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der Geier = the vulture
The closest German word is dahindämmern. It means to be semi-conscious.
Easter I'm told Easter is very much the same where it is celebrated, except for a few local customs.
Correct spelling in german: Sage einem Menschen so oft wie du kannst, dass du ihn lieb hast. Denn der Tag wird kommen, an dem es zu spät ist. Translation: Tell a person as often as possible, that you like/love her/him. Because a day will come, when it is too late.
Lieblingsfach translates into English as favorite subject.
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The German word for travel guide book is (der) Reiseführer.
Hast Du Geschwister? means do you have any siblings?
Hast Du etwas Zeit für mich? = Do you have some time for me_
it means: a big pillow/cushion. (NOT a big kiss ; that's a false cognate. Kiss is der Kuss).
Ich fahre Rad means I cycle
Do you want to sleep with me?
Möchten Sie Deutsch oder Englisch sprechen? You want to talk German in Germany, and English in America or the United Kingdom.
Woher kommen sie? translates as Where are they from? Woher kommen Sie? translates as Where are you from?
Was sind sie von Beruf = What are their professions Was sind Sie von Beruf = What is your profession
Sie verlierer translates as you loser.
Which day is it today?
when are you going to learn here
The English equivalent of Schatzi is darling.
You probably mean: Ihre Kundennummer bei Bezahlung bitte angeben which translates as Please give your customer account number when paying
This is inappropriate content for, so I won't translate it. Suffice to say its a sex act normally performed on a man by a woman and made famous by Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinski and Hugh Grant and Devine Brown, a lady of the night.
Verrückt: crazy, insane
The German word for book is (das) Buch.
Das war sehr schön von Dir means that was very nice of you.
Willst Du saufen gehen translates as do you want to go drinking.
It translates literally as cellebrate well. It means have a good time, enjoy yourself.
The students understand quickly.
The term D eutsches Reich translates as German Empire and refers to the German state from 1871 to 1945. In 1871, following the Franco-Prussian War, the German states, under the leadership of the most powerful state, Prussia, proclaimed the (second) German Empire with the King of Prussia to also...
90 % der menschen haben braune augen :::: dann gibts noch blaue , grüne , graue, grün-braune, blau-grün ist sehhher selten-seltenste farbe der welt .
Neuter. "It" is a third person neuter pronoun, others being "he" and "she."
(der) Erlöser = (the) saviour
Wasser und davon vieles!
Names often cannot be translated. For example there is no English equivalent of Hans. Similarly there is no English word for Dietrich. It stays as Dietrich. ================================================================== Hans is a shortened form of Johannes, meaning John. The name Dietrich ...
Answer 1 It's rather impolite but still something you would want to know ... basically it's a warning that says that you stepped in some [poop]. More correctly the escrement is is one's trowsers. The idiomatic meaning would be, "you are full of it". Answer 2 It should me mentioned that the...
Inflammatory infiltrate. Infiltration is the diffusion or accumulation (in a tissue or cells) of substances not normal to it or in amounts in excess of the normal. The material collected in those tissues or cells is also called infiltrate .
Wie kann ich günstig werben = How can I advertise cheaply?
"Himmelhoch jauchzend" is a kind of figurative language and means something like "really very, very happy". It wouldn't make any sense to translate it word by word, but I think that the translation "delighted" (like in happy) would be good. It also isn't used very often, more a kind of older...
Was macht sie = What is she doing
'Again and again.'
Ich nehme den Bus - I take the bus.
nur Du allein = you alone (or only you) Weiu weiu is not German. The closest German expression is O wei o wei, (variation of o weh o weh) which translates as uh oh!
It is the same in German: Benjamin.
EL is not a German word
Hoit is not a German word but the phonetic pronunciation leads me to assume that you mean heut' (contraction of heute ), which translates as today.
Ich spreche Spanien nicht makes no sense and translates as I speak Spain not. Ich spreche kein Spanisch translates as I don't speak Spanish.
