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Decade - 1940s

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That was the time of the "baby boom", when people became eager tostart families since the Great Depression and World War II ended,which was when families did not grow as much because of thehardships they had to face.
Kay Kyser, Louis Jordan, The Ink Spots. These are the few I know.
It was harsh. The people had to live in prefab homes, and dead  bodies in rubble were found daily. London was rubbled and burnt to  the ground mostly.
I think his name was Fats Domino or Fats Waller or something like that. He is very famous, though.Scott JoplinI know one, Ray CharlesEdward Kenny "Duke" Ellington -- Band leader, and piano player.Thelonius Monk -- Jazz and piano player.Fats Waller -- Jazz, piano and organ player
PAKISTAN and INDIA got freedom from each other in 1947. Independence Day of Pakistan is 14 August 1947 & Independence Day of India is 15 August 1947
Born May 2, 1946 All her chart hits were 1963-1967
Many people during the 1940's had a strong dislike of theircustoms, which came from an increased emergence of expandedmigration. Different cultures went to Australia after the war andwith them came a different way of doing things, something theAustralian people loved.
That was Alex Urban who played offensive and defensive end. He played three seasons for the Packers (1941, 1944, 1945) and had career totals of 4 receptions for 91 yards and 1 TD in 11 games played.
There were two:Franklin D. Roosevelt (served from 1933 to 1945) andHarry S. Truman (served from 1945 to 1953)
\n. \n Answer \n. \nAssuming your silver proof quarter does not have any visible nicks or scratches, it is worth $3-$4 -- otherwise it's worth about $1\n. \n Correction \n. \n(Deleted my previous update. Since the S mint mark only appears on proof coins this could not be a circulation...
they stayed at home and finished cooking with the post man
Greenbrier Military School 1812-1972   Lewisburg, WV
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Women went to work in the companies that manufactured armament.
Rationing during WW2 took place mostly because of the huge amount of food required by the military.
the Korean War - June 25th 1950 to July 27 1957The decolonization of Africa and AsiaThe Suez Crisis, 1956 war in Egypt
During the 1940's air conditioning would have been available but would have been a luxury. The air conditioner was invented in 1902.
The military solution was heavily relied on during the 1940s. Thiswas the time frame of one of the largest and most deadly wars ofall time, World War II. However, if leaders had used other methodsof resolution prior to the forties, as well as exhibited somecompassion in the aftermath of World War I,...
That is victory over Japan day, or V-J Day.
In 1943 Germany was in a desperate situation. While they controlled most of Europe and still had plenty of fight left in them, their capacity for offensive warfare was beginning to wane. This was due to the steady bombing campaign that the Allies had begun over their factories and their conquered...
In WWII Canada really proved it's worth. They were a very vital asset to the Allies. Before the first 2 World Wars, everyone just thought of Canada as another British colony with no country value. Once the world saw how great Canada could be, they opened up to Canadian insight and ideas. And it...
August 17th is when Indonesia proclaim it's independence from all foreign occupation, being Japanese or Dutch or quite possibly, the Allies that just won the war and is on Philippines at that very moment. But international communities only acknowledged Indonesia's Independence somewhere around 1949,...
There was light at the end of the tunnel, the Great Depression and Dust Bowl years were behind the US, but war clouds were on the horizon.actually this is wrong tottaly wrong pleasse correct this xxxx :)
Popular actors of the 1940s include Ingrid Bergman, HumphreyBogart, Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart,Spencer Tracy, John Wayne, and Orson Welles. Popular singersinclude Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra. Athletesinclude Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, Jessie...
Franklin D. Roosevelt, until his death on 4/12/1945. His VicePresident, Truman, took office for the short-remainder of theconflict.
In 1948, the price of sugar became controlled due to the Sugar Act  of 1948. The price of sugar in 1948 was approximately .52 cents a  pound.
Franklin D.Roosevelt Dropped an Atom bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
First Answer: In the 1940's, cooking was very different than how it is today. people would often eat such foods as baked plums, frozen corn, carrots, pigeons, and bananas. The most common way to cook your food was by frying in grease and then freezing it overnight.    Better Answer: In the...
They hired painters, sculptors, writers, and actors to work at the project the WPA are doing. That project provided them jobs and higher wages than the artists usually get. It also helped the artists to become an important part of the American culture. (Just left the answer, plain and simple.)
no the women are not allowed to play basket ball before 1940's
Big band swing was the thing in the 40s.In the late 40s along came musicians like Winone Harris who scaled the big band down to the 'combo' of 5 or 6 guys and added the blues element and lo and behold Rock'n'Roll was invented. Aside from that there was also the singers that fronted the big bands...
America entered World War II.
A fictional character played by Charles Durning in the movie "The Final Countdown."Curiously or coincidentally, though Sen Samuel Chapman is a fictional character, there was a Samuel Chapman Massingale, US representative (Democrat) from Oklahoma, who was first elected in 1934 & served four...
HHAHAHA, why on earth would anyone admit that they still thought that dude was alright. Some eighty year old geriatric using Google for the first time, found this question and felt compelled to make his case that looking back on things he still thinks highly of heir Fuhrer and that the Sudeten lands...
The presidents were Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was succeded by vice president Harry Truman
There were some surveys conducted after the end of World War 2. In a government-sponsored survey in Britain it emerged that 20% of women interviewed had had lesbian relationships while their menfolk were away. This was considered so shocking that the findings were not released till 50 years later.
