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You would have to directly hook up the generator to your batteryterminals.
Honestly though alot of research online and personal experience it seems that on this particular vehicle theres a turn signal switch malfunction that conflicts with the ignition switch on the steering column whenever you hit your left turn signal...ie, you need to replace your ignition switch. there...
the lights are out on my dash, climate control and radiobuttons, but are ok (but very dim) on the odometer and radioclock/display. it's like someone turned the dimmer all the waydown. could the dimmer be bad? all my interior lights and automaticheadlights work.
It keeps the camshaft in time with the valves
This tire fits your vehicle: Goodyear Assurance ComfortredAll-Season tire P205/70R15 You can try to find some discount coupon at tire-coupons.org
replace the combination switch on the turn signal stalk
How does the culture of the Caribbean differ from culture ofcentral America
The relay is usually in the engine compartment of the fuse box.Open the fuse box cover can be found according to theidentification
Answer . I believe it is 153624 but you can call an auto parts store or go to one and look it up in a book most auto parts have that information in their computer and can tell you over the phone\n. \nThe answer according to O'Reillys Auto stores is 165342 and it runs clockwise.
This car uses a timing chain, there is no set time interval toreplace a timing chain, they last the life of the car in mostcases. My opinion "It has a timing chain and it needs to be changedand should be replaced every 150,000 to 174,000 miles most 90,000to 110,00 minimum." I can give you valuable...
depends on the year. but for a series 1 motor its all one piece. no need to drain the supercharger cuz it all comes out with the sythentic oil. i would upgrade the oil pump to a high volume one. for 1995 to 1999 models: If the reservoir is low, top it off with GM Supercharger oil P/N 12345982 (a...
Any Dextron past version three should be compatible with what you should be using.
Could be a bad thermostat or heater core
The lock and trunk circuit breaker for a 1994 Park Avenue could bein one of two places. It could be under the dash with the fuses orunder the hood with the relays in a distribution box.
sounds like an electrical issue. could be an ignition coil or ignition control module. It could also be an oil leak into the distributor. auto zone will hook them up to a computer and give you the diagnostic, likely is the oxygen sensor When my 94 was doing that, I replaced the distributor and...
If you can not remove fasteners from outside of trunk you must make a cut-out inside of trunk so you can get your hand to access bulbs.
There are no shortcuts for this job. The ignition module is located on the iginition coil pack. The coil pack is located on the engine block on the firewall side. Just follow the plug wires down to the coil pack, it is in a tight space. Feel around and find the 10 mm bolts holding the coil pack on....
The 1997-2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and 2003-2005 Chevy Impala/Monte Carlo SS also used the supercharged 3.8 V6 and were built on the same W platform as the Regal GS
If you're replacing the speaker just remove the grill but to take off the door panel remove screws on the handle there are two, remove one screw from behind the door release handle, there is one on the upper side of the door where is latches, there is one on the upper side where the door hinge is...
Using a screw driver, remove all of the screws and clips in thedoor panel, and gently pull the panel away from the frame. Removeany of the wire connectors, and pull the panel off the rest of theway.
Try getting the PCV pipe replaced. Mine had a problem with it conking-out at stops and on turns and that turned-out to be the problem. It could also be a vacuum leak.
Answer 1: You may need to replace the bulb. Answer 2: In my experience it indicates that one (front or rear) of the right turn signal bulbs has blown and needs replaced. If it blinks normal speed with the left turn signal then it's not likely to be the flasher relay. Hope this helps.
The General Motors 3800 Series II engine came equipped acrossmultiple platforms. The water pump is located on the side of theengine where the serpentine drive and accessory system is located.Removal will require the removal the belt and hand tools to unscrewthe holding bolts. A new gasket and...
I have a 2001 buick century custom, and recently had the same problem. What you need to replace is the car itself. But if you can't do that, go to advanced auto parts and buy some Bar's Leaks Liquid Copper. It costs just shy of $9. Just follow the instructions on the bottle, except let the engine...
Isn't a heater supposed to blow warm air?
haynes repair manual chapter 12-11will show you all chassis electrical system you could find this manual at any major auto part's store like advanced auto///
There may be something wrong with the accelerator. It might be timeto get the vehicle checked out to ensure nothing is wrong.
Answer . Look between the back of the engine and firewall The space is tight but you should be able to find rubber caps that cover up the spark plugs
When an O2 sensor is bad your car will not run efficiently. Youwill use more gas than you would normally use on a trip.
If you're not running sulphuric acid for coolant, there is no reason why a new heater core would wear out so quickly. If the parts you're using are not new, there is no way of knowing how long they will last. if at any time you have used stop leak the radiator could become clogged at the bottom...
how do you bypass pass key on 96 buick riviera? wire from key switch has been pulled out of connector? thanks. Carl.
Answer . Open the trunk lid and pull the upholstery from the rear of the trunk. You will find white and black plastic wing nuts. Remove the white ones on the side you are working on and swing the lens assembly up. If you don't like standing on your head to work on the lights, remove all of the...
check your owners manual i belive its 5 quarts
Could be a bad thermostat or heater core
Well obvusly it can depend on how much mileage the car has on it and how often its been mantianced, But for a well mantianced one its 17 city and 27 highway . .. its a combo of 21. If gas is lets say $3.07 a gallon it would cost you about $2192 a year to fill up. Hope that helped!
Odds are your Window Regulator has failed, since I'm assuming you other windows work just fine. Usually the window regulator fails one of two ways... The airplane or steel cable which pulls the lifting mechanism in the regulator breaks......OR The motor or it's gears, which are made of Teflon (I...
It is important to know the firing order of a cars engine. Thefiring order for the engine of a 2003 Buick Regal is 1-4-5-2-3-6.
