Car Batteries

Car battery is the heart of the car’s electrical system. It usually refers to an SLI battery (starting, lighting, ignition). Automotive battery is a lead-acid, rechargeable battery that provides 12-volt potential difference from six cells connected in series.
You have to remove the starter and run a new wire
it should work as long as the batteries are connected in series + to - what you would need to check is if the charger for the cart charges 24v or 8v if it is 8v you would need to get a 24v charger for it it would be possible to charge the batteries with a 12v charger but it would need to be hooked...
Need the year and model VW to answer the question.
Answer . Yes, If a battery is allowed to go dead numerous times it will shorten its life expectancy
A marine starting battery is used in a CJ Jeep with a 350 engine.
if the battery is of good company it may last upto 5 years butusually on an average it lasts for 3-4 years
the best thing to do is to ground it to the engine or starter and then run a ground from there to the chasis
the sprag clutch ( overrun gear ) is gone and needs to be replaced a new part can be bought but normally the complete starter is changed in some cases squirting diesel oil on the sprag clutch can cure the problem but it normally reoccurs again
sorry, donno. what i do know is that you need to take it in to a car-shop. seriously, not safe driving. ~~~*~~~*~~~
the regulator in your alternator must be in trouble remove the alternator and take it to an alternator repair shop or fit a new alternator
Their are a lot of questions that I have to answers this right. If you truly have NO POWER to the solenoid the only way to trouble shoot that is to get out there with a meter when its cold and start working the problem. - However, if your only guessing it has no power because nothing happens when...
If its anything like my 2004 525d Tourer, it will be found within the right hand boot (trunk) cubby hole (mine accomodating the first aid kit), under a plastic tray that is removed by unscrewing three nuts.
Because the alternator will keep your car running as long as its running Type your answer here...
No. Chargers charge batteries faster than they last. My mac for instance, takes 3 hours to charge and has a 7 hour battery.
Well unless you mistyped something 500kva is 500,000 watts. Thatwould be 41,666 12 volt batteries!
Answer . Try having battery charged It may have been discharged to the point that it will not accept a charge and will have to be replaced. After having battery charged check the alternator with a voltmeter - should read approx. 12.8 without engine running and 13.8-14.2 with engine running
Maybe your remote is not communicating with the car. May need resetting.. Try this:. 1. Unlock doors with the key. Sit in driver's seat.. 2. Turn ignition on. (No need to start car). 3. Turn ignition off.. 4. Press remote 'lock' button till the light in the remote goes off (a few seconds).. 5. Press...
i would remove it trace the black wires from it to the different places around the car that it is teed into remove the black wires and rejoin the original ones
12 Volt. Next time, be more detailed on your question.
There are too many variables here to give a direct answer, but iwould start by making sure the battery is not bad. After that youwould use a volt meter to see if the Alternator is supplying 14V ormore. If it is not then you need to find out why which is wherethings get involved.
any short in the electrical system will have an effect on the charging system
that's a stupid question its like how long is a piece of string it depends on what the battery is doing how often it is used how well it is charged how hard it is discharged most battery's have either a one year guarantee or a two year guarantee
Put a voltmeter on the battery.If it reads 12 volts or less,the alternator is not charging.It should read 13 or 14 volts.Make surte your belt is not loose or broken also.
I got the radio code directly from the service dept. at a Mercedes dealer. Most all cars are in the computer system along with detailed information. Hope this helps.
Interesting?? I had my starter and battery replaced on my 2002 Saturn VUE and within a few months my low beams ands daytime running lights went out. Dealer says the post in the fuse block is burnt and the entire block needs to be replaced at a cost of over $600.
a battery should be reading 12 or 13 volts at full charge you would need it over 10 volts but its hypothetical as it depends on the engine size10 To add it's not the voltage that turns the starter motor it is the amount of what is called cranking amps or cold cranking amps cca which refers to the...
no as long as you don't put the cables on wrong
in front of the left front wheel under the wheel well , it is easy to remove the wheel well , just turn the tabs.
BCI group size 65 ( such as Motorcraft BXT-65-650 ) 650 CCA
It is under the seat, there is a cover directly in the middle.
Any one or more of the following: -nothing -battery explosion (and resulting damage possibly including permanent injury) -fire -blown fuses -burned wiring -damaged alternator or AC compressor -damaged electronics including such things as radio, engine computer, body computer, gages,...
Bad Starter.. Bad Starter Relay.. Bad Ignition Switch.. Bad Ignition Module.. Improper Ground.
All lead acid batteries are always charged with the caps on. What this prevents is the acid accidentally boiling up an out of the cell and doing damage to surrounding equipment. When a car battery in a vehicle is charging when the engine is turning over, the caps remain on. This procedure should be...
the key needs to be programed there is a small chip in the key ask a main dealer they might do it for nothing or tell you how to do it
Replacing a battery on a 1963 Corvette is very easy to do. Thereare two clamps that need to be taken off that are holding thebattery in place. After the clamps are removed, take the batterycables off and lift the old battery up and replace it with a newone.
look under the back seat or in the trunk some cars are like that i personally dont like it but i dont build them
five Johnson Controls Exide Interstate Optima SRV WRONG ALL ONWED BY JOHNSON CONTROL Interstate cheaper battery power volt says right on it Johnson Controls Interstate owns optima and srv There is also East Penn / Deka
The positive ( + ) side of the batteries faces down
If I had to guess I would say you have a short in the electrical system that slowly drains the battery as it sits.
