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Information about keyboard input devices for PC, Mac and other computers
Windows key, E, press windows key and hold then E, to open my computer.
you can find it on the product company support "elmark"
On my apple computer, I hold down the "alt" key and press the keys.Now i have no idea what character goes to which but try it out. Idon't know if this will work on windows but give it a go. :)
Press Alt Gr and then a letter. This gives you á, é, í, ó, and ú.
gold you can sell you keyboard for a good fortune and please do that i don't want to see any stupid questions like this anymore.
A basic keyboard with no extras is roughly 40-45cm long, 15-20cmwide and about 2-3cm high if you do not use the feet.
Shift and caps lock and numbers and space bar
5 per 4 bits, so anything over, but not including, 1001
Near the top of the keyboard was the original place for thenumerical keys, and still is, but a second set of these keys isfind on the right side of the keyboard (or hidden on a few of theletter keys if it's not there) so that people can type numbers withone hand at an increased speed if, for...
To type the mathematical symbol π or pi Windows: Alt+227 = π Mac:Option key + p
Windows : Control - Alt - Delete should bring up a menu where you can lock the computer .
You write the Romaji (romanized) Japanese syllables, and an input method editor converts them to Japanese characters. In the case of homophones, a drop down list lets you choose the appropriate kanji. For example, writing 'ka' will convert to か, but if I choose from the list, I can get: é¦...
False. The "Escape" key, the "F" keys and the "Print Screen", "Scroll Lock" and "Pause" keys are located at the top row of most keyboards.
How else would a person input spaces between words and the like without a space bar?
You wouldn't, u have to do insert, symbol and then find the tiny circle and put a C after it.
typewriter-you type it with the qwertyuiop row. aka- top row
use ctrl + c to copy the selected text or item for more info try
For the Windows XP keyboard driver, download HP Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse Driver Update - sp26752 . try it. it work with windwos xp
The key that says "shift"
On Microsoft word you press ctrl + + meaning control and the plus button, and a superscript is ctrl shift +
Press the flying thing in the touch thingy
you may loose signal when typing .
The keyboard is a flat board with buttons which you use to type letters. They are called keys. The keyboard itself is a board full of them. Therefore, keyboard. It's just as flat as a board and the word just fits well. By the way, you WILL notice there is a pair of little bumps, one on the F key...
A keyboard is an input device. You use it to 'input" data into your computer-Joe
On a MAC Power-PC computer it would allow you to boot to the Open Firmware prompt (alows you to manage the hardware connected to the computer).
It is used on the computer.
Capitalize 8 with shift to make *.
If the key will turn in the ignition cylinder, the only other fault the key can have is a missing or damaged resistor. The resistor is in the middle of the key and looks like a small black oval. The resistor has one of 16 specific values and is "read" by the Pass-key module.. If you have a vehicle...
usually, the main error is when the friction-feed-roller gets dusty/dirty and is unable to grip the paper to feed through the printer. this can be cleaned by rubbing the wheel with your finger when it stops feeding.. Or getting a foreign object stuck in the feed area and blocking the paper's path.
the keyboard has 36 white keys
Why? It could lead to a better thing.
There is a free add-in which you can use to add a youtube video to powerpoint. This was developed by a valuable profession of Microsoft. I have provided a link in the resources section, which explains clearly how to use this add-in.
There is a button on the keyboard for Print screen called "Prnt Scrn". Open the page that you have to take a snapshot of and press that button then open a Word document or Power point and press Ctrl+V to paste the snapshot there.
They are for people who type without looking. They are on F and J because, if you type properly, both of your index fingers are on them..
umlauts are easy well i know 2. alt+129 is a ü alt+132 is a ä I will update it as soon as i find out thank u
The keys on a QWERTY keyboard are not arranged alphabeticallybecause the creator of typewriter layouts designed it where themost used keys were on the home row or within easy reach of thefingers. The least used letters, like Q, X, and Z, are put at thecorners of the keyboard, where the fingers take...
Type something like ctrl shift u (release) then shift b (release)then 0 or 1 or 2 so on.. only works with chrome book or mac notwindows.
They are called Keyboard Bumps and there are addons for keyboardsthat don't have them.
I can draw Stewie (uses non-ASCII characters): (ಠ ›ಠ)
Top Left it says "Tab" And has arrows going left and right->
In Word, Insert Symbol, then look for the TM symbol in the accompanying list of letters, numbers, and symbols. Some fonts do not have the TM symbol, so go to the top of the Symbols window and select a different font. Try the common fonts, like cambria, arial, and times new roman.
It is the same as the dollar's (SHIFT + 4). However, if you want to remark the difference between both currencies, you could use the ISO format: MXN$ 10,000 = 10,000 pesos. USD$ 5,000 = 5,000 US dollars.
