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Gwendolyn Brooks (won one for poetry in 1950).
The Easter Rising , also known as the Easter Rebellion, was an armed insurrection in Ireland during Easter Week , 1916
The Russian revolutionaries who took control of the government inNovember 1917 were the Bolsheviks. They were co-founded by VladimirLenin.
M-Militarism- To build up your armies A-Alliance-To have an ally I-Imperialism- To conquer other countries,etc. N-Nationalism- To think that your country is the best
5,892 tons (5,344 t.) of coal were on board the Titanic when she left England to sail on her maiden voyage.
No. According to the description in the back of the Dear America book called Voyage on the Titanic : "While the events described and some of the characters in this book may be based on actual historical events and real people, Margaret Ann Brady is a fictional character, created by the author, and...
Over time, the White Star Line was bought out by its old competitor, Cunard.
you can't not believe in vilonce because everyone knows it is happening all over the streets every day. what you are meant to say is who thinks vilonce is wrong? or who is against vilonce which I'm against it if it isn't in self defence
Answer His title, rank and name was Freiherr Rittmeister Manfred von Richtofen. Most of the aircraft of WW1 was made of wood frame with cloth fabric stretched over it and glued tight. Some had round fuselages made of formed laminated wood. A few aircraft were made of Aluminum alloy frame or metal...
Hazza Pazza was the commonly used nickname for WW1 hero Harry Patch. He was the last survivng WW1 veteran and died at age 111 in 2009. RIP Hazza Pazza. A true British hero.
Well as a parent I personaly think that one of the standards about parenting is the kids. They often are misbehaving but they also make you proud.
The horse & buggy era was more advanced than we actually assume now. People used a fairly good vocabulary, they had long haul railroads in America, Canada, & Britain, as well as in Germany and other parts of Europe. Horse drawn street cars on tracks. High rise buildings in large cities with ...
The sinking of the RMS Titanic extremely affected people around the world because she was supposed to be "unsinkable". Plus, all the lives that were lost affected their family members.
The biggest factor is technology. The most similar may have to bethe written language as we can still read it all the way throughthough Too much has happened to say that there is a lot ofsimilarities.
John Cornforth was born on September 7, 1917.
These ships were not burning oil yet. They were still fueled bycoal. After World War One, vessels like these were refitted for oil.
The assembly-line allowed manufacturers to produce vehicles at a much lower cost. The effect was that the average consumer was able to purchase a vehicle. Prior to the perfection of the assembly-line vehicles were very costly and only the rich could own a car. This put America on wheels.
I still have to do more research but you can view what I have found so far in the related link..
they fought dat they was da bad peeps init! Since the time of Constantine , Christians had gone on pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Even though Moslems had ruled Jerusalem since 638, Christians were still allowed to visit the city. By the 11th century, however, the situation had changed. Just as the...
its the land of the free
Nothing like family life in 2010.........probably boring........yeah definitely without HD or Tivo.......too much togetherness...........*shudders* Two parent family, probably 1 or 2 grandparents in the home, mother kept house and raised the children, possibly still using kerosene lamps for light,...
because they are in trouble with the law.
The Council of People's Commissars was formed after the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, and passed many decrees before the election of the constituent assembly in 1918 implementing socialism in Russia. These included: the Decree on Land (taking all land from landowners without compensation and...
Titanic was the first ship to have a swimming pool. The most luxurious thing on the ship was the Grand Staircase. The first-class dining saloon, located on D-deck, was designed in Jacobean-style. 500 people can dine in this very big dining saloon. There was a smoking room for the gentlemen and...
The two nations that competed for industrial dominance in Europewas Germany and Great Britain.
Often erroneously credited to Fr. Edward Flanagan of Boys Town, the phrase "there's no such thing as a bad boy" was first coined by Floyd Starr in 1910 in a sociology class at Albion College, Albion, Michigan. Three years later Starr would write The Starr Commonwealth Creed, a statement of his...
That sounds like a homework question. Find the answer yourself. That's what school is for. The library is a great place for that stuff. They often have an online database that will take you to websites that have that kind of information. If you have a textbook, defiantly look in there. It should...
See the Canadian Great War Project > Battle for Hill 70:
Back in her day, she was the most luxurious and largest ship in her day. There might of been one that was bigger by the same company named Olympia but I am not positive about that. She would of been the dream cruise for any ocean lover........ Back to the question. She was much, much larger...
Sir Robert Borden was Prime Minister of Canada during World War I.
my family has a 1916 knee action luger that my grandfather brought back from WWI. My Uncle, an avid gun collector and former police officer for 27 years, offered my grandpa $15,000 for it in the early 80's. He was the kind of guy that would certainly not offer what it was worth, so my guesstimate...
The Cold War happened which changed major influences(music) in the United States. The cold war had nothing to do with it.. Migration from the south by blacks to the cities in the north like Chicago and Detroit saw country blues develop into electric blues which then branched off into R&B and soul.
