James Monroe

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President of the United States from 1817 to 1825 and is well known for the Monroe Doctrine.
July 4 is the only day in the calendar year to be the death date of three Presidents of the United States - these have been: John Adams (died 1826) Thomas Jefferson (died 1826) James Monroe (died 1831).
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My History book says that President James Monroe was with the Republican party..
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Westmoreland County, Virginia was his hometown
The president after Thomas Jefferson and before James Monroe is James Madison.
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he was in the American revolution
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President: James Monroe (1758 - 1831) Term: March 4, 1817 - March 4, 1825 Background: Monroe was born into a slave holding family. His parents were Spence Monroe who was a woodworker and a tobacco farmer, and Elizabeth Jones Monroe who had several land holdings. Monroe was born in...
James Monroe served as the fifth U.S. president from 1817 to 1825.
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The Monroe Doctrine (written mainly by John Quincy Adams)
Monroe College has three campuses: Bronx, NY; New Rochelle, NY; and on the island of St. Lucia.
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He lived in Westmoreland Virginia
The 5th President of the United States was James Monroe from March 4, 1817 to March 4, 1825
He was remembered because he was the 5th president of the United States and because of the Monroe Doctrine.
from heart failure and tuberculosis on July 4, 1831
vIn 1816, Rufus King (Pinckney's two-time running mate) and John E. Howard challenged Democratic-Republican James Monroe and Daniel D. Tompkins.. vMonroe/Tompkins received 76,592 popular votes and 183 electoral votes, compared to King/Howard's 34,740 and thirty-four respectively..
His dad was Spence Monroe, who was a planter and farmer.
1774, he began his studies at the College of William and Mary
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James Monroe looked up to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison as his "role-models" in political matters.
First of all, the correct way to ask that question would be :"Where did James Monroe go to school?" If you mean college, he went to William and Mary College.
The U.S. should block outside interference in Latin America.
James Monroe did read. He read a lot of books about law, especiallythe ones that Thomas Jefferson recommended to him to read.
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Thomas Jefferson went to William and Mary at age 16 he was a diligent student. He mainly studied Natural philosophy which is math and physics and Moral philosophy which is ethics and Rhetorical analysis.
He was not overly bookish- quit college to join the revolution. Hewas an excellent solder and always impressed his officers, rapidlymoving up the chain of command. After he left the army, he became alawyer, went into politics and soon became a US senator. He thenwas made a diplomat and was...
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No one killed James Monroe. He died in New York City from heart failure and tuberculosis on July 4, 1831.
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James Monroe spoke fluent French.
Because James joined the Marines and left home so he and Norma grew apart and this fueled her ambition as a model. She finally put her career before her marriage when she demanded that James sign the divorce papers because she was told as a married woman she didn't have much of a chance landing a...
James and Elizabeth Kortright Monroe had two daughters and a son who died in infancy. They were" Eliza Kortright Monroe Hay ( July 27, 1787-1835) wife of George Hay Maria Hester Monroe Gouveneur ( 1804- Jun 20, 1850) wife of Samuel L. Gouveneur A son, James Spence Monroe born in 1799,...
\nHe did many things, he is really known for the Monroe Doctrine.
Monroe ran against Rufus King in 1816. The more serous oppositioncame from his own party and Secretary of War Willimam Crawford fromGA. In 1820,he did not have anybody who wanted to run against him.
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_were_james_monroe_weaknesses "
James Monroe signed the revolutionary war
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His sisters were:Elizabeth Monroe Buckner His brothers were:Spence Monroe, Andrew Monroe,and Joseph Jones Monroe.
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Yes, he died July 4th, 1831.
The men's clothing style of the time were woolen knee britches, a wool coat, vest, and linen shirt with a tie at the neck. He would have had on socks to cover the legs to the knee and a leather shoes. At hat was also worn that was in the tricorn style with a wig. This was not clothing that was cool...
He became president in the year 1817. ~hope this answers it!~ :D
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James Monroe entered the College of William and Mary when he was 16years old. He was the last president who was a Founding Father ofthe US.
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The US owned part of West Florida from the Louisiana Purchase, butmost of Florida was a Spanish colony in 1817 when Monroe first tookoffice. Soon thereafter, the US sent troops under Andrew Jacksoninto Florida to restore order and fight the Indians who were makingraid up North and returning South to...
He issued the Monroe Doctrine. Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine and Missouri entered the Union. Florida was purchased from Spain.
September 23, 1830 was the day of deth for Elizabeth KortrightMonroe, She born June 30,1768, 62 years earlier.