Answer . Hey Rino==It shold be about 6#-15# at idle and 25#-45# at 55 mph. This is approxamate as the gauges on cars are not REAL accurate. If the factory put in gauges that were very precise, the price would have to go up another $500. If your oil preasure is much different than I have...
Under car by where engine and transmission meet on side closer to front of vehicle.
It is inside the gas tank. totally inaccessible unless you drop the tank.
Answer . Remove Wheels. Remove caliper mounting bolts. Slide caliper off rotor. Slide rotor off hub
A starter can go bad for many reasons. There could be a looseconnection that eventually burns it out. A chipped tooth on theflywheel can damage it. Or it could just go bad with age.
You may have a vacuum leak at the brake booster. Have the brake booster inspected.
Your parking lights may not be working due to a blown bulb or fuse.If you have checked both you may need to see a mechanic to makesure there is not any electrical problems.
the dealer attaches a little computer to it and does it for you...
I think they will. Not 100% sure though.
To remove the panel across the dash that covers the radio, the air deflectors must also be turned to one side and gently pushed down on with a flat tip at the top and pulled out. Get the flat tip right next to the pin to depress the tab. There are four additional screws behind them and failing to...
Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly Without being able to "hands on" troubleshoot the circuit served by the repeatedly blowing fuse, none of us can identify the specific defect which is causing your problem . Therefore, the following generic answer can be applied to any electrical circuit ,...
The power steering fluid dip stick is made to the reservoir cap.Pull the cap off to read the stick.
Answer . \nA 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water.
Driver's side front dash seam has a bad weld and is leaking. happened to my 2001 Lesabre, PGA tour edition. Destroyed the wiring harness under the flooring and I had to sell the car.
The ignition module is located under the three ignition coils. The same bolts that hold the coils in place also retain the module to the mounting bracket. To find the coils, follow the ignition wires from the front of the engine to where they attach at the rear. The wires clip to the coils.
1999 Buick Century Turn Signal Bulb Numbers can be looked up with the link below in Sources and Related Links.
your window regulator is going out.. 10-18-08. As the car gets old, grime restricts the movement of the glass in the door. Spray silicone or graphite lube on all mechanical joints and also along the rear edge window guide of the door.
Answer . Oil reset button? What are you referring too? Never heard of an oil reset button.
Unless you are a very experienced mechanic, this is not a job for the home mechanic. The computer or ECM is located in the far upper right passenger side of the dash. Located against the engine firewall. It involves removing part the glovebox, part of the heating system and working around airbag...
In my '04 it's fuse 32 in the fuse box near the engine.
It is dependent on what model of Buick and whether it is equipped with steel or alloy wheels.
Perhaps the blower motor has burned out.. When you say that the relays are working indicates you've followed the circuit out to them. Now go from there to the motor and make sure there is power that far. If there is power to the motor and you have a good ground and it still does not work: replace...
Carefully monitor the temperature gauge and top of with coolant and water then short distance and slow driving may be. Long and hilly road may be a problem. Bring extra 2-3 gallon of water in case the radiator overheated. Coolant may cost $6-$9/gallon. New radiator starting from $70. So do the math...
the power steerin hose on the buick lesabre 1994 3.8 are VERY difficult to get to and change. they lay behind the enine and the car must be put up on a rack or jacked way up. if on a rack they are not too haqrd. but on the floor forget it, have it done
You will need to go through the pulley of the power steering pump through the holes provided, loosen the bolts and back the pump off far enough to provide necessary clearance. Thanks for the help, I figured it out.
I think you just have to press the "set" button and adjust the time by using other buttons (probably fast-forward & rewind). When in doubt, contact a GM dealer's service center or buick.com customer service.
Which relay is the starter relay on a 1994 buick lesabre
Answer . \nAre u using super unleaded gas? if so stop!! use only regular . the super has to high of a fuel voltality and causes stalling when cold.
Take it to the dealer crushed metal gasket or something Replaced w rubber and a boot and rocks up in the awd driveshaft. Cost me $300
my headlights wont come on at night i changed the sensor and still not coming on
one is located under the back seat and the other is located under the hood of the car.
It's located under the rear passenger seat.
Answer . you have to replace the whole panel it is all electronic you should have know problem finding one cheep because several different cars will fit
Answer . I believe it is the 4L60 which was orignally named the 700R4 . But it was renamed when the 4L60E was introduced.
the blower motor is under the dash on the passenger side of the car
The firing order for 78 Regal with a 305 v8 is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. Thenumber one cylinder is the front one on the drivers side.
\nThere is a real hook to this. With the knob at the bottom position you push in a "L" shaped piece of thin coathanger at the top of the handle between the panel and knob and try to snag the top of a clip holding the handle on. Reinstalling is easy. Put the clip on the knob shaft and push it back on...
Check the vacuum line that comes from the engine is connected to the firewall. Mine had become disconnected and caused some strange operation. All the controls operate on vacuum so hope this helps.
Answer . \nyes there is- its called walking back to the fuel door and opening it like any other car.
No such item -- "relay sensor". However, relays themselves are located: 1. in the Relay Center -- behind the glove box (open glove box, pull rear wall tab toward you while continue opening: dump glove box contents on floor). Behind and to the right, at kick panel. 2. in the engine compartment, at...
under front of motor there are two bolts on bottom side of starter that's it but make shure you disconect battery and take the power wires off side of starter
The power steering reservoir is located below the back, right side if the engine. First, remove the two screws that mount the antifreeze reservoir, lift it up (with hoses attached) and move it toward the radiator to make room to reach the power steering reservoir cap. Then, reach down the back,...
Where do you find starter relay for 99 buick lesabre custom