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Dangerous or high risk sports such as mountain climbing, surfing, and BMX racing. The X Games was created as a venue for competition in such sports.
He first started skiing at the age of four with his older brother. His mom (Cathy) attempted to slow him down and made him snowboard, but it actually made him go even faster.
Generally online only, unless you find one at a yard sale or flea market.
Skydiving after any major surgery, such as a mastectomy, is safe once the body is healed completely. Consult your doctor to be sure your body is healed enough to handle the stress skydiving can place on the body. Be sure to inform your instructors at the drop zone where you plan to make your skydive...
Reballs or "A-Balls" are rubber paintballs that when shot, do not break. Like the name implies, it is possible to use these over and over again. Many teams and fields use these type of paintballs to train with and to be cost effective.
There's too much personal preference to pick a reliable "best"bike. But first and foremost you need to pick one suitable for thetype of riding you want to do. If you have the possibility, buying a used bike from a shop isusually a good idea. From a shop, you can get support and help withany...
There are many types of paintball guns ranging from Semi-Automatic blowback guns to Electropneumatic guns. The simplest to explain is the Semi auto blow-back. First, the pressure from the tank builds up and flows through either a steel hose, or macroline. Then a certain amount it builds up in the...
France, as it has one of the tallest cliffs in all of Europe
Planet Eclipse Etha - nice marker! It's easy and nice price!
in your local bike shop just simply buy any kind of bmx brand!
99 bikes or Amart All Sports.
No, any marker that says HPA only means HPA only! co2 will damage the marker
im assuming you mean "Can a G3 shoot using a ninja air tank?" the answer is yes, all ninja tanks are standard ASA threaded
psi stands for P=ponds per S=square I=inch witch is talking aboutyour air tank compressed air or C02
There are about 32,000 member of the United States Parachute Association. That's a close enough answer. Not every skydiver is a member.
I would think... they would be eaten. Unless there was some cultural reason to honor the bull with a proper burial.
The 2010 x-games will be held in Los Angeles again.
I'll be short about this. Paintball ballistics are hit and miss at best. You have to take in varying pressures from heat & quantity of propellant, wind, gravity, and the face that you're shooting a liquid filled sack at best. The things just won't group up accurately unless you use a special ball...
it all depends on the situation. if you are at a field and yousigned a waiver forum then probably not but that form isn't worthmuch in court. But if you make the sport look bad and shoot atpeople, animals, and things around the neighborhood then you will go to jail for discharging a firearm (yes,...
A paintball game with teams of 5
7 people on each team
Dangerous Power Paintball is a company that boasts to make "Super guns without the Super price". They are responsible for the G3, Rev-I, Threshold, and Fusion series.
performance wise the only one is that CO2 will give you more shots per fill than the same sized HPA tank will, CO2 tanks do cost less however so there is some economic incentive to go with them. other than those HPA is better in every other way
Winter X Games XIII were held from January 22 to January 25, 2009,in Aspen, Colorado. They were the 8th consecutive Winter X Games tobe held in Aspen. The events were broadcast on ESPN and ABC. The 13th games introduced the X Games' current theme song: a remixof Peter Gabriel's "Games Without...
Like any high-speed impact, it would depend on: 1) In what position you actually hit the water: - feet first, perfectly vertical = better chance of survival...less trauma - head first, perfectly vertical = fair chance of survival...more neck/head trauma - flat (belly or back parallel to...
If your talking about Paws Up in Montana, then yes they do.
Probably like skateboarding,bike riding,basketball,skydiving,skining,and more ,i guess >You could play any sport you can , if you smoke . Your performance will be cut way down due to not being able breath as well, or a lower oxygen intake just for starters. yeah sure you can...just...
It actually will depend on the paintball gun you have. Typical markers do not need a cartridge, but a hopper (the thing on the top of the gun to feed in paintballs). Markers like the Tippmann TPX and the Kingmann Chaser and Eraser definitely need cartridge to hold the paintballs sense they are...
Well that very much depends on which country you are located. Some of the questions which would help you decide where to go are: . Distance from your home . Altitude offered. The best is around 15000ft, a lower (less value for money) altitude is 10000ft. . Aircraft used. Check to see if their...
BASE is an extreme sport that involves parachuting off tallobjects. One of the dangers is hitting the ground before theparachute deploys. Also, BASE jumping is illegal in some countriesand you may be jailed for a maximum of fifteen years.
one is a campton, used to secure ropes
About a million people have died from extreme sports. Some of which include working out alone.
Legally, NPPL allowed for 15 bps. The fastest BPS ever recorded was 50 BPS on an Autococker.
look into the EW-1, long story short it is a spyder VS-1 for $50, e-frame and eyes stock http://www.paintballgateway.com/pbgew68caelp.html
As far as is known, yes (Franco reigned well into postwar times). It may have been suspended during the Civil War(Spanish)-l936-39 and during World war Ii for manpower and resource reasons. as far as is known it carried on its bloody course during the Franco regime.
well you are harnessed in so if you fall usually it brings you down slowly but if it is manual then you just have to trust the person to catch you... but you can't really "fall" off a climbing wall
I think that they currently use nylon, but they used to use silk
your an idiot but well it feeds paint
if you're asking how to refill the tank you take it to a local paintball shop or sporting goods store, they can fill them
No, there is no button on the plane that can do such a thing.
