John Quincy Adams

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The 6th President of the United States from 1825 to 1829, he was the son of the 2nd US President.
There is a statue/memorial of him in Manhattan.
he development of the American System - high tariffs, internalimprovements, and reform of the national bank and currency. Underhis presidency, the Cumberland Road was extended into Ohio and theChesapeake and Ohio Canal was started. His most famous legislation may be the Tariff of 1828 (aka...
He was chubby and was the first president to become president after his father. He was careless in how he dressed ( he wore the same hat for 10 years...)and always had eye problems, although he went his whole life without glasses. In 1832, he published a 108 pg. book of his own poetry. .
The alien and sedition laws which Adams approvedof, were quite unpopular and were a campaign issue, since Jeffersonwho was running against Adams was against them .
He became president in 1797 at age 57.
No, he had three sisters and two brothers. His brothers wereCharles and Thomas Boylston Adams. His sisters were ElizabethAdams, Abigail Adams Smith and Susanna Adams.
He is tan.But a little dark.
Could be either. Not for nothing was a family slogan- As Above, So Below! there was a German marching song in World War I on this theme- and as we go on advancing to the Foe!-= As Above, ( four beats), So Below- the reference being to the chain of command. The Adams (note spelling) family was the...
He was the son of John Adams, president, and congressmen .
Most Americans feared that federal government would become too powerful.
John Quincy Adams died on February 23, 1848 at the age of 80.
Adams was Commander in Chief since he was the president. Nothing major war happened during his presidency, so he wasn't known for being commander in chief.
Well, his father, John Adams, was the 2nd president of the united states. So he wanted to be president also. He wasn't the smartest president that ran the country and he kinda started the depression.
John Quincy Adams had two brothers--Charles and Thomas. He had three sisters--Abigail "Nabby," Susanna and Elizabeth, who was stillborn.
Andrew Jackson may have been our seventh president, but he was first in many ways. He was the first populist president who did not come from the aristocracy, he was the first to have his vice-president resign and he was the first to marry a divorcee. This was something John Adam spoke about during...
He was a lawyer and sometimes stayed home watching all 5 kids. He worked on a farm also, having 32 farm animals.
President John Adams was the father of President John Quincy Adams.
Former President John Adams did have a lisp.
Every president contributed to the greater good of the country. Some more than others. John Adams was not a a failure, he is actually above average.
John Quincy Adams was in office 1829-1837 which is 8 years in office.
He became president of the United States he served one term. I know this might not help much I'm searching to but it's taking a while!
In 1824, John Q. Adams was elected U.S. President by the U.S. House of Representatives, each state casting one vote (13 states voted for him; 10 states voted against him).
The Northeast and New England
I think it is dark blue but I'm not 100 percent sure. :)
His oldest sons name was John and his nickname was tiny dick.
Abigail Smith Adams had a strong molding on John Quincy Adams education after ther war had deprived Braintree Massachusetts of its only schoolmaster.
Adams was picked because Henry Clay urged members of the House to vote for Adams.
Adams pushed for a program of economic growth through internal improvements,but his plan backfires and opposition to him grew.
shift from a farming-based economy to a manufacturing one
with the peace treaty of 1800's
In those days, one either talked in person or sent notes or letters. There were no telephones or telegraphs.
John Adams was on the leading founding fathers, a part of the American Independence movement from its beginning. He played an important role as a diplomat in Europe for the revolutionary government. He was the second U.S. President and the first Vice President. Father of John Quincy Adams. He died...
He was related to the 2nd president of the U.S., John Adams.
he arranged a series of secret meetings before Thomas Jefferson took office,
John Quincy Adams was home-schooled by his father and two of his father's law clerks until he was 10. When he was 11, he accompanied his father on a diplomatic mission to France in 1778 where he studied at the Passy Academy, near Paris, and went to the Netherlands with his father in 1780, and...
he said "i have not yet begun to fight"
Nothing is named after John Quincy Adams.
John Quincy Adams was named after his grandfather on his mother's side. His grandpa died right before he was born.
John Adams defended the British ,because he was generally a good man.
He spent four years in office
John Quincy Adams served as President of the United States between March 4, 1825 and March 4, 1829. In that time, no states were added to the union.
The date was March 4, 1825.
He was born in Boston where his father was active in revolutionary activities. He witnessed the Battle of Bunker Hill when he was eight and had first hand knowledge of the beginning of the Revolution. He spent seven years in Europe with his family living in several different places then came back...
Abigail Adams had 6 children. Her 3rd child died and her 6th child died still born.
He wrote "Thoughts on Goverment" that was were sent by inhabitants of Braintree to its representatives in Massachusetts legislature.
For starters the John Q. Adams is 100% an authentic signature, the Jackson is a 50-50 chance on authentication, and the Van Buren is a secretary signature. Halfway into Jacksons time as president he quit signing land grants, so after Jackson are secretaries and prior are authentic. There are a few...
He was born in 1823, April 18, and he died 1911, February 24 when Bill Murray shot him in the eyeball.
John Adams was the father of John Quincy Adams. Also, John was the 2nd pres. and Quincy was the sixth. John Adams was actually John Adams Jr. or John Adams the second, as his father was John Adams Sr. John Adams Sr. was not a president.
He was no Washington. He could not look good sitting on a horse and he was not gracious. Also, he had Jefferson as his vice-president and Jefferson did not agree with him on most things.
yes, he was a very good leader. he was a very strict though
I am not sure which "Dorothy Quincy Adams" you are asking about.There was a Dorothy Quincy, but her married name was Hancock, andshe was the wife of John Hancock; today, the Quincy home is atourist site in the city of Quincy MA, as is the Adams home, whereJohn and Abigail lived. The Quincy family...
His body lies between the bodies of his father and his wife in a vault beneath the United First Parish Church in Quincy, Mass.
John Adams and Abigail Smith were married in her parents' home in Weymouth Massachusetts.
he invented speed bumps
He knew a lot about keeping it neutral with other countries.
Old Man Eloquent . John Quincy Adams' nickname was Old Man Eloquent. As the only former president (in addition to being the son of a former president and founding father) in Congress, Adams was uniquely positioned to use his oratory skills to speak out on various critical issues, primarily arguing...
No, President John Adams served as Washington's Vice-President from 1789-1797 and as such was the titular "President of the Senate", but he was never elected to serve in that body. His son, John Quincy Adams (6th US President) served in the U.S. Senate from 1803 until being replaced by the...
the son of John Adams Sr. like his father he became president also.
he was born in Gary,Indiana He died in his office
\n. \n. \nJohn Quincy Adams was from Massacheusets
Quincy,Massachusettes on his family farm
There are so many people in the world and each one has their own opinion, so some people enjoyed having him as a president and others didn't.
No. There were no US Military actions during his presidency.
he wasnt presidant anymore because he lost the election to Thomas Jefferson. He wanted to be presidant for longer but he couldn't
he helped end slavery in african americans
Queen Charlotte was the wife of King George III who was on throne when John Adams was president. When John Quincy Adams was president King George IV was the king and his wife had died so there was no queen.
Father and son, and Presidents of the US.
he was older than Abigail Adams!
A program for roads, canals, national universities and much more modern things, as well as factories and indrustialism
serious, determined, hard worker, strong, and good
No,he was the 6th,however Andrew Jackson was the 7th. For further reference look here HTTP://
John Adams avoided war with France. The French people didn't like it, but he thought it was a big accomplishment. Hope this helps! :)
John Quincy is famous because he was the sixth president of the united states.(: