Business Taxes

Depending on the type of business, a company is mandated by law to pay any of these types of business taxes: corporate franchise tax, employment tax, excise tax, gross-receipts tax and value-add tax.
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If you have a profit, then yes you have to show the profit.However, make sure you have accounted for ALL of your expenses.
Answer . no, desks would not be considered a leasehold improvement. You are able to remove these items (take them with you when you go) . *****They desk is considered furniture and fixtures and should be depreciated over 7 years, unless you elect to take advantage of section 179.
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There is no form 1020 in the United States. If you mean a 1120 fora C Corporation then it goes on line 29a of the 1120. If you have adifferent type of Corporation or business return it will be on adifferent line.
If you have a payment due with the form the address is: InternalRevenue Service, P. O. Box 37941, Hartford, CT 06176-7941.
I would assume that the GST which is like a sales tax or valueadded tax works the same way. In this case purchases by companiesfor resale are not usually taxed while items purchased by a companyfor final usage is taxed such as office supplies, computers, tools,etc. Raw materials or items to be used...
Yes. In this state a corporation still has to pay a fee even if it did no business. It does not have to pay corporate income tax.
This should and would be defined in the agreement to purchase thebusiness and also could be based on the type of sale. Say youpurchase a corporation by simply purchasing all the shares of thecorporation from the previous owners. In this case you would havealso purchased all the receivables and debts...
Mr. Jones the internal revenue service would like to visit with you about your tax return?
This will depend on where you live and whether or not you aresending a payment with your return.
Using the mystery of arithmetic, you can calculate the amount ofsales tax by multiplying your purchases by the tax rate to get theamount of sales tax. In this case $7.63 X .081 = .62. To get thetotal you multiply the amount of purchases by 1 plus the tax rate:$7.63 X 1.081 = $8.25.
As it is a income tax, the most straightforward way is to reduce your income. Invest some of it into expanding your business and finish all pending payments. However, given that a company needs to show temporal income growth, a reasonable share of income still has to be taxed.
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If it is "Gratuity" or severance benefit to an employee (leaving indemnity) it depends on the local labour laws. If you are asking about a Gratuity or Tip at a restaurant or for services rendered, it is entirely your own decision. Unless you clarify what your intention is it is difficult to...
From a tax standpoint, there are some benefits for a small businessto form a corporation, of course there are different forms ofcorporations and the benefits differ. The primary reason andbenefit in forming a corporation is the limited liability involved.A corporation is like an individual taxpayer...
Pretty much exactly the same thing that happens with personal tax.Data is compiled, a return and supporting documents are completed,and the return is filed with any payment due if necessary.
In one way or another, they pay income taxes on profits, property,vehicles, and every other tax that everyone else pays. Depending onthe type of business and how it is formed, determines how theincome tax is paid and on what type of tax return.
What Did you mean by deferred revenue tax
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A revenue expenditure is anything that relates to the day to dayrunning of the business; for example, wages and salaries.
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An accelerated benefit as applied to Life Insurance is usually a purchase of the policy for immediate cash. In exchange for the cash the purchaser becomes the beneficiary. In this way part of the death benefit comes to the individual during life. The purchaser assumes the risk of how long until...
the work is split up so it's not as hard as sole proprietorship, and that since there's multiple people running it, you can specialize the task allowing more efficiency. another thing is there's less liability. of the company goes bankrupt, all the owners split the money they owe.
The difference between current assets and fixed assets as follows: Current assets are flexible in nature, easy to encashable andfloating money to company. Fixed assets are fixed in nature in other words non-moving assets,not easy to encash, and are regularly depreciated. Classification: Current...
Burlington Coat Factory is a retailer founded in 1972 which sellsclothing, furniture and home decor. The EIN tax identificationnumber is 222488920.
There are two types of users( internal and external):- . List of internal users:- . employees . management . shareholders/owners. . List of external users :- Those who have economic transactions like . suppliers . creditors . bankers . financial institutions . Others like:- . competitors ....
it may vary from 18-24 an hour.
Partnership differ in this sense in partnership there are more thanone owner of business while in sole proprietorship there is onlyone owner of business.
Yes the federal income tax is paid to the United States Treasury Department.
A tax on perfume is an excise tax. An excise tax is an in-country, or inland, tax on a specific good produced for sale. If the tax is on the perfume as it is imported, it is a customs duty or border tax.
1.Provide tax to the government 2.Provide goods and services 3.Imrove the living standards of the sole proprietor and the family if you got others add please
The parties that are interested by accounting data of business areaccountants and auditors.
To handle the financial affairs of the company . The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the financial functions and activities of the Board and management of financial policy of the Office. the various function done by finance department is:- . Budget preparation. Budget administration...