Woodrow Wilson

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The 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson saw the country through World War 1. He was unable to convince the US that the League of Nations was a viable effort.
In Wilson's fourteen points he rallied for the need of a League ofNations and felt that without the nation being a part of thisleague, war would be inevitable in the nation's future. Ultimately,the League of Nations was formed but without the United States.
Woodrow Wilson lived in new Jersey before he became president.
The Fourteen Points were a series of proposals drawn up byPresident Wilson that outlined his goals for a just and lastingpeace. They were used as the basis for Treaty of Versailles whichended World War I.
Because Wilson was trying to stop the war to have peace instead of fighting.
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Birthplace: Staunton, Virginia
Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points was how in confronted radicalismabroad immediately following WWI. The purpose of the document wasfor peace.
His idea would basically limit the abuses of economic power by large corporations (but not regulate) revive competition in the social order reserve political and economic liberty give a strong federal gov. and restrain private power
Woodrow Wilson gave the Fourteen Points speech so it would be knownwhat the United StatesÕ long term objectives were for World War I.The Fourteen Points addressed diplomacy, the League of Nations, andfreedom of the seas as well as colonial and territorial claims.
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After Wilson's stroke, his wife was called the first woman president. Many believe she took over much of his decision making. Her nickname was Mrs. President
He went to a private elementary school and went on to college at Davidson and what is now Princeton where he received an undergraduate degree. He went to law school at U of VA but dropped out without a degree. He continued to study law on his own and passed the bar exam. After practicing law for a...
Wilson pushed for the proposal and ratification of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which makes a a federal income tax legally possible. Before this amendment, the federal government could not impose any direct or "head" tax on its citizens.
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Wilson wanted to dismantle the current imperial order of the worldby offering eventual self-rule to colonies as addressed in PointFive. He also wanted the European sections of the two fallenempires to have independence immediately.
Clemenceau, the Prime Minister of France, and Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain (three of the Big Four) were at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. They disagreed with the Fourteen Points mainly because Germany wasn't punished as much as they wanted them to be.
President John Adams was the father of President John Quincy Adams.
The League of Nations, which will eventually fall due to the United States not entering.
To help install a good leader instead of another dictator taking over.
28th president 1912-1920
Well, he was killed. he died of a stroke and his life ended suddenly. Its not really a bad thing, but it was to him!
Woodrow Wilson was born in Virginia, and as a small boy witnessedthe Confederates marching down his road. But, Wilson had been President of Princeton University in NewJersey, and also Governor of New Jersey, before running forPresident, and was considered by most as being from Jersey.
Yes, Wilson was a Democrat.
No simple answer applies but in large part it can be traced to his association with Princeton University; many Ivy League faculty members, with Harvard leading the way, became enraptured by experimentations with socialism and progressivism that were ongoing in parts of Europe, New Zealand and...
it means that it is peace with out victory
Yes, he was very progressive he was far ahead of his time and always worked to improve life while in office. He reformed education and made great strives to enforce peace after world war I. He also created the basis of what would later be the league of nations and united nations
Only one for the full eight years.
Yes he did, But later after war, he was injured. Some people think that it was the surprise attacks in the war that made him jumpy for months later.
After the Treaty of Versailles 1919, they were not allowed to have a military force. They had to give up some of their territory (a major cause of WWII), and they were forced to pay reparations for the damages to other countries and for their war costs (another cause of WWII). I am not sure why the...
he reminded them that there would be a battle soon and it was useless to fight amoungst themselves
His plan for peace after World War I became known as the Fourteen Points.
establishment of a tax based on individual income
He relied on the party loyalty of the Democrats in Congress
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Margaret Woodrow Wilson (16 April 1886 - 12 February 1944); Jessie Woodrow Wilson (28 August 1887 - 15 January 1933);. Margaret Woodrow Wilson (16 April 1886 - 12 February 1944); Jessie Woodrow Wilson (28 August 1887 - 15 January 1933);
Columbus, New Mexico was attacked by Francisco "Pancho Villa".
personally delivered his presidential address to congress
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Yes, every President except George Washington got the opportunityto live in the White House. The White House wasn't built yet at thetime Washington was in office.
Woodrow Wilson was a smart fellow and he graduated from Princeton right before he became president. He had 1 wife, but she died. Then he re-married a few months after the death. He was nice and steady when near people he knew, but scared and secretive when he was with people that he didn't know....
He and Theadore Rosevelt felt that the government shold supervise the growth of big buisnesses and trusts.
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no he supported segragation in the southern states
by accelerating the segregation of African Americans in the federal bureaucracy
President Wilson proposed his 14 points because he believed thatthey would establish world peace, ease tensions between countries,and prevent another major war.
He was trying to keep every body clamed down when world war 1 was happening.
Wilson was dead by WWII, having died in February of 1924
He didn't really understand what was going on in Mexico. He thought by invading Mexico he would actually help the people during the Mexican Revolution. However, when American troops landed in the port of Veracruz, both sides of the revolution saw this as another example of foreign interventionism in...
To help France and Britain when the war over Germany
He was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.
The resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany. Taking the SAT test?
there was economic problems and he could noy afford it. economic: food, shelter, life.
He was elected in 1912 and reelected in 1916. He was in office from March 4, 1913 to March 4, 1921.
The 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, was a Presbyterian.
refusal of Germany to accept the Fourteen Points as a basis for peace negotiations