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Questions related to the history of the Aboriginal people of Australia.
In the 19th century, the British who controlled Canada believed thenatives were an inferior race that has to be forced to evolveaccording to European standards. They took native children fromfamilies and forced them to adapt to the British culture in Canada.The natives were also forced off their...
A "Corroboree" pronounced cor-rob-or-ee.
Yes they were forced to take on western culture in the periodbetween 1905 and 1969. Most Aboriginal children were forcibly taken off their parents andfamily and placed into homes with Australians/Europeans and forcedto take on the western culture.
they never did and they never will they are always suppressed.
I think it's meant to represent the earth, the ground. It's an orangey-red color that the Aborigines also use in their art.
Exactly when the noh mask came into being is not entirely clearhowever it is believed that masks, and their names still usedtoday, were developed from the mid to latter part of the Muromachiperiod (1392-1573). Previous to that time, the mask conventionswere not entirely set and masks themselves had...
Quite simply, the aboriginal tribes had no need to count.
They don't see god in the same way a European would but Yes
they wore the same thing as mens
Usually not. Any decent hit on something will soak up too much of the speed andenergy in the boomerang for it to be able to return. But sure, if you have a really heavy boomerang, thrown really hardand hitting something light and flimsy, then it might just make itback.
Mainly in Sydney and Melbourne, but there are also smaller populations in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and elsewhere. After the fall of Saigon, South Vietnam, in 1975, there was a migration of Vietnamese refugees to Australia. They settled mostly in Sydney and Melbourne. In Sydney they live mostly in...
Because there wasn't large numbers of abrigonals in any given community.
The Australian gold fields were rife with racism and xenophobia. because of the differences between the cultures of the Europeans and the Chinese there would have been little contact between Chinese and European children. In any case there were very few children brought along from China because it...
Sir Douglas Nicholls KCVO OBE (1906-1988), knighted in 1977. He belonged to the Yorta Yorta people. He was also the first Australian Aborigine to receive a vice-regal post- as the Governor of South Australia (1976-1977)
Dream catchers are generally associated with Native Americans, andmore specifically with the Plains Nations. Whether or not thepopularized dream catchers accurately represent real native customsis debatable.
they whacked the animal in the head, knocking it out.
As there is no written history of indigenous Australia, it is unknown when the didgeridoo was created.
Not at all. The early Australian Aborigines lived completely off the land, and the only thing they needed to be able to do was to read the signs in the weather patterns and the environment. There was no need for a number system, either simple or complex.
The woomera is an Australian aboriginal "throwing stick", designed to help the indigenous people of Australia to throw their spears further.
Aboriginals are natives that came from eastern Asia and migrated to Australia.
They cannot tell us anymore.
they language was created 300 bc
They moved about according to the availability of food.
because Australia and its Alys had been waging war in Vietnam for many years. when they lost the war to the north Vietnamese. as situation developed where many people that cooperated with the south Vietnamese government were no longer safe in their own country so they sought asylum in Australia.
Oodgeroo Noonuccal, also known by her European name of Kath Walker, was believed to have been born on 3 November 1920.
The first one to actually colonise Australia was Captain Arthur Phillip, the Governor of the new penal colony of New South Wales. He arrived at Port Jackson with the First Fleet on 26 January 1788, although the Fleet originally sailed into Botany Bay on 18 January 1788.
At first the Aborigines regarded the strange white men in large ships as ghosts, possibly ghosts of their own ancestors. They were prepared to deal with them peacefully. As long as the two groups of people stayed out of each other's way, there was no conflict. The real problems started when...
Becaouse the weren't allowed to ................................
Unknown. Aborigines are believed to have arrived in Australia before written history, so there are no records going back that far.
On the whole, Aborigines were not believed to engage in cannibalistic behaviour. However: whilst exploring the Mt Augustus area in June 1858, explorer Francis Gregory found evidence of Aboriginal cannibalism. He noted in his journal that he found near a campfire "bones of a full-grown native that...
When you use the term "black" what exactly do you mean? I can only assume you mean black as in; Africans, Caribbeans, Afro-Latinos and African Americans. . If you are referring to black because of the presence of melanin in their skin, then you can just as easily ask "why do Indians have straight...
The name 'wombat' has no other meaning in the aboriginal dialect. It is derived from an Eora name for the animal.
what were the impacts on the aboriginals in the stolen generation that were short term
The saxophone ; ) The saxophone may be a contemporary instrument of some Australian aboriginal musicians as are all instruments in modern music today, but if the person would like to know the traditional instruments they are: . clapsticks (two hardwood sticks knocked together, varying in length...
â??Wombat Goes Walkaboutâ?? by Michael Morpurgo uses the aboriginalterm for rite of passage â??walkaboutâ?? to tell the story of awombat in search of his missing mother who learns valuable lifelessons in the process. Aboriginal mythology often incorporatedanimal tales to instill moral...
some things such as pusum skin,bird fethers,kangaroo skin, dingoskin, rabit skin and fox skin
Because in a hideous act of imperialism - early settlers (the Europeans) wiped them out. It's a real shame and embarrassment to our national history. If you do some research about what they did to the indigenous people here you'll find some horrific things. Sigh. And we still have a problem saying...
