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The rectum is a slightly dilated part of alimentary canal that temporarily stores feces.
This could be down to a lack of fruit consumption. This happened toa cousin of mine and the doctor said more fruit and veg should beeaten. If you're really worried go to the doctor. Hope this helped!
It depends on the breed of dog
Probably to stimulate the prostate, the man's G-spot.
The anal sphincter.
Most commonly a pilonidal cyst.
According to Dr. Grimm: Yes friend, it is possible, long term exposure to this can also cause some hemeroidal issues, in other words, take it slow, take time to adjust to the weight, and lift with your legs, not your back.
Seek immediate veterinary care if you suspect your dog has a prolapsed rectum. It requires immediate attention as infection and inability to eliminate results quickly. The vet can do a less invasive procedure using a "purse string" suture, to restrict the opening and hold the rectum in place - the...
WHAT?! Are you the same kind of person that will put beer in his butt because you can get drunk faster that way?! Good Grief!
1, This is used for collection of waste and excretion at a later time.
This is the neuter past participle of the verb regere , which means "to make straight" or "to govern." It thus means "straightened" or "governed." From the meaning "straightened" we get the anatomical term rectum , which is from the Latin phrase intestinum rectum , literally "straight intestine....
Eventually, rectal suppositories should dissolve in the rectum. The exact time this takes will be stated on the medication form you're given with this prescription. If the suppository doesn't dissolve in a reasonable amount of time according to the material, you can remove it. If you do so, I'd call...
If he has a STD, yes. Always use protection.
The average length of a human rectum is between 10 and 12 cm.
rectal polyps can reoccur after being removed. you are normally asked back every few years for a check up. They dont disappear on their own
It is called Skene's gland. It produces a clear slippery viscous fluid which forms the main component of semen when mixd with the sperm which give it a white cloudy appearance. It is also emitted froi the penis before ejaculation in the clear state and serves to lubricate the head of the penis...
Explain to him the function of the rectum and how he could possiblycause internal damage by sticking foreign objects up there. I wouldalso use the opportunity to discuss sexual issues if he is at theexperimental/curious age. However, inserting a sterile, lubricated tampon into the anus isgenerally...
You should probably go to the doctor and get that checked out.
well the rectum is the anus leading on to when taking a poop the smegma comes out neon green (This answer must be removed as do the question. Too inappropriate for viewers.)
Not much. They both transport materials out.
It is a case to call immediately the ambulance corps, or visit your doctor.
The scientific name for a fart is a flatus.
The cloaca in the frog is similar to the rectum in the pig.. The cloaca in the frog is similar to the rectum in the pig.
yes Ive seen a video of a mans intestines bursting out of his rectum while lifting extremely heavy weights during a competition
The same as English
The question is incomplete because it is not an equation. Assume that the expression given equals x, i.e.: 6*y^2+24*y+25=x. Completing the square on y: 6*[y^2 + 4*y + (+4/2)^2 - (+4/2)^2] + 25 = x, 6*[(y+2)^2 - 4] + 25 = x, 6*(y+2)^2 - 24 + 25 = x, 6*(y+2)^2 = x-1, and (y+2)^2 = (1...
I have tried many methods, and the first time I tried to cover it in bleach. This burned so i had to wash it out right away but it did seem a little lighter since i left it on for like a minute or so... Then I tried peroxide (the kind of bleach you use on your hair). I followed the instructions on...
Probably not. It could be thrush or piles, or any of a number of more mundane problems. Either way, you should not put up with the discomfort. See a doctor.
Inserting a finger into the rectum to palpate rectum and prostate is a procedure to check the prostate gland for enlargement or prostate cancer. Inserting the finger into the rectum to palpate to prostate is also known as prostate milking or prostate massage. This is done to remove the build up...
Rectal bleeding is when you bleed from the anus, (rectum) (backside) the common cause of rectal bleeding is hemorrhoids (Pyle's) there are also many other causes of rectal bleeding so this must be diagnosed by a doctor as you would need to have serious issues discounted.
Yes. You can also end up with chemical burns in your rectum and/or alcohol poisoning. Yes. Your rectum absorbs any remaining nutrients from feces, and your liver slows absorption from the stomach by removing about 80% of the alcohol in what you drank. When you absorb alcohol through the rectum,...
I understand that is a side-effect of radiatiorapy administered to control prostate cancer.
he rectum is a muscular ring that is at the end of the large intestine. Its function is to keep the intestine sealed shut until the need to pass feces arises. When that need arises it assists in the moving of the feces out of the body. The main function of the rectum is to act as a temporary...
No you can not get a woman pregnant from ejaculation into the rectum.
Yes, they do make you smell bad. It depends on if you have to let a big one or a little one out. Depending on how bad and/or long it lasts will determine how long it will stay around.
Rectopexy or proctopexy is the surgical fixation of the rectum. Itcan be done as an open procedure and also as a Laparoscopicprocedure.
The rectum is not an organ.
Proctocolectomy is surgical removal of the colon and rectum.
The colon absorbs water. When your colon isn't working properly that's when you have diarreha.. The rectum regulates the dispersments of the colon.
There are several serious health issues that rectal bleeding can be a symptom. From your dog eating something that it can't digest to your dog having worms and rubbing it's butt on the ground too much. Either way a trip to the vet is suggested.
The rectum is short; only about 6 inches long.
Yes, you should be very concerned. You have to know that your diet is horrible. Start with breakfast and have a bowl of oatmeal every morning. Use slow cooked oats instead of anything that takes less than ten minutes to cook. I eat old fashioned oates that require 15 minutes to cook. Get steel-cut...
It could be that he has been rough and tornyour rectum so it hurts.