's license, but state ID,...
No. There is no international border between Scotland and England.
Maybe. Canadian authorities will allow you back into the country, but the more serious questions is: Will the authorities where you now are allow you to LEAVE with an expired passport?. Best you check with the Canadian Consulate where you are located and try and obtain a new passport. Then I could...
You need either a Passport or a new Identity Card. No other form of ID is acceptable to airlines or ferry operators.
Yes. They are travelling between two different countries, and are individual people under the law, so must have their own passport.
There is always much confusion about travel between Puerto Ricoand the continental US. If you are legally in the US then nopassport is needed to between Puerto Rico and other parts o ftheUS. . As of June 1st, 2009 a passport is REQUIRED for U.S. citizenstraveling to non-U.S. countries in the...
Which country can a Nigerria get Visa So Esay?
Romania is part of the European Union, so Romanian travelersgenerally do not require a visa for traveling to other membernations. Outside of the European Union, visa requirements varyaccording to the country being visited.
A UK citizen may stay in Norway if they have an aunt of uncle who is married to or lived with a parrot, hope this helps
Alien? If he or she is Alien then no. But if he/she human then yesneed passport.
She can obtain a British passport by becoming a British citizen, or she can just hold on to her Candian passport.
yes, Britain owns many countries but you have to have a passport to leave your own.
Not if you are a U.S. citizen, but, I would get one anyway!
It is not possible to travel to Israel on a passport that is less than 6 months left on their passport as a passport is not a form of transport. You would be much better using an aeroplane or train if possble.
I believe about 45 countries Iranian can go without visa , which some of them are Turkey ,Maleziya , Indonesia , Kenya , Lebanon ,and so on
Guam is a protectorate of the USA, but is out of the country. I think you will need one. You can check at the post office.
In Australia, no. You will need photo ID or a medicare care card or similar for a child.
I was just on the phone with Passport customer service about this same issue. My husband and I are going to Spain in May and the company booking our flight said your name on your passport and on your plane ticket match exactly!! And if they didnt our ticket would be useless....hope this helps:) And...
You can get a Mexican passport by visiting the Mexican Consulateoffice and filing the necessary paperwork. Although it is not donevery quickly and can be a process of several weeks.
New style photo drivers licence would be acceptable for the purposes of airport security, however you should check with your airline for their list of approved ID.
The font used on a British passport is sans serif font. They usedto be in times roman font, however, that had changed in the 1980's.
If you are American you just need your airplane tickets. PR is part of US.
If there is a warrant out for your arrest you cannot travel outside of the US. This include warrants for misdemeanors in all the states, not just the state in which you reside. Theoretically spitting on the sidewalk could prevent you from traveling to another country if there is a warrant out for...
I think Turkey and Malta, check the embassy websites for these countries. Also the other Caribbean Islands except Dom Republic and Cayman.
Depends on where you're travelling from .
A Permanent Resident of the United States can travel freelyoutside of the US. A passport from the country of citizenship isnormally all that is needed. NOT TRUE (S)HE MAY NEED A VISA. To reenter the US a Permanent Resident normally needs to presentthe green card (Permanent Resident Card, Form I...
If you are a US resident and citizen, you will need a passport to fly to Canada. You will not need one if you are planning to drive from the US to the port in Canada.. Until later in fall 2008, you also do not need a passport to travel by ship to Canada -- but you will need a certified copy of your...
Valid photo ID is normally accepted, but it depends on your method of travel - if flying, check with your airline to see what they accept - Ryanair, for example, do not accept anything other than a passport or European national identity card - a UK drivers licence is NOT valid to fly.
A felon can get a passport, unless the applicant has been convictedof international drug trafficking, felony drug conviction, childsupport cases, or unpaid federal loans. Other countries may notaccept a passport from a felon.
Provided that travel is direct and does not include going anywhereoutside of the United States and its territories, a US citizen orpermanent resident does not need a passport to enter Puerto Rico.The same applies when visiting Guam, the Virgin Islands, AmericanSamoa, Swains Island and the Northern...
If you are talking about crossing the border from Canada to the US. and vice-versa, then the answer is, Yes you do. Also, you will need one if you're (re-)entering Canada from the US, or any other country. You need a passport or "an approved secure document". I know in BC we can get an enhanced...
No. You need a passport if you just plan on going on a short 90-day vacation. However, to remain their longer, you need a visa.
You don't get a passport, you get a travel document
People that have been convicted of a felony can get a passport,depending on their offense. For example, people who's felony is fordrug trafficking will most likely not be allowed a passport.
Yes you do. If yo go to any country that is not your own, you need a passport.
yes, you do need a visa. If Germany is part of the EU than you need a Schengen Visa. If they are not, than you need a Visa from Germany.
Yes. However, depending on your country of origin, you will havevarying visa requirements.
You need to secure all your documents that will support your identification and citizenship. The whole processing and other specific documents will depend on what country you are from.
Depends on which country you are from, but many countries allow dual Citizen ship,
No, not if you are a British citizen. I don't know what the situation is with foreign nationals taking internal UK flights, so if you are a foreign national take advice from the airline you fly with.
Although you don't need a passport for immigration purposes, you should check with your airline what they will accept as photo ID. Some airlines only accept a passport or an European national identity card.
Key West is a city in Florida. Provided you are a U.S. citizen, you do not need a passport.
If you mean as a means of identification card, then No. But if you mean it as part of the Philippine passport application then yes, ofcourse.
u.k transit visa on arrival
Yes. You need a passport to enter every country, but in some countries they do not accept certain passports.
No, not for a visit. You can stay for 3 months without a visa (can be extended to 6 months). The usual restrictions apply. You cannot work for pay and you musn't have a criminal conviction that resulted in jail time.
Yes everybody without an Australian passport needs a visa to enter Australia.. Obviously your ability to get a visa depends on your specific circumstances and background, however if you are an American who wishes to travel for holiday purposes they are generally easy to obtain; people from certain...
This person is still an American citizen and should have no problem re-entering the states if he wishes. I would of course suggest checking with someone from U.S immigration services first
no country is free for senegalese remain in your country
The US Department of State says you . Must provide your SSN in accordance with 26 U.S.C. 6039E .
If you are a US citizen, you need not a Visa to stay as a touristbut you need a valid Passport or of WHTI approved Nexus card or AirNexus.
No, you do not need a passport. You do need a valid ID though. Any state issued ID is good with a photo, like a drivers liscense.
You can travel without a visa through the Visa Waiver program for90 days or less only.
No but you do need photographic ID for both the plane and the ferry, eg passport , drivers licence, citizen card.