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Hey Judy==The problem can be in the relay, motor or control pannel and it will take someone with a good dit of know how torepair it of it is anyhting other than a fuse. Check ALL of the fuses. GoodluckJoe Answer If I'm understanding your question, you're only pumping out heat. If that's the case,...
Most of the water comes in from pinhole breaks around the weatherstripping and in the sheetmetal or from the wheel wells. Here's a cost effect solution. Remove the spare tire (check and grease your bolts and hold downs for the tire because the moisture can do a job on those nuts and bolts). Better...
blower relay 1992 Caddy sedan deville
Almost all GM products idle rough when its cold but, if itcontinues it may be the tps swich.
Yeah, sorry about that. My girlfriend and I got in an argument last night and, in a fit of tears, I accidentally locked the dog in my car.
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Use exactly the weight listed in your owner's manual and on the oil fill cap which is more than likely 5w30. Brand is your choice. Any major brand will be fine.
there are no cabin filters in a 93 Cadillac deville
Answer . Probably 4-5 add 4 and check
press info botton until you come upon "oil life" then press and hold the reset button for about 5 seconds
May have to take the car to a certified speedometer repair shop
Answer . \ntheres a micro switch like hinge in the sterring colum that make it do that. replace and move on
remove stabilizing bar across top of motor, remove plug wires and push wires and wiring harness down as far as you can get them and remove a metal bracket held by one bolt push to the side. unplug electrical plug from blower remove 3 or 4 bolts that holds blower motor on pull motor out as far as you...
ebay of course. i got a set there. you can program them yourself w/instructions from the internet.
The gas cap may not be tight enough or defective. Tighten it until you hear 3 clicks. If the light stays on replace the cap.
about $498.00 USD
A classic car is an older car; the exact meaning is variable. The Classic Car Club of America maintains that a car must be between 20 and 45 years old to be a classic, while cars over 45 years fall into the Antique Class. The 1968 and 1967 Cadillac Deville series has a long, artistic swoop in...
it is located just below the fuse panel below the dash on the drivers side. large rctangle relay
The 2000 General Motors/Cadillac Deville came equipped in the 4.6LNorthstar engine. Removing the main belt will require depressingthe tensioner to free it. The new belt can then be routed acrossthe accessory drive pulleys. The OE AC Delco belts for thisapplication are 6K815 and 3K243.
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The only way to fix it is to take it to the dealer and have the whole gage cluster replaced there was a service bulletin out on this from Cadillac and they will pay for part of the cost.
Its either under the hood or in the inside of the driver door
Answer . yes you can only need to put e lift kit to raise the car just a bit. Answer . yes with 305\25\22 no lift just will rub a little when backing up and turning at the same time. yes, need to nip and tuck! shave inner rear fender, which no one can see. so no matter if you got four in the...
Battery,ign. lock cylinder if starting disabled is on info center. Need more info!
Answer . \nYou need a new ignition cylinder with a new key with the right resistor.
It is possible to remove the oil pan from a 2003 Cadillac Deville without pulling the motor out. Since the Northstar engine is mounted sideways for front wheel drive, there is no suspension in the way. However, the major problem to deal with is the exhaust pipe which is bolted to the front exhaust...
The 1998 most likely has a Northstar engine. On this engine thestarter is under the intake, and the intake has to come off forreplacement.
The 1994 Cadillac Seville takes 22" wiper blades on both sides front. See sources and related links below for more information. Since there are over 22 different wiper arm attachments, do not buy wipers just by length only - be sure to lookup exact wiper blade part numbers by vehicle make, model and...
Open the trunk lid, remove the 6-8 press fit pins holding the trunk liner in place. Very easy actually.
How to change fuel pump in 1985 cadillac fleetwood
Answer . If you hear a noise in the driver door when you push the button,the actuator may have come unattached. If you do not hear anything in the drivers door and all the others work you most likely need a new actuator.
Slamming the trunk lid can damage the actuator and keep it frompulling the trunk lid down. The actuator will probably need to bereplaced.
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Hey Randy==It is a bit of a job to change it and you have to raise the engine slightly. Get a manual on it from a parts store and it should have pictures and everything. GodluckJoe Randy....I assume it is a 4.6 northstar and these are pretty easy with correct tool. The pump is on the rear(driver...
Check the starter solenoid first, followed by the starter. Thestarter is either not getting power from the solenoid or thestarter itself is bad.