First Class £870 ($69,600 today) . Second Class £12 ($960 today) . Third Class £3 to £8 ($172 to $640 today) According to one source, Titanic tickets were as follows: First Class (parlor suite) $870-$4,350 (today's price $50,000). First Class (berth) $30-$50 ($1724 today). Second...
stonemasons, blacksmiths, shopkeepers, squatters, farmers that kind of stuff
a messenger , a telegraph service Most people wrote letters , but the telephone was also used as a means of communication, although few were installed in private homes. By 1900, there were approximately 140,000 telephones in use in the United States, many located in general stores or "phone...
Money is a key factor for everything, especially big things. The Olympic-Class vessels were built to compete with several shipsin the Cunard Line that were the largest and fastest ships in theworld.
There were only five Native American tribes living in what later became Maine during the 1700s.. The Abanaki were in southern Maine (Portland, Windham, Wesbrook and parts of New Hampshire. The Penobscot were in middle Maine and the Passamaquoddy were in the ocean regions near Canada and Maine. The...
yes, he married my grandma's gramdma's sister
RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship (because the Titanic carried mail as well as passengers) Titanic means huge, after Titan the giant. Her sister ship Britannic was originally going to be called Gigantic. Her other sister ship was called Olympic after the place where the Giants lived before the Gods....
According to the web site below Titanic had laid in 40,000 fresh eggs for her maiden voyage.
Hedy Lamarr was born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler November 9, 1913 in Vienna, Austria.
page 645 of world history book by McDougal Littell, the paragraph which it says Expansion Throughout Europe.
she went to the legistated building
The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated
Just like people get the flu today, direct contact with an infected person or items they recently touched and by respiratory droplets from infected people sneezing or coughing. See the related question below about how H1N1/09 is spread for more details on transmission of the flu virus from person to...
so some interesting facts about trenches? hmm....let me see....... 1.people got diseases called trench foot,trench fever,and trench mouth 2.bodies of the people that died would stay in the trench until someone could take a break from fighting and bury them. 3.trenches were not dug straightly...
The bigger the ship the more cargo and passengers it can carry.
Because no one invented a 4th class!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes Canadians were involved with aircraft in WW 1. 20,000 volunteers went into the British Royal Flying Service or the Royal Naval Air Service. Canada did not however have a viable air corps of its own during WW1. Found at article, Royal Canadian Air Force, Wikipedia on Answers. Com.
Answer . Even though there were around 500,000 cars registered in 1910, they were mostly owned by Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, and the wealthy. Very few middle class people had them and the poor could not afford a car. The vast majority of the poor rode horses, or horse and buggy. The city poor...
There were 57 original merit badges. See the link for a full list.
There were several major events to occur in 1918. In 1918, Russiawas declared a Soviet republic and Britain granted women the rightto vote.
no she did not then she died:(
A double standard is when a set of set of principles or code of norms are acceptable for one group but considered unacceptable for another.
There were no movies at this time. Movies were not invented until the 1930`s.. The Birth of a Nation - 1915 - About the Klan in the aftermath of the Civil War.
Here is my top 10 of that decade:. 10. Gertie the Dinosaur. 09. Mickey. 08. True Heart Susie. 07. Tin Minh. 06. Fantomas. 05. Les Vampires. 04. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. 03. The Birth of a Nation. 02. Broken Blossoms. 01. Intolerance. 7 of these films are in the top 1000 movies of all time
people movin'
The Prince of Wales is currently HRH Prince Charles, who is the eldest child of the current Queen.
White Star Line and built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard. constuction began in 1907 and ended in 1912.(this inclueds the construstion of the hull, the "Fitting Out", Sea trails and final preperations). answer 2 . Titanic [yard number 401] was laid down: 31 st March 1909.
Central Powers . Germany . Austria-Hungary . Ottoman Empire . Bulgaria . France Allies and associated powers . Serbia . Russia . France . Britain . Belgium . Romania . US (entered in 1917 only after a German u-boat sunk a boat fullof civilians) . The British Commonwealth countries: Australia,...
Hilary Clinton. She ran for New York Senate while Bill was in Office and she won the Democratic Nomination, and General Nomination. She is also the first former First Lady to be in the Cabinet of the President (Sec. of State).
Hoo Ah Kay , Tan tock seng , milkman , coolies , middlemen , moneychanger , Alexander Guthrie and the Arabs.
Probably because they were uninformed. Science has come a long way since then and we know Haleys Comet will probably never collide with Earth and end all life.
yes, but the "Easter Rising" is the usual name
really the Italy country had control Nigeria , and also the the team of France would be the one who really did control the Italy country of the day :)
Better wages, the minimum wage was raised to over $10 an hour. Also it gave the workers the right to perform mutiny and kill their bosses if they felt that they were being treated unfairly.
Around $2,000. Factoring in inflation that is around $45,000 in today's money. But remember homes then were not near as big as they are now. They also did not have electrical wiring, A/C or central heat. There was also rarely indoor plumbing of any kind.
In Australia's colonial years, the felt slouch hat was adopted by New South Wales for its mounted troops. In 1885, it became part of the uniform of the Victorian Mounted Rifles, and in 1890 the felt hat was then adopted by the military for its defence forces. It was upturned on one side, largely...
Yes, World War I started in 1914.
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The RMS Titanic was completed March 31, 1912.
Displacement from their ancestral land and loss of cultural valuesare some of the problems that the people faced in the 1910's as thecities grew larger.
Buckingham Palace, London, England