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Collecting coins of Canada as a hobby. Please include as many of these criteria as possible in your question to ensure an accurate evaluation of a coin: the denomination, the country of origin, the year of minting and the condition.
It current silver prices 1.19 USD. However it will be difficult todetermine an exact collectors price without seeing the coin itself.
Value of a Canadian centennial dollar coin - 1 dollar 1967 pricesand values
It's worth 10 cents in Canada.
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A date is needed before your coin's vale can be estimated. Pleasepost a new, separate question. It's helpful if you phrase it in theform "What is the value of a < date > Canadian nickel?"
1927 is not a rare date .. in average condition, it's worth about adollar
$1 if very worn, $3 if moderately worn, $8 if nearly new. Also, the coin is a penny (actually a cent) rather than "pennie"
It's still worth 50 cents in Canada.
That was the first year for the Canadian two dollar coin, or the toonie. It's worth two dollars in Canada.
it depends on the condition and if its circulated, and also if there are and scratches ive seen alot in Canada but roughly 5 cents
1948 is an extremely rare year for Canada dollars. Even in worncondition, it would be worth $500 or more, and a nice uncirculatedone could top $2,000
The Canadian Coin Club does not have any listing for an official 1-cent coin issued that year. You may have a privately-issued token or a similar "coin". Your best bet would be to find a local dealer who can examine it in person to make a more definite ID..
in virtually flawless, crisp uncirculated condition, it's worthabout $5
It's worth 50 cents.
The only person to appear on Canadian $20 notes in recent (1961+) history is The Queen.
A number of coins were issued for the 76 Olympics. Without knowing which one, and condition, it's impossible to give a value.
For modern CIRCULATING coins there are: The Loon, on the dollar coin The Carribou, on the quarter The Beaver, on the Nickel The PolarBear on the Twoonie
The value of coins and paper money can vary drastically dependingon year, condition, and stamping. A 1974 Canadian penny is worthbetween 2 cents and 5 cents.
Unfortunately there's no simple answer. This coin was struck in multiple varieties and values range from a couple of bucks to nearly $200. Your best bet is to have it examined in person by a dealer or appraiser who handles Canadian coins.. The value of a Canadian 1945 50 cent piece depends greatly...
.9999 is the fineness, i.e. the purity of its gold. At current prices, 1/4 oz of gold would be worth about $250.
it could be up to maybe $50 - $90. but it has to be in great condition!
If it's a circulating Voyageur dollar, 0%. It's pure nickel.
\nI'm sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news, but there were no Edward VIII Canadian $1 bills issued. As a Prince he was on the 1935 orange coloured $5 bill, but that's it.\n. \nThe dollar bill you have is probably a George VI. It's an awful picture of him, and of course being family the two...
The 1982 Canadian dollar is actually made of pure nickel, NOTsilver. It's still worth one dollar in Canada.
Answer . 1903-S is a common date for $5 gold pieces.. In circulated condition, it's worth about $120. A nice uncirculated coin is worth $300-$600 ANOTHER ANSWER: ACTUALLY, This coin is worth far more than $120 circulated. at current gold prices this coin is worth EASILY $240. If it's in...
Don't let the date mislead you into thinking the coin is rare. It'sa commemorative coin that was struck to honor the bicentennial ofthe discovery of nickel metal, a major natural resource in Canada.Huge numbers were minted and in average condition they sell foronly a bit more than face value. Even...
yes it is, 80% silver and 20% copper. Unlike US coins, Canadiancoins have never been made of a "sandwich" composed of twodifferent metals so none of them show the distinctive copper stripethat appears on the edges of US dimes, quarters, halves, anddollars. Following the removal of silver from...
in circulated condition, it's only worth it's bullion value for 0.6of an ounce of silver -- currently about $8
Yes, since oxygen from the air combines with the copper on the penny's surface, the mass of the oxygen is added to the mass of the original penny. 2 Cu + O2 → 2 CuO According to the equation above, 1 mole of copper reacts with 1 mole of oxygen to produce 2 moles of copper II oxide. Mass of...
As of January, 2013, the 1982 $100.00 gold coin minted for confederation, in the original leatherette case with certificate is worth a little over $1000.00 CAD.
i have a a canadian penny from the 1970 with a pig on it __ Canada hasn't issued a penny with a pig on it. Canadian pennies have the Queen on one side and maple leafs on the reverse. You likely got a Bermuda penny in your change.
Without knowing details like date and condition, there's no way to give a specific answer. It's worth at least 50 cents.
If you found it in change, face value only. The denomination wasintroduced in 1996 and is part of normal circulating coinage inCanada.
This coin is worth 5 cents just as it reads on the coin. it's too new for antique or collector value.
700 dollars because 1967 was a rare year
A US nickel weighs 77.1617918 grains (5 grams), and a Canadiannickel weighs 66.3591409 grains (4.3 grams)
There are two types of Canadian 1859 pennies based on themetallurgy: . Brass: 25.75 mm . Bronze: 25.4 mm (more common)
25 Canadian Cents. It isn't made out of any precious metals and is only worth face value. It is worth around 24.7 US Cents.
4 dollars and 42 cents it has depreciated because nobody likes the french canadians
A denomination is needed, post new question.
