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Physical pain is a part of life. We all experience it, whether a scrape on the knee or a broken bone, receptors in our bodies sent pain signals all the way from our extremities to our brains. Here you might ask and answer questions about unexplained pain, what it could mean, and what to do about it.
Yes, it may be gas pain or can be more serious related togastroenterology health like Diverticulitis, Crohn's disease orIBS. The added possibilities signs of all these are vomiting,fever, regular abdominal pain, loose stool or diarrhea and moreothers. Its best to go to the specialist they will...
There are a few reasons why a person may have pain on their leftside between the ribs and the hip. It could be kidney stones oreven an infection. A doctor is the only person who can diagnosethis problem.
Could be a pulled muscle or appendicitis, which needs medicalattention right away.
Comminuted fracture
There are so many different things that can cause abdominal painsso it is important to specify other symptoms you are having. Somethings that cause abdominal pain include food poisoning, the flu,pregnancy, gallbladder disease, and appendicitis.
Your Body Is Not Used To It. Once You Do It More Often Then The Soreness Should Fade Away.
A broken leg swells within 24 hours after the accident. It shouldbe treated as soon as possible and swelling should be reducedtimely
Rotator cuff or shoulder muscle injury.
Writing to hard can give you hand pain and also using your handmuscle to much.
It depends if you are male or female
Bilateral fracture ankle is the one in which both legs ankles havebeen got fractured.
To avoid pregnancy and to regularise menses.
It is most likely a sty which is an ingrown hair on the eye. Itwill go away with time.
It could be many things. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Bowel perforation Peylonephritis Inflamed Spleen Peritonitis or refered pain from appendicitis, or many other disorders. I would advise seeing your doctor
If your body is going thru withdrawals & u need it everyday.
no. many hip fractures can be treated with physical therapy, rest,or injections. surgery is never a go to option for any doctors, butsometimes it is necessary. it depends on the patient and what willwork best for them.
This could be a hernia, a tear in the abdominal muscle wall. Seekmedical attention promptly.
Depends which wrist you have broken but if its your main one you will find it difficult to write, paint, play on the Wii, Ride a horse, swim the channel etc
Doctor will most likely NOT prescribe a pain killer for ulcers due to the fact they can make stomach troubles worst. Plus there are many other alternatives which reduce acid production to allow the ulcer to heal faster.
A peptic ulcer is an ulcer of the stomach. Current research has discovered that the most common cause is H. pylori, a bacteria that resides in the stomach.
Three common sites are:- the skin, the stomach and the mouth.
I get crazy pain in both ears when my allergies are up andagitated. Make sure to see an ear, nose and throat doctor to checkit out.
Everyone has a different reaction to drugs. Some people requiremore for the desired effect than some more sensitive to them.
splinter, broken, dislocated(it can happen, i have made it happen), infected
Ulcerative colitis is inflammatory bowel disease affecting the colon (large bowel) and gives rise to diarrhoea with mucus and blood
If you were limping and putting more of your weight onto your leftleg that in the long run is most likely what caused you to injureyour left leg.If your hurt and you can get crutches or somethingdo!! NEVER limp if you dont need to!It makes it worse for you inthe long run!
Oh i don't know maybe that you go to doctor maybe?
Cramps are more likely the result of a mineral deficiency of the body. Try to add a couple of mineral tablets to your diet. On the other hand thyroid problems can also lead to this and you may need to talk with your doctor.
no it will only become lighter due to lack of sunlight
Toxic mold can lead to a number of issues such as respiratory illness, headache, vomiting, skin issues, etc which can certainly be quite painful. So, yes.
it means your wallet will burst because you cannot spend asmuch money at the pub
Nerve endings in the hand will send messages to the brain telling you that you have pain in the body.
Your palms have arterial circulation and the back of your handshave Venus circulation.
A second degree burn (as it's most commonly called) is also what iscalled Partial-thickness burns to EMS personnel.
