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Introduced in 1982, Chevy S-10 is a pickup truck manufactured by General Motor’s Chevrolet brand. It was also sold from 1996 to 2000 by Toyota as the Hombre. The vehicle was popularly known as the S-series.
If it is antifreeze then yes. If it is water then there's a leak in the fire wall under the windshield or wiper arms. Real hard to find.
Answer Most vehicles now have a solenoid that holds the transmission in park until the key is on AND brake pedal is pushed. They don't want the vehicle to accidentally get knocked into gear, like maybe by a kid who is playing in the front seat while mommy or daddy are out of the vehicle. if your...
I have a '94 extended cab 4.3L 4x4. Weight according to the registration card is 4,000 pounds (2 tons).. A 4-cyc will weigh less.
Answer their isn't much to it first disconnect the battery u can remove air intake to get more room to work but i didnt think it is neccisery then locate the alternator and lossen the connections on back of the part and then losen the mounting bolts then replace wit the new part and tighten every...
simply disconnect battery neg. disconnect wires from starter. jack and support pass. side, remove front pass. wheel if you would like to have room to work, remove skirt between inner fender and frame. unbolt 2 starter mounting bolts, there will be shims between engine and starter, you will need...
Answer . Front (side away from transmission) is cheaper by far. Around $100.00 is my GUESS.
4cyl 2.2 be replaced witha vortec v6 4.3L? I believe a lot of the parts are engine I guess the answer is yes..but you'd end up replacing a lot more than the engine.
Need to replace the valve cover gasket.
Check the fuse which protects the battery circuit. It should be with many amperes on it.
Answer . Many of the GM vehicles have the AC orifice inside the condenser fitting that goes between the condenser and the cabin.
Any CAT dealer can look it up,I work for a Cat dealer,the torque is 75 ft lbs
Answer . \nDo you mean a drain for the freon? If so, there is no drain. It needs to be evacuated and stored in a holding tank by law.
Because it 's leaking- OIL, ANTIFREEZE, or vacume leak
the spider injection leak would also make it run rough. you can tell it has a leak when, after you stop the car for a while after driving, it takes a moment to for enough gas to get in to ignite. almost like the sound of a carb bowl filling up. then it turns over. otherwise, check all of the sensors...
I had several of the same body style trucks, 1999-2005 I found that Sil-Blades worked great for me, they do cost a bit more then the standard blades that you get at the local auto parts store. but worth every cent . just my suggestion to your problem
same way as on most models,except it has a fifth bolt on the top of the bell housing
Look on the ball joints, tie rod ends, & universal joints on the drive shaft. If you see none it has none.
Answer . \nTake the valve cover off of one bank of cylinders, have someone turn the engine over, and watch to see if the cam is turning. If not, the timing chain or belt is broken.
The clutch is not adjusted correct, if adjustable, I don't know the year your working on. There is air in the system, needs to be bleed again real good. Could have wrong throwout bearing too.
You should not have to remove the transmission to replace a slavecylinder. It should just unbolt. That model has 2 options, external and internal, sure enough I gotthe internal where you have to drop it. The Haynes manual shows aneasy fix for external.
Just follow the top radiator hose to the engine, and it will clamp onto the thermostat housing. Remove those two bolts and it will be right there. MAKE SURE ENGINE IS COLD
Check the drivers side frame under the drivers side. i checked there and couldn't find it anywhere? anybody know the exact spot to look?
Answer . \nI tried that and it is difficult to turn the key and bang the starter too. This shouldn't be. I don't know if the soleniod relay is inside or on the starter or firewall - but your banging either makes it connect or makes the starter brushes connect to the armature. Next time this...
You should be able to I have a 87 Chevy celebrity and I found just the glass at an auto parts store they have a section with just the mirrors and on the back of the mirrors it tells you which vehicle it is for. you.
Parking switch? Do you mean the parking light switch? If you do, The dash will pull loose on the left top and bottom just above the switch and below. From there you can see how the light switch comes out.
