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There was plenty of money around, however the ordinary people wererestricted in earning it, and those who had it hung on to it andtheir property.
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It was called 'relief work' - the Great Depression had left so manypeople without jobs that governments employed them doing publicworks, including building roads.
This depends on the country or organization. See related questions or re-ask your question. US: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States serving from to 1945 April 12 when he died of a brain tumor. Roosevelt was re-elected in 1936. He was...
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The only thing I can think of is sports. Sports was a good way to get it all out and relax, because people were so depressed with the depression
== American League Reach Trademark == American League baseballswith the Reach Trademark had Red & Blue stitching, and theNational League Spalding Trademark baseballs had Black & Redstitching up until about 1934/35 when in both league started usingonly red stitching. Reach was producing American...
Mass unemployment nationwide poverty and hunger
Coughlin's term for his platform was Social Justice (also the nameof his published newspaper). Father Charles Coughlin (1891-1979) was a Catholic priest andprominent radio personality of the 1930s. He became a critic offree enterprise, capitalism, and big business, espousing asocialist and quasi...
They had their rights stripped away from them if they were living in Europe. Usually rights were taken away more than one by more than one. Sometimes it was 1by1.
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No one had a mobile phone, cell towers & satellites (and mobilephones for that matter) were not invented yet. And few households had phone either. There were public telephoneboxes everywhere to cater for most people.
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farmers wore overalls, suspenders or long johns. they would also wear denim pants. they had cloth or straw hats. everything in the 1930's were made out of cotton, leather or cloth. this has nothing do with the question but did you know that pi was 3.14159265358. hope this answer helps ...
Public schools for blacks were poorly funded and inferior to white schools in the same school districts. The facilities were not are good and most of the teachers were not as well-qualified.
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Between 1931 and 1940 a ton of soil blew out of the central and southern great plains this is why the region is known as the dust bowl. clearing of grasslands erosion overgrazing
The fashion during this time was very modest, with mid calf length skirts and tiny waists. Every outfit was topped off with a skull cap or hat. They women would have been attractive without having to show off so much skin.
Poor folks who were searching for work often lived in exposedshacks that didn't provide much protection. Others remained onfamily farms, and the dust in certain areas accumulated inside thehouses.
The signal corps provide communications on the battlefield. The attached link explains it in detail.
Its value depends on its mint mark and condition. Ranges for average to moderate wear: A, F mint marks: 40 to 80 cents. D, E, J: 80 cents to $3.00 G: $1.50 to $6.00 B: $4 to $10
Writers applied their fingers to their typewriters and artists wrapped their fingers round their paintbrushes. Painters were also experimenting with new artistic styles in the 1920's.
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The great depression made families poor. Th impact on all of them were very hard
1954 the French lost the battle of Dien Bien Phu and departed Vietnam.. 1954 North and South Vietnam are created at the 17th parallel.. 1960 President D. Eisenhower prepares incoming President Kennedy with Vietnam Intelligence and the Domino Theory. 1961 President Kennedy sends military advisers...
well; the Tulsa race riot was 1921. &+ the stock market crashed in 1929. that's all I've found out so far. well; the Tulsa race riot was 1921. &+ the stock market crashed in 1929. that's all I've found out so far.
Dictators rose to power because of the recent World War and a worldwide economic depression. People wanted economic stability, asurplus of food and a strong leader. Dictators could provide all ofthose things.
Unemployment rates were high because it was the Great Depression. There was a huge economic downfall through out the whole world. Also the weather (in America) had taken a turn for the worse destroying agriculture which in turn made grown food too expensive to plant which caused farmers to lose both...
Compared to today: unreliable, unsafe, polluting and inefficient. They lacked emissions controls, ABS, seat belts and airbags. They got an average of 20 miles per gallon. They also required frequent maintenance and repair.
Surprisingly, the cost of a Grand Piano in the 1930'S was about a grand ($1,000.00).
Frank E Bessler was an engineer who invented the movable or invisible stairway. This is the type of folding stairway that allows access into lofts, attics, etc, then folds back into the ceiling. He received patents for this innovation in the 1920's. His company was quite successful. This token is...
Immigration during the 1920s was an abundance of foreigners entering the United States. Many of these immigrants came over from their native lands to escape going to jail, poverty, discrimination or benefiting from our better economic status. When they arrived in the United Sates they weren't sure...
She had 3 . . Lennie Hayton . ( 1947 - 24 April 1971) (his death) 1 CHILD. Louis Jones. (January 1937 - 1944) (divorced) 2 children. 1 CHILD BY SECOND HUSBAND "LENNIE HAYTON" A DAUGHTER GINGER HAYTON-HORNE ALIVE AND WELL IN LA, CA 2 CHILDREN WITH HUSBAND LOUIS JONES, GAIL JONES (GAIL LUMET...
