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Chevy Corsica is a compact front wheel drive vehicle manufactured by General Motor (1987-1996). It is available in two styles and four trims and is designed with the L-body platform.
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Answer . Try a higher octane gas and see if that helps. Answer . Your engine may be getting too hot. Check to see if your radiator fan comes on.\nor\nTake your Ignition Module to an autozone and have it tested.
If the coolant fan does not operate on a Chevy Corsica, it islikely that a fuse is out. There could also be a mechanical defectin the fan or wiring.
Can 1992 Corsica transmission fit in 1992 grand prix se both with a 3.1 motor and both are kick down?
I used to work at a salvage yard that also sold parts and what they used to clean aluminum heads with was this stuff called aluma-clean. Unless this is at home I would suggest B-12 Chem-tool which works really good at breaking down carbon buildup. Then use brake cleaner to rinse because brake fluid...
probably not, unless it has under 50 000 km, and it looks great, it sounds like a 50 dollar car,(scrap dealer)
You have the classic symptoms of a bad coil pack! Have been thru this about 6 times in the last 8 years. Check them. Could also not hurt to check fuel pressure/fuel filter
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Answer . \nIt is located on the driers side front of the car. It will be in a rectangular box painted black. There should be two silver tabs on the box. Lift up on the tabs and open the box and there is the dirty air filter.
there is no breaker, u have to replace the fuse
Answer . \nOil capacity is 4.5 qts. Firing order is listed on the engine.. Chevy Corsica Answer . Firing order is 1=2=3=4=5=6 Look here to see how to connect the wires to the coil packs.\n. \n
you just need to make sure that it is full almost to the top now if you have put alot of water in the past you need to drain it and refill it with all anti freeze all the way
Answer . The exact same thing has been happening to my Corsica for a little while now. I just took it into the shop yesterday and today they told me that the trans fluid was dirty, air-filter dirty, cracked water pump (my car was leaking anti-freeze). I don't know exactly what has caused it,...
Answer . remove platic trim panel that goes aroung radio and heater controls the remove to bolts located on bottom side of radio 10mm i think pull radio out disconnect wiring harness and ant from back
Answer . \nYou need to remove the left front tire and inner fender cover to see where the leak is. The problem may be a broken hose. I need to do this also in the next week or so on my 93 due to a large fluid leak and I can't see where it is because of the brake master system.\n. \nBasically- the...
Sign up for ALLDATA.COM, IT COST $14.95 A year but it's worth it, it has everything you can imagine about your vehicle.T Hemple Answer I have misplaced the nuber but remember that it was Helm Publications that you would get it from. If you contact a Chevy dealer and ask for the home office nuber...
Answer . \nMost library carry auto repair manuals with diagrams of your year and make of car.
There are two. An upper and lower on the backside of the engine in the center. I've replaced both and one has 3 prongs and the other 2. For a while, I had a 2 prong in place of the 3 prong. It didn't seem to matter. The only way to get there is from beneath the car.
The gas tank on a 1990 Chevy Corsica is 15.6 gallons. A 1990 ChevyCorsica takes unleaded gas not premium.
Answer . I am assuming what you mean is your interior lights and head lights are kinda blinking while your car is running. If this is the case go down to your local auto parts store and get your alternator tested. It is very possible that it is not pushing enough amps. If this is not the case you...
The 1991 Chevrolet Corsica dashboard speakers measure 3.5 inches indiameter. The front door speakers measure four inches by fiveinches. The rear speakers measure five inches by seven inches.
Probably a fuse. I didn't think they were on the same circuit but they could be. check that first.
Answer . \nIt does not have a governor. It may have a rev limiter which is comouter controlled.
I was just browsing online for Chevy Corsica heater core and found they were being sold for $53 at plus free shipping. It looks like a decent deal to me and the suppliers seem pretty competent in the aftermarket auto parts business. You can check out their website for more details.
Answer . There are several safety mechanisms for the Chevy Corsica. if you accidently left the car out of park when you turned of the car, in some models if your lights are left on it wont let you take out the key.
answer . 29s, i replaced the oil pressure sender on my 92 corsica 3.1 and i did it while having my starter changed because it is located directly above the starter on the engine block.
Sounds like a timing problem. Your belt may have slipped or broke. try to remove part of the front cover over the belt and look as someone trys to start it. if the belt doesn't move, it's broke. You can also chech the timing by turning the motor by hand until the timing marks are lined up. the...
you apparently have a manual transmission or you would have found the dipstick/filler tube commonly yellow in this year range as is our 95 corsica! manual trannies don't usually require fluid until full servicing. but in the case you do need it, should be steel plug about 1/2 way up the side of...
Actually, the firing order is 612345.. 1 3 5 with 1 and 2 being on the passenger side of the car. 2,4,6 are front of car.. 2 4 6. hope that helps.
Answer . \nI had to take the bolts off of the fan. Remove the plastic fan cover. Diconnect 2 hoses underneath. Watch for oil. disconnet hoses on top. Unbolt radiator and remove. \n. \nMake sure all hoses fit on new radiator. I have to remove twice since i didnot check
Answer . \nReplacing a thermostat is a relatively easy task. If your temperature gauge is running way down on the low side and your heater isn't putting out much heat, it's time to replace the thermostat. Here is a description of how to change a thermostat. The exact location of your thermostat...
Answer . follow the spark plug wires to the cap, find the two screws holding the cap down to the distributor,with a screwdriver press down and turn the screw 180 degree's and then the other one, pull the cap off, put the new cap on, make sure the cap is down where it belongs, push the screws down...
Answer . have to first remove front wheel or wheels, then remove brake calipers two bolts with hex heads in back of caliper, remove rotor should come rite off after removing brakes(caliper). you will see one large nut in center of the wheel housing which is the part your replaceing as the bearings...
If the door on a 1993 Corsica opens from the inside and not theoutside, one issue is likely the problem. The linkage connectingthe outside door handle is disconnected or broken. It is alsopossible that the door lock is faulty.
Radiator plugged or restricted? May need to be boiled out. Cooling fan not working?. water pump not circulating coolant?
The brake lines on a 96 Corsica can be fixed by replacing damagedsections with new lines. This will improve braking and preventcatastrophic failures.
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It is as simple as removong 2 bolts and replacing the mount. Goodluck, JOe
Selnoid has gone out in the transmission not allowing it to downshift to first when slowing down then stopping.
answer, just replaced my alternator (1995 chey corsica), lift up on the belt ( this will pull up on the tensior), jam a piece of soft wood underneath the tensior (carefully). That way you have more freeplay to put the belt over the pulley on the alternator. It works and takes only 5 minutes. ....
Answer . Hey keith==Follow the fuel line from the tank tp the engine and you will find it inline. Good luckJoe. Answer . \nit is located under the car behind the gas tank over the rear axle on passenger side.
Change out coil packs
if i remember right, they are riveted on. grind the heads off or use an air hammer with a chisel in it. if this doesn't give you a good idea, please don't do the repair yourself, lives are at risk.
I have a 95 Corsica with the 3.1 V6. I do all my own work, and this is the one thing that I hate doing. The way that I have been told to do it is similar to how I must do it in our 97 LeSabre. The front engine mount must be undone. You have to support the motor from the bottom, or it you have an...
on the valve cover as your faceing the car you will see a hose on the left side of the vavle cover. This hose goes to the intake plentum. the hose on the valve cover end goes to a connection that has a 19 mm nut screwed into the valve cover.loosen this nut remove the plastic cover and look in vavle...
Answer . \nFirst you need to find which one is bad. After you find out which one is bad you remove the 02 sensor from the exhaust pipe with an 02 sensor socket. Then you disconnect the sesor from the electrical connector. After that you can install the new one. Be carefull it's not the easist...
no By L024308 10-7-2008 I just changed one. I took the lower part of the dash loose. To take the lower part of the dash loose remove 2 nuts on the outside corners of dash and remove a screw in each of the 2 brackets toward the center of the dash. There were 2 bolts that hold the steering wheel to...
Hey Richard==It is quite involved but if you want to try it get a manual on your car. It will have pictures and everything. GoodluckJoe Replacing the head gasket on any vehicle is a long and complicated process, however if you wish to see basic step-by-step instructions go to the related question...
Some sensors may have changed values. Engines temp sensor bad. MAF needs cleaning. Air filter needs replacement. There are many sensors feeding the engine control computer and even it may have a problem. LOL chances are it maybe the TCC switch stuck on if it has one been a long time since i worked...
If there are two conductors leading to the switch, just disconnect them both from the switch, strip them to the bare wire, and short them together. If that doesn't work, tape them apart and try that. If there is only one conductor leading to the switch, it either needs to be stripped and bolted...
Answer . Low pressure side of compressor (larger hose)
Answer . \nFirst you have to jack the car take off the wheel then remove the brake caliper then remove the sway bar bushing ,then remove the lower ball joint from the shock then remove the bolt that holds the lower control arm in . one towards the front and one towards the back . then remove the...
I went to my local AutoZone and ask that question they gave me a (free) key like thing that goes under your dash (they even showed me a picture of where to place the key)turn your ignition on and count the flashes on your service engine light, then call AutoZone and they will tell you what the...
look on the side wall of the tire for max psi that is the tire pressure
Answer . \nIn the 1994 Corsica 3.1 Litre the radiator hoses ar at the lower RH end and the upper LH end of the radiator as viewed from the driver's seat.
It shouldn't. The only symptoms you should notice are a delay in the engine reaching normal operating temperature, and in colder weather a delay in supplying warm air to the passenger compartment.
