Laos is a small country in Southeast Asia. It borders Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), and China.
There are no trams in Laos, only buses, but the Lao word for train is lot fai.
myanmar, cambodia,china, thiland,and vietnam
its almost the same as Chinese but pronounce different: Phooj Ywg
We originally came from Mongolia, then we migrated to China and they kicked us out. So we went to Laos and Thailand.
Dag xub. Pronounce: Da su
Laos is a country in southern Asia close the the equator, anything near the equator is going to have a tropical climate, Sweden is at the top of the north-eastern end of Europe near the artic circle, one is near somthing hot making the climate hot, the other is clod making its climate cold
Nyob zoo pronounced( Nyah Zhong)
(lows, lah-ohs) Mountainous, landlocked republic in South Asia, bordered by Burma to the northwest, China to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the west. Its capital and largest city is Vientiane. . Part of French Indochina from 1893 to 1949, it was granted...
Hmong is not a country, it is a heritage. There is no specific country the Hmong can call their own, but they can be found in mainly Laos, Thailand, and China. In rare cases, they can be found in many of the countries around these three.
You in Lao is - Jao
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bol! nama kanaka maha sudharsana narashrimahdeva
Hmoob Dawb dress in Hmong outfit with a plain white dress.
it's definitely soccer and sepak takraw.
In some forms or another but limited. Cal is making the most progress as they are encouraging History classes to include the role of the Hmong during the Vietnam war.
Because the U.S. govt is only interested in itself and money. I would hope you do not judge the American people for this for many of us do not approve of the selfish and sometimes down right idiodic acts of our government...and there is little we can do to change it.
the US is liars! they said they will help us hmong people but left half of us in the jungles.. with no food no help... the US even tried to avoid us.. pretending that all the hmong people in the jungle is okay.... i hope that one day we can help our hmong people so they won't have to go thru with of...
only if the president know about hmong people that's still in the jungle. i think the hmong people would like to stay there anyway. only if the president know about hmong people that's still in the jungle. i think the hmong people would like to stay there anyway.
The only people in South Vietnam that the average "front line grunt" came in contact with were the Montagnards; other than ARVNs & the enemy. The Montagnards were, as the men were told, the original inhabitants of Vietnam...and these folks lived in the mountains (the Central Highlands)...thus the...
Lao's borders Vietnam west side. Laos is a country and Vietnam is another country they are independent. Laos is not in Vietnam, it is a neighbor.
the fist thing you should do is spell it back this how you spell it backwards gnomh
It depends...the women call the daughter in laws Nyab (pronounced Nee-ah) and the boys call her Niam ntaim (Nee- ah dye).
The U.S made an agreement with the Hmong people to help them fightthe Secret war. The promise was to bring Hmong to America if theyhelp the American in this war. At that time Hmong people were beingtreated poorly because they were immigrants living in Vietnam andbeing hated upon by other subgroups....
Same as with everybody else (Irish, Germans, Chinese, Italians, Vietnamese, Russians, etc.); they had to adapt to the new language and customs of their new home. As a special note, you'll notice the "approximate" chronological order of the above listed nationalities. The Chinese arrived as early as...
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The Plain of Jars is located on the Xieng Khouang Plateau islocated at the northern end of the Annamese Cordillera , in Laos. The Plain of Jars is a massiveburial site (extending through multiple areas) dating back to theIron Age (500 BC to AD 500), e.g. a prehistoric site. The jars,arranged from 1...
lao stands for laos and laotion -lexusphengphong
Will you marry me in Hmong is: Koj puas kam yuav kuv?
As a result of the Vietnam War, both Laos and Cambodia weredestabilized. Their pre-war monarchies were replaced with Communistgovernments supported by Vietnam and China. In Cambodia, thisgovernment was the Khmer Rouge, which was later removed from powerin 1979 by the Vietnamese. The Lao People's...
When you spell it in hmong its "aw" but it is said differently
If you have the address you can easily mail a letter to anywhere, including to Laos. Write the address clearly, spacing it out the way it is written, then the post office will tell you the cost of a stamp.
Laos is not a capital city. Laos is a country. The capital of Laosis Vientiane. Until 1991, the city of Lagos was the capital ofNigeria in Africa. The capital of Nigeria is now Abuja.
There are 18 Hmong last names. . Xiong . Cha . Chang . Lee . Vue . Vang . Yang . Lor . Thao . Moua . Her That's all the ones I could name so far.
Laotian or 'Lao' people Laotion and for fact i am laotion -lexusphengphong
Vientiane is the capital, and Luang Prabang is the ancient capital.
Since the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) was using the neutral countries of Lao's & Cambodia as routes of march & storage depots, the US bombed those areas and operated covert missions there. Unable to utilize US/Allied conventional ground forces in those areas, the US recruited the neutral Hmong...
\n. they were aducted by alien\n.
nothing... there is nothing in Laos. except waterfalls and old people
"Noj" is how you spell eat in Hmong
you can with your friends. also you can kill the lower rank laoshanlung if you have strong enough weapons and armors but first, all you have to do is survive the time or defend the fortress til times runs out. if you manage to kill it , you can carve it 9x...
They must finish six years of primary school and three years of junior high school..
Lao Kip (LAK) ₭
traps farms lakes vase
Niam Tais - maternal grandmother Pog - paternal grandmother
After a period as a French protectorate it gained independence in 1949. So the nationality of Lao is Lao. - Moocats
The Hmong are in America because of the Vietnam War. Since Laos is right next to Vietnam, the CIA has built their military based on Long Ching and humanitarian based on Sam Tong. There are a lot of Hmong that lived in these two areas, so the American recruited the Hmong to help guard the Ho Chi Minh...
As of June 2014, Choummaly Sayasone is the President of Laos, andThongsing Thammavong is the country's Prime Minister. The capitalof Laos is Vientiane.
How do you say Today in Hmong?
Xam Neua is a city in Laos.
Laos ( Lao People's Democratic Republic ) - 91,429 square miles.
There are organisations that monitor the persecution of Christians in Laos and distribute information on their plight. Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors, and Operation World are a few of these organisations. The first two in particular can provide personal stories from those who have or are...
There are 6,967,872 people in Laos in 2010
it is known for elephants
Buddhism, Animism, Brahmins, small number of Christians and Islam
hmong people left laos because... the didnt want to be prisoners so they crossed the big river over to Thailand to not be prisoners...
Laos is about 236,800 square kilometers (according to the CIA World Factbook).
Yes. Still being persecuted by the Communists. Saw a documentary about 12 months ago. A western reporter and camera crew came across a group of Hmong people hiding out in the jungle hills in Northern Laos. They were literally on their knees begging the reporter for help. Some also had bullet wounds.
The Hmong people themselves say that they originally came from a cold northern homeland; this was probably the Huang He valley of northern China. Before that, they may have migrated from the Amur river valley in the far north in a wave of Austric invasion. They existed on the Huang He as a great and...
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No South Korea is a lot bigger than Laos
Laos is in a tropical area, closer to the equator than Portugal.
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I am going to write this like how it is pronounced and not like it is actually spelled so it can be understood better for the question asker : aung moh yay , or yan yan kay ee (let's kiss).
It's somewhere in asia. Try an atlas!. love,. Justine for JUSTICE!. Posted by Mrs. Hubers class, Justine at Hermosa Elementary School