Answer . My 1989 Mazda 323 had a "fade-out" not too long ago, and then the car died. I tried "jumping" the battery with the help of some guys at a gas station and it came right back to life. I drove to a service station and they confirmed for me that my alternator had died. This could be your...
Well that depends.Check the ground cable that goes to the fender then down to the subframe then to the block itself.Now If u remove the cable and clean the area with sand paper a wire brush etc and reinstall.If no change I would check your alternator for output.Use a multimeter and see if it is at...
Answer 1 - Ventilation of Battery Storage Rooms Yes, absolutely unless the stored have no electrolyte in them [are "dry"]. Answer 2 yes or htey will blow up
Sorry this isn't a comprehensive answer, with any car in that situation i'd be thinking immobilizer if it has one, most cars will allow it to crank a few times but not spark- so it never starts. hhope this might help you on right track
no power coming to the starter solenoid when you turn the key use a light bulb tester to test the solenoid wire while someone turns the key for you (small wire going onto the top of the starter on its own
ok...battery replacement on dodge stratus's is tricky. Your battery will actually be located on the driver side. You need to remover the wheel well cover (there should be plastic wing nuts to remove without tools). Once this cover is off you should be able to see the battery. This was one of only...
Removing the battery has immobilized the car and this security feature can be turned off with your key fob alarm controller.
Under hood on passenger side, Looks like a fuse box. Open up and pull out the square green plastic boxes. Look underneath each and look for a broken link. DJ FLIP
if its a modern jeep it probably needs to have its immobilizer reset after changing the battery ask a main dealer
Take the cables off of the battery. Remove the battery hold downclamp and lift the battery out. Set the new battery in, reinstallthe holddown, then connect the cables back.
bad starter motor. can also be that the battery does not have enuff cranking amps for that motor
1. Bad Starter. 2. Bad starter solenoid. 3. Bad battery cables, or connections. 4. Bad fly wheel (teeth), starter turns w/grinding sound. 5. Engine locked up.
Depends on what brand and how many CCA's you need. They are priced from around $70 to $250.
It's located under the rear passenger seat.
on my 2000 I disconnect the positive battery cable and press down the brake pedal for 30 seconds and that will reset it
Sulfuric acid fumes escaping from the battery.
the belt is worn and loose change the belt and tension properly
Car batteries are almost as unique as any other part. No they are not universal.
I am not entirely sure what you mean, but the average energy per electron is called the voltage, and is measured in units of volts. I am not entirely sure what you mean, but the average energy per electron is called the voltage, and is measured in units of volts. I am not entirely sure what you...
it is called the positive pole, if you want to go deeper when using (discharging) a battery it is called a cathode when charging the battery it is called an anode The positive terminal.
not advisable unless you are badly stuck and if the tractor has no computers turn the key to the start position before you hook it up and disconnect immediately after it starts Ive seen it done but i am not advising it as i don't know what problems it could cause also don't jump it off something...
Some times the cables between batteries corrode and it cause a disconnect- check all cables on the posts to see if one is broken.
your engine could be seized or something mechanically locking the engine such as a dropped valve or some severe clutch damage
Yes, the plow is an additional draw that the truck didn't have before. You may need to put a heavier alternator on or hook it up to a battery charger when not using it.
get a mechanic to have a look at it before you waste anymore of your money the stater has nothing to do with the engine shutting off probably a fuel cut off solenoid or fuel blockage or could be drawing air into the fuel
The same as a conventional car. They have an alternator connected to the gas powered engine. My hybrid has a special battery and when I bought it I was warned not to jump it or let anyone but the dealership work with it. The car uses the battery in a different way than the normal battery and will...
no you would use more power to drive the car (because of the extra drag) than such a device would produce so it wouldn't be viable
There is a good chance that your alternator has stopped working. It could also be just a loose wire from the alternator to the battery that is not letting the battery charge. Also it could be a bad battery. When a cell in a battery dies it will hold a charge for a short period of time but then...
Yes, any decent battery should last at least 3 years of more. Now, if you have run the battery down many times then you have shortened it's life. Every time you run it down it's lifespan is drastically reduced.
That depends on the battery, and the charger. my charger has different settings for higher amps to give a faster charge or jump. A fully charged battery will show 12.6 volts. The charger will read it's maximum amperage if the battery is totally discharged. A fully charged battery will read 12.6...
lead plates,acid,water and the outer plastic case
depends on what way you are testing it but you either have a bad connection between the alternator and the battery or your battery is bad and cant hold the charge what voltage are you getting
The wire from the alternator to the charging light might be shorting to the engine or chassis as the bulb is switched on by ground supply check the engine wiring loom for any obvious damage if you find something tape it up and tie the wires back from where the wear occurred
depending on the year I have had issues with a 1990 and a 1992 grand caravan problem was the light in the glove box the contact would turn the light on periodically draining battery