Franklin Pierce

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Franklin Pierce was the 14th President of the United States and served from March 4, 1853 to March 4, 1857.
Franklin Pierce (Democrat ) was victorious. He defeated Winfield Scott (Whig)
Pierce was 47 when he was nominated and elected. He turned 48 three weeks after the election.
Original answer NO- at least not during his campaign. In fact, he did even make speeches during his campaign. (It used to be thought unseemly for a candidate to campaign for himself. )
He was smart enough when he applied himself. He was last in his class when he began his junior year in college, but his friend Zenas Caldwell pressured him to reform his study habits and tutored him and he graduated 5th in his class.
He went to the Hancock and Francestown Academies and Bowdoin College where he graduated. He then studied privately under lawyers until he passed the bar exam.
He was a leader of the Jacksonian Democrats while in Congress. He helped hasten the Civil War by signing the Kansas-Nebraska Act, although he did not know that his signing of the bill would speed the clash between North and South. By repealing the Missouri Compromise, the K-N Act opened up the...
This nickname was campaign hype. "Old Hickory" was Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party that nominated Pierce. The Granite Hills refer to New Hampshire where Pierce lived.
No. He was a weak president, and suffered greatly from an accident that killed his son in full view of his wife. He became an alcoholic and probably had the worst life of any of the former Presidents of the USA. He was one of the most useless Presidents in the history of our nation.
1805 born in Cayuga County, New Hampshire . 1824 graduated from Bowdoin College . 1833 elected to US Congress . 1834 married Sarah Childress . 1836 elected to US Senate . 1846-1848 served as a general in the Mexican War . 1852 elected president of the US . 1865 baptized as preparation for joining...
One term from 1853 to 1857.
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Franklin Pierce's Vice President was William R. King. He died fromtuberculosis after just serving 45 days in office.
No- he was not an effective leader and his tolerance of slavery was out of step with the times. He did stave off the Civil War for his 4-year term, at least.
Pierce was elected in November , 1852. In August, 1852 , 250 people died when the steamer, Atlantic, sank after hitting a fishing boat. In September, Henri Giffard made the first flight in a dirigible. See the related link for more events of 1852.
He had no dreams that he wrote down for posterity to read. He may have dreamed of a military career when he was a small boy listening to his father's stories about life in the army. (His father served as a non-com under Washington in the Revolutionary War and he later became a general in the New...
Pierce's paternal grandparents were Benjamin Pierce (1736-1764) and Elizabeth Merrill (1728- 1764) His maternal grandparents were Benjamin Kendrick( 1723-1812) and Sarah Harris (1729-1818)
His childhood was pleasant enough. He had five brothers and three sisters. He was the second youngest. They lived in the back country but the house was on a main highway. His father was a general in the Revolutionary War , was a local personage and active in politics. He liked to tell war stories to...
He is not known for having cats.
Jane Means Appleton Pierce was born in Hampton , New Hampshire on March 12,1806
Pierce served just one term (1853-1857)
From a political standpoint, Pierce had great respect for the federal union and the US Constitution which made it possible. From a personal standpoint, he believed in and no doubt valued highly the teachings of his religion. He also valued the approval of the people around hiim.
His Democratic party became disenchanted with him while he was in office and they decided not to nominate him for a second term. Pierce had supporters at the Democratic convention, but James Buchanan prevailed in the battle for the nomination.
The southerners supported Franklin because they trusted him in the issue of slavery. The northerners supported Franklin because he opened a railroad to the west coast , helping revive the slavery controversy.
Pierce entered Bowdoin College in fall of 1820.
Pierce took the oath on March 4, 1853.
As a politician he believed in the US Constitution and took a literal approach. He believedin the preservation of the federal union was worth making compromises over slavery. He believed that political parties were a necessary part of government in the United States. He was baptized into the...
Uhm..... like well before office i guess. Franklin Pierce spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Washington Aqueduct on November 1853 idk da date o.o srry ._.
!855 was Pierce's third year as President and the first year for the new Congress. Midterm elections had produced a great change in Congress. Pierce's party lost 73 seats to leave them with 84 out of 252, The Whigs dropped by 11 to 60. The new Know-Nothings (American ) Party won 62 and the new...
At the Battle of Contreras, his horse lurched suddenly throwing Pierce hard against the pommel of his saddle and wrenched his knee. He passed out from the pain. ( Political mudslingers said later that he fainted from fright in his first battle.)
There were 31 states when Pierce was president. He carried 27 of them in the election.
