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This category is for questions about the value of Mexican coins. Please include as much of the following as you can in your question: date, denomination and condition of the coin.
Please look at the coin again to find the name of the country. Allmodern Mexican coins prominently show the country's name (EstadiosUnidos Mexicanos, as you correctly surmised)
The closest note to that date is the 1973 issue, which is worth $4 in perfect uncirculated condition.
Please re-check your date ... there were none of these dated 1944
Please re-check your date ... there were none of these dated 1944
about $750 in uncirculated condition
There is not a current Mexican 5000 Peso note. The 1985-89 issue note is worth $3-$6 in perfect uncirculated condition.
It is a gold coin named Centenario, worth USD$1,244.
The Philippines were a U.S. protectorate / colony for most of the first half of the 20th century, after they were captured from Spain. They did not become independent until 1946. Before independence the U.S. struck Philippine coins, and included the names of both countries as well as the matching...
Not officially. However, the Mint has struck coins for other countries over the years. There have been many instances where a blank (technically called a "planchet") for a foreign coin accidentally got mixed in with blanks for U.S. coins and was struck with an American design, resulting in a...
A Mexican peso is about 6 U. S. cents at the present time. You cancheck up-to-date exchange rates at
1987 mexico 500$ coin worth today usa
If you have a genuine Baldwin & Co $10 piece, it will be valuedsomewhere between $10,000 and $100,000, depending on the exactdesign and condition. But for every real one there are probably10,000 that are fakes cast in lesser fineness gold, if they areeven gold, and sold as souvenirs about 100 years...
The value of a 1982 Mexican twenty dollar coin is $2. Mexicochanged the value of its currency from 1992 to 1993 and theexchange rate became a 1 to 1,000 exchange rate.
Its worth from 5 to 10 USD intrinsic value. This was a highly produced coin which at time of circulation translated to approximately 5 USD face value. Most of these were purchased by Americans and brought back as gifts or souvenirs. Hope this helps. Cherry Ripe.
Hello, there! 500 Mexican pesos is approximately equal to 39.4699 US dollars. If you need a currency converter, you can search on Google for "currency converter" and they will provide you with a calculator which can help you balance your money in foreign countries.
this copper/nickel coin is considered common -- worth about 5 centsin circulated condition
1945 Est. 140,000 minted Value: Bullion Value +20% contains 0.0482 Troy oz. of gold
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ive sold the same thing and its worth about 243$
I have a 1875 Mexican paso 10D 20G Libartad. What's it worth?
In uncirculated condition it is worth around $2.50 USD. (2/28/2010)
The value of a 1945 20 centavos Estados Unidos Mexicanos coinactually depends on a number of things. Most important being thecondition of the coin.
Depending on the condition of the coin, a 1958 Mexican peso isworth about three to five dollars. It could be worth a little moreif the grade is excellent.
If it's from circulation, less than a cent.
First you have to know whether it's really gold or just brass. Second, the "$" sign is used in Mexico to indicate pesos, not dollars. If it's brass, the coin has very little value because the peso was revalued in 1992-93 at the rate of 1000 to 1. That would make the coin worth 1/10 of a modern...
2 Mexican pesos . 0.197404 U.S. dollars ==
What is the value of a 1953 Mexican 5 pesos coin
one in extreemely good condition,about $1-3.
vale of a 1990 estados unidos mexicanos coin if any
considered common, this copper/nickel coin is worth about 10 cents
Please check again and post a new question. No circulating US dollars were made from 1804 to 1835 inclusive. If your coin purports to be a dollar, it's one of the millions of fakes that have flooded the market over the last couple of decades.
I am assuming it is a 10 peso coin (shown as $10; "$" means "peso" on Mexican coins). If it's from circulation its value is quite low. Mexico's currency was devalued by inflation in the 1980s and the country replaced its money in 1993 at the rate of 1000 old pesos to 1 new peso. 10 old pesos would...
No, Mexico and Argentina have different coins.
need to know the denomination before this question can be answered
these currently sell in the $10 to $15 range
Answer . There is no such coin ... do you mean a centavo or a peso or something else?
it contains 1/2 oz of 92.5% silver
How much would it be worth for this coin...1777 carolus 111 dei gratia silver spanish coin
As Peso's are currency in several countries in America, Mexico for instance, 20 pesos are worth 20 pesos in the country of origin. For other countries in America you would need to check the current exchange rates which fluctuate daily. See the link below for currency exchange rates.
The Mexican Un Peso was struck in (10%) .100 silver from 1957-1967by the Mexico City Mint - the oldest mint in North America. These coins weigh 16 grams and contain 1.6 grams of pure silver. To figure out the dollar amount of silver in each coin, divide theprice of silver by 31.1 and multiply by 1...
