Moldova is a small, land-locked country located in Eastern Europe, with the Ukraine to the north, east and south and Romania to the west.
At 0.07.2010: 1 leu (Moldova) = 0,060 85 euro
due to citizens immigrating elsewhere
The only country bordering Moldova (apart form Ukraine) is Romania.However, no country would satisfy the directions of your question.
No differences; the peoples are Romanians in Romania and also in Moldova (some Slaves minorities in Moldova and a Hungarian minority in Romania - the remains of the Middle Age invasions).
Mihai Ghimpu was the acting president of Moldova for most of 2010. Vlad Filat was acting president from December 28 to 30. Marian Lupu was acting president from December 30. Ghimpu became acting president on 2009 September 11, when previous president Vladmir Voronin resigned following the...
Moldova sent athletes to compete in alpine skiing, cross country skiing, and biathlon to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.
After the census of 2004: 3 900 000 (with Transnistria included).
No, it is not a member.
1. Republic of Moldova is a small, independent country. 2. Moldova is also the name of a Romanian eastern province.
Moldova is situated in the Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine. .
Near the Black Sea between Rumania and The Ukraine
Yes. They have the Moldovan Ground Forces and the Moldovan Air Force.
Impossible to say; it is your choice to select this event - see the link below. But: union with Romania - March 27, 1918 - after a long Russian occupation, June, 1941 - the war, August 27, 1991 - declaration of independence.
1. Moldova: a province in the eastern part of Romania. 2. Republica Moldova: a country between Romania and Ukaine. Note that all Moldova is a Romanian province but Soviet Union occupied the eastern part of the territory in 1812-1918, 1940-1941 and 1944-1991.
Yes ! Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter
Moldova was not discovered, Moldova is an old province of Romania (I understand Moldova from today Romania plus Republic of Moldova).
Yes its right under Ukraine.
It is supposed that Moldova is a toponym of German origin, from Moldau.
Unirea Munteniei cu Moldova: 24 Ianuarie 1859. Unirea cu Transilvania: 1 Decembrie 1918.
Moldavian Leu and Bani (1 leu = 100 bani).
Mamaliga is a dish made out of yellow maize traditional for Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. It is better known to the rest of the world in its Italian form - polenta.. Mămăligă. Historically a peasant food, it was often used as a substitute for bread or even as a staple food in the poor rural...
Moldova has 33,846 km² / 13.067 sq miles and a population of 4.128.000 people Ranked (by area): 130 (from 193) oh wow... that is so wrong! It is 13 , 067 sq mi!
because moldova and romania are like 2 sisters maybe twins
Romanian language and also Russian language
Nistru ( Dniester ) and Prut.
cats/ dogs and there are lots of birds too. *but they are emigrating over the winter and in the summer time they return back to their nests
Ukraine - 940 km, Romania - 450 km. Part of borders are formed by rivers Prut and Nistru (Dniester).
Moldova is in the Eastern Europe, between Ukraine and Romania.
Romanian people (sometimes called by the provincial name Moldovean ) - more than 80 %.
The constitution of Moldova is now in revision.
Chisinau is the capital of Moldova.
Wine to Russia, some fruit and veg.
11.12 (births per 1000 persons in 2009)...
Moldova was an old part of Romania, but occupied many years by Russian hordes.
Moldova is in the southeastern Europe, between Prut and Dniester. It is bordered by Romania and Ukraine. It was formerly a part of Romania.
The Black Sea, in the South
Romanian is the official language in Moldova, but many of thepopulation there can also speak fluent Russian, English or French Romanian is the official language, but many people can also speakRussian and English 1. Romanian language (more than 80 %) 2. Russian language (cca. 15 %) 3. Ukrainian...
Republic of Moldova independence: 27August 1991.
To start a business in Moldova is not at all complicated. When speaking of small business, it may take up to max.3 days to incorporate a company register it to all State authorities. The cost of incorporation is insignificant. You'll have less then 200 USD for all your expenses with company...
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Indian Citizen is applicable to get visa on arrival for Moldova on any basis either its Business or Tourism If not where to apply for Visa and if Indian Citizen can take Visa on arrival
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Romanian people; sometimes is used the provincial word Moldavians.
Formally, yes.
Moldova is an European country, between Romania and Ukraine.
Moldova is not a member of EU.
4 104 500 (with Transnistria) in 2009; the population is of Romanian descent. Also some minorities - generally invaders: Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Gagauzes.
Max. 10days, around the world.
The people of Moldova (excepting invaders minorities as Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians and Gagauzes) speak the Romanian language - a language of Latin origin. The culture of Republic of Moldova is a Romanian culture with some bad Russian influences.
Annual revenues are not more than $ 1000 per capita
Other than Macedonia being a province in Greece and not a countryeverything is In Europe
Only one country (state) - Moldova.
Practically Moldova is a communist country dominated by Russians.
Any national gemstone in Moldova.
Managers, IT specialists, banking
Moldova has been a part of Turkey, the Roman Empire, the Russian Empire, Romania, and the USSR.
Moldova is poor, no money for a space program.
The currency in Moldova is the Moldovan leu but the unofficial currencies are euros, US dollars and British pounds.
Moldova is not a member of the European Union.
They don't have one unfortunately