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bread and water i think x
That was the time of the "baby boom", when people became eager tostart families since the Great Depression and World War II ended,which was when families did not grow as much because of thehardships they had to face.
Kay Kyser, Louis Jordan, The Ink Spots. These are the few I know.
It was harsh. The people had to live in prefab homes, and deadbodies in rubble were found daily. London was rubbled and burnt tothe ground mostly.
I think his name was Fats Domino or Fats Waller or something like that. He is very famous, though. . Scott Joplin I know one, Ray Charles Edward Kenny "Duke" Ellington -- Band leader, and piano player. Thelonius Monk -- Jazz and piano player. Fats Waller -- Jazz, piano and organ player
The biggest would definitely be Hitler. He pitted the whole world at war against each other and basically destroyed all of Europe, while managing to kill over six million people in less than 15 years.
PAKISTAN and INDIA got freedom from each other in 1947. Independence Day of Pakistan is 14 August 1947 & Independence Day of India is 15 August 1947
Despite the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' rumblings about moving the Oscars up to January, the event has recently been held on the last Sunday in February.
Men's fashion between 1945 and 1950 varied according to variouscontinents. In Africa, people still wore skins and hides. Generallythe men's fashion during the time can be described as conservative.
Born May 2, 1946 All her chart hits were 1963-1967
If it's bronze, 10-20$. Just a regular silver coin, maybe 3$ if your lucky.
Many people during the 1940's had a strong dislike of theircustoms, which came from an increased emergence of expandedmigration. Different cultures went to Australia after the war andwith them came a different way of doing things, something theAustralian people loved.
That was Alex Urban who played offensive and defensive end. He played three seasons for the Packers (1941, 1944, 1945) and had career totals of 4 receptions for 91 yards and 1 TD in 11 games played.
There were two: Franklin D. Roosevelt (served from 1933 to 1945) and Harry S. Truman (served from 1945 to 1953)
The 1940's was known for it's swing dancing, WW2, organized crime, and people getting rich. The 40's was in my opinion the pick of American history. We had good times in the 40's. The Rat Pack was forming, America was rich again, and people were happier in those days.
2nd rangers Infantry trained in Florida in 1943 before going to England to practice cliff climbing.(also in 1943) had a lot of reunion information on it. Perhaps your ship is on this site.
The signal corps provide communications on the battlefield. The attached link explains it in detail.
\n. \n Answer \n. \nAssuming your silver proof quarter does not have any visible nicks or scratches, it is worth $3-$4 -- otherwise it's worth about $1\n. \n Correction \n. \n(Deleted my previous update. Since the S mint mark only appears on proof coins this could not be a circulation...
I think she may still be alive. Please see the link.
9 August 1945 : 80,000 human beings lost their lives . The Japanese city of Nagasaki is bombed by a nuclear weapon named "Fat Man" .
they stayed at home and finished cooking with the post man
Greenbrier Military School 1812-1972 Lewisburg, WV
Take it to your banker, they can look it up and tell you current value if you want to cash it. I think victory bonds are still earning interest.
radios wheels inclined planes levers
Women went to work in the companies that manufactured armament.
Rationing during WW2 took place mostly because of the huge amount of food required by the military .
the Korean War - June 25th 1950 to July 27 1957 The decolonization of Africa and Asia The Suez Crisis, 1956 war in Egypt
During the 1940's air conditioning would have been available but would have been a luxury. The air conditioner was invented in 1902.
guerrillas (btw are you doing that weird crossword puzzle thing that everyone seems to have, because that question was nearly word for word, you just left some out at the end)
The military solution was heavily relied on during the 1940s. Thiswas the time frame of one of the largest and most deadly wars ofall time, World War II. However, if leaders had used other methodsof resolution prior to the forties, as well as exhibited somecompassion in the aftermath of World War I,...
That is victory over Japan day, or V-J Day.
In 1943 Germany was in a desperate situation. While they controlled most of Europe and still had plenty of fight left in them, their capacity for offensive warfare was beginning to wane. This was due to the steady bombing campaign that the Allies had begun over their factories and their conquered...
In WWII Canada really proved it's worth. They were a very vital asset to the Allies. Before the first 2 World Wars, everyone just thought of Canada as another British colony with no country value. Once the world saw how great Canada could be, they opened up to Canadian insight and ideas. And it...
August 17th is when Indonesia proclaim it's independence from all foreign occupation, being Japanese or Dutch or quite possibly, the Allies that just won the war and is on Philippines at that very moment. But international communities only acknowledged Indonesia's Independence somewhere around 1949,...
There was light at the end of the tunnel, the Great Depression and Dust Bowl years were behind the US, but war clouds were on the horizon. actually this is wrong tottaly wrong pleasse correct this xxxx :)
The michel Wise was the most popular car in the 1940s
Popular actors of the 1940s include Ingrid Bergman, HumphreyBogart, Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart,Spencer Tracy, John Wayne, and Orson Welles. Popular singersinclude Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra. Athletesinclude Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, Jessie...
Franklin D. Roosevelt, until his death on 4/12/1945. His VicePresident, Truman, took office for the short-remainder of theconflict.
