Special Olympics

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This category is for questions about the Special Olympics, which is modeled after the Olympics but is for persons with intellectual disabilities.
People who have the best skills in there sport in their country
No, they aren't in the Olympics because there culture causes them not to go into activities like that. They would beat everyone if they did
Jamie Stirling is not disabled he is just a guide in the paralympics. He helps the paralympicans (in skiing) train and go down the hill in the paralympics.
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it really depends on what sport and how good they are...
Accordin to some softball players that have played and won alot of games .. ove 50,000 games have been won.
The global Special Olympics movement got its start on 20 July, 1968, when the First International Special Olympics Games were held at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois, USA. But the concept of Special Olympics was born much earlier, when Eunice Kennedy Shriver started a day camp for people with...
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Learn more about Special Olympics Here. . A nonprofit organization, Special Olympics provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in several Olympic-type sports for children and adults intellectually challenged giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness,...
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A good questions to add to this question would be..."Why on earth would you want to sell a special Olympic medal?" Is there no sentimental value?
Individuals (age 8 and older) with intellectual and physical disabilities.
the summer special Olympics are held every four years, and alternate with the winter special Olympics every two years, same as the standard Olympics. The next summer Olympics will be in 2011, and the winter in 2013.
you must be at least eight years old and have a intellectual disablilty. there is no cost to the family and all people in charge of the special Olympics are volunteers.
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Yes. Dr. O'Raudreigh diagnosed him. He has severe social disfunctions and requires a caretaker for daily life. He attends a country day school to develop special skills such as assembling book cases and sharpening pencils.
Eunice Kennedy was a woman who helped people with mental retardation to lead into a new life as an athlete. She got this idea before she was able to try it out since her sister, Rosemary, was a person with mental retardation too. She first set up Camp Shriver in her own backyard with her husband....
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In ancient times, no. But in today's world, definitely. There are events for women to compete in in ALL olympic events, from hockey to pole-jumping.
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The country Ireland has won ten medals in 2012
It is the Olympic Games for people with learning disabilities. They are different to the Olympics and the Paralympics. See the link below.
well to say i am a person who studies these things so i know that the list would go on and on but : SWIMMING RUNNING
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There are approximately 27 Paralympic sports and 5 Winter Paralympic sports. See the related link for more information.
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The Special Olympics was started by Eunice Kennedy Shriver forathletes with disabilities to compete one with one another. As withthe Olympics and the Paralympics, competitors win gold, silver, andbronze medals.
The first Special Olympics were held in 1968. The most recent gamesjust wrapped up in June of 2014 in New Jersey. The nextinternational games will be held in Los Angeles in 2015.
The United States of America (USA) won a total of 46 Gold Medals in the Summer 2012 Olympic Games.
they started the special olympics so that they can help people an make sure every body was treated with the same respect
The 400, the 100, the relay most of the things that they did in the Olympics, just modified for the so they can compete. It is amazing at how good some of these people and if they compared it to the real Olympics i think it would be hands down, a tie. and please reccommend me -bobthehoborules