Chester A. Arthur

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Chester A. Arthur was the 21st President of the United States and served from September 19, 1881 to March 4, 1885.
There is no record that he was. He noted for his devotion to latewife when he President.
Chester Arthur is mostly known for becoming president when JamesGarfield was shot and killed by an assassin. He was chosen asvice president for political reasons and many people were shockedwhen he became president.
Chester Arthur was 51 when he was elected vice-president. He wasnever elected President but was still 51 when became president.
Chester Arthur was associated with the Stawarts ,based in New York . His nomination for vice-president was securedby the Stalwarts , who were a faction within theRebublican Party, led by Senator Roscoe Conklin. They favoredtraditional machine politics, which relied on political patronage.They...
Yes, but she died 1 year before he was in office.
His sister who was a widow, Mrs. MaryMcElroy , served as his White House hostess.
He was probably better than most people think. He pushed forwardthe Civil Service Act which, unfortunately for him, was not popularwith his supporters in his party and he was mistrusted by thereformers in the party and so was not really considered for asecond term and thus was doomed to obscurity.
(With many thanks to John Dumville of Vermont Division for HistoricPreservation. ) There is no Presidential Library for ChesterArthur . The State-owned Historic Site interprets the lifeand career of Arthur and his accomplishments but they have nocollection. Arthur, and, at his death, his son,...
Yes he did and in those days, there was no cure for it. He diedfrom it at age 57, two years after he left the presidency.
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Chester Alan Arthur (October 4, 1829 - Nov. 18, 1886) was 21stPresident of the United States. He was elected as Vice-Presidentand became President when Garfield was killed. He was from New York and was put on the ticket as a favor to theStalwart faction of the Republican party. These people enjoyed...
President Chester Arthur owned approximately 108 pairs of paints.
September 19, 1881 was the date he became President.
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Arthur spend most of his life in New York.
Some people said that Chester Arthur was involved in some of thecorruption practiced by the political machine in New York. (Peoplesaid the same thing about Truman and Kansas City.) The New Yorkmachine put Arthur on the ticket for vice-president -- without it,he would have died a nobody, so I wonder...
He went to the academy at Union Village, ( now Greewich),NY and tothe Lyceum at Schenectady, NY. The Lyceum may have been more of aprep school than a typical high school.
Nobody expected much from Chester A. Arthur. Although by all accounts a decent human being, he came to the presidency suddenly, when President Garfield was assassinated; up to that point, he had been known as a New York politician who helped Republican party loyalists and friends of his to get jobs...
The Republicans didn't renominate him in 1884. He retired to New York and took up practice of law again. He died of a stroke on November 18th, 1886 at age 56.
He taught school a couple of years then passed the bar andbecame a lawyer. He also held the lucrative political appointment of Collector ofthe Port of New York for 8 years and wasvice-president.
Yes- he served well and honestly as 21st President of the United States . His stand against political patronage turned some party leaders against him.
Arthur is one of two presidents who served less one term and werenot nominated for a second term. He alienated the faction of hisparty in new year who got him nominated for vice-president bypushing for civil service reform. His supporters enjoyed thepolitical patronage jobs and did like want to see...
He was the 21st president and severed one term because while severing he was shot
Arthur was from New York. ( He was born in Vermont,but lived in NewYork all of his adult life. )
Chester A. Arthur was born on October 5, 1829.
William Hayden English , congressman from Indiana,was the Arthur's Democratic opponent in 1880.
He lived from October 5, 1829 to November 18,1886.
Malvina Stone Arthur (born April 29, 1802 inBerkshire, Franklin County , Vermont; died January 16, 1869 inNewtonville,New York) was Chester Arthur's mother.
He taught school briefly, practiced law, served as Collector for the Port of New York and was Vice-president of the US before he became president.
Chester William Nimitz was born in Fredericksburg, Texas onTuesday, February 24, 1885. He died in San Francisco, California onFebruary 20, 1966.
He became the 21st US President because the President JamesGarfield was shot and killed in his first year of office. Hisadministration is remembered for Civil Service reform.
It was called the Mongrel Tariff of 1883. It was acompromise which lowered tariffs slightly but satisfied nobody.
Chester Arthur earned an undergraduate degree from Union College in Schenectady, NY and studied law enough to pass the bar exam and be licensed to practice law. I do not think he had a law degree.
He was known for his honestly and education as president..
Chester Arthur was not from a wealthy family; his father was animmigrant preacher. Arthur had a successful career as a lawyer andpolitician and died financially well-off. Arthur was able to get some college and became a teacher while hestudied law. Once he passed the bar, his fortunes improved . He...
Arthur was a brigadier general during the Civil War. He was in the quarter master area- managing supplies and logistics but not actually commanding forces in combat.
no- it is privately owned and not open to the public. There is nothing left of Arthur there.
No- he did not attend a military academy. He went to the academy atUnion Village (now Greenwich), NY. for about 3 years. It was partof the free public school system in New York. Before that he washome schooled by his father.
His father died in 1875, his mother in 1869.
James Garfield won the 1880 presidential election defeatingWinfield Hancock. Chester A. Arthur was Garfield'sVice-Presidential running mate. Garfield and Arthur received4,446,158 popular votes and 214 electoral votes. Winfield Hancockand his VP running mate received 155 electoral votes and 4,444...
Yeah he was a little overweight.
There is a statue of an angel by Chester's grave
He did not have any cats or dogs. He may have had a pet rabbit.
Chester Alan Arthur served as Vice President of the United States,and later as President following the death of President JamesGarfield.
King Arthur was supposedly in power during the late 5th century tothe early 6th century. Chester Alan Arthur was the 21st President of the United Statesfrom 1881 September 19 to 1885 March 4. He served as Vice Presidentfrom 1881 March 4 until he became president. He also served in themilitary and...
Yes- he was an officer in the army during the Civil War. He was aquartermaster general, with the rank of brigadier-general, incharge of acquiring and distributing provisions and he was highlypraised for the job he did in keeping the troops supplied.