Listen to see if you can hear the fuel pump make a noise when youfirst turn the key on. The fuel pump could have gone bad, they burnup quickly in a dry tank.
the fuel pump relay goes in the motor comartment fuse block located next to the batery, the relay #20 should be, or in other words, most of the time you find 2 purple relays, one on the left is the main relay, the one in the right is the fuel pump relay ( from the driver side point of wiew facing...
drivers side below air intake hose
unhook your battery for about 1 min and hook it back up
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You Will Need. Breaker Bar, 15/16 socket or metric equivalent, piece of pipe to increase length of breaker bar.. Remove the fuel pump fuse. Place socket on big bolt in the centre on Harmonic Balancer with the Bar and pipe on top on the passenger side chassis rail.. Turn car over a few times, the nut...
Stalling can be caused by a number of things. Fouled plugs - rare. Dirty Injectors - not so rare. Bad Gas - not so rare these days. Bad PCM (engine computer) - fairly rare. This engine is a very sophisticated, computer controlled engine with very little user-modifiable stuff. Does the "Check Engine"...
YOUR GOING TO NEED A BRAKE CUBE, I BELIEVE THE ONLY WAY TO DEPRESS CALIPER IS TO SCREW IT BACK IN. ABOUT 13.00 BUCKS I was able to use the open end of a 3/4 inch box wrench to retract the caliper. Just stick it straight into the groves then I used a wracthet handle in the closed end of the wrench...
The wheel comes off first then the caliper then the rotor just slips off. GoodluckJoe
All three Cadillac CTS and CTS-V cars require SAE 5W-30 engine oil.Although it specifies no particular brand,Cadillac recommendsDexos-certified oils that bear the Dexos mark; Dexos is anoil-rating standard used by many automakers. If you plan to drivethe car in extreme cold (-29 Celsius/-20...
If the key will turn in the ignition cylinder, the only other fault the key can have is a missing or damaged resistor. The resistor is in the middle of the key and looks like a small black oval. The resistor has one of 16 specific values and is "read" by the Pass-key module.. If you have a vehicle...
It doesn't use a Map sensor , it use a MAF sensor , and it is located right on top of the Air filter box
No heat could mean several possibilities. Low coolant level. Check to make sure you have enough coolant -- check the overflow resevoir. Only check radiator when the engine is COLD. NEVER open a radiator cap when an engine is warm or hot. If you're not sure, with the engine off, squeeze the upper...
There is a problem in the Broughams traction control circuit. Run atest of the computer for possible bad codes.
Answer . \nHope this will help, I replaced mine,88 eldorado, and found it at left end of the top hose, attached by (2)Two bolts. Facing engine,top radiator-hose,follow to the left with point of contact on engine top,secured by with two bolts. Good Luck
reset comp on 1995 caddy . Take the negative battery cable off for about 3 min.
Look in the owners manual for the fuel shut off reset. The fuelshut off is for accidents and limits fire hazard.
Surprise! There isn't one! There is a plug on the side of the Transmission pan. The transmission is full when fluid starts draining from the removed plug.
I found them at Auto zone , The low end is about four dollars and the high end is about six and a half. I brought bosch plug,they are great and don't forget your wire which are about one hundreds fifty to two hundreds dollars.
1938 cadillac 7533 series was $5,000 new
My best guess in this situation without more information would be "Rack And Pinion Power Steering"
No where! It doesn't have one. The transmission is a sealed unit. Tha vehicle needs to be raised and level. There is a plug on the right side of the pan that needs to removed, the oil level is chaecked and refilled at that point.
There is a fuse box under the back seat. (You'll find the battery there too, by the way) Check fuse #23 (15A) for cigarette lighter and fuse #14 (20A) for additional power outlets.
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SAE 5w30 any major brand. Use a High Mileage oil if you have over 100,000 miles on the ODO.
It is centered on the back valve cover, right beside the firewall. It has a small black vacum ine running to it. To remove it you will need a 10mm wrench and ratchet and extensions.
Jump the compressor relay next to the fuse panel under the hood. Pull the relay out and use a piece of wire to jump the contacts. Compressor will engage, with the engine running fill with your 134a.
There are two ways to check the fuses.. One: open the driver door, there is a fuse on the lower left side of the dash board parallel to the drivers door, open it and in the compartment near the battery there is a black, square box in which you lift up and there are fuses beneath. To check the fuse,...
I understand that on some Cadillac models, yes, there are some electronic centers located behind the back seat. The car's actual engine computer is probably located near the glove box area or passenger footwell kick panel. You might want to check out some Cadillac owners forums online for more...
It's under the back seat.
My first reaction is that water or dirt in the fuel would cause a car to backfire and sputter. It is a symptom that indicates the car is not getting enough fuel. You may have gotten some bad gas. Easiest fix, pour some STP gas treatment in the tank to absorb any extra condensation or water and...