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This category is the place for Apple Inc., the makers of the Macintosh PC, iPod, and iPhone.
Well it depends on if you think you would need a bigger screen or a smaller one. My laptop has a 16 inch screen and I absolutely love it!! In my opinion i would personally go with the 15 inch screen because it is bigger and easier to see on. But it is your choice on what you are looking for.
You can use iPhoto to do the jon. Here is how: 1. Connect iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable. At his time, ifiPhoto is installed in your computer, it should drive automaticallyand the images and video from iPhone will be listed on theinterface. 2. If you want to import all the pictures, just click...
Many people consider Steve Wozniak a liberal. Things can alwayschange though.
DVD data disks are burned by the Finder. In Finder's menu underFILE you can see the command New Burn Folder. Click that. An emptyfolder will appear. It will be on the desktop and be named BurnFolder. Dragging files to this folder will NOT put the files in the folder.An Alias of each file is put into...
At the top of the store click the home button.
Yes. Steve owns Apple! He built the company.
\n. \n Answer \n. \nIn OSX (Tiger) you can open the Activity Manager.App in the Utilities folder to see and manage what's running.
Laurene Powell, in 1991,
In 1976 ,Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, invented theApple Computer in his garage..
Yes, He was arrested for stealing a can of Beans at a Walmart shoping center
Tough question. The sarcastic answer would be your brain but Idon't think that is what you want as an answer. If you are talkingabout a non-electric, mechanical machine that can add, then thefirst such machine would be an abacus. This was generally used inEast Asian countries
Both of them, but Bill Gates is richer than Steve Jobs
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Yes. In 1976, he, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Mike Markulla founded Apple Inc.
He left from 1985 to 1996 because of differences with his board of directors, and returned as CEO from 1996 to August 2011, two months before his death. *Jobs was hospitalized frequently after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2003, although he did not die until 8 years later, when it recurred...
Macintosh computers now come with two major software components: . Mac OS X, which includes iTunes, Time Machine, Quick Look, Spaces, Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat, Safari, Address Book, QuickTime, iCal, DVD Player, Photo Booth, Front Row, and Xcode Developer Tools, and . iLife, which includes...
Most Apple software is designed to work on their Mac OS X operating system and will not work on a computer running the Windows operating system. Apple does make some of their software available for Windows such as iTunes and their Safari browser.
go to ur local store whered u would like to work and ask them if they have an opening, or any applacations.
Answer . There are two main reasons. The main reason is that more and more computers are being made; the quantity is going up. As more computer components are made, the costs of manufacturing go down, and the costs of research and development can be spread across a greater quantity of products....
yes steve jobs is an entrepreneur
Both of the computers are pretty similar. If you like to do a lot of writing and graphing, Mac is the best computer for you. Mac runs off of a different operating system. Mac has the Internet Browser "Safari" while PC's have the web browser Internet Explorer. PC stands for Personal Computer. If...
Just sign into your iTunes store, or app store on your Mac with thesame Apple ID you have on your HP.
Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak on 1st April,1976 invented the 1st Apple computer. It was a revolution in the field of Personal Computer. It was the first digital computer which took away the people from the idea of using huge and massive vacuum tubes.
It is not a case of suitability as it is technically possible to install and run Mac OS X on many computers (such an installation is referred to as Hackintosh) but the wording of the EULA (End User LIcensing Agreement - the Software license you agree to when you install the software) specifies that...
This is a very broad question, so it requires a very broad answer.I would encourage you to look at Apple's 10-k report from the SEC. They use GAAP. Second for Property, Plant, and Equipment they use straight-linedepreciation.
Restart and hold down the Shift key as your Mac starts up. This will automatically check some files and stop some files from loading. Open Disk Utility. Select the start up drive. Click 'Repair Permissions.' and let it finish. Restart. If the problem still is there, insert the 'Install Disk 1...
Steve Wozniak worked for Hewlett Packard during the early 1970's before leaving to form Apple with Steve Jobs.
yes he made computers in his garage in San Francisco
He hasn't given anything since 1998
The App Store is indeed part of the iTunes store. In iTunes on the computer, you can find the app store by simply going into iTunes and then clicking the link to Apps which is located at the top of the iTunes store window next to music and videos. On the iPhone or iPod touch, the app store has its...
