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you don't have enough iron so take some iron tables after a meal
Generally if you're pregnant, you would not be menopausal.Menopause is the end of the fertile period in a women's life.
\n. time of month means when a girl or women is on their period.... duuhhh.....
Depends. If you are not ovulated most likely yes. But you need to check out with your doctor
Probably like 3 more months but it isn't always accurate. Ask yourmom when she started hers and it might be around the same time. :)
Maybe there is no available eggs , cause women born with limit eggs
Massage has no ill side effects during menstruation. Some peoplefind that massage actually helps with cramping and pre menstrualsymptoms.
There are several things that can contribute to a negative pregnancy test even if you are pregnant. Some medications can give you a false negative, the timing of the test can affect the results. If you did not follow directions properly; if you let the test sit for too long the results may read...
I wouldn't think so, because the pill holds back your period, when you stop using it it will all come out. Nothing to worry about. But then again, if it continues, I would see a doctor just in case.
U need to go to the doctors u could be pregnant
Pelvic inflammatory disease, commonly called PID, is an infectionof the female reproductive organs. PID is one of the most seriouscomplications of a sexually transmitted disease in women: It canlead to irreversible damage to the uterus, ovaries, fallopiantubes, or other parts of the female...
It can be but I would see a doctor just in case.
It is dried blood and very normal for your body to get rid of it at the end of your menstrual cycle.
Ovulation occurs 15 days before your period arrive. You ovulated around day 19. A fertility days calculator can help determine the time of ovulation with more accuracy.
There are many reasons for this, partly because their spouses wantit. The next one, because of one religion. That shaving of pubichair is a holiness. So many people do it.
Of course, most times it can actually start with a bladder/urinarytract infection
The uterus lining sheds - the natural progesterone drop is whattriggers menstruation, and the progesterone drop when women go fromactive to inactive birth control pills is what triggers withdrawalbleeding.
Depends on the woman, same as a man's public duties. Also woulddepend on the society.
Breast size is largely determined by genetics, and some girls getgenes for large breasts.
yes, a tighter vagina is a much firmer pressure all around, so a man can notice, I am a 34 year old male who has been around the block.
The orange could simply be skin discoloration and the lumpsomething as simple as swelling as the result of trauma to thearea. It could also be a million other things such as infection, orany number of health conditions. You should see a doctor to have ittaken care of properly.
Eating more will result in an increase in fat storage in multipleareas, one of which would be the breasts. This is only safe to anextent and at a certain point becomes obesity if taken too far.
It's your pulse you're feeling when you feel your heart beat in your stomach
Sometimes. It can be painful and cause bleeding, but some womennever feel their hymen breaking (or their cherry popping, in otherwords). Often, a girl's hymen will break while she is bike-ridingor horseback-riding, or even using a tampon. It might not even beintact by the time she loses her...
I'm sure you were perfectly normal, being tight has nothing to do with being a virgin. Some women bleed the first time and some don't. Most women don't have the hymen intact for natural causes and if you are aroused and wet the chance for bleeding is smaller since the main reason girls bleed are...
There are some rare cases where girls never have menstruation at 19 years due to a illness.
Squirting is very possible, but you have to know more about the female body. THIS includes more both physically and mentally. There are a lot of great resources out there that explain this is great detail and how every girl CAN SQUIRT during orgasm, she (and her partner) just has to learn. One...
About once a month, the uterus grows a new, thickened lining(endometrium) that can hold a fertilized egg. When there is nofertilized egg to start a pregnancy, the uterus then sheds itslining. This is the monthly menstrual bleeding (also calledmenstruation or menstrual period). The MC is measured...
mood swings, cold swets, loss of sex drive, no monthly blood flow,crave comfort foods. weight gain possibility
Because it hasn't healed. It can spot for a few days. if it still bleeds after that sheś not wet and aroused enough and there will be tearing inside.
Not always, but it can be. You can easily get an over the counterpregnancy test. They have become fairly accurate over the years. Ifyou can't afford to buy one at the moment, the local PregnancyCrisis center provides simple urine pregnancy tests for free. When I was going through my first pregnancy...
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Yes you can drink w/e you want as long as it agrees with the antibiotics which means no alcohol.
Usually a girl has around 13 periods a year.
you just relax and pull...unless its in the wrong hole..
Yes actually he is. He said that life is Sacred and has made adoption a part of the democratic platform. Watch the third Presidential debate of 2008 to see him say this.. The answer above is only partly true. What he said is that he would prevent late term abortions. But nothing about early...
ive checked loads of sites.. and they all say that there is NO WAY to make ur period come. but there is. ive tried it. friends have tried it. it worked! and harmless.. put 3 tiny zafron sticks on ur tongue. let it melt. do it again the next day. 2 or 3 days later you should get your period.
i hope this answers your question....it can be light pink or brown, if it is red in anyway tell your doctor immediately!!! spotting during the first trimester of pregnancy is common. im 7 weeks and i have been spotting the past 2 days and the doctor told me that it was normal.
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No, this will not stop your breasts from growing. In fact, when you get pregnant, your breasts tend to swell and get larger. They are preparing themselves to be able to feed a baby, and there are a lot of hormone changes once you get pregnant. Your breasts will be the size that they are meant to be,...
