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This category covers questions about Saturn Corporation, a car manufacturer and subsidiary of General Motors. All production of Saturn-brand vehicles were halted on October 1, 2009.
i will answer it as best as I can. With all computer systems incars their are always differences in the features and what yourcomputer will tell you with lights. If you car did come equippedwith a sensor to check for low oil it may be damaged in some way oryou do not have one at all and seeing as it...
Preferably the time to use the switch is in DRY CONDITIONS with quarter mile straight aways or less and sharp cornering ti provide more stability to help stabilize steering.
The 6 cylinder Saturns were equipped with the "Ecotec" engine, which used a timing belt. Timing belts fail over time, and Saturn recommends that the belt be replaced every 100,000 miles. The 4 cylinder Saturns all used timing chains. With recommended service and normal use, the timing chain should...
GM OBD II Drive Cycle 1. Cold Start. In order to be classified as a cold start the engine coolant temperature must be below 122°F (50°C) and within 11°F (6°C) of the ambient air temperature at startup. Do not leave the key in prior to the cold start or the heated oxygen sensor...
the volume nob push it in and hold it and then click the seek button to change stations
I have an 02 and it moans when I steer (right in the column, not further under the hood) too.. This happened after it was nearly completely undriven for a couple of years except for occasional Sunday forays to take my mother-in-law to church.. I have been driving the moaning-mobile for a year...
a better question might be, "why would you want to?". research has proven that lights on reduces accidents even during daylight hours. here in Canada daytime running lights have been a requirement on all new cars for many years now. when I drive in the USA now I find that oncoming vehicles are much...
ABS brakes will activate on random if the abs sensors are faulty or have formed a build up of debris on the magnetic head. removing the wheels and inspecting the abs sensors and cleaning them by hand may help in preventing the abs system to engage.
The oil is pumped in and out so you have to take it to a shop closed means it sealed not like regular tannys that have an oil pan or drain
Start with a full tank of gas and reset your trip odometer to zero. When it's time to fill the tank again, divide the number of miles you traveled on that tank by the number of gallons needed to fill the tank again. So, if you traveled 350 miles and your car took 14 gallons to fill the tank: 350/14 ...
As a rule of thumb, once they get to about the same thickness or less as the backing plate-time to change, since they go quickly from there. Also there are rivets inside so you can't use 100% & those rubbing on rotor/drums not good. The rotors do most the work & wear faster. Many people routinely...
Interesting?? I had my starter and battery replaced on my 2002 Saturn VUE and within a few months my low beams ands daytime running lights went out. Dealer says the post in the fuse block is burnt and the entire block needs to be replaced at a cost of over $600.
\nThe coolant temp sensor is located directly under the EGR valve, just in back of the upper radiator hose connection on the engine. The sensor has 2 wires and uses a 14mm socket to replace
The Saturn Corporation is not in business. That company was part of the G.M. portfolio and was let go in bankruptcy. The birth place of the Saturn was Spring Hill Tenn. it has not produced a Saturn since 2007. The plant is still open but only employees about 900 people. They produce products for G.M...
There are 3 parts to an actual tie rod the sleeve and the inner and outer tie rods. Usually anywhere between 30 and 50 bucks would be enough 4 parts for one side.
Front Passenger side. The plug is facing towards the rear of the car .
There is a small switch inside the steering column lock mechanism. When that switch fails it can cause the door alarm to chime. The chime is supposed to inform you that the key is still in the lock, but when that switch fails it can certainly cause the problem you described.
At least the slave cylinder. The clutch master cylinder can be replaced at any time.
The 2000 Saturn does not have a distributor. Instead it uses a "coil pack" system.
sort of like a humming? wheel bearings dude! if it starts humming at about 30mph and just gets louder faster you go, its the wheel bearings. and get used to it, i have blown 4 on my ion 3
Answer . Probably on the engine end of the upper radiator hose. Answer . Probably on the engine end of the upper radiator hose
1.Press and release the trip/reset button until the OIL LIFE message is displayed. 2.Press and hold the trip/reset button until a chime sounds five times and RESET is displayed in the message center. When the system is reset, the odometer will again be displayed in the message center. 3.Turn the...
look under the back seat or in the trunk some cars are like that i personally dont like it but i dont build them
you don't. This car has an automatic belt tensioner. The spring inside this part is probably worn out. You have to replace the tensioner. It is also possible that the belt that is now on the engine has stretched beyond the point that the tensioner can compensate for; the belt may feel tight, but not...
You have the hose from the engine (bottom) that goes into yourradiator, and one from the radiator to the motor. The sensor iswhere the second hose plugs into the motor. Be careful when youloosen and torque the bolts, they're fragile.
dexron6 are type transmission oil for Saturn 2001 serial sc2
Yes. Located left side of center console. You'll also lose the radio presets when it begins to fail.
Answer . they are behind the panel on the passenger side of the console on the back of the panel it shows the # 5 and says Igni..... when the fuse blows it affects the seat belts the speedometer and odometer and the tac at least on mine it does and I am trying to gind out why mine blows fuses all...