Pierce did nothing that I would call bad except, maybe drink too much. He made mistakes as President but I think he did the best he could.
The United States was not at war while Pierce was President. There was serious civil strife in Kansas between pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions and federal troops were eventually called in to restore order.
He and wife went to Europe for about a year. They spent some timein the Bahamas and then retired to their "Pierce Manse" in Concord,NH. They both had noticeable declines in their health. Pierce madespeeches and published letters that branded him as a Southernsympathizer and he became very unpopular...
Zenas Caldwell and Nathaniel Hawthorne, the famous author, were close college friends. People who knew Pierce tended to like him and seek his friendship. Levi Woodbury, who later was a Supreme Court justice, taught him the law. Josiah Minot was his law partner. Congressman Charles Peaslee was a...
The main plank in the Democratic platform of 1852 was to uphold the Compromise of 1850 and Pierce agreed.
Pierce was not successful as a president. In fact, he did not win his party's nomination for a second term. He is the only president from New Hampshire.
Pierce was 41 when he joined up in May, 1846.
In 1825 he first went to Portsmouth, NH to read law under Levi Woodbury. In November, Woodbury left for Washington to take his Senate seat , so Pierce moved to Northampton to study at Judge Samuel Howe's law school.
The only important plank in the Democratic platform of 1852 was a pledge to adheres to the provisions of the Compromise of 1850 . The Whigs promised the same thing, so the election hinged on the leadership abilities of the two candidates and speculation about the extent to which they would keep the...
Yes, he was. He represented New Hampshire in the US Senate from 1837 to 1842.
He was 29. He married Jane Appleton 4 days before his 30th birthday in 1834.
He was born in a log house in 1805. I think the house wasreasonably large and comfortable. His parents moved to a new housesoon after he was born.
The US was not at war while Pierce was President. There was considerable turmoil and violence in Kansas over the election to decide whether to allow slavery in the state.
Franklin Pierce was married once and only once.
No- the US was not at war while Pierce was president.
Pierce fought in only one war and that was the Mexican War. He enlisted as a private in the local militia in May, 1846. In February, 1847, he was made a colonel in the regular army and was promoted to brigadier general the next month. He led 2500 men into action in Mexico. He fought in the Battle of...
If you divide US presidents into two equal-sized groups and label one as bad and the other as good. Pierce would go into the bad group, I think. He was put into a bad situation and he was not enough of a genius to master it. The country was falling apart over slavery and Pierce put into power by...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but one can make a strong case that he was the handsomest president ever when he was elected. Later presidents, Harding, Kennedy and Reagan might challenge him for the honor.
It is found near Hillsborough, New Hampshire. It is now a museum ,open to visitors.
Franklin Pierce had 4 brothers and 2 sisters, not counting one whodied as a baby, plus a half-sister from his father's firstmarriage. Benjamin Kendrick Pierce (August29, 1790- August 1, 1850) Nancy M. Pierce McNeil (November 2,1792-August 27, 1837) John Sullivan Pierce (November 5,1796...
1852 Popular Vote Pierce 1,607,510 (50.8%) ; Scott 1,386,942 (43.9 %) Electoral vote: Pierce 254 ; Scott 42 States carried: Pierce 27 ; Scott 4
Pierce created the first White House Christmas tree by decorating one of the trees in the White House lawn.
Outside the United States during the Pierce administration, 1853-1856, . Taiping Rebellion occured in China . Matthew Perry opened Japan for trade . The Crimean War occurred in Europe . A Railroad across Panama was completed . Anglo-Persian War begins
Pierce's support of popular sovereignty - allowing the settlers in territories to vote to decide to allow or forbid slavery- upset the delicate balance between slave and free states that since the Missouri Compromise, had kept the union together. Southern states began to more easily envision a day...
He stayed with his one and only one wife until she died and he did not remarry. His marriage was difficult but I would not say that it "fell apart" . Pierce loved his wife and tried to help her end her depression and morbid pre-occupation with her dead son.
Franklin Pierce was born in 1804, some 20 years after the Revolutionary War ended so his role was quite minor. ( His father was a company commander in the war, fought at Bunker Hill ,and Saratoga, and served with Washington at Valley Forge. )
There was little difference in the platforms of the two major parties. Both pledged to support the Compromise of 1850 and work for national unity. The campaign was based mostly on the strengths of the candidates. The big issue was slavery- allow it or abolish it, but neither major party made that a...