The parachutes in World War 2 were reusable except when they were in enemy territory. They had to bury their chutes then.
I would say that the skeleton is the most dangerous because a person died in the 2010 Olympics because of luge which is on the back and skeleton is on the stomach which is more thretening so the sheleton!
Snowboarding in the X-Games started the first year the WinterX-Games was held, in 1997 at Big Bear Lake, California. 1
You need an air compressor of 3000 or 4500 psi depending on your tank, or just hook up a 800 psi compressor straight to your gun
In following web address we can download Ultimate Surrender theme song 1.http://abmp3.com/mp3/ultimate-surrender-theme.html
No, it will break in a month or less, never buy any gun under 90 dollars if you expect to play more than a few games. I would not recommend buying any Stryker or non MR Spyder products some cheap starter guns that are worth looking into are the Azodin Kaos, the us army alpha black, the us army...
Bullfighting festivals have existed for around 300 years. Bull fighting dates back to Roman times. The first bullfights were on horseback to celebrate special occasions such as royal weddings and military victories.. Today, bullfighting involves riders on horseback as well as people, called matadors...
air resistance changes. But gravity stays the same.
Marzocchi bomber forks are used as a dirt jump shock but i ride DH on my dirt jump bike with those shock and can manage.
No. It could be extremely dangerous and lead to injury or evendeath.
Just off of common sense, I'm gonna go with a no. It would be difficult to pull out the ring, and make a 'romantic' proposal. Also, you could very easily drop and lose the ring, etc. I would advise you against it.
Yes, but it's usually strongly related to where you're riding. If it's on shared paths it's mostly about showing consideration to other users. Some trails can have designated riding directions to help avoid collisions. Avoid skidding, as it can cause massive erosion issues. Stay on trails, go gently...
Easy, walk into a store, pick one and pay for it. Joking aside, start with determining your budget, and what kind of riding you want to do, then go to sites like www.mtbr.com and begin reading the reviews. Once you've figured out a few likely candidates, start shopping. If it's your first real bike...
There are quite a few things that has to match up. . Steerer tube type, threaded or non-threaded . Steerer tube diameter . Brake type, rim, disc-post mount, disc-IS mount . Suspension travel in mm, usually between 80-140 mm . Wheel size, 26" is most common but not the only one Decide how much...
It depends on how u play the game but it will never give you more injuries than other sports. If you play with an appropriate mask and do not shoot above 300 fps in short, no, paintball is actually a n extremely safe sport, if you look at the numbers more people go to the ER every year with a...
I'd go to a bicycle store. Shoe fit is too picky for me to want tobuy them on mail order.
Generally, it will depend on a few factors such as: Velocity of the paintball, How much clothing is worn, and what part of the body it is. When you get hit in the stomach with a paintball going the standard rate of speed 280-300 Feet Per Second, it feels like a firm pinch or a snap with a large...
Bungee jumping first started in the U.S. in 1986. John Kockelman opened The Palo Alto Bungee Club. Which was not only the first bungee jumping business in the U.S. , but also the first in the world. The name was changed shortly after to Bungee Adventures.
Pretty much everywhere. Department stores, bicycle stores, in trailparks, on the roads, being used for casual riding.
It depends on what marker you have, a marker like a 3.5 Excellerator, Tac-5 (any marker of the TAC-5 brand) or a similar marker like these, you can use HPA in.
because you might get hit in the face of other areas (smiles)
Real, as in holds paintballs, no. The magazine is a cleaning kit, you can store Allen Keys and O Rings inside of the Magazine, and when needed, the magazine can be removed.
These are; Canton Air Sports SkyDive Columbus Cleveland Parachute Center Start Skydiving Skydive Rick's Aerohio Skydiving Center TopFun Skydiving Skydive Warren County Skydive Greene County
Several possible answers to this question so I'll sum it up to 2 base answers. 1. some designs have been made simply to improve on the older designs and make them safer/easier to use. 2. some modern designs are better suited for different purposes. A skydiver for instance don't use the same...
Of these two- MG-7 because of more firing modes and price. but for around 150 you can get a smart parts vibe, which is much better than either by a large margin.
It was originally Silk, I think it's Nylon now. There are 2 types of "rip-stop" nylon used in making parachutes. One is "zero porosity", or zero P and the second is called "F-111" (I think this is a scientific number for it's porosity) Zero porosity nylon allows no air to pass through the fabric,...
Because the first bungee jumps were done on giant versions of the common bungee cords that people use for everything from keeping an overstuffed trunk lid down, to attaching luggage to a luggage rack. They are called Bungee cords. The first jumps were done on large versions of those cords... 5/8" to...
"Walking" or "Feathering" the trigger is a term meaning the interchanging of fingers to increase the rate of fire on a paintball gun. The motion should consist like this: 1. Placing the "trigger finger" or middle finger on the trigger; pulling the trigger till it is registered as a shot. 2....
they were single shot pistols that had to be reloaded after each shot, originally used by loggers to mark trees, and then turned into sport once people inevitably started shooting each other. Related link is a picture
The first gun made for Paintball was the Splatmaster invented by Robert G Shepherd. Then came the Nelspot 007.
Well, the most common one would be carbon fibre, but there are several other composites that could be used.
All guns can handle compressed air, but not all guns use co2. Check your owners manual for details.
Yes you can, just shoot at a field nearby.