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You can replace the whole thing, or you can use a restoration kit.You open it up by, I'm pretty sure, cutting the glue, then attach abuffer attachment to your drill. Then you use the solution and thebuffer to clean up the lens before gluing it together again.
remove rear drive shaft. remove pinion yolk from front ofdiff.remove oinion seal replace with new one. replace pinion yolk,replace driveshaft,.. dhceck ujoints of drive shaft while out, itsa good time to replace them
NOthing in the history I can see, but a long tire valve and curbscraping do not go to gether very well, ask for short valves nexttime you are at the tire shop. If it still had the original aluminum tire pressure sensor stems,they are 7 years old. That is about all expect.
Use a 5.5 mm socket to remove the three bolts in the panel underthe dash, then remove the 2 bolts out of the blower resistor.Disconnect the wire connector, then remove the resistor.
Remove the old wiper and replace with a new one
Hey. If you can access the back of the roller there may be a barthat runs from one side of the roller to the other side of theroller,this bar locks the roller up in a collision or during severebraking,you can usually lift or rotate this bar and then pull thebelt out from there to then untangle the...
Contact Altec customer service at 1-877-462-5832.
You can add a high performance air intake to give it morehorsepower
Look for detent marking on camshaft sprockets and align them withtiming marks on cylinder head, should be visable markings andensure that engine is at TDC on compression stroke, and timingmarks should all line up
Yes you have to get all the proper oarts first of all thain find a nice safe flat place.weal chucks.thain do ir
World Rally Cross (x represents cross)
You have screw something out then take it to a car center to tellthem how to put it back together
Could possibly be the electric fuel pump is not producing enough pressure. Or the fuel filter is clogged from not changing it, or a bad load of gas clogged it. Perform fuel pressure test if filter is OK
no and maybe it not connected to your car motor and it motor.
You tilt the lever to the side to steer.
It is always recommended when you replace timing belt to replacesany and all timing belt components, but if they do not show wareand tension correctly then you are good to go, it is always easierto do preventive maintenance then repair or replace due tocomponent damage, usually you can purchase a...
Timing chains have no scheduled replacement they are designed to last the life of the engine. Timing belts have replacement intervals
The lightbulb is probably out or your car is geting old
It's not impossible, but you have a great court case, you have abill of sale and proof of purchase, accompanied by the signed overtitle they gave you. You should get it registered as soon aspossible after purchase so everything is on record though.
If you have a 1.8 L , 2.0 L or a 2.4 L engine, here's how using only a screwdriver anda wrench or ratchet. 1. check to see if your engine is on Dead Top Center ( markings on the crankshaft pulley should line up when in TDC ) 2. The #1 piston needs to be on the compression stroke....
Under dash on passenger side
It's very old you may want to upgrade the engine
There should be four bolts under the seat, move the seat all theway back then take the front two out than move it all the wayforward and remove the back two, after that unhook any wires thereare connected
The car doesn't seem to have any trouble pulling my trailer evenwhen my trailer is pushing the 3500 lb limit. However, as theweight of the trailer increases and the tongue weight alsoincreases the front end tends to easily lose traction whileaccelerating.
No. The size, profile, and sidewall construction of the tire itself dictate the recommended pressure. The size and shape of the wheel itself will restrict the kinds and sizes of tires that will fit.
Get the manual and read the part on what your working on and go from there
Under the passenger side of the dash
Possible bad torque converter, low fluid level, bad clutch packs
The fuel is inside the hood
The pad on the clutch is getting low
About 6 quarts, depends if it's completely dry or flush and fill
Take off the inner door panel then remove them insulation plastic then reach inside and adjust it back on track feeling it with your hands
I Think This Happens Because It Need Something To Let It Cool Down.
The best thing to do with most VW's and german cars, is to rev theengine once then turn it off. Then, it will turn on easier, becausethere will be fluid still in the engine, making it easier for thepistons to move.
If the engine is four-cycle, the valve seals may be worn, causing a small amount of oil to seep into the piston cylinder or combustion chamber. If it is two-cycle, the oil/fuel mix may have a little too much oil.
I had to replace my thermostat. I moved the throttle head out of the way. I removed the air cleaner assy. I then removed the two bolts from the housing area and pulled out the thermostat. The tools I used were the 10mm/ 13mm/ flathead screw driver to remove air cleaner, and I also loosened four...