He was the fourteenth president so that means thirteen presidents served before him.1.George Washington 2. John Adams 3.Thomas Jefferson 4.James Madison 5.James Monroe 6.John Quincy Adams 7.Andrew Jackson 8.Martin Van Buren 9.William Harrison 10.John Tyler 11.James Polk 12.Zachery Taylor 13.Millard...
She was a housewife .
I do not know of any awards Pierce received. He was given the honor of making a speech at his college graduation.
False. He promised to enforce it and he did. ( He said before he was president that he did not like it, but it was the law and was part of a carefully worked out compromise.)
Alben Barkley - January, 1949 to January, 1953. He served under President Truman.
He presided over a convention to draw up an new New Hampshire state constitution.
Pierce had a wife and three sons. Sadly, one died as a baby, one died at age four and one was killed in a train accident at age 11.
Yes, of course. Frankin Pierce University is named for President Pierce.
Some examples are . Franklin Pierce University with main campus at Rindge, NH . Franklin Pierce Law Center at Concord, NH . Franklin Pierce School District 402 of Tacoma, Washington . Pierce County, Washington . Fort Pierce, Florida . Franklin Pierce Lake- a reservoir in Hillsborough County, NH
Yes- a expedition by Commodore Matthew Perry opened trade with Japan while Pierce was President. The expedition departed under Fillmore.
The treaty was signed by Pierce and submitted to the Senate on February 10, 1854. April 26, 1854 was the date that the final version of the treaty was ratified by the Senate. It became final June 8.1864 when Mexico agreed to the final version.
There is no Franklin Pierce library like recent Presidents have. Pierce apparently destroyed most of his White House papers . His house in Concord , New Hampshire and his boyhood home in Hillsborough, NH have been maintained and are open to visitors. The New Hampshire Historical in Concord, NH has a...
He won the U. S. Presidential Election of 1852 with 86% of the electoral votes.
Pierce was a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant American from New England .
Franklin Pierce had a relatively easy life up until he was elected president although he had lost two children. After that things got hard. He last son died, his wife cracked up , his plans as president did not work out well . He left office and took a position that branded as a Southern supporter....
Life for Pierce was relatively easy for him until January , 1853, although he had suffered the lost of two sons. Life became much harder after January 6, 1853 when his last son was killed, his wife cracked up and he became President. Nothing much worked right for him from that day on.
Pierce was a quite successful lawyer.
Franklin's father was a soldier and politician. He also ran a tavern on occasion . He served two terms as governor of NH . His mother kept house and raised her 7 children.
They were normal kids. I think, but they all died before they became teenagers so they did not do anything of note . Franklin Pierce, Jr., died at 3 days old Frank Robert Pierce, died at 4 years Benjamin Pierce, died at 12; train wreck on trip to Washington with his parents
Franklin Pierce, Young Hickory of the Granite Hills (1931) by Roy Franklin Nichols is one respected biography of Pierce.
Pierce instigated an attempt to buy Cuba fromSpain . His ministers in Europe eventually produced whatbecame known as the Ostend Manifesto whichdemanded that Spain either sell Cuba to the US or lose it to a warwith the US. After this document became public there was so muchpublic outrage that he...
The only known writings of his are some letters.
Pierce was an admirer of President Andrew Jackson. Even though he did not particularly want to be president, he must have had been inspired by Andrew Jackson's example of what a president could be.
This question obviously asks for a conjecture and I make no claims to accuracy. In my opinion, very little would be different today if someone else had served the four years that were Pierce's term. The president does not pass legislation and he was not a great influence over Congress , but if he...
When he was 14 he went away. to Hancock Academy some 15 miles from home. When he was 16, he went away to college at Brunswick, ME. Four years later, he graduated and took up law study with a lawyer in his home town but soon went on to study with a different lawyer in Portsmouth, NH at age 21.
He was the 14th President of the United States.
Tuition at Bowdoin College was $8.00 per trimester when Pierce went there. There were other fees of about $1.50 and students were fined for missing class or chapel. Room and board was about $2 a week.
Pierce was a Jackson Democrat and served one term as President.
Pierce believed in the Constitutional right of a state to allow slavery but he was not pro-slavery. Therefore it seemed reasonable to let the people in a territory to decide if they wanted to allow slavery instead of the using the Missouri Compromise procedure to admitting states in pairs, one slave...
At the convention, none of four front-runners could nail down the nomination and none of them were Southerners. The Southern Democrats really wanted to win the election in 1852 and take back the White House from the Whigs many of whom were strongly anti-slavery. Pierce was a fresh face , did not...