In 1948, the price of sugar became controlled due to the Sugar Actof 1948. The price of sugar in 1948 was approximately .52 cents apound.
Franklin D.Roosevelt Dropped an Atom bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
First Answer: In the 1940's, cooking was very different than how it is today. people would often eat such foods as baked plums, frozen corn, carrots, pigeons, and bananas. The most common way to cook your food was by frying in grease and then freezing it overnight. Better Answer: In the...
They hired painters, sculptors, writers, and actors to work at the project the WPA are doing. That project provided them jobs and higher wages than the artists usually get. It also helped the artists to become an important part of the American culture. (Just left the answer, plain and simple.)
no the women are not allowed to play basket ball before 1940's
Big band swing was the thing in the 40s.In the late 40s along came musicians like Winone Harris who scaled the big band down to the 'combo' of 5 or 6 guys and added the blues element and lo and behold Rock'n'Roll was invented. Aside from that there was also the singers that fronted the big bands...
There were several things needed to start generating power from water. The wheel, the generator and the power transmissions system were all needed.
America entered World War II.
A fictional character played by Charles Durning in the movie "The Final Countdown." Curiously or coincidentally, though Sen Samuel Chapman is a fictional character, there was a Samuel Chapman Massingale, US representative (Democrat) from Oklahoma, who was first elected in 1934 & served four terms,...
because they wanted to be friends
HHAHAHA, why on earth would anyone admit that they still thought that dude was alright. Some eighty year old geriatric using Google for the first time, found this question and felt compelled to make his case that looking back on things he still thinks highly of heir Fuhrer and that the Sudeten lands...
Some of the famous people in the 1940's were the Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera Ellen, President Franklin Roosevelt, President Harry Truman, Adolph Hitler, Eva Braun, Mussolini, Princess Elizabeth of England, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Emperor Hirohito, Glenn...
The presidents were Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was succeded by vice president Harry Truman
There were some surveys conducted after the end of World War 2. In a government-sponsored survey in Britain it emerged that 20% of women interviewed had had lesbian relationships while their menfolk were away. This was considered so shocking that the findings were not released till 50 years later.
Swing, Big Apple, Foxtrot, Lindy Hop, Waltz, Tap, Jitterbug
Giovanni da Verranno is famous for exploring the Atlantic coast ofAmerica. He was acting for King Francis the first of France.
8 at night was the same as the old work days
they did most the jobs they do now, but at the time there was a small war going on called world war two you may have heard of it . A few jobs went toward that.
The famous women of Australia in the 1800 were notably the convictwomen. Examples of these women were Esther Abrahams, CharlotteBadger, Mary Bryant, and Margaret Catchpole.
term used to describe extreme, reckless charges
if the knife is with it, it is worth 800 dollars
GM: Buick,Cadillac,Oldsmobile,Chevrolet,Pontiac. Ford; Lincoln, Mercury. Chrysler: DeSoto, Dodge, Plymouth. Kaiser, Henry "J", Frazer,
Around 34 000 Scottish soldiers were killed during WW2.
The international monetary fund (imf) and the world bank(the bank for reconstruction and development)
Over 2,300 people died. Nearly half were US Navy Sailors aboard the battleship USS Arizona. Most of the US Army casualties (soldiers) would have come when Hickam Field was attacked.
J. Compton, Sons & Webb Ltd. is a British manufacturer of military equipment for the armed forces (Army, Navy and RAF).
In German "Auschwitz", in Polish beginning with O.. svice (??? ) was a large extermination camp - what I heard. Having the right name you can check wikipedia or google.
In the 1930s the average cost for a new home in the United Stateswas $7,145. A luxury car in the 1930s would cost $1500 to $3000.
Probably working in factories back on the home-front, with a very Rosie the Riveter look to them?
Remington didn't make a Model 1 shotgun, if it's a #1 Rolling block it could be shot out but it's no a shotgun. I doubt however you could have identified a Model 1 Rolling Block vs all the models but not know it's not a rifle. Best determine what you have and need a VERY good description (for...
As General Plenipotentiary of Labour Deployment, Sauckel was chiefly responsible for the commission of slave labour. His complicity in the "Holocaust" merits debate. Fritz Sauckel's death sentence has been much the contentious subject among historians. Sauckel's ministerial responsibilities were...
Yes, in Prestwick, Scotland (my father was in the American Army Air Force and was stationed there) . There are the remains of a joint British/American landing strip on the golf course at the very famous Turnberry Resort .
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Because WW2 was on at the time children were sent to the country to escape the London bombings and some times 20 children would live in the same room so the answere to your question is yes it was common for people to share rooms in the 1940s
Television sets were not generally available until the late 1940s so nearly all music was either broadcast on radio or sold on records. Records were large, heavy plastic discs that turned at 78 rpm so you could only listen to 3 minutes of music at a time, hence the length of the typical pop song. ...
The world war came to an end in between late April and early May 1945.
In 1943 a pint of beer was 5p (or 1 shilling)
in the 1940s they would use mosley lipsticks a dark red or a light color only few people would ware fouundation and lots of them did wear eye liner