You go to your Mexican Consulate found in your residing state and there you can call to make an appointment and get your passport and matricula. In the related links section there is a list of Consulates int he U.S.
these currently sell in the $10 to $15 range
500 hundred dollars in xf condition
need to know the denomination before this question can be answered
The "$" sign on Mexican coins can be confusing. In the Mexicancurrency system the symbol refers to pesos rather than dollars. Atthe exchange rate in effect as of 11/2013, it's worth about 38 UScents.
The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen. The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen acordingly to
considered common, its value is about 5 cents
there are dozens of different designs over the years ... do asearch on google or bing for "100 pesos" and you will see many
If it is unscratched, it is worth some 17,000 pesos, or 1,416.17 dollars (May 10, 2010).
Mexico uses the "$" sign for their currency, the peso, so your coin is 10 pesos and not 10 dollars. Exchange rates change every day but during 2011 and 2012 the rate has been in the range of 12 to 15 pesos to the US dollar. That means your 10-peso coin has an exchange value of roughly 70¢ to 80Â...
With spot silver @ $24.68 per oz. + $1.00 over = $25.68 divided by 31.1035 grams per oz. = .83 cents per gram x 20 grams = $16.60 pure silver value. Add a few dollars for age and condition and it would probably be worth about $20.00. A lot depends on condition of the coin!
If it says "Ley 999" somewhere in the face, it should be 99.9% of an ounce of silver. Otherwise, it is just an alloy of zinc and copper.
It depends on whether you mean its collectible value or its value in exchange for some other currency. If you're referring to collector values you need to know the coins' denominations, dates, and conditions. If you're asking about exchange rates you can check a site such as for the...
Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, the 1889 Morgan dollar is considered common. For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs to be seen and graded. Most coins of this type have seen heavy use and show a lot of wear. In general retail values as of 8-23-12 for low grade coins...
Since it's silver! Between $20-$30. Uncirculated, about $50 or more.
The 1877 Mexican 8 Real is worth about 3000 dollars depending oncondition and materials. The gold version of this coin is the mostvaluable.
Answer . Your coin does contain some silver, but it's only 10% of the metal in the coin.\n. \nIn brilliant uncirculated condition, it's worth about $2\n. \nIf circulated, it's worth aboput a dollar.
Answer . If it's in Gem Uncirculated condition, it's worth a dollar or two.\n. \nIf it's been circulated, it's worth 5-10 cents.
Your peso is worth a retail value of $5.50 and a wholesale price of about $3.50.
Mexican coins are produced in such great quantity that they are rarely worth more than their face value. The value of the metal in the coin is often worth more than the exchange. Mexican coins are best valued by the pound than individually. Do you know how much its worth.
Your 1968 Mexican Olympic silver coin is worth about $8 at retail value and could be sold for about $5.
It is a centenario , and it would be prized at US $1,418.
You can sell it on eBay or take it to a coin collector.
five dollars Type your answer here...
The maximum they can give you is $3,000 US dollars. This coin is very rare. That's why many collectors want to add it to their collection.
12 pesos and it's a Mexican peso not coin
Your average 1937M 5 Centavos is worth about $2.00, I have seen them in full uncirculated condition sell for as much as $1000.00 at auction.
5 pesos are worth less than a penny From a collector's standpoint, if it's uncirculated, it's worth anywhere from about 90 cents to $15, depending on which variety (type) it is. In circulated condition, it really doesn't have much value.
Look near the head of the eagle, if on the left it says º.7 and on the right 2º, it is 0.72%, silver.
I was looking up the same question.\n. \nCheck out:\n. \n\n. \nApparently, the value would depend on both silver content and whether or not worn/ circulated.\n. \nLooks like it could range from about US $1.00 (10X exchange rate) up to around US $8.00 if ...
The value of one 1998 peso Mexico coin is about two American dollars.
They were made out of pure gold
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Answer . Better re-check the date on that coin.\n. \n"Estados Unidos Mexicanos" did not appear on Mexican 20 Centavos coins until 1905. Before that, they said "Republica Mexicana".\n. \nMost likely, you have a more current date on your coin. If your coin is silver, it likely has a value of a...
Simier Brooks is tho most common person known for the Cinco Pesos coin. She has been authorized about this coin. Simier Brooks is also the creator of this coin. In Mexico it is worth one dollar, here in America it is fifty cents.
The value of a 1997 one dollar Mexican coin varies by condition.This coin in excellent condition is currently valued at fifteen totwenty cents. Partial Correction Mexican currency is pesos, not dollars. However a lot of confusionoccurs because the symbol for Mexican pesos is "$", exactly...