Rockhounding and Mineral Collecting

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It could be either sedimentation or stratification.
Diamonds are extremely important, in a number of areas. They are the top gem in the jewelry trade, to the tune of billions per year. They are vital in the abrasives industry, as well as various high tech applications.
Agate,highly tinted quartz,and slate.
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Ilmenite contains iron, hence can be an iron ore. Rutile does not contain iron, and is not an iron ore.
Alkali and Alkali Earth Metals
Garnet is important for its qualities as an abrasive, also, to a much lesser degree in NY, as a gemstone.
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Yes, beryl is found in New Hampshire, at dozens of pegmatite localities. Crystals range from colorless to white, yellow, green, or blue, and can be quite large, eg. 30 cm or more! They are typically hexagonal prisms embedded in matrix or, more rarely, free-growing in cavities. The transparent blue...
Lunar rocks are those forming the Moon - as the word 'lunar' says.Earth rocks are formed on Earth - but the rock forming the Moon isalso a constituent of the Earth.
They might show fracture, or simply do not show cleavage.
Hawaii does not have an Official State Stone or Mineral.
There are a variety of machines that can sort gems from dirt, using water, screens, and gravity. They vary in complexity from a simple gold pan, to a flume, to vibrating dry wash screen systems, to the completely mechanized sorting machines used at diamond mines, where crushed ore proceeds along a...
Metallic gray to earthy red tones. Hope This Helped
1...........Limestone 2............Sandstone 3............Ash flows, or plume of ash rain. 4...........Mud slides 5...........Sea floor beds. 6...........algae in lake beds. 7........... Third rock from sun.
In Mexico, there is a cave called, the "Cave of Crystals" which hasover 55 tons of gypsum.
They change into, or become, a igneous rock
Yes, when exposed to salt water for a period of time, then they cancrystallize.
Gun bluing is not mixed with coal. Most hot gun blues are a caustic chemical, and will eat holes in your body if you handle it wrong. I have a vague recollection of growing crystals on a lump of coal when I was a youngster- recall that it used ammonia, and liquid LAUNDRY bluing. In the pre-bleach...
The area itself is actually not a good place to do rock and mineralcollecting, but you can look near bodies of water or lower groundfor good minerals.
No Hemitite will not float.
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Rocks were created by God.
There are 3 main ways for them to be formed. Sedimentary rocks areformed from dirt and sand, and can be found in rivers. Igneousrocks are made from molten magma or lava. Metamorphic rocks aremade from already existing rocks, and are changed by pressure ortemperature.
Gems are found in lots of places, all over the world. They can be gleaned from mines deep underground, or alluvial gravels... etc. What is where is determined by geology. A more specific question will get a more specific answer. has a moneygrubbers"forum where you can post a photo of your crystal and ask for an evaluation. A local rockshop, or gem & mineral club will also give you information about value; but don't expect an overly friendly reception if your interest in the hobby is purely mercenary, and you're...
The value of a crystal depends upon many things. For example; what mineral it is, size, clarity, quality, whether it's attached to matrix, or associated with other crystals, locality, rarity, etc. So to determine value, you must first determine exactly what you have.
A metamorphic rock is a rock that is changed from an alreadyexisting form of rock by pressure or temperature
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No Topaz is harder.
Abandoned quarries (with permission), road cuts, anywhere rock is exposed by moving water, etc. The working quarries in the area are mostly off limits to collectors currently. The fossils of Arkona aren't too far away, and there are some places over the border in Michigan. Join a local club, or...
Yes, there is still plenty of gold to be found in the streams of California. Do not expect to casually go out and pan big nuggets. If you are able to get a claim, and use a powered dredge, (where legal!) or a metal detector, you can still find decent gold. With the recent rise in gold prices, some...
There are many types of rock but this one would either be Sedimantary Igneous Metamorphic
Jade is priced according to quality and color. Heavily fractured material of poor color is worth far less than solid, bright green material. I'd suggest consulting a jade expert.
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Tricky question, as quartz is found in so many forms and is a component of rocks like granite. Quartz is the state mineral of Arkansas and South Dakota. Quartz or forms of quartz are the state rock of Florida (agatized coral), Kentucky(agate), Massachusetts (pudding stone and granite), Mississippi ...
Metallic Minerals (they were once refined and known as metals ex, gold, silver, copper, etc.) Fossil Fuels ( are used for energy production ex, coal, oil and gas) Industrial Minerals (everything else that is mined that is NOT metallic or a fossil fuel, many different types and uses, ex, asbestos)
Alaska's state stone is a beautiful Jade gemstone
Silicates, elements, sulfides, phosphates, oxides, and carbonates are six categories of minerals.