Answer . If you are talking about all the interior lights being on...then on the knob that turns the headlights on and off the part that sticks out is also adjustable, where you can control how dim the instrument cluster is, anyway its probably set to on so just click it off, i believe turn it...
Answer . \nalong the firewall. take the black cowling pieces off and look near the center\nof the firewall.
If it's a belt, the typical replacement interval is 60-100,000 miles. However, most Corsicas of that year had timing chains instead of belts -- in which case the chain should last as long as the engine, itself (presumably 150-200,000 miles).. For information, see this page:.
Answer . \nUnder dash, near firewall, passenger side.
The coil packs are located behind the engin your will have to Jake up the car and get under it there is a mounting bracket on the back of the motor where the coil packs are mounted to the ignition control modual. there are 2 7/32 screws in each coil pack. or you can remove the whole bracket by 3...
It may be simply the ABS working if it happens when the streetis wet. If not go to the dealer and he can read codes the . ABS has set.
Answer . Stalling when stopping can be a sign of a bad lock-up torque converter solenoid. But if it stalls while in park, it may also be a very bad vacuum leak, especially if it idles rough. I am assuming it has good plugs and plug wires.
Turn the Tensioner bolt clockwise (to the right)and the tensioner itself will move causing slack in the belt.
Should be 2 mounting bolts one on top one on bottom remove these and slide caliper off rotor
As far as my knowledge goes the fuel pump should be inside the gas tank. Which means you will have to drop the tank to replace it, unless there is an access panel either under the back seat or behind the seat in the trunk.
Answer . \nAs you look in the engine compartment, it is near the top of the tranny just to the right of the motor. I assume your car is stalling when coming to a stop. Disconnect the plug and your problem will be solved.
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sand the spot to be fixed and used some j b weld apoxy it's sold in walmart in the automotive area.let sit for 2 hours and you are good to go. Improvement done by sickofjunk . JB weld is a great idea for a lot of things however getting it to bond to plastic will most likely never happen. That was...
Answer . \nBy fixing what is causing it to be on. Check brake fluid level first.. Answer . \nHmmm. It wouldn't be because you like to drive with the parking brake pulled up one click in order to keep the daytime running lights off, would it? If you leave it on long enough it'll burn out on it's...
Look at the pulleys on your accessories. it's that rubber loop going around all.
Answer . You did not list if it is a 4 cylinder or a V6. I will assume it is a V6.. Look here:.
Answer . \nthe rear speakers can be removed by getting a 5/16 inch socket and loosen the bolts holding them in
the original equipment tire size was a 195 70R14
Answer . the fuel pump relay is located behind the 12 volt junction block and the fuel pump fuse holder on the earlier models.drivers side fire wall.on later models its located in the relay center on the right shock tower or in the right front corner of the engine compartment.dan
Possible problems: 1. Clogged Fuel Filter 2. Water in Fuel A. Bad Fuel Supply B. Blown Head Gasket
yes 15 min 2 bolts and a plug just be sure to leave the belt on the rest and just gently rest it down in place once it's off the alternator.. yes 15 min 2 bolts and a plug just be sure to leave the belt on the rest and just gently rest it down in place once it's off the alternator.
Facing the egine, the spark plugs are 1, 2, 3, 4 from right to left.. In your minds eye, picture yourself facing the back of the moter, the coil pack is mounted on the rear:. 3. 2. 4. 1. The packs should be to the upper right of the plugs. (If again, you were facing it.)
Only the 5-speeds. You can't swap automatics without running into problems, and you can't swap an automatic for a 5-speed without modifying (and it will still throw an engine code afterward). A 1992 Corsica had a 3T40 automatic, and the 1995 Beretta had a 4T60E automatic. Your best bet is to swap in...
, When you open the hood you well only see one head with with 4 sparkplugs and wires going on top of the plugs. However the V6 has two heads with 3 sparkplugs on each side of the engine. Hope this was some help? Thanks, Whitelion6
Answer . sounds like the plastic tube from rubber tubing (between filter and tb )and that plactic tube connects into back valve cover
Answer . They are screwed into the exhaust system.
Answer . \nit could very well be that one or two of you spark plugs are cross threaded, you should check for lots of oil around the top of the plugs, and the other thing it could be is ignition.
The steering wheel cannot be bypassed to rewire turn signals in a1989 Chevy Corsica. The switch for the wires is in the steeringcolumn. If the steering wheel were bypassed, the wires would not beconnected to the switch.
Answer first of all...don't drive it on the road. i have a '93 corsica as well; i have had to replace the front brake line components and one rear. in the front, the brake line part that goes from the calipers to the steel brake-line connection often rott out and leak as mine did. they should be...
If it's 3-speed gearbox, it's 3T40. If it has 4 speeds, it's 4T60E. See