Unfortunately there is little that can be done to speed the process the body has to heal at it own pace, biology can not be rushed.
Primary Koch's infection is also known as tuberculosis. You cancatch tuberculosis by coming into contact with the droplets, suchas from a sneeze of cough, of an infected person.
Shooting pains in the back are usually from muscle spasms. If you get the pain when you twist, turn, bend over, or lift something heavy, it's most likely muscle spasms... I would expect you to also have tender areas, and even "knots" where the muscles are spasming. Since you didn't indicate shooting...
If a electrical panel creates an arc flash, third degree burns can occur.
20 to 30 seconds from what i understand.
Our bodies are made of so much water, when its cold, damp etc thepressure it creates on joints that are injured or weak will makethem more painful. Keep joints and the body warm when itis coldout.
If you have minor burn then you can use Neosporin on it. But whenthe burned area is large and severe then one should not useNeosporin. The Neosporin is only applied to the external areas.
Yes, it's very normal. Actually, it is to be expected. Aches and pains are symptoms of pre-menstrual stress, which occurs about a week (sometimes 2) before your period. It's nothing to worry about, although it does cause some very bad aches, especially in the lower stomach. Tylenol, Advil, Pamprin,...
As a dancer I make sure to keep trying to walk. but don't put tomuch pressure on it because you could further injure yourself, takea day or two off of dance. I recommend massaging the area often andtaking ice baths. There are also creams for soreness.
Chest flutters are also know as PVCs or Premature VentricularContractions. The can be caused from anxiety, fatigue, too muchexercise.
You should run it under cold water and put neosporin on it and goto a doctor so it doesn't get infected!
no at medical store and in pain clinics
A fracture with no opening in the skin is a Closed Fracture or a simple fracture A simple fracture.
Technical skill involves process or technique knowledge andproficiency. Managers use the processes, techniques, and tools of aspecific area. Human skill involves the ability to interacteffectively with people. Top level managers need conceptual skillsthat let them view the organization as a whole.
Muscle or Myofacial pain in the head is when the muscles in the back of the head pain and tense up. Most commonly caused by stress, also could be caused by whiplash, or even sleeping on a specific area of the neck in a way that caused the muscles in the back of the head to tense up. Myofacial pain...
well don't peel it
Pain under the left side of the chest with stomach pain andvomiting could be the sign of a gallbladder attack. Abdominal paincan be the earlier indicator for many different problems so ifconcern please seek professional medical attention.
This problem can be caused by an under active thyroid. However cramping can also be the result of mineral and salts deficiency, however what ever the cause it may be wise to consult a physician if the problem persists. Many people would put this down to a problem with arthritis , however that would...
Could be a sign of migraine. But a conformation can be made only byconsulting a registered medical practitioner.
Stress fracture is also known as March Fractures that doesn'tcompletely go through bones. It is a very common injury for sportpersons and military men. The signs and symptoms of lower legstress fracture are burning or aching in localized pain somewherein bones, the pain usually starts spreading from...
Initially a general physician, and after that the specialist whichhe suggests according to the complication he diagnoses, if needed.
Hysterectomy is a major operation in which the woman's uterus isremoved. Although no other health issues a woman faces after thesurgery but a recurring pain is a matter of discomfort for her evenlong after surgery. Sometimes, the pain can be very severe, henceit should be cured by using The Wurn...
It is sometimes used for very minor musculoskeletal pain in Opioid Addicted patients.
This is because the sparks from firecrackers are very small andhave low survival time. Hence, those sparks don't have enough heatcapacity that can burn your skin. But don't expose your skin to repeated sparks, those collectivesparks could damage your skin.
My experienced say that can be some type of food.I discover that people with the type of blood " O " if they eat eggplant and potatoes will cause this pain. My Pain felt like needle all the time until I stop eating them. Thank to Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo who wrote the book" Live Right for your type"
Answer . \nYes, the testicles are extremely sensitive. If you were accidently hit in your testicles extremely hard (or someone kicked you there) it can cause you to vomite and takes a long while to get rid of the pain. If you are still having problems please see your doctor.\n. \nGood luck...
