Rutherford B. Hayes

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Rutherford B. Hayes was the 19th President of the United States and served from March 4, 1877 to March 4, 1881.
Yes. He began the efforts that led civil service to reform andpatched everything together. Overall he was a great president.
yes he had a sister named Fannyh A. Platt and that's it
Ulysses Grant. Number 18! Ulysses Simpson Grant, Republican, 1869-77
he has 8 kids. 7, 24, 900, 67, 54, 33, 720, 1000000 those are the ages
There are no images of his father. There is a picture of a relative that they say looked just like him in the museum in Fremont Ohio. There is one picture (at least) of his mother there.
The names are "Lorenzo Hayes" (1815-1825) and "Sarah Sophia Hayes" (1817-1821), both died in childhood. His surviving sibling was "Fanny Arabella Hayes" (1820-1856), he was very close with her.
On December 30, 1852 , Rutherford B. Hayes married Lucy Ware Webb at the home of the bride's mother in Cincinnati, Ohio.
No The 19th President of the United States Rutherford B. Hayes was in office from March 4, 1877 to March 4, 1881. President Hayes died on January 17, 1893 of heart disease.
they met in india while rutherford was looking for a cure for a certain desiese
The reason i think Rutherford b Hayes is a good president because he fought in the civil war, and i know alot of presidents have but i am really greatful for Rutherford b Hayes is a cool president and there are other reasons why i like him but there is alot more i could tell but i am not going to...
Yes, he had children, three of whom died in infancy. Children: Birchard Austin Hayes (1853-1926); James Webb Cook Hayes (1856-1934); Rutherford Platt Hayes (1858-1927); Joseph Thompson Hayes (1861-63); George Crook Hayes (1864-66); Fanny Hayes (1867-1950); Scott Russell Hayes (1871-1923);...
To the best of my knowledge this individual is not one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
4 years. He was running against another president so he thought he's not going to be elected again so he left but people liked him as president.
being a soldier, shooting, and driving
Republic Party candidate Rutherford Hayes won the 1876 presidentialelection defeating Democratic Party candidate Samuel Tilden. In the1876 presidential election Rutherford Hayes received 185 electoralvotes and Samuel Tilden received 184 electoral votes. The popularvote totals were Tilden 4,288,546...
he received 4,034,311 which is also %47.5
1881 only did one term because he didn't wish to do it again
I prefer Ulysses S. Grant.
his interests were Croquet, Driving, Shooting
The great railroad strike of 1877 paralyzed many cities and states
Samuel J. Tilden was the other candidate
New York Gov. Samuel J. Tilden
He was born in the city of Delaware, Ohio!
Highlights of the Hayes administration . End of Resconstruction . (1877) Federal troopswere withdrawn from the South. . Bland-Allison Act (1878) passed over veto byHayes - required the government to buy $2-4 million of silver eachmoney for coinage . Resumption of Specie Ac t-(1879) government...
Arriving in San Francisco on September 8, 1880, Hayes became the first president to visit the West Coast while in office.
Following the Compromise of 1877, Hayes appointed an ex-Confederate to his cabinet and ordered the withdraw of federal troops from the South. He put the nation back on the gold standard, used troops to put down railroad strikes, reformed civil service, and banned liquor from the White House. He kept...
He was a Brevet Major General of Volunteers in the US Army, served and was wounded in the Battle of South Mountain.
lets see here.. 1. facial hair 2. long beards 3. undeservedly winning presidential elections despite getting less votes 4. ending reconstruction 5. long walks in the park 6. pizza 7. weird middle names (birchard seriously?) 8. his wife Lucy
The supposed deal is usually called "the Compromise of 1877". There was, in fact, no "deal" made to make Hayes President. The only deal was a perfectly legal & reasonable compromise-- the 1877 agreement by Congress as a whole to appoint a committee to determine which sets of conflicting...
Yes. He got a degree at Kenyon College, and he also graduated fromHarvard Law School. Kenyon College was in Gambier, Ohio. Hayes received a BA degreethere. He was admitted to the Ohio Bar and began to practice law.