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Manipur is a state in northeastern India whose capital is Imphal. The state is bounded by Myanmar to the east and by the Indian states of Assam to the west, Mizoram to the south and Nagaland to the north.
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Zomi National Congress is political organization for the Zomi Chin Kuki Mizo people. ZNC believe in political solution by political means. It doesn't have an armed wing. ZNC and Mizoram's PC (People's Conference) and other representative from India, Burma and Bangladesh formed Zo Re-unification...
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Senapati District in the state of Manipur is the place where this controversy has arisen. Actually this district is dominated by the Kukis and the Nagas. The Kukis in their demand for a separate district of Sadar Hill have caused this blockade. In retaliation to this blockade the Nagas have also...
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Manipuris are quite conservative. Society is marked by the following characteristics:. 1) Respectable stature for women. 2) Hospitable nature of people in general. 3) Strong principles among the masses. 4) Rich in art & culture
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in the north-eastern part of India, also one the seven sisters of north eastern is a state bodering to burma.
NO Manipur does Not have an independent constitution. Only J&K has been granted the status of Special Sate in the Constitution of India and has it's own Constitution.
Manipur City is a town that is located in India. The name of hockey that is played there is Field Hockey. India is also well known for playing soccer, too.
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The Shirui Lily or Siroi lily , ( Lilium mackliniae) is the provincial flower of Manipur, Republic of India.
The Indian Mahogany (Toona ciliata) is the provincial tree of Manipur, Republic of India.
The provincial capital city of Manipur is Imphal , Republic of India.
Like all other systems in Manipur, the system of education is also corrupt that turn sides with those who are rich and well to do. With powers and money corrupting the system, it has failed to provide fair and quality education to the masses. One may try to differentiate between the educations...
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Manipur Baptist Convention was created in 1896.
Manipur Institute of Technology was created in 1998.
The population of Manipur is 2,721,756.
Manipur was created on 1972-01-21.
Kalakshetra Manipur was created in 1969.
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Its "Loktak Lake" also known as the "floating lake"!!!
It is called the jewel of India because of the historical Kangla Palace and the uniqueness of its culture.
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The state capital of Manipur is Imphal. Manipur has approximately8,621 square miles of land.
Iromba is a stream in Mahajanga, Madagascar, Africa.
rice,leafy vegetables and fish.
The staple food in Nagaland is rice.
The present governor of Manipur is Gurbachan Jagat, a retired Director-General of the Border Security Forces (BSF).\n
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Manipur state borders with Myanmar, the erstwhile Burma on the south-east\n
Lairen Nongba Pakhangba.
Corbett national Park. Kaziranga national Park. Kanha national Park. Sunderbans national Park
The IFSC Code / MICR Code and complete bank branch details are given below: . IFSC CODE . : . SBIN0000092 . MICR CODE . : . 795002002 . BANK NAME . : . STATE BANK OF INDIA . BRANCH NAME . : . IMPHAL. ADDRESS . : . THANGAL BAZAR, IMPHAL WEST, IMPHAL795001. CONTACT . : . IP:602456;457 T:0385...
The staple food of Manipur : Rice, fish curry, Iromba