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Tripura is a Northeast Indian state with a total area of 4,051 sq mi. The state is surrounded by Bangladesh to the north, south and west. Its capital is Argatala, which is also the biggest city in the state.
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Boxanagar is one of the administrative divisions (villages, blocks) that make up the West Tripura district in India. Tripura is the small state that bulges southwest into Bangladesh in eastern India.
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India has four types of soils namely the laterite soils, the redsoil, the regur soil and the alluvial soil. About 24 percent is thepercentage of desert soil in India.
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name of all sub division of tripura state
For administrative purposes, the state has been divided into 8 districts, 23 subdivisions, 45 development blocks w.e.f 21st January 2012 after a Govt Of Tripura Decision, out of which new districts are 4, subdivisions 6, development blocks 5. Four New Distrcts are Khowai Unakoti, Sipahijala & Gomati...
How many Sub Division & Block in Tripura
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The Agar (Gelidium amansii) is the state tree of Tripura, Republic of India.
The Nag Kesar (Mesua ferrea) is the state flower of Tripura, Republic of India.
Some of the different foods that are eaten in North India includeroti, lentils, goat, lamb, and samosa. Some of the foods eaten inSouth India include pigeon pea stew, chicken, seafood, sambar, andkichadi.
Tripura is a state located in the northeastern part of India. It is considered one of the smallest states in the country. The exact coordinates of Tripura have a latitude of 23.756 and a longitude of 91.825.
people in tripura speaks kokborok and bengali bengali garo
Tripura rebellion happened in 2009.
Tripura was created on 1972-01-21.
Bhavan's Tripura Vidya Mandir was created in 1996.
DD Tripura was created in 1992.
Tripura Baptist Christian Union was created in 1938.
The area of West Tripura district is 2,997 square kilometers.
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Tripura is the third smallest state of India. It is located in North East India. It has 8 districts, 23 subdivisions and 58 development blocks .. The present Governor of Tripura is Sri Tathagata Roy . . The present Chief Minister of Tripura is Sri Manik Sarkar . . -----------------------------
Khowai is one of the Cultural district of Tripura. It is so called because many cultural programs held in Khowai every year. The Khowai river increase the beauty of Khowai. Here a park have been set up for the tourists. The population of khowai is 21,387 .. I think it is Helpful for you. . BOL
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Agartala. The capital of tripura is Agartala my friend The provincial capital city of Tripura is Agartala , Republic of India.
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Tripura State has 17 Subdivisions and 40 Development Blocks.
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What is the main occupation of tripura
Saline soil is found in the southern arid region of India. Salinesoils are formed by the accumulation of salts in the soil andgroundwater.