I have this too but on my left shoulder i notice it happens if i drink something with a high suger quonity so if you drink pop it will be worse then if you drink juice..try going to a chropractor and see how your bone stucter is..if its poor it will affect this even more... Try these things..i have...
There are many bones, joint surfaces, muscles, and connectivetissues of the foot. Without more detailed info I wouldn't give outa guess as to what is wrong with your foot or what to do about it.If the pain is severe or isn't getting better, you should considerhaving a doctor check it out. If the...
Use ice for injuries to calm down any damaged tissues that areinflamed or swollen. Use heat for sore muscles, chronic pain and stress.
comminuted fracture is when the broken pieces are small and multiple An impacted fracture is when bones are pushed together.
Generally, people rush to the cold water tap when their body partis burnt. But, recent Research Studies (source: Journal of Plastic,Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery) shown states that minorburns can be cured by using warm water on it. Researchers in Switzerland claims that warm water cures...
if you take a hot shower it can help sooth your muscles
yep, that's a common normal pregnancy symptom. i had it but did some excercises and fortunately they dissappered. u need to streghthen your pelvic muscles. this is what you do: 1. stand up, relax your shoulders 2. push your pelvic bone forward 3. then push your pelvic bone back 4. do it everyday -...
Answer . Arthritis. See a doctor, or take OTC analgesics, see if that helps. . You could also use an ointment called ''nerve and bone''. to massage your joints.
Possibly some sort of repetitive strain injury perhaps caused by a lot of time spent using a keyboard. Do you have one of those gel wrist rests for typing? They help.
Muscle pain is something that causes regular discomfort andrestlessness in us. You can get speedy recovery from your musclepain by using following methods:- . Taking Cold - Hot contrast shower. . Increasing protein in your diet . By using foam roller . Taking good massage
For temporary relief use voltaren gel/tablets or pain killers likepanadol. If the pain persists after a couple of days or worsens, visit yourPHYSIO to find the underlying cause and proper treatment.
Broken bones may lead to osteoarthritis as a result of causing joints not to settle properly into their pre-injury positions. This put more strain on cartilage and may lead it its excessive wear Once cartilage is worn away the bones end up in direct contact leading to pain and the growth of more...
I broke 3 bones in my ankle April 2010. I had to have surgery & had 1 plate and 11 screws put in my ankle. It has now been 3 months since my injury & I am still having alot of swelling with my ankle. My doctor has me wearing a compression stocking to keep the swelling down & he also has me going to...
cause you need to rest so it can feel better
Serious neck pain? See your chiropractor! Otherwise it's most oftendue to a muscle strain or spinal misalignment. X-rays will showyour exact alignment; if you are not straight up and down from thefront or have a nice C-curve when looking at a side view, then youmay have some nerve pressure. Using a...
DDR doesn't have the actual original artist versions of the songs(or at least DDR Hottest Party, which is what we own). We don'thave Just Dance yet, but it is definitely more enjoyable to belistening to the versions of the songs that are familiar.
Olsars go away over time but to speed up the process you can apply a gel called 'Bonjela'. Apart from that just refrain from sharp foods e.g. crisps, broken toffee. Hope I helped!
loss of flow of blood, constricted arteries
[urls transferred to links section below due to violation of TOS] An Ulcer is a break in skin or mucous membrane where the surrouding tissue dies. It can be benign or it can be very serious. If there are around or in the oral cavity, you should see your physician. It could be anything from a canker...
When a sore in ones body develops and makes an oral ulcer. Factors that provoke oral ulcers can be:. Sudden weight loss, stress, fatigue, illness, injuries to mouth such as biting lip or tounge, hormonal change, menstruation, or food allergies. The exact cause and formation of oral ulcers is unknown...