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Curling is a team sport in which stones are slid across a sheet of ice towards a target area. Teams of four compete to accumulate the most points, scored by sliding granite stones across the length of the ice and positioning them closest to the center of a painted target (the "house"). The trajectory and speed of the stone's movement is influenced by teammates sweeping the ice surface ahead of the stone with curling brooms. Curling involves a great deal of strategy in terms of selecting the right types of shots to make in order to outmaneuver the opposing team. The sport has been an official part of the Winter Olympics since 1998.
It can be played by 2 - 4 players, the team alternates between acircular target.
There are 4 on each team that play at one time and a 5th backup player
usually under ten. look up videos on youtube and you can see their scores
Because his dad was an ice-maker and he had a chance at the age of five to throw rocks. He liked it since then.
they went from rocks to metal
To help people exercise and move around
The World Mens, Women's or Mixed Curling Championships
yes it all about speed. also u have to make the thing to go fasterby sweeping the snow aside.
Curling became and olympic sport in 1998
By hitting your big toe when you throw the granite stone.
All you need is a curling broom and a set of curling rocks (8 for each team).
I believe the minimum age for competing in most Olympic sports is16.
Official curling stones have only a minimum height (4.5 inches) anddepending on the handle type can be 10 inches tall or more. Olderstones tend to be more varied in both stone thickness and handledimensions. Stones produced for official competition are moreuniform.
curling started in Europe :)
A curling sports field can go as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It all depends on how cold it is outside and if the arena has a way of a good amount of air to come in. Olympic curling arenas are much more controlled when it comes to temperature.
Bob William
The sweeping melts the ice a little creating a thin layer of water.The stone will go farther and straighter on the thin layer ofwater. By varying the location of sweeps, sweepers can influencethe speed and direction of the stone, which will turn (curl) morewhen in direct contact with ice. Although...
you get the most rocks possible closest to the button in the house
it means that you throw your rock last in the end.
"Shot rock" refers to whichever rock is currently the closest tothe center of the house. When you hear curlers ask each other "dowe have shot rock?" or "are we shot?" they are asking which team iscurrently in scoring position.
A curling game consists of either 8 or 10 ends and is played by two teams of four... After each end is finished - both teams have delivered their eight rocks (for a total of 16) the score is counted. The team with the most rocks closet to the centre of the rings (house) scores the respective amount...
A competitive game usually consists of ten ends. Recreational games are most commonly eight ends. An end consists of each player from both teams throwing two rocks down the sheet with the players on each side alternating shots, for a total of sixteen rocks. If the teams are tied at the completion of...
Its is most popular in Canada and Sweden
They need to be able to balance, aim a rock, and use their legs to push out of the hack
Both involve opposing players or teams sliding round objects down a long narrow playing surface towards a target, and trying to knock the other team's objects away from the target. Besides that, they aren't too similar. Calling curling "shuffleboard on ice "doesn't begin to properly explain the game...
Curling is a game played on an ice rink using "stones" made of granite that weigh up to 44 pounds.
In terms of the teams currently competing at the 2010 Games, this is the first appearance at the Olympics for Cheryl Bernard's women's team, and the second appearance for Kevin Martin's men's team. Overall, Canadian teams have competed in each curling competition since the sport was officially...
Fewer ends, reduced playing time or two major differences. See the attached link for curling basics. Wheelchair rules are included. (Choose your language, then WCF, then rules on the bottom of the page. Wheelchair rules is section 13.)
The circle actually don't have different points values. In curling, each stone can score 1 point if it is closer than the closest stone of the other team (in other words, if yellow team has 8 rocks far away from the center, but red team has just one rock right in the center, red will score 1 point)...
Scotland. In the Americas it started in frozen northeaster and northwestern harbors, where sailors would play.
They are the third player to throw rocks for the team. The "lead" throws the 1st and 2nd rocks, the "second" throws the 3rd and 4th rocks, the "third" throws the 5th and 6th rocks, and the "skip" throws the 7th and 8th rocks. The third is also sometimes called the "vice skip," because the third...
No, they are precisely manufactured to be a standard weight.
The event of curling is ongoing, so that has not yet been determined.
where does curling take place
The circular target is called a "house."
maybe 6 or 10. it will be easier if you try and play Marion and sonic at the olympic winter games. Vancouver 2010 Eight or ten. Most league play is eight ends, while most competitive curling is ten ends (with some exceptions such as juvenile - U18 - which is eight ends as well). A team can...
A regulation curling track is 44.5 meters, and the stones they use are 47 pounds each.
I'm not a professional, but I know that you have to slide a rock (not the real stone) to the target as close as you can. By the way, isn't that the only safe winter sport? Answer If you go the the web site there are tips on how to play the sport of curling there....
I don't really know what country it's the national sport I thought someone else would know
The purpose of the broom in Curling is to warm up the ice so that is creates a friction so that it is easier for the rocks to glide across!!! It can also be used to alter the path of the rock (make it curl less).
Curling is not a dangerous sport because you just have to slide these things and try to get it in a circle. That's what I think. But In the olmpyics I think it is a little more tougher than you think.
In each curling end there are eight curling stones for each team--16 total.