He changed his name to Hitler.
In the 1920's (A.K.A. The Roaring Twenties or The Jazz Age) there were flappers, and the Charlestion was the most popular dance. Prohibition, a ban of alcohal, started mafias and gangsters. Movies were popular and there were many new things like the radio, toaster, vacuum, and electric washer. It...
the would put up help wanted poster all throught towns and bus and trian station and would say no education need
I have a small Feudal table, looks like a telephone table and would like to know the estimated value.
There was light at the end of the tunnel, the Great Depression and Dust Bowl years were behind the US, but war clouds were on the horizon. actually this is wrong tottaly wrong pleasse correct this xxxx :)
my family are not jews so they would have not been affected by this, but if they was a jew it would have been tragic for them.
The United States was not a member of the League of Nations.
The Hawley-Smoot Tariff raised import duties so American jobs could be protected in farming and business, including imports. The tariff raised by 20% , which caused foreign countries to make their own tariffs against the U.S. and raising their own tariffs.
Women's wages were lowered. They worked crappy hours.
In 1839, with her husband, Captain Archibald Chisholm.
Dust Bowl farmers moved to California
Because Radical groups advocate extreme and immediate change.
Erector, Lincoln logs, marbles
Trains were the most popular transportation, back in the 1930's when the Great Depression hit.
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They hired painters, sculptors, writers, and actors to work at the project the WPA are doing. That project provided them jobs and higher wages than the artists usually get. It also helped the artists to become an important part of the American culture. (Just left the answer, plain and simple.)
Gloomy Sunday- Paul Whiteman Deep Purple- Turner Layton Inside(this heart of mine)- Fats Waller Here comes the Boogy Man- Henry Hall Delta Mood- Cootie Williams Did you ever see a dream walking- Bing Crosby Sleepy Time Gal-Glenn Miller Jeepers Creepers-Artie Shaw Nightmare-Artie Shaw...
Yes the destroyer was later dug out by the Navy. Whats left is what us locals call destroyer cut. it is a channel in a man made island. Made when the ship was dug out.
America tried to remain neutral while still supporting the allied nations
Please refer answer to How were people with Autism treated in the earlier days?
The united states was not a member of the league of nations
Laura Ingalls Wilder published between 1932 and 1942 such as Little House in the Big Woods, Farmer Boy, Little House on the Prairie, and On the Banks of Plum Creek. Others would be Sherwood Anderson, Nathan Asch, Edmund Wilson, James Rorty, Dreiser, Louis Adamic, and John Dos Passos.
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music in the 1930's was very poipular as residents would sit down or ly down and listen to music or even dance to it. Jazz was extremly popular im going to be famous yasemin sehri aged 11 i love Miley Cyrus and noah Cyrus i am a big fan i love animals and acting singing and dancing please i want to...
Dancing was very popular in the 1920's! People would dance dance's such as the Charleston, the black bottom and the shimmy. People also smoked and drank.
Americans believed that US should follow a policy of isolationism. This would keep the country out of another foreign war.
In Germany the Jews had long ceased wearing flowing robes or other distinctive dress by about 1850.
In 1860 the US had a population of 31 million. There were almost 4 million slaves, mostly in the southern states.
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sex before marriage, having affairs, abortion, working outside the home
The Reconstruction Era was the period of time following the CivilWar when Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson worked tobring the South back to normal as quickly as possible. Slaves werefreed during Reconstruction, giving black men the right to vote forthe first time in 1867.
We know that Anne wore dresses from her photos and she may have worn slacks and shorts in summer. However, during the period of Anne's youth wearing jeans had not yet come in to style, either in the US or Europe. They became popular everyday wear after the war in the late '40s. Her photos show her...
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In the 1930s the average cost for a new home in the United Stateswas $7,145. A luxury car in the 1930s would cost $1500 to $3000.
17 cents per gallon in the 1930s according to USA Today
Worldwide, the top grossing films of the 1930s were. Gone With the Wind (1939). Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). The Wizard of Oz (1939). Frankenstein (1931). Tom Sawyer (1930). Ingagi (1931). Shanghai Express (1932). Top Hat (1935). I'm No Angel (1933). Camille (1936)
most women still didn't give birth in hospitals. (only about 40% did) the baby would be delivered by a midwife (a woman that assisted women in child birth). most midwifes were black or poor and working in the rural south. their training wasn't excellent, so there was a high mortality rate for the...
The purpose of the Neutrality Acts was to keep the United Statesout of involvement with the upcoming war in Europe.