As quickly as possible, blot the soda with absorbent towels. Unplugthe keyboard and disassemble it if possible. Most modern keyboardsare sealed in such a way to allow for gentle rinsing. Allow to airdry before replugging the keyboard.
Am Chord (if you know the note names) is A, C & E. They can be played in any 'inversion', so you could also play C, E & A and it still makes Am Or, while looking at the keyboard you will see groups of 2 black keys, followed by a couple of white keys, then 3 black keys. the 'A key is the white key...
Yes I think so because it is hars and is not bendy so yes I think it is!
Hold down alt and type 0176 on the number pad.
No, it does not have a physical qwerty keyboard.
You hum it son and I'll play it.
If your're talking about a cell phone, then they keypad is the keyboard, because you use the keypad to text and it's the same as a keyboard.
this answer-"well the keyboard i have has 45 notes on it and i just checked so it is the correct answer. " is WRONG! The amount of keys on a Keyboard varies from keyboard to keyboard. A keyboard could have about as little as 5 keys, and as big as 88 keys. A full keyboard, or a piano has 88 keys
Turn the wheel Make sure the steering wheel is not locked. Try turning the steering wheel a little and then turn the key. no it didn't
traction pads in the surf and skim world are foamy / rubbery pieces that you place strategically on your board to give you more traction for your feet and more "pop" for wrapping waves and jumping on a flatland skimboard.
to help you type you can also have a choice if you would want the top or side numbers
you wouldn't be able to type without one
When you are on the internet, it locks the computer screen until you press it again
E=MC^2 i think . ANSWER : E=MC 2 STEP BY STEP GUIDE... . Open an Word Doc and type 1st and hit space. As soon as u hit space, st is raised to 1 and bcums 1 st . Type in E=MC sumwhere in the doc but before 1 st as follows E=MC 1 st . P lace cursor...
check if it needs batteries or that keyboard may be for another conputer
Unfaithful is a very popular pop song that was released in the2000's. You can find the notes for this song at the local musicstore when you buy the music.
it keeps the music at the same pace
there are actually 4 and they are... 1) ! 2) ? 3) . 4) ,
Stick Figure . 1 Put an o for the head O Ads by Google Laptop Replacement Keys Don't waste $100+ on a new keyboard FIX your broken key for only $3.99 . 2 Make a /|\ with the straight one under the head. O /|\ . 3 For the legs, just add / space \ and you're done! O ...
The reason the keyboard is the way it is, is purely because that was the first way a typewriter was made. The problem was that commonly used keys would clash together. So to stop that happening, Sholes (the guy who made the typewriter) separated common keys to stop this. Now, we whinge about it, but...
Use the caret (shift 6). eg 3 squared can be typed as 3^2.
Ctrl+S (hold down the Ctrl key and press the S key)
It only has a touch screen keyboard.
the letters j and f have lines on the keys for finger placement when typing properly. they indicate where your pointer finger should be placed.
Long long time ago typewriters had letters were arranged in theproper order as we learnt in pre school. But then a problem roseup. as the people were typing so fast on the typewriters, the keysgot jammed. And then a genious came up with a brilliant idea. Hedecided to jumble the letters in the key...
The five major groups of keys on a standard keyboard are: . The typewriter keys (letters and numbers) . The function keys (F1, F2, etc.) . The numeric keypad (numbers organized like a calculator keypad) . The insert, home, page up keys and their opposites . The up, down, left right navigation arrow...
Beccause if you look at the QWERTY keyboard, it goes q,w,e,r,t,y.So I quess people started calling it that I don't know exactly whoand how it was invented. But that is all I know. More The modern keyboard layout is also known as the Sholes keyboardafter its developer, Christopher L. Sholes, who...
Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Accessibility Options. Until this last option, uncheck the box marked "Use StickyKeys". Another strategy is to press "Shift" 5 times to bring up the StickyKeys dialog box. When the pop-up appears, click "Make it easier to type". Under that, uncheck the box...
The symbol (a superscript 2) is not available on general keyboards. However, most text handling programs (Word etc) allow the input of the ascii code for special symbols of which the squared sign is one. These symbols should display in files using charsets ISO 8859-1 or UTF-8. For Windows operating...
Windows: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map Find the font you're using, then select the character you want to enter. At the bottom it has a code, 0169 is for the Copyright symbol ©, use Alt + type 0169 (or the code) to enter it (be sure to use your numpad for...
It is called the pipe key
Hold down the (Alt+3) buttons, on the right hand side of the keyboard at the same time. There are times where it will not work depending where you are trying to create it.