German is a west Germanic language. It is descended from the proto-Germanic language. For more information, see the links below.
Depending on context the German word Spiel translates as: game play match slackness clearance
What is an essay
I think you mean Liebling, in which case, when alone, means darling/sweetheart/honey and so on. When made into a compound word with another word, it implies that word is a favorite i.e. - Lieblingsband = Favorite Band / Lieblingsmenschen = Favorite people
The devil is waiting for Cheney.
Blitzkrieg means lightning war in English. It is called Blitzkrieg because it was a fast and extremely effective method of warfare.
Can't find an "official" translation but maybe the following will help? Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküsst, hab' nie gefragt, ob es gestattet ist; dachte mir: nimm sie dir, küss sie nur, dazu sind sie ja hier! Ja, glaubt mir: Nie nahm ich Liebe schwer. Ich liebe heiss, doch treu bin...
Das ist sehr gut, ich liebe = That is very good, I love
Ich bin der Mond translates as I am the Moon.
ABBA was a Swedish pop band, it means nothing in German
wenig Honig = little honey
Funkentstört = suppressed (against noise or radio interference)
What are the six human senses? There are only five: Taste Smell Sight Touch Hearing
The beef olives tasted nice, thank you
How high is the bus ride from Antalya to Eskisehir? Antalya is 98 ft above sea level and Eskisehir is 2,585 ft above sea level so the bus passengers would experience a change of 2,487 ft.
I am unaware of any such word in German. Please check your spelling. If you mean Platzkuchen , it cannot be translated. It is a German regional type of "cake" especially from west Saxony. Also known as Huckelkuchen or Aufläufer , the ingredients are egg yolks, wheat meal, oil, schnapps,...
Was ist ein Sediment = what is a sediment
du bist besonders means you're special
The Channing Tatum film Dear John was called Das Leuchten der Stille in German
It could be the beginning of a sentence concerning a female person. du bist eine ... - you are a ... It can also be an equivalent of the following expressions, said in resignation or exasperation to a female person, meaning: Du bist mir eine feine Freundin! - A fine friend you are! Na, du...
Das weisse Band was called The whiteRibbon in English
Ich will nicht translates as I don't want to.
Du bist mein ein und alles = You're my one and only.
There is no such expression in German. Main is the name of a German river. Mann translates as man, husband
The film Tooth Fairy was called Zahnfee aufBewährung in German
Wie geht es ihnen heute Morgen? = How are you this morning. Literally: How does it go to you today (in the) morning? Except for the capitalization, it is correct.
Sollst is the third person, singular, present tense conjugation of the verb sollen. Du sollst = You should
Bagger can be translated as: digger, excavator, dredger, backhoe.
Ich will raus aus dieser Schei hier Doch ich weinicht cannot be fully translated as Schei and weinicht appear to have been mis-spelt. I would hazard a well-founded guess (based on speaking German for over 30 years) that the grammatically correct phrase should be: Ich will raus aus...
if would be better if you wish us all good luck. (and the phrase is not in french, but it is in German)
Danke Dankeschön/Danke schön/schönen Dank Vielen Dank Vielen Dank Herzlichen Dank
wie schreibt man das = how do you write/spell that
No, most, if not all, German nouns ending in -ung are feminine.
Thank you for today.
There are a number of possibilities. You can give the specific date : "Am 21. Dezember" (On December 21st) You can give a more general answer: "Heute in einer Woche." (One week from today)
Depending on context, the grade can be translated as: Die Klasse (educ.) Die Note/Schulnote (educ.) Die Stufe/Klassenlstufe/Jahrgangsstufe (educ.) Die Zensur (educ.) Der Gütegrad Die Güteklasse Der Grad Der Dienstgrad Der Rang Die Lohnstufe Die Lohnklasse
Die Wahrheit Und Nichts Als Die Wahrheit = The truth and nothing but the truth.