It's all about maintenance. If the fluids have been properly maintained, hoses, belts and other components replaced when there is a problem and the vehicle has been driven properly, the engine should last several hundred thousand miles. If not, all bets are off.
you have a blown headgasket, or if it is has an automatic transmission, it is also possible that you may have transmission fluid in your radiator. this is caused by transmission fluid in part of your radiator leaked into your coolant
I found a diagram for the rear door of a 2006 Saturn Vue at thisloaction:
Passlock sensor (Ignition housing) Or body control module fault
The intake plenum has to come off to get at the coil. Is that parts and labour? If so it's VERY fair.
No you can not Lubricate the front wheel bearings, They are factory SEALED bearings. Must REPLACE the bearings with new ones. IF the bearing is noisy then the balls inside are damaged. Lubrication will do nothing to help. Replace only You don't Get it! The question was to address lubricating...
It appears that your thermostat is stuck in the open position. Replace it and all should be fine.. It would be a good time to flush and refill the cooling system if you haven't done so recently.
So. I haven't had to do this in over 2 years... but if my memory serves me right, you make sure the tuner is turned off, then you press in the volume knob; as the volume knob is pressed in you hit the tuner station up/station down button; the right side of it is for minutes, while the left side is...
\nFirst you will need to remove the Harmonic Balancer pulley from the engine. This may prove to be difficult being the bolt that holds the pulley on is tightened to 220ft lbs. once the bolt is removed the pulley should just slide off. behind the pulley is the front crankshaft seal, use a good seal...
Answer . if its automatic, there is a dipstick just to the right of your oil dipstick. its red in color. you will need a funnel to get the fluid in.. If its a Manual transmission. there is a dip stick in the far upper right hand corner, strait down in the accual case of the transmission.... you...
If you just want to replace the transmitter battery on it it does not need to be program it does need to be resequenced. 1 replace the transmitter battery 2 close all doors on the car 3 stand outside of car , on the driver side , and hold at the same time the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons, you...
The transmission module is integral to the PCM/or engine computer
yOU CAN'T....iT'S HYDRAULIC. If it's releasing high you need a clutch.If it's low you need a hydraulic unit
I have the same issue, I found that it is the heater core or the tubing to it leaking. It only leaks in the winter and doesn't fog the windows up, I haven't taken it apart to see where the leak is, but some stop leak seemed to have fixed the problem. however temporary this may be I'll need to take...
Change your oil, and oil filter!! You do not want to drive the car with low oil pressure. It can cause big problems in the feuture.If the car has over 100k miles on it, it is recommended to put in a thicker oil. Usually the "ticks" that a Saturn makes when cold are the hydrollic lifters not pumping...
Solution: Replace the throttle position sensor, this controls the idle. This should work for any car. With the car off, have a friend push the gas while you look at the engine, on the top you will see something moving. This is the throttle. Rock this with your hand. As you let it fall back into...
There are two. One is in the passenger side kick panel by the passengers left leg.. The other is inside the engine bay by the battery
Answer . \nthe engine number is stamped onto a machined pad at the rear edge of the engine block, where the engine mates with the transaxle\n. \n. \n. \nthe transaxle number is located on the bellhousing, between the two upper transaxle-to-engine mounting bolts
1. Saturn did not make the LS2 until 2000, you probably meant the SL2 2. If reverse is gone it's probably either the clutch pack or the valve body. Either way, you'll need to take the vehicle to a transmission shop.
no once a vti tranny goes , is about $4500.00 plus labor
Saturn was manufactured by General Motors. General Motors stopped manufacturing Saturn's last year as a part of their economic plan to keep the company going. That's unfortunate too, because Saturn's were perhaps the best small American car on the market.
Have it checked out soon and don't let the engine overheat!
Under the brake master cylinder.
Blue smoke out the tailpipe--lots of it. If its a blown ring seal, then the oil is being "blown" into the air cleaner, burned up and out the exhaust. Also, the engine oil level will be next to nothing.
\n89inch pounds is the torque rating for the valve cover bolts
There is a good chance it is an emission problem.
Saturn Shop Foreman here, old school GM window crank remover or use a shop rag behind the crank to grab the tangs of the clip and pop it out, it will fly like the wind if you don't watch out!
Saturn Shop Foreman here. Located under the dash cover on the cross car beam. Must be programed by GM dealer, holds Odometer information as well as other functions.
Answer . \nThe ccp sensor is located on the back of the engine above the starter motor. Just follow the vacuum hose off the firewall to the ccp solenoid. ! 10 mm bolt holds it on. Has two hoses and electrical connector attached
I don't know how to fix it perse, but we ran into the problem in my roommate's 98 SL2 where it was sticking and locking the key in the ignition.. The problem was the actual mechanism where the shift lock connects to the gear shift was stuck or malaligned or something, if you pull out the cupholder...
I have to buy mine. So if you find free ones, Pass the word. If you search online, you can often one used. Cost is usually about 1/2 of new. Conditions vary.
Answer Lite & rough shift . \nWhat you describe sounds like a problem with the electronic part of trans such as solnoid in trans or wiring in, or outside the trans. a small amount of slipage will also put that light on in some vehicles.