Dimensions of a Canadian penny: radius: 9.525 mm height/depth: 1.45 mm V = (pi) * r^2 * h V = (pi) * (9.525)^2 * (1.45) V = 413.28 mm^3
The value is for the silver at $2.25 as of today.
There are a million different varieties for this year, so don't trust my quote. But your coin is worth around 5 dollars up to 50.00 depending on grade AND variety. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but a photo is needed on order to give you a close price.
Canada switched from 'Pounds' to 'Dollars' in 1858, so the note could date anytime from then. If it has a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on it, then the oldest it could be is from 1954. A 1954 Canadian $2 note, in perfect uncirculated condition, is worth $15-$30 US Dollars (depending on the...
Canada was only created as a country in 1841, so there can be no such thing as an 1820 Canadian note. Prior to the adoption of the Dollar in 1866, the currency was denominated in Pounds.
Neither Canada nor the US ever made a silver penny. Silver has always been too expensive for such a low-denomination coin. Anything you have that appears to be silver is almost certainly an ordinary cent that was plated.
Recent ones are worth face value in either currency. The two currencies are almost at par.
depends on the quality of the coin...anywhere from 25 cents to $4.00
Answer . First you must make sure it's not just copper plated -- which is worthless.\n. \nIf you truly have an unfinished planchet error, these have been selling in the $20 to $50 range.
An echidna is on the five cent coin.
You could have what's variously called a blank planchet or flan. That means it's a coin blank that accidentally didn't go through the coinage press but was still released to circulation. Given that cents are struck at extremely high speed, the error happens more than you might expect so a cent...
If you're referring to US half cents, they were minted from 1793 to 1857. British half pennies were minted from the medieval period until 1967; decimal half pennies were made from 1971 to 1984.
In worn condition, about 75 cents. In better shape, $1.00 to $1.50
Unless it's a proof coin in its original package, it's only worth face value.
Current price = 1.11 * spot price for silver/oz.
Between $1 and $12, depending on condition. For a more precisevalue, please include the condition of your coin.
There are multiple varieties of this coin with values ranging from face (1 cent) to several thousand dollars. The chances of having one of the valuable ones are pretty slim, but if you want to check it out you can compare your coin to pictures in a book such as the Krause Guide to World Coins.
One dollar, unless it's a proof coin still in the original package from the mint, spend it.
it is worth about 5.5 in silver value--depending on its condition you can get anywhere from 15 to 25 from a collector
It's not a wheat penny. Wheat cents were issued by the US, notCanada. Aside from that, it's worth about $0.25 U.S.
The 1893 Barber dime in average circulated condition (low grade) has a retail price of $7.00-$12.00 better grade are $17.00-$26.00 and higher grades can be $40.00-$125.00
These coins were issued in enormous quantities to mark the Canadian Centennial. Uncirculated, it's worth at most a dime. Circulated, it's only worth face value.. The bird is a dove and the inscription is heavily abbreviated Latin that appears on all coins of the British Commonwealth.
Canadian dimes are not made of silver. They are nickel plated, which makes them look like silver. Their composition is 92% steel, 5 1/2% copper, and 2 1/2% nickel.
32mm and 36mm are popular sizes -- there are others
it's worth about $2 in uncirculated condition
It's an ordinary circulating $1 coin with no added value. To clear things up, it's brass rather than gold and the bird is aloon rather than a duck. It's very much like the US "golden dollar"coins except that it's in regular use because Canada got rid of its$1 bills in the late 1980s.
Between $2 and $40,depending on condition. Next time, if you include more information (the coin's approximate condition, if it is circulated or not, etc.) I can give you a more precise value.
1946 is a common date wheat penny, most coins in average condition are valued at 3 to 10 cents
Such a coin does not exist. Canada has not used the British sterling currency system since the mid-19th century, and has never issued a Halfpenny or half cent coin since Confederation. If the coin has no country name on it and has a sailing ship on the reverse, it would be a British Halfpenny. ...
Check the coin's edge. If it's copper colored, it's made of cupronickel, the same as dimes and quarters. In this case it's worth face value to $1.25. If the edge is grayish, the coin is made of 40% silver and is worth about $7 for its metal content.
As of February 2016, it's worth at least $9 for the silver. 1965 isa common date and only circulated for a couple years.
Between 30 cents and $20, depending on condition. Next time, if you include more information (the coin's approximate condition, if it is circulated or not, etc.) I can give you a more precise value.
Some Canadians like to have fun ! The Icom on the tail side of a Canadian Quarter is a ELK! In our Centennial year 1967 We place a Canadian Goose on it and made it out of Silver one more time! and that was the fist time since 1964!
I expect about 1 cent. I'm over here in Detroit across the river from Canada. My guess is they were probably hoarded like wheat pennies or state quarters. Would like to get the other Canadian coins from 1967 with the other animals on them, but they didn't drift over here and I don't have the new...
If it's circulated, it's worth silver value, only (.300-ounce of silver). If it's uncirculated, the value ranges from $14 to $30, depending on the coin's actual grade.
The coin's weight has varied over the years due to changes in itsmetal composition: . 1922-1981: 4.54 gm . 1982-1999 and some 2000, 2001, and 2006 coins: 4.6 gm . Most 2000-present: 3.95 gm