Steve Wozniak's friend introduced them to each other
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wozniak is known as an engineering brain who built the first applecomputers
Steve Wozniak built "blue boxes". Devices that enabled the user to make free long distance telephone calls. The devices were home built, and not necessarily blue. The first device obtained by Bell Systems Security was in a blue plastic case.
Yes, Apple has acquired a large number of companies since 1988,including Nashoba Systems, Xemplar Education, Siri, BroadMap,Burstly, Spotsetter, Swell, and Beats Electronic.
There is no current version of Internet Explorer available for the Mac. Internet Explorer for the Mac was discontinued in 2003 and Microsoft recommends "that users migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari." Other alternatives (that are faster and safer than Internet...
No. Steve Jobs (from Apple) and Bill Gates (from Microsoft) did not develop the Windows operating system. After Apple launched Macintosh they licensed part of the designs of the Macintosh operating system to Microsoft who used it to develop their own system called Windows.
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You need to have an iTunes account and password over a Wi-Fi connection to download the free games through the App Store. Through iTunes, you still need the internet and an iTunes account and password. There may also be a parental setting that is preventing you from buying the free games.
No, Steve Jobs is deaddd.
Slingbox and the Mac . Yes, you can use a Slingbox with a Mac. It wasn't until early 2007 the makers of the Slingbox (Sling Media) introduced the final version of SlingPlayer for the for the Mac. And, surprisingly, it has been remarkably bug free. For more info I found on Digg.
The general advantage that can be agreed upon is that Mac's havelittle problem with malware (adware, spyware, viruses, etc)compared to PC's. Mac also is considered a lot faster than PC. Butif you're looking for a gaming computer then there are better PCfor that. Also PC are better for modifying, and...
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Steve Jobs is deceased. Steve Wozniack left Apple because he felthe was not needed and wanted to teach and pursue other things.
Steve Wozniak installed a chipboard that was more advanced than anytechnology introduced before it.
In the mid 1980s Apple's sales were declining (as were computer sales generally); Jobs and his Macintosh team had no new Macintosh version for release and had produced a Macintosh Office (a computer and printer combination designed for business) that had not sold well and Apple had to write off...
In 1985 he was fired by John Sculley (who Jobs had asked to come and work at Apple) following a power struggle between Jobs and Sculley and the other Apple directors. Jobs left Apple and set up the NeXT Computer company. In 1996 Apple purchased NeXT for $429 million which returned Jobs to Apple. In...
Well the company started in April 1, 1976 and we are in 2015 soApple is about 39 to 40 years old.
Steven Jobs was holding a wi-fi model of the iPad , or as far as I can tell. The 3G Model has a black band about an inch long on the back, as you can see below:
if you need to find files you need to use Finder, Its the First Icon in the Dock and Its really easy to use!
All Macs have several USB ports. The iMac, for example, has some on the back and one at each end of the keyboard.
No. You can play on Xbox or try other games that are similar. There is a version of "Apples to Apples" for the Xbox, though it does cost money. You can also try, which is a free game similar to "Apples to Apples"
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Apple produces a range of computers known as Macs. Within each variety of Mac there are various options (faster processor, larger disc etc.) that affect the price. So there is no meaningful average price. The Mac ranges across (in US$ for basic models) the Mac Mini 599, the MacBook 999, the iMac...
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Like any other computer you can sign into your gmail or hotmail or yahoo etc. on the internet. But you can also install google notifier which beeps when you have a new email (for gmail). And also there's iChat which you can use on mac computers. Apple computers also come with Mac Mail preinstalled...
You can change the name of the computer from the Sharing section of System Preferences.
Apple Inc. was founded in the U.S.A. and their headquarters are currently located in Cupertino, California.
In 2001, it looked like a triangular prism. try or or
Steve jobs, Steve wozniak, and Ronald Wayne
Yes, if the system of yours didn't refuse.
Most recent cameras are compatible with the Mac. Apple has an old list (dating from 2002) but it has not been updated lately probably because most cameras now work. (See links below)
Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco and is American.
Steve Jobs's father was an Arab immigrant and came to America in the 50's. His mother was a white speech therapist. Therefore, he is half-Arab, half-Caucasian.
In 2009 (the last available figures) Apple employed 34,300 people.
Philip Schiller is the senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple.
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Yes, he co-founded Apple.
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If you have a Mac version of Word then make sure the computer specsmeet the software requirments. Then go into Disk Utility and"Repair Permissions" and see if that helps. If not then go to theMicrosoft Word for Mac, support site and look in their forums forany similar problems.