Aquamarine and emerald belong to the beryl family. Other gemstones in the beryl family are green beryl, heliodor (yellow beryl), morganite (pink, orange or purple beryl), red beryl, goshenite (colorless beryl).
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It is dia mond . . . diamond. On the scale from 1 to 10, diamond is the hardest at 10.
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Jamaica has an official bird, tree, flower, fruit, and... costume, yet no official gemstone. For many things the country is well known, but minerals are not one of them.
Well, I live in a town a bit west of you, and I've been wondering the same question.. After looking at a very unclear website, seems like the answer would be Hampden, Hampshire, or Berkshire. I'm not completely sure, but there's supposedly large collections of them in these towns.. You can find them...
Louisiana does not have an official state fossil.
bowenite is the official state mineral of Rhode Island
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Diamond will scratch quartz, quartz will not scratch diamond. Better yet, garnet or corundum sandpaper will scratch quartz, but not scratch diamond.
First aide kit, Water, Food, Sun block, Tools, Maps, Tire chains for the muddy roads if the is a flash flood or heavy rain that day. if your in a area for good material the Metrixs's well be as slick as grease, please use your Chain in the summer don`t leave home....... Sure i did i was in mud to...
Rock hounds tend to use what works for the type of material they are digging. For my self i use high grade shovels and the best Geo-picks. chisels, star drills, Leaf springs from old cars grind down to split fossil strata beds apart to look for ?????.......In lime stone formations. Five foot...
In Lime stone stratas, sand stone, ash flows, ocean Beach walls, slide stratas of the wall, Pete Bogs, Road cuts. I`m sure you don`t want stores Info. for locations............. --- I've looked in fields, dry riverbeds and have found some fossils
Get a rock hardness test kit and teach yourself and her/him to use it.. Go to the mineralogy section of a museum and see the neat rocks.. Go out and collect together.
In the U.S. there are three that commonly cause skin rashes Poison Oak, Poison Sumac and Poison Ivy. Another to avoid are Nettles. Though if your in Australia, be very careful of all plant life and take a guide with you. There is a tree that has a leaf with spears of silica that if the tips...
"What is rockhounding?" Collecting material that is about .02% 0f the earth surface and turning the material in to jewelery. Myself as a collector of over 40 years. i tend to lean towards the silica base material such as agate and obsidian, Petrified wood. and most rock hounds enjoy the fossil...
Myself; I collect tiger eye, thunder eggs, obsidian, Jasper, fossils, Quartz, agates, opals, plume agate, material from around the world.
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Tourmaline is the state mineral of Maine.
The inner island group of Seychelles ... Mahé, Praslin and La Digue being the significant ones ... are granitic. They are the vestiges of the ancient super continent of Pangea.
Three (3) rocks in the rock cycle are sedimentary , igneous , and metamorphic rock.
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The state gemstone of West Virginia is coral, Lithostrotionella, of Mississippian age, which has been replaced by chalcedony.
Rhode Island's State Mineral is "bowenite", an attractive green form of serpentine.
Scrap glass of whatever colors are desired is melted in a kiln. The two colors of glass are extruded and automatically cut into soft blobs of the right size. The red-hot molten glass blobs fall onto a pair of tapered steel cylinders that rotate, spinning the blob into a round shape. As they proceed...
According to the website listed in the Related Links there are about 71 minerals. The list (if you aren't sure about one of them, just ignore it, i am only a kid and i ain't perfect): sulphur, talc, perlite, gravel, opal, peat, salt, turquoise, tufa, silver, pumicite, potash, phosphate, uranium, tin...
Georgia does not have a state rock, but the state mineral is staurolite, and the state gemstone is quartz.
Gold in New York State . I am not a aware of gold in the state of NY, though this link will answer your questions. The site has a link on it that shows all deposits in the U.S that are on BLM lands.
Please check the wording on your bill. It's a United States Note, not a silver certificate.
Jade pricing depends on quality and color. Fractured ugly dark green material with inclusions of other minerals is worth little; pure apple green translucent material is extremely valuable. This site has more Info. about . chlorite I don`t have a cue about this mineral. Web search i found this link.
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The hardness of shale would be 3 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.
A Gold Genie wheels are nice, for non-tonic recovery use water only. now for the other types of gold recovery . Charge mercury will pick up and hold 60% of its weight in Gold. Though i would not do this un-less you have a real reason to do this type of fine gold recovery. Sluice box works...
Pennsylvania has none.
(Copying verbatim from my pre-registration answer) Gold and Silver (and other Noble Metals like Iridium and Palladium) do actually corrode in air, just very very VERY slowly. Bonding with Oxygen is the usual source of chemical corrosion here on Earth, and every metal has its own personal ...