Calvin Coolidge

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Calvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the United States and served from August 2, 1923 to March 4, 1929.
yes. he had one mom that died of an infection in her lungs, one dad who died at age 80, one stepmom who was a school teacher, and one sister who died at age 15
was a soft spoken man, was serious, Coolidge helped restore the public's trust in the goverment.
Massachusetts was where Coolidge served as governor before he wasPresident.
Calvin Coolidge President August 3, 1923. He used to be vicepresident but when president Harding died unexpectedly and sosudden in his office Coolidge stepped in and took the title aspresident and severed for six years.
Calvin Coolidge was nicknamed 'Silent Cal'. According to legend, his wife once made him a bet that she could get him to say more than 3 words in one hour. The only 2 words he said were "you lose." But legends aside, the truth about Coolidge is more nuanced. While it is true he was taciturn and not...
Calvin Coolidge was the 30th president of the United States. He was conservative and believed in a small government, which had little say in what businesses did. So, in short, the way Coolidge felt about government regulation of business activity, is that he didn't like it, and he didn't believe in...
calivn coolidge wife name was Grace Coolidge
He wouldn't have any views on slavery since he was born seven years after slavery was abolished
No- Coolidge was born after slavery was abolished and he never lived in a former slave state.
Calvin Coolidge became the 30th President on August 3, 1923 when Warren G. Harding died in office. President Coolidge served the remainder of Harding's term and one term of his own before being succeeded by Herbert Hoover on March 4, 1929.
Calvin Coolidge's home state was Massachusetts, where he served as Governor.
Tersely. He had a very serious tone most times.
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In 1920, Calvin Coolidge was elected to serve as vice-president under Warren Harding.
Calvin Coolidge was a man of his time. He was a conservative republican that was a believer in laissez-fairre economics and peace abroad.
Calvin Coolidge is a Congregationalist Christian.
Silent Cal was his most popular nickname.
Republicans choose Calvin Coolidge as their vice presidential candidate in the 1920 election largely because?
President Coolidge appointed only one justice to the US Supreme Court, Harlan F. Stone , in 1925. President Franklin D. Roosevelt elevated Stone from Associate Justice to Chief Justice in 1941; he presided over the Court until his death in 1946.
Well, I know he graduated Amherst College, and he was admitted to the bar in 1897. I do not know the exact dates of when he actually graduated but it must have been within or just before 1897 that he graduated law school.
They were running mates and had the same general political philosophy. Harding was lax in his administrative duties, spent too much time on the golf course and was pretty much over his head when it came to being president. Coolidge was a far more capable administrator having been a successful state...
Yes, Calvin Coolidge was a Republican.
Best Known As: President of the United States (August 3, 1923 to March 3, 1929).
No amendments were added to the Constitution while Coolidge wasPresident.
Coolidge, age 60, died at his home in Northampton , Massachusettsaround noon on January 5, 1933. Most likely he died of a heartattack. His wife had gone out shopping in the morning and when shereturned and called him for lunch, she found his body. He hadrecently been complaining about indigestion,...
Coolidge was born in Vermont and lived in Massachusetts, serving as the governor, as an adult.
Yes. Coolidge won another term in 1924.
(John) Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States, was nicknamed "Silent Cal." According to legend, his wife once made him a bet that she could get him to say more than 3 words in one hour. The only 2 words he said were "you lose." But legends aside, the truth about Calvin Coolidge is...
The Great Depression began after Coolidge left office. He was not directly involved except as a private citizen. Of course all aspects of the economy are affected by what went on before. People who believe that the government can and should manage the economy may blame Coolidge for not pushing for...
Burlington, Vermont at the home of his bride, Grace Goodhue, on October 4, 1905. It was a rainy day but the groom said, he "didn't care, just as long as he got the girl."
No- he was still popular enough to be re-elected in 1928, as witnessed by the fact that Hoover won for the Republicans. Coolidge chose not to run again, likely because his poor health sapped his energy.
Calvin Coolidge was born on the 4th of July. President Coolidge was a skilled and effective public speaker holding over 500 press conferences (a record at the time), yet his nickname was "Silent Cal" due to the stories of him being an extremely quiet man in private. President Coolidge is a...
He worked as a lawyer in Northampton, Mass for 1897 on.
Coolidge was a member of the Republican Party. .
He had to fix Harding's mistakes. For example, the Teapot Scandal left America very distrusting of the government and Coolidge was put in the tough position of getting the citizens back of his side.
he is known to have written poetry especially after his son's death.
No, but he did not live for many years after his term ended and he decided to leave politics. He had several family tragedies and died in 1933.
His nickname was "silent Cal" because he didn't talk very much. At a meeting one woman told him that she bet her friend she could get him to say more than 3 words to her. He said "you lose." :)
He did not tan leather, if that is what you mean.
Grace Anna Goodhue married John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. on Wednesday, October 4, 1905.
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Democratic candidate John W. Davis and Progressive candidate Robert M. LaFollette.
He was quite conservative and favoured laissez-faire economics. He managed to restore faith in the White House after the scandals surrounding Warren G. Harding's administration, and left with much popularty. He was often seen as representing the middle class and interpreting what they wanted. He...
Vice-president Calvin Coolidge became president because President Harding died while on a speaking tour in the west.
Calvin Coolidge became president on August 2, 1923. He served until March 4, 1929.
Yes he was born there and lived there as a boy. His boyhood home at Plymouth , Vermont is open to the public . He was also from Massachusetts. His adult career took place in Massachusetts where he served as governor and had his retirement home.
President Hoover did nothing to end the Great Depression, which continued well into the administration of Franklin Roosevelt; it is generally agreed by historians that while Roosevelt's New Deal did help to end the Great Depression, it was really WW II which ended it.
Yes , he had a sister who died at age 15.
Coolidge was the 30th president of the United States. He balanced the budget, did not interfere with corporate investment, and limited the federal government's powers. This created prosperity eroded by Hoover's turn to Big Government,and exacerbated by Roosevelt's social centralization of power.
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He and his wife had several dogs. Among them were Prudence Prim and Rob Roy , white Collies. Peter Pan, a Terrier, Paul Pry, an Airedale, Calamity Jane, a Shetland Sheepdog. Tiny Tim, a Chow, Blackberry, also a Chow, Ruby Rough, a brown Collie. Boston Beans, a bulldog, King Kole, a police dog,...
Calvin Coolidge was a insignificant president who didn't really accomplish anything there are almost no sources or facts about him and he was extremely lazy because he let his cabinet members do most of his work.
Calvin Coolidge i s noted for this quote. Washington, Polk, Hayes, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman and Theodore Roosevelt in 1908 chose not to run but said so in different words.
Coolidge finished out Harding's term and was elected to another term. All told he served for about five years and seven months.
President Coolidge was known for being taciturn (means "reserved oruncommunicative in speech; saying little"). He was reserved and hada quiet nature. He spoke very rarely and chose his words verycarefully whenever he spoke.
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