There are 2 plugs in the back of the engine. You will have to remove TRANSMISSION Or ENGINE to replace those. Theres 2 on each side of the engine, just above were the oil pan bolts onto the block. one on each side of the engine will be hidden behind the motor mounts. Theres 2 on the front of...
If the heater fan is not blowing on a 2001 Chevy S10 Pickup, it ispossible that the fuse needs replacing. It is also possible thatdebris is interfering with the operation of the fan. Could also be, a faulty fan motor, a faulty fan motor speed resistor, a faulty fan motor switch,
If it has 4 spark plugs, then it's a 4 CYLINDER. ............4 plug wires, then it's a 4 CYLINDER
Answer . \nthere are usually several in the engine block just below the cylinder heads. most are round or oval, and are recessed into the block.
For the 1987 Chevrolet S-10 with a 2.8 liter engine, the torquespecs for the cylinder head bolts is 40 ft. lbs. The torque specsfor the crankshaft damper bolt is 70 ft. lbs. For the oil pumpbolts and the oxygen sensor, the torque is 30 ft. lbs.
Answer . you cant its part of the whole shaft . IM UPDATING :) . you can actually take the shift knob off. i would say it is easier to take the shifter arm off first by moving the boot down and there is a nut holding it there just loosen it by turning clockwise i think, if not just turn it the...
Usually you can tell based on the year of the car. Since yours is a 1996, it's fairly safe to say it uses the newer R-134a. Answer i work for autozone and i know that in 1995 the law requird that all cars made must user-134a do to the ozone. to confirm you could call your local auto parts store...
This is well detailed and illustrated in the Owners Manual - See "Related Questions" below 1995-1998 Reset Button location The fuel pump inertia switch for a 1998 Ford Windstar is located behind the trim panel by the driver's left foot by the hood release (according to the owners manual) . I...
the computer is located under the glove box. You simply change the computer with another one with the same code. The whole job should take you less than 1/2 hour.
the torque specs for the Chevy is 100 lbs...pretty much standard for all Chevy cars and small pick up trucks... you silverados torque at 140 lbs
It is in the distributor on the left side under the rotor and bolted on the dist. plate.
the one that gives power to the fuel pump after oil pressure is up is located on the rear of engine, driver side,next to cant see it without light and mirror.... or moving things in the way....i dont see how to remove it with engine in truck. this applies to v6's both 2.8 and 4.3....
Your oil pump is probably finished. If you have recently changed the oil, it's definitely finished. Oil becomes less viscous when it heats up and your oil pressure drops because the pump can no longer regulate the pressure.
Answer . lube the whell bearings once a year is usually all that is needed
Open the hood, prop it open and read the stickers that are applied to the underside of the hood. All that sort of pertinent information can usually be found there.
THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER>>> THIS IS THE REAL QUESTION>>> I have a 5spd 1999 Chevy S10 with 2WD. I got stuck in the snow, and had trouble getting out. This morning I tried again. My passenger side rear tire spins to go forward, but the drivers side rear tire will not. If I put it in reverse, both...
Just follow the top radiator hose to the engine and it will clamp on a housing Remove hose, then take the 2 bolts out of the housing. and the thernostat will be under the housing. clean old gasket off and install new thermostat and gasket. Install housing and tighten the 2 bolts evenly a...
answer . replace the blower control switch. Answer . One of 3 likely scenarios: Defective blower motor, problem with the switch or most likely is the resistor for the blower motor is bad. The resistor may also be referred to as a relay.. THE BLOWER MOTOR RESISTOR IS MORE THAN LIKELY BAD IT DOES...
No you do not , But it's one hell of a job to get off.
Answer . The blinker is on a separate fuse from the hazard lights. You probably need a fuse just for your directionals. It is located right next to the fuse for the hazards.
May just need a good tune-up- Wires, cap-rotor,spark plugs That will probley fix your problem.