18 to 25 years shorter then us
No he is not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander - "On 16 July1974, in Royal Brisbane Hospital, he entered the world as WendellJermaine Quakawoot. "Twodays later, his mother Penny decided she couldn't cope and gave himup to her neighbours in Cullen Street, Brisbane - Daniel and AlisonSailor.His...
of course it was black [Aborigines]
spears,boomerangs oh im not sure ask somewhon else
They came by using hand made rafts which was the first sea travel in history.
yes, well only parts, the commodore is made in Australia the captiva and cruze and epica in Korea and so on. This is because Holden is owned by general motors which has car manufactures all over the world. i.e. Chevrolet vauxhall, Opel Isuzu etc. therefore some of those manufactures would have made...
Subsistence living is the maintaining or supporting oneself at a minimal level fulfilling basic survival needs to meet nutritional and cultural need with the primary idea to maintain harmony and balance with the land. Subsistence living is defined by the fact that it must not be bought or sold or...
There are hundreds of Australian towns and city suburbs with aboriginal names. Some of them include: . Canberra . Cunnamulla . Tarragindi . Koongalooka . Nunawading . Boggabri . Gulgong . Indooroopilly . Warrnambool . Koo-wee-rup . Banjup . Coorparoo . Mudjimba . Rupanyup . Joondalup . Milperra ....
A woomera is a spear-thrower. The indigenous people of Australia used the woomera to help them throw a spear further.
Canberra is a derivation of a word that means "meeting place" in one of the Aboriginal languages. It was given that name because Canberra was to become the "meeting place" for Australia's parliament.
A religion that is sacred
Aboriginal art conveyed stories of creation and historical events which were significant to the Aborigines. Aborigines lived among the plants and animals, so it is natural that their stories would feature plants and animals - particularly animals. Many of their "Dreaming" stories (stories of...
The red on the flag represents the earth, the black represents the night sky and the yellow circle represents the sun.
European musical instruments are far more sophisticated then anything the aboriginals had. Aboriginal music was very much limited to percussion didgeridoo and singers.
i want to now the answer
Because Australia is a democracy, his party (the Liberal Party of Australia) held the greatest number of federal seats in the House of Representatives. Because the party had elected him as their leader, he then became the Prime Minister. Although Howard lost the 2007 election, before that he was...
Answer . Those points of view, real or perceived, help make for a more objective understanding of why specific population centers thrived or vanished. For example one major factor was the desire for European explorers to find a northwest passage to the Pacific Ocean and the Far East for trade...
they use it for clothes and blankets
They usually eat YUCA and potatoes accompanied by any meat from animals they tend or hunt!! Yuca as the call it (CASSAVA in English) is boiled or sometimes they mix it with meat meat or fish!! Same comes to the potatoes or PAPAS! Rice and corn and quinoa are also available to some tribes!! I am...
aYou can find witchetty grubs all over Australia, in any state. including NSW,SA,TAS, QLD, WA, & NT.
Altogether there were about 600 'tribes' or groups of aboriginal australians before 1788
The Eora people originally inhabited the Bankstown area.
Where do aboriginal peopel live? .
The ancient aboriginals didnt have much of an education, like you if you asked this question. COME ON YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS STUFF.
Spears, Stone tools, Boomerang, Didgeridoo
it is used to defeat...(cant tell you who it is used to defeat,because I'm not going to baby you.) :) :) :)
No, Aborigines did not have a written language. They passed down their stories by way of pictures and symbols in their artwork. They also passed on their information and stories orally, or through dances and coroborees.
There is no such thing as a traditional aboriginal damper. Damper was made by white people in Australia and used contents that were not known to traditional aboriginals. However a damper was made by mixing 2 cups of flour with 2 teaspoons of baking powder, Half a teaspoon of salt, one and a half...
Boomerangs were important for a number of reasons. In the hands of traditional indigenous Australians, boomerangs had a number of uses. Hunting boomerangs came in two forms. One form was non-returning, and these boomerangs were thrown with force at an animal, usually at its legs so that it was...
Europeans took aboriginal children because the europeans did not want they aboriginal children to learn the way how the aboriginal people live. They also took them because they did not want them to learn there language at all.
There was no price because the Aborigines did not use money back in that time.
They eat fish( salmon for the plains people)
Aborigines, ironically, had absolutely no political status at the time of Australia's federation.
Many Aboriginal languages are still spoken
The word 'aboriginal' means 'the first'. It was used in Italy and Greece to describe the original natives or established inhabitants rather than newcomers or invaders. The word 'Aborigines' is now used to refer to the indigenous inhabitants of Australia and this is still the country where the...
they speared and harmed the europeans
maybe because native Americans lately to be modern wayz
Mungo Park, the Scottish explorer of Africa was qualified as a Medical Officer.
The cosmos is important to indigenous people because it allowed them to track the stars. During different seasons, the constellations are in different locations, using the stars, it allowed these people to project when to plant crops, and when to harvest them, as well as predict migration routes for...
The Turrbal Clan has not died out yet. There are a few members still alive such as a writer who described the answer to this question as ' They're not all dead and gone yet'.
because it is a traditional thing to do when someone dies or someone has been born. or it is for a ceremony/celebration
There are 3 basic forms of aboriginal art: personal art, social art and sacred/ritual art.
to inspire people
Answer . Unfortunately, many and varied. To begin with there are MAJOR health and education issues, that are recognised but not addressed. In Central Australia the average mortality rate is 43, a mortality rate that dates back to 200 years ago. Chronic health problems including; alcohol abuse,...
One of the major impacts of the British was that they dispossessed the indigenous Australians of their land. The Aborigines were pushed back from their fertile lands along the coast, into the deserts, and in Tasmania they were exterminated entirely. With loss of land came loss of hunting grounds and...
I think camera work is an art form, video or film can also be considered art.