Lymphatic System

This category is for questions about the various vessels by which lymph, a watery fluid of leukocytes, circulates through the body, providing transportation for some materials and removing particulate from tissues.


There is a greater risk of infections.
lymph nodes,white blood cells(if they count as an organ)kidneys and liver and anything that picks up the infection so the brain should count
1 the brain isn't part of the immune system. 2 Laughter, relaxation, and other good times make it stronger. 3 your skin is the first line of defense of the immune system Help? . . o
adenoids, thyroid, tonsils, spleen
Corticosteroids act on the immune system to:
A basophil releases histamines
its fluid with have blood cells for transport
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nA CBC checks your blood count not really for illness. Unless you have an infection your white blood count would be normal. It's a problem you really need to dicuss with your doctor as it could be serious but not necessarily HIV, especially if you have no known exposure...
the body sends a message to your white blood cells and those cells try and receive whatever that virus is that is inside of you. T cells also help as a second defense. "
Yes and no from experience... It's not so much the cold that effects the lymph but the effects the blood that helps the flow of lymph. Extreme changes in temp are quite painful for me in that the lymph nodes in my back fill creating pressure on the spine and severe nerve pain. So, yes anything that...
to clean harmful toxins and protect from sickness
The major organs of the immune system include the spleen, thymus,lymph nodes and bone marrow. These organs are responsible for theproduction of lymphocytes and leukocytes, types of white bloodcells that fight infection.
A patient of HIV has a weakened immune system because the viruskills the red blood cells. It is therefore important for HIVpatients to protect themselves from bacteria by seeking medicalhelp regularly.
They have the same genetic structure as the rest of your body, it will only target foreign cells.
well it is a very careful process but ill make it simple for you. here it goes- lymph nodes filter out microorganisms and foreign materials that have been taken up by lymphocytes. when your body fights an infection, lymphocytes fill the lymph nodes. the lymph nodes become warm, reddened, and tender...
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). HIV's affect on the body varies on each individual. The effect on a person can greatly depend on their lifestyle and environment. However, in most cases, it can take years for people to become...
They are included in two human body systems: The Lymphatic System and the Immune System.
Yes, it does. Here's how -- too much alcohol in the body... . deprives your immune system of the nutrients it needs, and . weakens the lymphocytes (white blood cells). Weak lymphocytes can't fight bacteria or cancer cells effectively.
Leukocyte esterase is a urine test that searches white blood cellsfor abnormalities due in infections.
Leukocytes are eosinophill basophill neutrophill lymphocyte monocyte macrophages and dendritic cells
my friend takes metronidazole tab 500mg...i just met her and i am this medicine used for a severe desease...and can i catch it...
Provides an immediate nonspecific immune response I think this is talking about the physical barriers that stop a foreign substance from entering the body. Mucous, skin, hair... those are physical barriers that stop foreign substances from entering the body. Activates T and B cells in response...
The two are uniquely intertwined. The lymphatic system recovers blood that has leaked from the cardiovascular system (through capillary beds) and dumps it back into cardiovascular circulation. It recovers about 3 liters of blood per day by doing this, thus helping to regulate our blood pressure...
The group of lymph nodes that are located along the sides of the neck are the Cervical Lymph Nodes. There are four that run along side of the neck.
no, it is a granular leukocyte.
lymohoid tissue and lymphoid vessels
The immune system is very important to overall health. It is the system in our body that protects from disease and illness. It is important to keep it operating at peak levels in order to live a healthy lifestyle. In order to do this you must eat a healthy and nutritious diet or supplement with the...
I belive you need a doctor of Oncology. Oncologist
fighting disease by phagocytosis or antibody production
absolute value is 35% times the WBC total of 12,000 equal 42,000 an abnormally high count
Yes. White blood cells are one of the most important operational cells of the immune system. There are several sub classes of white blood cells that play crucial functions in the immune system.
Cystic fibrosis affects primarily lungs and pancreas, not immune system. But a patient affected is debilitated and it would decrease the fuction of various systems, like the immune. A CF patient that has had a lung transplant would have an impaired immune system because of the medication given for...
Bacterial or viral infection. In either case they either invade the lymph nodes causing them to swell or they swell because there is an infection present in the body, in which case they swell more the closer they are to the site of the infection.
People with comprimised immune systems are susceptible to all the infections commonly found in the population. They are also able to develop "opportunistic infections." There are a variety of opportunistic infections. A few include thrush, kaposi's sarcoma, pneumocystis pneumonia and...
Yes, when you have AIDS your body is turning all attention to fighting the disese and in turn weakens your immune system and leaves you liable to other illnesses. With aids the common cold can kill you
The bone marrow is where the production of all blood cells takes place, including white blood cells. White blood cells protect our bodies from infection. Therefore, if the bone marrow does not work properly, then the body becomes at risk of infection
white blood cell production
It filters out organisms and that cause disease, produces certain white blood cells and generates antibodies.
one would easily catch viruses and disease
It doesn't. Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a disease that can never be cured. Unfortunately, due to its nature, science will not be able to cure it either.
Lymphadenectomy is the medical term meaning surgical removal of a lymph node.
Yes. Leukocytes are white blood cells.
Generally, the first body cell to encounter an antigen is a specific type of white blood cell called a macrophage. The macrophage partially digests the antigen and presents some of the antigens proteins on its surface. This is known as antigen presentation. Once the macrophage has presented the...
surface membrane barriers, consisting of the skin and mocous membranes; the defensive cells, such as NK (natural killer cells) and phagocytes; and a whole delgue of antimicrobial proteins.
It does not effect the immune system. The immune system causes it. Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune immune disorder that results in the immune system attacking cartilage in the joints as well as other tissues.
B cells release antibodies that attach to foreign invaders and mark them for destruction by phagocytes.
It could be lymphoma or another cancer that has metastasized to the lymph nodes.
Answer is Yes. Both T-Cell and B-Cell have memory
they have become infected due to how bad the cut was. Please take this lady to the hospital and get some antibiotics for the infection, it will take 1 to 5 weeks depending on the seriousness of this wound.
White blood cells (leukocytes) are the cells that travel throughout your body via the blood and fight infections and foreign items that enter the body. There are several different types of blood cells that each specialize in combating a particular foreign body. For example neutrophil are normally...
One of the major functions of the immune system is to protect thebody against harmful pathogens. It also functions to build up adefense system against any potential infections.
The lymph nodes filter lymph.
Answer taken from Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh ( Your spleen's main function is to act as a filter for your blood. It recognizes and removes old, malformed, or damaged red blood cells. When blood flows into your spleen, your spleen performs "quality control"; your red blood cells must...
3 types: Dendritic cells, B cells and CD4+ T cells.
T cells's primary task is to activate B cells and killer T cells. The B cells search for antigens matching its receptors. If it finds such antigen it connects to it, and inside the B cell a triggering signal is set off.
granular = neutrophil, eosinophil, basophil agranular = monocyte & lymphocyte granular wbc have granules that are toxic weapons they stain differently with Wright's stain have peculiarly lobed nuclei (bi / multi lobed)
Fluids and particles absorbed into lymph capillaries are called lymph.