Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

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Questions about words beginning with certain letters, including those used in the game Scattergories. Scattergories offers players twelve of 144 categories and one of twenty letters each turn, which they have to pair. So, you would have to come up with say, a college major, a boy's name, or another category that starts with the letter B (or whatever letter you roll).
body . material . stuff
Cantonese ... (eg: Cantonese seafood soup) . Century egg . Char siu (BBQ pork) . Chicken rice . Chop suey . Chow mein . Cold Chicken Cooked in wine . Congee . Crab . Crispy fried chicken . Crullers
ya mum and more ya mums that's all
raincoat . robe . rugby shirt
double choc chip! yummy! XD! :)
I'm not sure, can you give any more information? Have you triedgoogling it? Hopefully that helps somehow., and
Mature, meek and modest are nicecharacteristics. Other characteristics include malicious,materialistic and mean.
Quebec . Queensland . Qatar . Queanbeyan . Quirindi . Quambatook
· Royal Crown soft drinks · Rolling Rock Beer · root beer · rum
Qatar . Iraq . Equatorial Guinea . Mozambique
cuckoo . calico . condo . cello . cameo . casino . concerto . conto . curio . cilantro
Jeckle (Heckle & Jeckle), Jerry ( Tom & Jerry)
It means spectacular or amazing to see
· Dhaulagiri - Located in Nepal, Asia it is earth's seventh highest mountain at 8,167 meters (26,795 ft)
· Uniform · United States
partisan . pathogen . pentagon . plankton . plebeian . position . petition . positron . pressman
youth example sentences: She coaches the youth volleyball program. Grandma loves to tell us stories from her youth.
Whale, Watch, was, what, words, worm, wow, wonder, wondrous,
radii. torii. 5-letter words aalii, genii, medii, piing, radii, teiid, torii 6-letter words aaliis, congii, obiism, skiing, teiids 7-letter words bacchii, coniine, denarii, nauplii, obiisms, senarii, skiings, splenii, taxiing 8-letter words alibiing, coniines, filariid,...
Knockin' Boots performed by Candyman
Kpop, which is Korean pop music.
abolitionists . Alexander Stephens (VP of the Confederate States of America) . Alfred Terry (Union General) . Alligator, U.S.S. (Union submarine) . ambush . army . Antietam (Maryland), battle of . Appomattox Court House (Lee surrender to Grant) . Aquia Creek (Virginia, battle of . artillery . August...
· Efficiency Expert · Electrical Engineer · Electromechanical Equipment Assembler · Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installer · Electronics Engineer · Environmental Engineer · Explosives Expert · Earring Maker · Earth Driller · Earth Moving...
O - First Name: · O.J. Simpson (football) · Oliver North (soldier & TV commentator) · Oprah Winfrey (businesswoman & TV personality) · Otto Graham (football) Orlando Bloom (actor) O - Last Name: · Annie Oakley (sharpshooter entertainer) · Barack H. Obama (U.S....
sauce . stake . spinach . salami . sausage
· radiant · ravishing · reasonable · reckless · reliable · remarkable · respectful · responsible · rich · righteous · romantic · rotten · rude · ruthless
all of the above as stated and so on
Katherine Mary Dunham was called the "Queen Mother of Black Dance,"which might count as a Q. Madonna is a dancer, and is also called the "Queen of Pop." Norma Miller was called the "Queen of Swing."
Those letters spell out the word "Prospector" My tip for these is to write out all the letters in a circle. As an example, let's say you have the letters S, A, C, and T. Write it out on a piece of paper like this... S A C T Now look at the letters. Just try combining them in your head...
downhill skiing . December . digging out when you're stuck in snow . darkness . day light savings time ends . down comforter . dressing warmly . dry air (due to the heater being on)
Zimmerman House is a home that wasdesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is located in Manchester, NewHampshire.
raincoat . ribbon . riding boots . ring . robe . Rolex watch . roller skates . rollers . rouge . rugby shirt
There are no 4 letter words in the English language that begin with the letter L and end with the letter J.
elephant eagle emu ermine eek eagleeggelephantenemieenergyelderlyenchantedendentry
Violet Sea Snails velvet belly lantern shark viper dogfish velvet dogfish Vermiculate Rabbitfish variegated catshark vampire squid viperfish Voigtmann's Reef Lobster . Vagabond Butterflyfish Vagabond Sponge Volcano Sponge Vanikoro Sweeper Variable Bushy Feather Star Variable Thorny Oyster ...
Some words ending with G are: . bag . beg . berg . big . bog . brag . brig . bring . bug . chug . cling . clog . cog . cyborg . dig . ding . dog . drag . drug . dug . egg . fig . flag . fling . fog . flog . frog . gag . gig . hag . hog . hug . iceberg . jig . jog . jug . keg . king . lag . leg . log...
groan, bedog, saggy, baggy, agree, ridge among anger argue badge being binge budge bring bagel cling dodge doing egret fudge flung fling foggy going hedge hinge image logic lodge ledge magic nudge organ pagan prong raged soggy saggy ...
Gumbo soup or goulash can be the main dish at a meal. When I try to lose weight, I like to eat a large Greek salad as the main dish at a meal.
caducity, candidly, caudally, cloudily, corduroy, cowardly, credibly, cussedly
updraft . upwind . udometer - a rain gauge
gale . gale warning . global warming . greenhouse effect . ground fog . growing season . gust
Movies may have a G rating. general admission
Germ. I'm pretty sure that a virus can also be called a germ.
Some dog TYPES would be:. Maltese . Manchester Terrier . Mastiff . Miniature Bull Terrier . Miniature Pinscher . Mudi
pholosophy Philosophy Theosophy
Nice words that start with the letter n: . Able . Adorable . Advertise . Affable . Affordable . Agile . Agreeable . Appreciative . Artistic . Athletic . Attractive . Awesome
Christmas. Cold, and if you are near a fire cozy.
Underdog , the "humble and lovable" dog , was a parody of Superman .
Lipetsk is a city in Russia
Toyota . Tucker . Triumph . Tatra
· Zincographer - designer who etched in relief a pattern on zinc plates used for printing · Zigzag Machine Operator · Zipper Machine Operator · Zoo Veterinarian · Zookeeper · Zoologist
· x-rated · xenophobic · yearly · yellow · yielding · young · youthful · yucky · yummy
Assembly Luminary Adversary
Because he's a happy daddy!
· United Airlines
Yes there is actually know one knows about it but the name is Ferguson
· Adriatic Sea · Aegean Sea · Arabian Sea · Argentine Sea
· sad · scandalous · scared · secretive · serious · shy · sick · small · smart
Hot dog . Hot tamale . Hot peppers . Hot coffee . Hot chocolate . Hot Tea . Hot cross Bun
· unicycle basketball · ultimate frisbee
beauty = beautiful . bounty = bountiful . duty = dutiful . fancy = fanciful . mercy = merciful . plenty = plentiful . pity = pitiful
hand, handing, writing, writ, hang, din, dining, hint, hinting, wring, wiring, dawn, dawning, dating, gain, gait, drat, dart, darting, war, waring, wart, wain, wing, drain, draining, grid, tiring, ring, draw, drawing, train, training, wit, wait, waiting, gin, grin, grind, grand, wand, want, wanting,...
· Xalapa, Mexico · Xanthi, Greece · Xenia, Ohio · Xi'an, China · Xiamen, China