Saturn Shop Foreman here. Cooling fan relay, bad temp sensor, open in fan motor, if you jump last two terminals in the diagnostic connector you should hear the relay click, you can put a test light across the fan plug to test the circuit after you have done this, hope this helps
Noise is the most telltale sign of bad wheel bearings.Specifically, a rumbling or growling noise while the car is moving,often louder during turns at a low speed, indicates that thebearings need repair or replacement.
Answer . this happens to me every time i wash the car...solution is to put the key in the on position and wait for 10 minutes. it will clear the path lock sensor and turn off the light.
There is a bolt under neath the tranny. take it out and drain the fluid. ATF fluid 2.6 quarts is the capacity of the tranny
to find starter...start at positive post on battery, follow big cable to end of which pointwill connect to starter
Answer . Many of the Saturn L series automatic transmissions do not have a dipstick. They are the "new breed" of transmissions that are SUPPOSED to be trouble free. When you take it in to have the transmission serviced they will make sure it is filled and not leaking. Other than that, follow the...
Colleen is an Irish name that means "Little Irish Girl"
Absolutely. If the head is put on the block while the timing is incorrect, or if the camshaft is turned while the crankshaft remains stationary, it is possible to do serious damage to the valves.
Answer . \nYou need a 9/16" box end wrench for the drain plug. The filter requires a special socket to remove the cap. I used to use a 1 1/4" open end wrench until I bought the socket from Snap-On.
In the center of the engine, under the black and silver coild pack. Remove the 4- 10mm bolts and lift up gently to disengage the spark plug boots.
A 50/50 mix of distilled water and Dexcool antifreeze.
This is usually a sign of severe internal engine wear of the cylinder walls and/or piston rings. A car with a problem such as this would probably use oil and emit blue colored smoke from the exhaust pipe when accelerating. This is a problem that most people should avoid when looking for a vehicle.
Fill your coolant to the level that it should be at. If it still comes on when the coolant is at its proper area, then it is an improper sensor. You will need to have it replaced immediately to reset the sensor.
look on the fill cap where it says 5w20 recommended
guaranteed make sure to have it resurfaced and pressure checked for cracks just went through one and ended up with a new head very common
You should be able to look up the trouble code in the Haynes manual for that vehicle. It should also tell you how to obtain and read the trouble code.
Hey Liz==Sunroofs are very hard to keep from leaking when you workon htem therfore it takes a special mechanic familiar with them towork on them. I always send them to the local car trim place. goodluck Joe Search for YouTube user Richpin. He has many Saturn tutorials, andI seem to remember one or...
Sensor is at the back of the transmission on the top. Purple and yellow wires going to it. 15/16 wrench to get it out
Certain Ions have an orange wire in the trunk that can rest on the floor by the battery. There is a connector that corrodes due to moisture in the trunk, causing gauges to become inop Check that connector for corrosion
You need the key code from the dealer. The cylinder has a specific code of numbered tumblers that the dealer only can get. You could try reading the numbers off the old cylinder but they are usually worn off Another answer It is not recommended that vehicle owners work on the steering column...
The price of an alternator can vary greatly, depending on . where you purchase it. . who will be installing it. . whether you need a new one or a used one will suit your needs. . whether you are capable of rebuilding yours. If you go to the dealer or a mechanic for a new one it will cost over ...
Most likely corrosion in the harness connector. Check the small connector terminals for a greenish colour or moisture. If present replace the coolant sensor connector
The "pcm" is located inside the passenger compartment under thedashboard tucked into the corner near the abs module on thedriver's side. The pcm is easily distinguished by the aluminum finsattached to the bottom of the module.
The cost for transmission repair depends on the type of failure orcomponent replacement needed. A fluid and filter change due to ageand shift quality can is a simple, routine and relativelyinexpensive procedure. The replacement of shift solenoids are alsovery easy. However some repairs may require...
Answer . The oil pump is located in the timing chain cover. If you are going to replace the oil pump, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a new timing chain also. Saturn sells a kit which includes both the chain and the oil pump.\n. \nOnce you have removed the timing chain cover, the...
Where the dipstick goes in underneath the battery tray.
.disconect negative battey terminal 2.raise vehicle. place on jack stands for safety 3.from under vehicle remove the starter brace 4.remove the wire harness from brace on transaxle bellhousing 5.remove the two bolts holding the starter. 6.lower slightly to gain access to the wires on the starter...
Answer . Pry off the kick panel. Then pry out the soft rubber cover that is under the kick panel that covers the opening. This will give you access to the back of the check link assembly. Remove the 1 bolt that holds the unit to the door and then remove the 2 nuts that hold the unit to the door...
Answer . 6-3/4". Answer . \nTry 6.5"... Answer . \nthey're 6 3/4
i have a 2005 ION 2 Coupe and i have 215/50R17 on my car and they just barly clear the front struts.
You need a 32mm short well socket (Advanced Auto Parts) and at least a 6 inch extension. Do not use pliers, you will get a hairline crack in the cap and the oil will flow out like melted butter.