Having the fuel pump changed at a reputable mechanics shop can run between $550 and $800. The pump I purchsed and installed myself was a Airtex (sp?) and cost me $273 (tax included). Deciding to save $500 I jumped out and took on the adventure. A few things to check/change before replacing fuel pump...
The oxygen sensor's are heated. so I guess that's where you are comming up with the word heated. Bank means- what side of the engine that the oxygen sensor is on. Bank 1 or bank 2
2001 Nissan Pathfinder headlight fuses . Headlight fuses for a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder are located in the engine compartment on the passenger side right behind the battery. You should be able to see and take the cover off a rectangular plastic box about 2" by 5" long. The two 15A headlight fuses...
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou must take them off. \n. \nI took mine out of my '84 300 turbo by turning my steering all the way to the right. That gave me enough room to weasel it out between the steering and exhaust.
If this still has the factory motor it should be either a 3.0 V6 or a 4 cyl. Both of them should have the freeze plugs located in the side of the block. It is identifiable by the circle shaped "cups" inserted into the side of the block.
V6 and V8 engines, There are 8 freeze plugs, Two in the back of engine,you will have to pull trans or engine to get to these. 1 on each side, the middle Plug is a cam plug. ( do not remove ). There is 2 on each side of the engine, just above where the oil pan bolts on the bottom of the engine....
It is on the fire wall, to the right of the master cylinder, It is small
no, a 4.3 and a 2.8 have adifference of one being a 90 degree block and the other being a 60 degree block, so the will not bolt up direct to one another you would have to change the transmission, which would not be a real big task if you are running a two wheel drive with an auto transmission...
Answer . \nBlack smoke is a sign of an overly rich fuel mixture. Blue smoke is burning oil. Either can be caused by many things. Take it to a professioanal.
There is a small 'c' clip on the underside of the crank. A set of needle nose pliers are handy
18 to 21 inches of vacuum is factory on all engines.
Answer . \nThere are two engine coolant temperature sensors. One drives the gauge or warning light on the instrument panel generally referred to as the sending unit. The other is used by the computer to determine engine coolant temperature and adjust the fuel/air mixture accordingly; this is...
Fuel pump is going bad or the fuel filter is plugged near solid.
Answer . Full size Blazer - 350 - .035 S-10 - 2.5L - .060 - 2.8L - .045 - 4.3L - .035
This job requires special pullers, installers and snap ring pliers to remove the clutch parts without damage. The air gap between the clutch plate and pulley is adjusted as you press the assembly back together. This job can be done with the compressor in the vehicle.
You will have to put it somewhere warm.
1-6-5-4-3-2 Standing in front of engine left side is 2-4-6 Right side is 1-3-5 From front to rear on each head.
4 and a 1/2 to 5 qts. Start with 4 1/2 first.
It is on the side of the transmission where the shifter cable bolts to. It is built into the neutral safety switch.
does anyone know where the horn relay switch is on a 86 chevy S10?
The vacum actuator is located under the battery tray on the passanger side. You must remove the battery, then unbolt the battery tray and remove it. The actuator is right there. This is, in my opinion, eledgable for an award for "Worst design flaw ever", as it is an almost completely exposed rubber...
wish someone could answer this question looked all over the internet.nobody seems to know the correct way.if anyone knows PLEASE help
If your talking about water spilling out on your feet during a turn after it rains, then you need to clear the drain of any obstructions. Open the Hood and look at the firewall, in the middle is a large diameter black drain that comes out of the Hood vent and drains excess water overboard. They tend...
122.9 in (3,122 mm) (ext. cab short bed)
Answer . jump a hot wire downt to it with it running with gauges on it and read the readings.
Need to remove the air filter top and look down in the top of the TBI. It looks like a carburetor but it is not. It is called a throttle body injection. You will see 2 injectors that spray fuel in the engine Start it up and look UNDER STAND.
Answer . your bearings maybe gone.