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How to transform English words into and out of secret and not-so-secret play languages like Pig Latin, Ubbi Dubbi, and others.
The Wright brothers had nicknames for each other. Wilbur was known as "Ullam," short for Jullam, which is German for William. Orville was known as "Bubbo" or "Bubs," Wilbur's pronunciation of "brother" when Orville was a baby.
arre guys its simple legs Ladke Ladkiyon ke pair ni chute kabhi :p BOys nvr touch grls leg 4 blessings
You say anana-bay. Like hello would be ello-hay.
I didn't see a lot of communication , between you guy's
Ciara is spelled Iara-say in Pig Latin; pronounced E-air-uh-say.
Amy. Names are the same in any language, but if you still want an answer, it'd be: Myay.
You would say Oliviayay.
The son is the doctor's son, the doctor is the mother. OR The doctor is the mother or father of the man in the crash. The son in the crash is the doctor's grandson.
If you reverse the word you get "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" which is a meaningless word found in a song in the film and Musical "Mary Poppins" In the song Mary Poppins played by Julie Andrews says" You know you can say it backwards which is 'dociousaliexpilisticfragicalirupus' but that's...
Elfelfa. Add "elf" after the first consonant or consonant clusterin a word. Ex. Close would become clelfose, Lamp would becomelelfamp. Animal would become anelfimal. However, be careful withsome words, as truck or duck will become trelf*ck and delf*ck,which might not sound very good. :D
leep-say Another view: Apparently there are different dialects of Pig Latin. I would say "eep-slay". Another view: I would say ---- leepsa----(leap-sae) You don't add on an "ay" that's the sound it makes you only add and "a" with the sound of "ay"
Hello in Klingon would be "nuqneH."
A few phrases are: Pishyou na munch-munch di miaow-miaow Please do not eat the cat Hoody chuck-it-up un di jim-jams di pappa? Who has been sick in my father's pajamas? PARKA DI BOTTY, forsakes do Woden, or me do di girly boo-hoo. SIT, for Woden's sake, before I burst into tears. Mi wobblediguts...
get rid of the first letter and end the last letter with A.
Put the first letter of a word at the end of the word, they add 'ay' to the end . eg Pig Latin = Igpay Atinlay . I'm not sure about the words with vowels at the start...
eyHay or Eyhay - There you are. =D
Thirst towards finding truth behind the given statement!
Not that I know of. You don't need a dictionary to be familiar with the language, though. R U L E S O F T H E L A N G U A G E Put the first letter of the word at the end, then add -ay (-ey if it ends in a vowel) EX: Pig = Igpay Snake = Nakesey If the word starts with a vowel, the spelling stays the...
"Ank-thay ou-yay" is the translation in pig Latin.
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None. Pig Latin is a language game of alterations played in English.
It is a code. it is using uvagv in words for instance dog would be uvadoguv for bigger words like history. uvahisuvatoryguv or uvahisguvuvatoryguv. not very hard.
To type upside down go to the link below. Its a free website that lets you type upside down! All you have to do is type in your text and copy and paste it. For example I will type this paragraph upside down. ˙uʍop ǝpısdn ɥdɐɹƃɐɹɐd sıɥʇ ǝdʎʇ llı...
Other words that can be used in place of the adjective engraved, meaning carved, are embossed, etched, scratched, and inscribed.
Pig Latin for 'go away' is 'oh-gay way-ay'.
I don't belive there are any. Theres no word you can't say with afear of dying unless you're in a very strict country like NorthKorea. However, they wouldn't be using pig latin.
"The origins of Pig Latin are unknown. One early mention ofthe name was in _Putnam's Magazine_ in May 1869: "I had plenty ofammunition in reserve, to say nothing, Tom, of our pig Latin.'Hoggibus, piggibus et shotam damnabile grunto', and all that sortof thing", although the language cited is not...
Sue-oh-ick-a-dill-i-ya-ze-kit-sill-ig-ar-fill-ick-reep-us. Done.
probably because the t and s make an s noise, then it would probably be pronounced as unami-tsay, but the t and s would make the s sound (unami-say)
Pig Latin is a spoken language, but the initial name "J.C." could be spelled out or spoken two ways : C-jay or Aycee-jay . The first sounds just like "C. J." so the phonetic spelling (jaycee) works better as an actual Pig Latin name. Forming Pig Latin words and names Take all the letters but...
to say a message to someone in secret without letting anyone else find out what it says
Pig Latin for serenity is err-enity-say.
Pig Latin takes the consonant(s) from the first part of the word and swaps them to the end with an "ay" sound, like Scott would be Ott-Skay
Question: How do you say, "Happy Mother's Day" in Klingon? Answer: Quch SoS jaj - Kesuvaglar Actually, that would mean "Mother's Day is happy." A bettertranslation would be something like: SoS jaj DatIvjaj ("May youenjoy Mother's Day"). Kesuvaglar is correct Quch SoS jaj is Happy Mother's Day. As...
That would not be an embargo, which lots of people get confusedwith the real word which is QUOTA
In Pig Latin, the name Maddy would become Addymay (Addy-may).
Pig Latin is normally only spoken, but it would be spelled out Aleyhay . (Aley-hay) *The game language Pig Latin alters English words by removing the first consonant sound (or group), adding it after the rest of word, followed by -AY. Examples : cat = at-cay / dog = og-day / spelling = elling...