Too high of an idle could be producing too much fuel for your jetsto work with
I have found that a lot of burnt cd's are a hair bigger in diameter and get jammed in the Ford 6 disc changer... Just remove the stereo take the cover off manually remove the disc on top then plug it back in and it should eject all the other ones unless there are more that are stuck...
Ford offered two transmissions that year. A 5-speed manual transmission was standard with the 2.3-liter,four-cylinder engine as well as with the 2.9-liter, V-6 engine. A4-speed automatic was optional. A third engine, a 4.0-liter, V-6 offered the 4-speed automatictransmission only.
I have a 1997 Geo prizm. It stalled on me going to work the otherday and would start back up. It sat for about 2.5 hours before my boyfriend got there to look at it andit started right up for him. After it got warm again it wouldn't turn on for him. What could be wrongwith my car? If it's being...
Well before you ask that question. The real question is how often do you drive your vehicle and how far you drive.
His engine already hot is the heater on all these things play a role in that
pop the hood right there in the front you look down and there yougo there it is
Not sure there is a way to reset. It may be a lock solenoid or a bad wire
Should be between air filter and throttle body in the air stream. There is also the mass air senor near there which is much larger grid looking senor.
In my area it will average around $50. It depends on the vehicle.
The Chrysler Concorde is a large four-door, full-size , front wheel drive sedan that was produced by Chrysler from 1993 to 2004. It replaced the Chrysler Fifth Avenue on the lineup. It was one of Chrysler'sthree original Chrysler LH platform models derived from the American Motors /...
Both turn signals work when they want to. The hazzard lights workjust fine. All bulbs are great. The turn signal indicator willflash inside the car for a few seconds and then stop. The outisdeturn signal lights stop too.
.054 inch for the 4.6 liter and 5.4 liter engines according to the 1997 Ford Expedition Owner Guide
If its fuel injected then It should b located in the gas tank.
With a 7/8in. Oxygen sensor socket or wrench
Open the hood, and look to the left ride of the radiator and abouta foot or so down; there is a wing nut that can be turned counterclockwise until the coolant starts to drain out. Place a pan tocatch to old coolant and turn the wing nut to drain. Once thecoolant is out, remove the radiator hose that...
Set the original stereo at a 6 degree angle and pull gently.
Straight to the battery through your firewall straight to the battery to the to the positive post
it should work as long as the batteries are connected in series + to - what you would need to check is if the charger for the cart charges 24v or 8v if it is 8v you would need to get a 24v charger for it it would be possible to charge the batteries with a 12v charger but it would need to be hooked...
take bolts out the by a new one then put back on
A vac leak simply means you have a hose somewhere with a hole in itthat needs replaced. An engine generates vacuum so unmetered airwill enter any hole where its not supposed to and lean out themixture. The vacum is used to operate some things like brakebooster etc but those hoses must be airtight
In the fuse box. They are often labeled.
Break downspeed until you reach the 5000 mile mark is 55 mph
The '97 Explorer has a four piece jack set. There is the jack, the tire iron/jack handle, and the spare tire tool/jack adapter. The scissor jack is located on the driver side in the compartment in the rear of the vehicle. The jack adapter and jack handle are located behind and under the rear seat. ...
2 wire has a live wire to energise the field where as the singlewire alternator self energises and does not need the powered feed.
you have to get it off the ground, then look for the pan and takethe bolt out, make sure there's a pan under it
The maximum towing for this SPECIFIC vehicle is 6,620lbs
The replacement door handle bolts are metric sized. The standard bolts are not.
That is perfectly normal, before going to bed leave a trey under or park on a sandy area
Tools required: 6mm socket/ratchet 7mm socket/ratchet Socket U-joint with extension Step 1: Loosen and remove the 7mm bolts (3) that hold the protective panel in place beneath the glove compartment. Remove this panel. Step 2: Disconnect the blower motor resistor's wiring harness (1). Step 3: Loosen...
Pull up firmly. It is just an o-ring and plastic flange frictionfit. It will usually break into pieces. Be sure to get all piecesout of the crankcase. Firmly press the new one in place.