Swing, Big Apple, Foxtrot, Lindy Hop, Waltz, Tap, Jitterbug
8 at night was the same as the old work days
they did most the jobs they do now, but at the time there was a small war going on called world war two you may have heard of it . A few jobs went toward that.
The famous women of Australia in the 1800 were notably the convict  women. Examples of these women were Esther Abrahams, Charlotte  Badger, Mary Bryant, and Margaret Catchpole.
term used to describe extreme, reckless charges
GM: Buick,Cadillac,Oldsmobile,Chevrolet,Pontiac. Ford; Lincoln, Mercury. Chrysler: DeSoto, Dodge, Plymouth. Kaiser, Henry "J", Frazer,
Over 2,300 people died. Nearly half were US Navy Sailors aboard the battleship USS Arizona. Most of the US Army casualties (soldiers) would have come when Hickam Field was attacked.
Probably working in factories back on the home-front, with a very Rosie the Riveter look to them?
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Because WW2 was on at the time children were sent to the country to escape the London bombings and some times 20 children would live in the same room so the answere to your question is yes it was common for people to share rooms in the 1940s
Television sets were not generally available until the late 1940s so nearly all music was either broadcast on radio or sold on records. Records were large, heavy plastic discs that turned at 78 rpm so you could only listen to 3 minutes of music at a time, hence the length of the typical pop song. ...
  In 1943 a pint of beer was 5p (or 1 shilling)
Which studies compared the effects of participation vs. noparticipation in organizational change endeavors in the 1940's?
One major event that happened on May 14, 1940 was that the Netherlands surrendered to the German forces during World War Two.
\nscince world war II japan has not had an offencive military \nthis is due to the Japanese constitution article 9 which America forced them to sign\n. \nThe ground defence force had only about 239,000 with148000 on the ground 46000 in the airforce and 47000 in the navy\nthey also have a very...
  Aside from being the target of a few attacks by the Japs in the north and one on Sydney Harbour. Australia became a place of rest for American and Australian soldiers involved in the war against Japan.
Girl's wool coat, skirt and cap. Hand-woven for the colder months. Girls wore black patten leather strapped shoes and nylon ankle socks. The boys, well that was around the time when sailor suits were in. They were also made out of wool, black boots also worn.
A lot of people went to war. Apart from war: As a general answer one could actually say that they did much the same as people of today do, except that they did not do many of the things we do. Take away all electronics that is newer than 70 years old, and then think what you would do. People...
In 1930, sugar cost 0.49 cents for 10 pounds. Soap only cost 0.17  cents for 3 bars, and white bread was only 0.08 cents per loaf.
People got evacuated in places which are safe which does not includes London, Coventry, Portsmouth, Birmingham and the other countries were it was dangered by German Bombing.
World War II was the main issue in Europe at the time.
In the 1940's, women became increasingly involved in the military and in jobs previously male dominated as a result of World War II. Jobs in the military included service in the Army and Navy Nurse Corps, and various auxiliary army and navy units that were not engaged in combat. Non-military jobs...
The same reason Fascist groups increased in membership in the 1930's, the Great Depression. Some saw the free market as a failed system, and reached out for a type of economic for a "new" beginning. the largest rise was in Fascist ideology, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain, all chose dictatorial,...
In 1949, the US national average price of a gallon of regular gasoline was 27 cents - equivalent to about $2.47 per gallon in 2010.
The war decided what was in fashion, because of all the rationing, there were only certain styles and materials allowed.
He was in the royal navy for 5 years but he was also doing your mom. (; Hope this helped! (:
At 1940, Britain and France were the super powers but in a declining state. USA and USSR were other wealthiest countries. But above all it is the Germans who dominated the world due to their skills in military technology, mining and monetory policy. Regards, Naveen Prasad A.
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The best. Easter morning we woke up to find our Easter baskets full  of candy to the top. We would dress up in our new Easter clothes,  dress, hat, purse.shoes and gloves. Off to Easter Sunday Mass, Home  for lunch with a big Easter Family dinner and then outside for an  Easter Egg hunt. Such...
Meatloaf, roast, chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, bread
Pretty much the same but we have more lights and stuff and the internet :)
\nBack in the 1940's family relationships were pretty harsh not too bad from where the titanic times were it's not too different from now.
I hate to say it, but the same as a penny today: 1 cent.
Yes he did! He became a Christian by reading a tract written by a former American POW. Then he spent his years, as he felt, a much higher calling as an ambassador of Christ, than his position as commander of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
I would say that were responsible for the mechanical aspects of Aircraft maintenance including the test running of engines (on the ground), lubrication and coolant issues, My uncle was a fitter 2E an he told me that a 2E was the only person (other than the pilot) permitted to run up the engine/s and...
Hitler youth or Hitler jugend
Glenn Miller Tommy Dorsey Artie Shaw any Goodman
Bay Rum cologne was popular although had to be phased out during WW2.
To "rat" your hair, or "ratting"
Banana's were invented in a Lab just off the Swiss capital
Yes, for cooking and for heating. Wood stoves, oil stoves, gas stoves, and electric stoves.
Depends on the location. Many rural areas in the US had limited electrical service. They were common in urban areas, along with gas stoves.
Actually, WWll started in 1939 the president was Franklin D. Roosevelt.