In Pig Latin (normally only a spoken language), it would be Ohnjay (Ohn-jay). *The game language Pig Latin alters English words by removing the first consonant sound (or group), adding it after the rest of word, followed by -AY. Examples : cat = at-cay / dog = og-day / spelling = elling...
The part you grasp to open.
You need to learn what communication is because your not hearing what I`m saying.
When speaking pig latin you would take off the first letter, put it at the end of the word while adding an "ay" after it. so hey would be "eyhay" and goodnight would be oodgay ightnay.
It is simply a form of jargon, used only for its English connotations as a 'strange and foreign-sounding language'.
south American use it but not officially i think so
"Rachel" in Pig Latin is, Achel-Ray.
Tender process is when suppliers are selected to ensure that youchoose the best available suppliers, at the best price.
Countries with professional or semi-professional leagues and those with organized leagues and championships. In fact there are more than 700 American football clubs in Europe alone: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria,...
If you mean please translate x-ray then this is what x-ray is in pig latin: xay-ayray
No, because "run" does not actually contradict "slow".
take the first letter and put in the back of the word and add ey to get occersey (okr-say)
Umm......i think isn't when you just add D & double G at the end? for example: Hi Do you understand me, would be Hidgg dodgg youdgg underdgg standgg medgg. I dunno but that's what i got told! =] =P
Do you know why there are fences around cemetaries? Because everyone is dying to get in.
Appyhay irthdaybay otay ouyay. Appyhay irthdaybay otay ouyay. Appyhay irthdaybay otay _______. Appyhay irthdaybay otay.
Ixnay (the usual spelling) is Pig Latin for the English slang word "nix", which means basically "no way". . It might also be Pig Latin for the (British and Australian) term "snick", which means to just tip a ball with the bat, usually resulting in a catch dismissal..
Straight from the official Klingon dictionary: vut paq . Just for the record the Klingon language is really called klingoneese. (No Joke!) :)
Y-may Ame-nay Is-ay Ice-alay O-hay
Inert electrodes simply serve as electrical conductors and areunchanged by the cell processes. Active electrodes change duringthe cell reactions. An example of inert electrodes is platinum inthe electrolysis of water. The platinum remains unchanged and thewater is split into hydrogen and oxygen. An...
Someone may find themselves falling out of a tree, a car, a plane, through a dorr, through a window, even building.
targhmey. However, plural suffixes in Klingon are never required, so you *could* just say targh, if the context makes it clear that you mean more than one targ. If these were somehow intelligent targs capable of using language, it would be targhpu'. But I'm not aware of the existence of such...
Eytonpay. sounds cool, huh?
Easy, just add p in the middle of a word like do turns into dpo, and to turns into tpo.
its not even a word in piglatin
Example: smart To speak in pig latin you must 1) Take the first sound off the word = art 2) Put it at the end of the word = art-sm 3) add 'ay' to the end of the word = art-smay PRACTICE: (read and translate back into english) o-say ou-yay ink-thay ou-yay an-cay eak-spay ig-pay atin...
it depends ... on a lot of things. Parents have the ability to veto a lot of legal choices for a minor, for instance. Or, if a kid chooses not to eat because of anorexia, the parent can choose to take them to a hospital and get them force-fed. Or if a kid chooses to overdose and lives, the parents...
"issue" when you mean "problem" "disturbed" when you mean "psychotic" "sanitary engineer" when you mean "janitor" "unusual" when you mean "bizarre" "ample" or "horizontally endowed" when you mean "fat" "challenged" when you mean "crippled" or "retarded" or "short" or "clueless" ...
Good, gold, get, got, glob, god, goddess, grunt, grudge, glad, goth, gothic, gas, gasses, geese, greece, grow, grew, gum, gut, gone, Goonies, glow, glowed, glowing, globs. Honestly? Ghost Goat Germ Gold Gourd Game Gape Garage Golashes Garden Gene Globe Grain Geek Grudge God Give Grime I'm going to...
Hab Qo'Oh vo Ah! The above is gibberish. The only thing there that's a real Klingon word is Hab, which means "to be smooth". To actually say "You will die a lonely virgin" would be something like: nIteb bIHegh bIngaghta'pa'. Literally, this is: "You will die alone before you have mated." (or ...
Helium gas. But the box should be air tight. Or else you can create a vacuum in it. Holes. Obviously it would make the box lighter, but the box is not actually holding anything, just air.
iay amay oingay ootay leepsay
Regular people.
No you cant use pig latin in Microsoft 2007
Only if they are the sort of person who likes having their rear end grabbed. Otherwise, you could be looking at a lawsuit. Not everyone likes having their body grabbed and groped by anyone who feels like getting a cheap feel.
Because it's funny even during an execution
Monday is a great night for the library; and it's free.
I'm not sure, but it may be a word game where you add 'tch' to the ends of words and remove the last letter, like so: 'Mtch namtch itch Botch' is 'My name is Bob'.
because its not a real word
You can replace vowels with the letter you like and then the secret language would be formed. Your question in Secret Language would be : Hpw dp ypp spppk l spcrpt lpngppgp. !!!
maybe the t makes it sound like a d in refrigerater
You get high, baked, or stoned. Often followed by eating large quatities of junk food or listening to music.
"Blue, Red, Green," an early version of the color standard which was canceled when red reasserted its status as the most popular primary color and was consequently moved to the head of the lineup.
The way to say pimples on my butt in pig Latin is 'implespay noay ymay uttbay'