Hello, A delay in your menstrual cycle may be caused by several things.Sometimes when a woman is going through a stresssful time in herlife, this can have a knock on affect on her menstrual cycle anddelay the period. Also some prescription medication may delayperiod (please refer. to the leaflet...
No a six year old can not have there period . This is because women have thousands of eggs in her body that form's a baby and you get your period when they fully mature.And,as a six year old you should not be worried until you hit puberty which is 9-19 year olds,then when you're about 10-12 you have...
The parts of the body involved in the menstrual cycle include thebrain, pituitary gland, uterus and cervix, ovaries, fallopiantubes, and vagina. Body chemicals called hormones rise and fallduring the month and make the menstrual cycle happen. The ovariesmake two important female hormones, estrogen...
You can't guarantee to get it on time at all, there are things youcan do to keep track of it though. You can keep your period startand finish dates written down in a diary, or you can download appson your phone to keep track of it so that you know when to expectit. There are other options such as...
5 week's over for what? (be more specific to get better answers)
yes, women menstrate every 28 or 21 days.
i think that young girls know that they're about to have a period when they start to feel bad and miserable and then u feel happy and then ur moods change alot. or u get cramps and have sharp shooting in ur lower area. ------- Acne also flares up around menstruation. Bloating and cramps are...
Not necessarily, most likely this "second period" is spotting or breakthrough bleeding. Spotting/ Breakthrough bleeding is bleeding before or in between menstrual cycles.
When you exercise your body holds water until the healing processis passed. in inflammatory response the body holds water and insome cases the inflammation remains a long time and the water keeppiling up and the high level of water can create pressure and painwhen blood is trying to flow around the...
I wouldn't call them problems as such--just bodily changes such asirregular periods or spotting, hot flushes and changes in hormones;this could make you feel very irritable.
OK if you really want it then- Drink green tea for 3 days (max) Drink 2 cups a day (doesn't matter when) So hopefully on the 2nd day it will come, worked for me! Also raspberry tea supposedly works too! However these are just rumours really and may work for some people. Maybe by...
I don't really think you can. You can only get pregnant in the reproduse system or cycle which is also called sexual intercourse or sex but you should ask your doctor about pregnancy questions because tht the best person to ask
Probably not, don't panic though, if you are sexually active thenan obvious explanation could be pregnancy, if you are usingcontraception then this could be due to that, if you are older youmay be going through the menopause, although its probably somethingnot to worry about, you should book a...
Although it's not dangerous, it's also not good for you. It canmess up your pH balance and cause a lot of bad smelling discharge.We are supposed to have a normal amount of discharge which isn'tsupposed to be washed away. Your body will be working overtime toget it back to normal and it could cause...
Yes it is, it's called an ectopic pregnancy, and if you suspectthis has happened you should seek medical advice as soon aspossible, it will be very painful if this has happened and can bedangerous.
you start to bleed as the uterus lining breaks down.
After having a baby, you don't have a period, you have what is called lochia. Lochia is when the built-up womb lining breaks down after the baby is born because it is no longer needed. Because there is such a huge amount of womb-lining to break down, there is quite a lot of blood and it can last a...
whenever you get married or around 25
I had the same question, pretty sure it does since it is basically resetting your nutrition all around
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Either she tells you, or you ask her.
Well 2 questions; Your age? If you're under 25, I would definitely not worry about it. Spotting in younger females is extremely common. WHERE is the blood coming from? You say when you wipe so is it coming from inside your vagina or outside? Are you sexually active? Spotting is also very common in...
There is a very high chance that you are pregnant.
Asking her is the only way. Not all women are born with a hymen or have it intact due to natural reasons like sports.
No spotting only period is not normal. You should consult you gynaefor such case.
Penicillin antibiotics were among the first medications to beeffective against many bacterial infections caused by staphylococci and streptococci .
You don't have to bleed at all. Nothing has to be damaged during the first time. The hymen doesn't have to be punctured, ripped or damaged in any way because it does not close off the vagina, it's just a fold of membrane. I didn't bleed because my bf was gentle. The compulsory bleeding is a myth...
It means that you have either been having sex to hard or you've been scratching your vagina
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It should come back within 2 months from the miscarriage.
Put your finger(s?) in her vagina and move them.
Nothing serious, periods change all the time and isn't anything toworry about, but if you need your mind to be put at rest make aroutine appointment with your doctor just to put your mind at ease.
This could be possible. I suggest starting to keep a record of yourperiods and visit a doctor if you are worried about it.
Yes because you will produce milk from your tits. Your baby maybite so be prepared.
In the case of a female to male transition, the clitoris is usually retained in the new structures that are created so that orgasm and an erection of sorts are possible. It depends on the specific surgery involved. The new penis may also have artificial means of erection to facilitate penetration. ...
The days around ovulation (between 10 to 16 days before your next period) are when you are at your most fertile. So, if you are trying to conceive (get pregnant), this is the best time of the month to have unprotected sex with your partner.
When you start having cramp like symptoms but earlier then when your cycle is going to start this is usually an early symtom sign of being pregnant.
It could be due to the UTI (Urinary tract Infection) . Consult a doctor immediately. This is a common problem in women...nothing to worry..
No the period can be like that sometimes even if you are regular.
no, this you be checked by a doctor
Yes, a normal period can last from 3 to 8 days.
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