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Snowmobiling is a means of winter transportation in heavy snow bound areas, for less severe weather conditions they are primarily used as recreational vehicles for the whole family on prepared trails and off-road excursions, all questions concerning vehicle types, trails, retreats and tours can be found here.
It sounds like the track slips because a snowmobile makes like arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound
Because it is a motor powered vehicle.
The 2002 Polaris Edge 800 has about 132 hp.
it varies a little bit but most of them are 10 gallons
their really is not a specific fuel octane mix. if you just runpremium in it, it will be fine, but if you do put octane in, justput a little bit in it. because it could make your fuel too richand foul out your spark plugs.
Answer this question…there isn't a specific mix but you don't wantto much because it can cause the spark plugs to foul out. if you doput any in put a little bit .also always run your snowmobiles onpremium fuel
It takes some fabrication, you have to use the secondary clutch from the scrambler and shim it to fit the snowmobile belt. You will use the snowmobile primary clutch and some cutting and welding to fit the motor in the frame. You will have to fab custom mounts and reinforce the from where the...
unburned fuel in the exhaust ignites
You put down the controller, walk outside, an hit yourself several times in the face then proceed to the nearest cliff and take a leap of faith.
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depends on where you go
Ski doo motors do not have drain plugs for draining fuel out of the bottom end. I pull them over with a propane torch over plug holes while pulling over until popping good.
A Cross Over Snowmobile is a machine that is built with a longer track for deep powder riding and a suspension built for aggressive trail riding.
no no no only use 2 cycle oil
Typically the 98 XC 700's HP number were in the 118-120 range
Most seats are mounted with two to four nuts on studs. They are at the rear of the tunnel. ocne nuts are remove lift seat to clear studs, pull back to release front of seat. There now will be room to unplug wiring.
Clean plugs new ones maybe new points
I have a manual with schematics for $34.95 315-964-2577
No snowmobile in stock form can go 150 mph. Now if it is modified then yes, they can go 150+ mph
A motorcycle helmet must meet DOT gauges to be legitimate for thestreet, a snowmobile head protector does not.
the spring in the pull start housing is sprung. cut pull handle off the rope, tie a knot in the rope and take the housing off. take it to a yamaha, skidoo, arctic cat shop and having re spring the sprung spring and recoil the rope
Absolutely there are fines for speeding on a snowmobile. I believe in Minnesota the fine is approximately $115-$225 depending on how the violation is written up by the officer and how many miles per hour over the limit.
Check your gearbox level you have an oil leak in your oil injection system or your gear box. The injection oil is lighter than the the gear box.
there isn't any 2011 winter games. Yes there is a 2011 Winter X Games . 2011: Winter X Games XV , Aspen, Colorado (Date TBD)
I have a nice Indy 500 sitting in the driveway. It's a great trail sled, but a racer she isn't...
Look under the exhaust pipes on the clutch side of the engine.
It totally depends on what platform you are selling it on althoughtechnically, it is "illegal".
150 horse give or take a couple depending on individual sleds
Yamaha engines are oil injected, if it is a fresh engine, or injector not working use a 50 to 1 mix.
On the pump there are two line marks,one on the lever the other on the the body. These twomarks must line up at an idle position. The end of the cable housing will have a threaded end with two nuts used to adjust the cable.
it's when you use premium fuel, advances the timing
I need more info make , model , engine size.
Taylor Dyess is a member of the snocross racing team Snowfire racing. He won both of the sport classes in the western national ISOC race. He is now racing in the XMR racing circuit.